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If you already know the basics of crypto gambling tokens and want to focus directly on how to find the best crypto gambling coins, then you need to start using Moralis Money’s Token Explorer immediately!

As illustrated in the GIF animation above, this ultimate on-chain analysis tool allows you to apply unique search metrics or select predefined strategies. Essentially, you’re always just a few clicks away from finding the best gambling crypto coins or other alts with potential. You can learn more about getting started with Token Explorer in the “How to Find the Best Crypto Gambling Coins” section below. 

On the other hand, you might be hearing about “gambling crypto tokens” for the first time. If so, you probably want to get up to speed with the basics before you move any further. Therefore, make sure to simply follow this article’s outline from top to bottom.

Moving forward, we’ll first explain what crypto gambling is and address some common questions related to this activity. Then, we’ll focus on crypto gambling tokens, explaining what they are and what their role is.

After covering these sections and subsections, you’ll also learn how to find the best crypto gambling tokens, or any other altcoin opportunity for that matter, with ease! 

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What is Crypto Gambling?

In the broadest sense, crypto gambling refers to all sorts of gambling activities that in some way involve cryptocurrency. So, for inexperienced traders, just trading crypto assets, especially with higher leverage would also be considered crypto gambling.

However, when discussing crypto gambling, we usually refer to playing “online chance” or “sports/events” betting games via a website/platform supporting cryptocurrencies.

For instance, if a traditional online gambling website allows users to deposit/withdraw cryptocurrencies and to use them to play the games, it would typically already qualify as a crypto gambling project.

Usually, crypto gambling entails projects that use blockchain technology to make their games more transparent and decentralized. Furthermore, in many cases, these types of projects have their own native cryptocurrencies, known as crypto gambling tokens. Also, crypto gambling projects with a proper level of decentralization have an umbrella term: GambleFi.

So, centralized or decentralized crypto gambling is normally performed via a crypto casino or crypto betting platform, dapp (decentralized application), or a Telegram bot.

Some typical crypto gambling projects include Rollbit, Bazed, and BetSwirl.

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Can You Legally Gamble with Crypto?

Whether you can legally gamble with crypto or not depends on many factors. First of all, crypto regulations and laws are still quite unclear in most countries. Some areas of the world took an extreme approach and banned them altogether, while some have no laws regarding cryptocurrencies yet.

So, in order to answer the above question, you need to find out what laws apply in your area. Essentially, for you to have a green light from the legal perspective, your state/country must allow online gambling as well as cryptocurrencies.

However, there’s another factor when it comes to crypto casinos that you ought to consider – what kind of platform will you be using? After all, if you aim to perform truly decentralized crypto gambling, it’s basically impossible for anyone to know about it.

Plus, depending on your willingness to work around the rules, you can always explore your options for using VPNs. After all, if something is available online and you have internet access, you almost always have good options to exercise your preferences. 

Traditional online casinos vs decentralized crypto gambling sites

Why Gambling Crypto Tokens and Not Stick to Traditional Casinos?

Legal obstacles aside, at the end of the day, it all comes down to your personal preferences. For instance, if you enjoy visiting physical casinos, then crypto casinos aren’t for you. However, if you already enjoy online casinos, it may be worth exploring the path of decentralized crypto gambling.

After all, there are several obvious advantages that this path has to offer. Of course, it’s also worth pointing out that not all crypto gambling/betting projects are properly decentralized. In some cases, the only advantage comes in the form of allowing you to deposit/withdraw popular cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETC, LTC, and often some popular stablecoins (e.g., USDT or USDC).

However, in the case of “more serious” crypto gambling platforms, you can stay in charge of your crypto assets. These platforms allow you to connect your Web3 wallet, and BetSwirl is one example.

Other benefits also include greater transparency, faster transactions, and even the use of verifiable randomness. Plus, there are often some sorts of incentives involved in using crypto gambling tokens. 

All in all, if you already enjoy online gambling, decentralized crypto gambling is worth exploring. And, as a bonus, you may end up holding the best crypto gambling coins, which could increase in price to provide you with additional profits.    

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What are Crypto Gambling Tokens?

Crypto gambling tokens are cryptocurrencies native to crypto gambling projects. 

Not all, but most projects that incorporate blockchain technology typically launch their own cryptocurrency. These digital assets are known as crypto tokens or coins. In most cases, they are fungible tokens on Ethereum or other blockchain networks.

Earlier, we mentioned Rollbit, Bazed, and BetSwirl as examples of crypto gambling projects. And all of them have their native gambling crypto tokens. Rollbit has $RLB, Bazed has $BAZED, and BetSwirl has $BETS. Of course, these are just some popular examples, and there are many other crypto gambling tokens.

Moreover, these tokens have different roles (we’ll cover that below). However, the “best crypto gambling coins title” typically applies to gambling crypto tokens experiencing the greatest value increase. So far, in 2023, this title goes to $RLB, which has increased its price by more than 800%.

The Role of Crypto Gambling Tokens in Web3 Gambling

As pointed out previously, the roles of gambling crypto tokens vary from project to project. In some cases, even the best crypto gambling coins may be primarily used to attract capital to fund the development of a project/platform.

However, more often than not, the best gambling crypto coins offer one or several of the following use cases:

  • Offering rewards.
  • Granting access to special games, tournaments, features, etc., when users hold enough instances of tokens.
  • Granting discounts or extra bonuses to users with larger bags of tokens.
  • Some serve as betting funds, basically taking over the role of casino chips.
  • Staking opportunities to earn yield.
  • Voting rights in case the platform is offering decentralized governance.   

How to Find the Best Crypto Gambling Coins

We’ve already told you that Moralis Money is the key to finding the best crypto gambling coins. But what’s even more valuable is that this powerful tool allows you to find tokens that may have yet become the best gambling crypto coins.

After all, with Moralis Money, you can spot cryptocurrencies the second they go live. And you can do so on all the leading chains, including EthereumPolygonBNB Smart ChainFantomArbitrum, and others. Simply visit the “Live New Coins” page, where you can easily switch among the supported networks:

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Another great way to discover the best crypto gambling coin is to subscribe to Altcoin Advantage. By doing so, you will receive news regarding new crypto coins gaining traction; this includes all types of altcoins, including crypto gambling coins. Essentially, this ultimate free newsletter allows you to stay ahead in crypto and receive free trading insights.

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Token Explorer – Your Ticket to Finding the Best Crypto Gambling Coins  

However, by far, the best advantage awaits you in the form of Token Explorer. This is Moralis Money’s core feature that allows you to apply predefined strategies or unique ones. By doing so, the tool looks at the real-time, on-chain metrics and responds with a dynamic list of altcoin opportunities. And, if there is a gambling crypto token worthy of your attention, it will be on that list.

Again, by applying the Coin Age metric, you can spot tokens that just went live. As such, you can spot opportunities that have the potential to become the best crypto gambling coins.   

For example, many Moralis Money users, especially the ones on Starter or Pro plans, spotted $RLB when it was starting to gain momentum. 

So, how exactly can you get going with Moralis Money and start searching for the next coin to blow up? Use the following subsections to start your journey of finding the best gambling crypto coins and other types of altcoins. 

Start Spotting the Best Gambling Crypto Coins and Other Altcoin Opportunities Today

First of all, make sure you access the Token Explorer page. There are many paths you can take to start using this tool, including the interactive widget below. However, using the “Explore Coins” menu option and then selecting “Token Explorer” will do the trick:

Once on the Token Explorer page, you have two options: you can select one of the predefined strategies or apply your own.

In order to use predefined strategies, simply select one of the available options, like so:

Predefined strategies are a great starting place; however, since they are available to all Moralis Money users, they do not offer you the ultimate edge. So, your goal should be to start applying your unique combinations of search metrics.

To do this, you can start from scratch, as shown in the animation below. Or, you can use any of the predefined strategies as a starting point. In that case, you want to tweak the existing parameters and add additional filters. Just selecting a lower timeframe may give you the edge you need to spot one of the next big crypto gambling tokens.

Note: To access all the lower timeframes, you’ll want to opt for the Starter or Pro plan.

The above animations should be more than enough to help you get going with Token Explorer. After all, the tool is extremely intuitive and easy to use. 

However, if you wish to learn more about Moralis Money’s features and the Token Explorer metrics, check out our full guide on how to find tokens before they pump

Summary: What are Crypto Gambling Tokens, and How to Find Gambling Coins?

  • Crypto gambling typically refers to all gambling activities that involve cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology.
  • Crypto gambling tokens are cryptocurrencies launched by crypto gambling projects.
  • The best crypto gambling coins typically have some tangible use cases. 
  • To find the best gambling crypto coins, you need to explore gambling crypto tokens in their early stages. After all, the best crypto gambling coins are typically the ones that offer the largest gains.
  • Moralis Money’s Token Explorer is the best tool to find crypto gambling tokens and other altcoin opportunities.
  • Use the above interactive widget or access the Token Explorer page and start running predefined or unique strategies today!

If you enjoy gambling, you will most likely also be fond of altcoin trading. However, we encourage you to approach this venture with an investing/trading mindset and not as a gambler. After all, there is serious money to be made with altcoins if you take calculated risks and properly research tokens before buying them. 

When it comes to researching altcoins, Moralis Money’s token pages are the go-to tool. So, whenever you run Token Explorer strategies, you’ll get to access a token page for any of the candidates on your dynamic list.
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