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The above animation covers the gist of finding the next coin to blow up, and it is as straightforward as it gets. However, the sections below will be highly beneficial if you want a detailed guide on the exact process. Furthermore, they will help you get acquainted with the process of spotting crypto that will blow up. Plus, you’ll get to master Moralis Money – the ultimate on-chain analysis tool!

First, we’ll list some important things you should consider before searching for the next coin to blow up. This is where you’ll learn that “static lists” you see all over Google are total BS and that you should leave them in a rearview mirror. We’ll also explain why you should focus on altcoins. Then, we’ll go over the core aspects of Moralis Money. After all, it is the best tool to find crypto that’s going to “moon,” so to speak. This is where we’ll also show some past examples of altcoins that increased by more than 100x MM Pro plan traders were able to capitalize on.

Finally, you’ll dive into the exact steps of finding the next coin to explode! And we’ll also share some extra tips on how you can find a cryptocurrency that will explode. 

Searching for the Next Coin to Blow Up – Things to Consider

Among many things, make sure that you acknowledge your current financial situation and your risk aversion before you move any further with your crypto ventures. These two aspects should tell you whether or not you can afford to dive into the realm of high-risk, high-reward crypto investing/trading.

Now, presuming that you have decided that you are ready for this amazing experience, the following two sections are crucial for you to read. You’ll see why you should avoid the common mistake of wasting time on static lists and, instead, focus on the right type of “lists” generated by next-gen tools to find cryptocurrency with potential.

So, let’s look at some things to consider, starting with steering clear of static lists!

Chug Static Lists [Don’t Trust, Verify]

There are countless articles, pages, and even videos on the internet these days offering static lists of top cryptocurrency assets that could potentially explode. It is easy to fall into the trap of relying on those lists. However, you should remember that any static list is only valid for a very short period after being published, presuming its creators did a thorough analysis in the first place.

Avoid static lists when searching for crypto about to blow up

Plus, more often than not, creators of these kinds of static lists tend to push their agenda, listing cryptos they want you to invest in.

Sure, some cryptocurrencies have long-term potential, but considering their real-time metrics is still of utmost importance. So, make sure to decide that from today on, you’ll only consider dynamic lists that provide constant updates using real-time, on-chain data. After all, if you want to find the next coin to blow up, you can’t afford to be stuck with static, outdated lists.

Title: Focus on Altcoins with Potential

Focus on Altcoins and Cheap Cryptocurrency

There are many ways to make profits in crypto; however, the best opportunities, by far, come from altcoins. And you need to aim for cheap alts!

But make sure not to misinterpret the word “cheap”. We are not talking about alts of low quality. We are also not referring to tokens trading at what would be perceived as a cheap price (typically in cents or lower).

When we refer to cheap cryptocurrencies, we talk about one of the following:

  1. Altcoins with low(er) market cap.
  2. Seasoned altcoins with a proven track record that are highly discounted – their current market cap is way below their all-time high market caps.

These two types of altcoins are the most likely candidates for a crypto that’s going to blow up in price by 10x, 100x, or even 1,000x. That said, the first category typically has a much higher potential (of course, that also means a higher risk).

The Best Tool to Find the Next Coin to Blow Up

Moralis Money Logo on blue background

Moralis Money is the best tool to find cheap cryptocurrency that will explode. It uses the power of real-time, on-chain data to offer dynamic lists of altcoins with potential. Moralis Money has an intuitive UI that makes generating those lists extremely straightforward. You’ll see that in a bit, but first, let’s explain what makes Moralis Money the best tool for the task of spotting the next coin to explode.

It all boils down to these three core features: Token Explorer, Token Shield, and Token Alerts.

Token Explorer – Your Ticket to Finding the Next Coin to Blow Up

Token Explorer is Moralis Money’s core feature. It is the gateway to finding crypto that’s going to blow up. This tool allows you to use preset strategies or create your own by combining various search parameters. In either case, you are only several clicks away from generating a dynamic list of potential crypto about to explode!

Token Explorer Banner Image

Furthermore, since on-chain activity precedes price action, Token Explorer allows you to finally be on the ball before it’s too late. This is also the key to overcoming FOMO – one of the most common obstacles when trading altcoins.

Token Shield – Staying Safe While Searching for Cryptocurrency

Token Shield illustration

Token Shield is an important part of Token Explorer. As this feature’s name suggests, it is all about protecting you and helping you avoid shady and scammy coins. The best thing about Token Shield is that it does its thing automatically. So, whenever you run any strategy, this security feature gives tokens on your dynamic list security scores.     

Token Alerts – Spotting Crypto That’s Going to Blow Up on Autopilot

Set alert to get notified about the next coin to blow up

Token Alerts allow you to automate the power of Token Explorer. This feature allows you to run saved strategies on autopilot and receive email notifications whenever a new potential cheap cryptocurrency that will explode appears. In addition, you can also focus on alerts for individual tokens. All in all, Token Alerts is all about overcoming the hurdle of time scarcity!

Examples of 100x Cryptos

It can be hard to believe that 100x or even higher price increases are possible in spans of two years or, in some cases, weeks or days. Thus, make sure to check out the charts below to shatter your limiting beliefs of what is possible in crypto for good. If nothing else, knowing what is possible will make the quest to find cryptocurrencies that will explode even more exciting.

  • Cardano ($ADA) increased by 170x in the previous cycle:
ADA 170x price explosion example
  • Polygon ($MATIC) increased by more than 1,000x in the previous bull run:
  • Fantom (FTM) increased by more than 2,000x in less than 600 days:

However, one of the most incredible runs was performed by a meme coin outside of a bull market. During the 2023 memecoin season, the PEPE token pulled off a massive 100,000x rally in just 23 days:


Of course, PEPE’s run is extraordinary and far from typical. However, there have been many other alts offering 100x gains outside a bull market. Some examples include $RLB, $BOBO, $LADYS, $MOG, and many others.

With an expanded mindset, you are ready to learn how to find the next coin to explode; let’s get into it!

Step-By-Step Guide: How to Find the Next Coin to Blow Up

We pointed out above that thanks to Moralis Money, the process of finding a cheap cryptocurrency that will explode is totally straightforward. In fact, it is so simple that it can be covered in these three steps:

  1. Open Token Explorer
  2. Set filters
  3. Run your strategy

That said, let’s take a closer look at each step below!

Step 1: Open Token Explorer

Finding the next coin to explode starts with accessing Token Explorer. This is a one-click task, and while you have several options to access this Moralis Money’s core feature, using the top menu and clicking on the “Token Explorer” option is the most popular one:

Find the Next Coin to Explode - Step 1: Open Token Explorer

Step 2: Set Filters

Once on the Token Explorer page, you are ready to set filters. This is the part where you have two general options: apply one of the available preset filters or use your unique combo of search parameters.

This is an example of applying a predefined strategy to find the next crypto that’s going to blow up:

Find the Next Coin to Explode - Step 2: Set Filters

Also, here is one possible combo of unique search parameters if you decide to run unique strategies to spot the next crypto to explode:

Setting filters using Moralis Money - Example

Step 3: Run Your Strategy

Looking at the above two animations, you can see that running strategies is also a single-click task. So, once you’ve selected a predefined strategy or applied the filter you wish to use, simply hit the “Explore” or the “Run Strategy” button.

You can find cheap cryptocurrencies that will explode with both the above-presented methods (as shown in step two). Of course, preset strategies have their limitations as they are available to all users. Thus, you should aim to start using unique combinations of metrics sooner rather than later.

A great option for beginners is to apply one of the predefined strategies and then tweak its parameters. That way, you are not starting from scratch but can still create a completely unique strategy.

All in all, out of the above-outlined, three-step process, step two is the only one that requires some thought. This is where you want to experiment with different combinations of metrics, timeframes, and values. So, do not be afraid to play around with various combos.

Before you take what you’ve learned so far and start putting it into practice, make sure to consider our bonus tips in the section below. These tips will help you take things to the next level. On the one hand, they will make finding a cheap cryptocurrency that will explode even simpler. And on the other, they will increase your chance of being first in finding the next coin to blow up.  

Find the Next Coin to Blow Up - Step 3: Run Your Strategy

Other Ways to Find Crypto That’s Going to Blow Up

The above three-step process is all you need to get going, and it is the ultimate process you want to master before the next bull market takes off. However, in your quest to find a crypto that’s going to blow up, you ought to deploy other features that Moralis Money offers. 

For instance, you can visit the “Live New Coins” page, where you’ll be able to spot tokens as they go live:


Also, you can explore tokens by chains (Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, and others):  

Explore tokens by chains

But the above paths are not the only ways to explore for the next coin to explode on other chains. You can switch to any of the supported chains on the Token Explorer page as well. Here’s how you can switch to other chains and search for the next cheap cryptocurrency that will explode cross-chain:

Remember to hit the “Save Strategy” button once you’ve found your winning combo of filters. Then, you can run that strategy to search for the next crypto that’s going to blow up on autopilot.

There are also individual Moralis Money token pages. This is where you can research any individual token to determine if it is, in fact, the next coin to blow up. To access these pages, you simply click on one of the tokens from your dynamic lists:

Of course, you can also use the search option to access any token page:

On these pages, you can also save your favorite coins, give them your rating, and set individual crypto price alerts. However, to access the latter feature, you’ll need to opt in for the Starter or Pro plan. 

So, if you are serious about finding crypto that’s going to blow up, you ought to upgrade to one of these plans!

How to Find the Next Coin to Blow Up – Key Takeaways

  • Before starting your quest to find cryptocurrencies that will explode, make sure that your financial situation and risk tolerance support that path.
  • Do not waste time on static lists that claim to offer crypto that’s going to blow up. Instead, utilize the power of dynamic lists that use real-time data.
  • To find a cheap cryptocurrency that will explode it is best to focus on new low-cap tokens or on alts that are highly discounted (way below their market cap ATH).
  • Moralis Money is the best tool for finding the next coin to blow up.
  • Aside from helping you find crypto that’s going to blow up, Moralis Money helps you overcome crypto FOMO, scams, and time scarcity.
  • Many altcoins tend to increase by 10x, 100x, or even 1,000x, especially during a bull run.
  • Use these three steps to start spotting cryptocurrencies that will explode: open Token Explorer, set filters, and run your strategy!
  • Don’t forget to explore the full suite of Moralis Money features and advantages.

The best time to make money with altcoins is during the altcoin season. However, no one really knows when that season is going to hit. Thus, you need to get involved with the market and explore opportunities as soon as possible. Plus, keep in mind that there are profitable trades to be made even in a bear market. If nothing else, you can short the market. 

Last but not least, we also recommend you find a reliable method to stay informed regarding the crypto markets, news, events, and more. Fortunately, there are many options out there; however, the one we know that will always offer high-quality insights is Altcoin Advantage

Start using the power of Moralis Money today! You can use the interactive widget below to run your first Token Explorer strategy:
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