What is the POWR Crypto, and is Powerledger a Good Investment?

This article will first cover the basics of the Powerledger crypto project. Essentially, we’ll ensure you all know what Powerledger is and how it relates to the POWR crypto asset. For those of you interested in learning more about the project, we’ll also cover some of the core aspects of Powerledger. Next, we’ll focus on the POWR token. In doing so, we’ll explain what this cryptocurrency is all about, what its purpose is, what use cases it serves, and much more. We’ll also cover the gist of the Powerledger coin’s tokenomics.

What is the POWR Crypto, and is Powerledger a Good Investment-January 2024 pump and dump

However, this article wouldn’t be complete without analyzing the $POWR crypto price. Therefore, we’ll review the token’s price action since its beginning in 2017, outlining key support and resistance levels. We’ll also apply the ultimate crypto charting tool – Money Line – to the $POWR chart to see what it has to say about the asset’s trend. We’ll also use one of Moralis Money’s best cryptocurrency analysis sites (a.k.a. token pages). In turn, you can determine if/when to buy $POWR. Last but not least, we’ll also explain where and how you can buy the Powerledger token with ease.

What is Powerledger (POWR)?

Powerledger is an innovative blockchain project that aims to revolutionize the global energy landscape. At its core, the Powerledger crypto initiative introduces decentralized solutions that empower consumers, producers, and utilities to track, trace, and trade energy efficiently within local markets.

What is the POWR Crypto, and is Powerledger a Good Investment-project's official website

POWR is the symbol (ticker) of the project’s native cryptocurrency – the Powerledger token. However, you will notice many using “POWR crypto” to refer to the project itself. 

Where does Powerledger crypto fit the electricity market

How Powerledger Works

Powerledger leverages blockchain technology, specifically the Powerledger blockchain (PLBC) (a.k.a. Powerledger Energy Blockchain), to create a decentralized, secure, and transparent platform. Furthermore, the Powerledger chain went live in 2023 and is now supporting the platform’s features – xGrod, uGrid, Vision, PPA Vision, and TraceX.

Powerledger platform overview

This implementation of the platform’s native chain allows for real-time recording and verification of energy transactions through smart meter data and smart contracts. The PLBC has transitioned to a high-performance, proof-of-stake, and proof-of-history public blockchain. It ensures scalability, low transaction costs, and remarkable energy efficiency.

Powerledger platform and its features-products

The project addresses challenges posed by the growing prevalence of distributed energy resources (DERs). After all, DERs contribute to congestion and reliability issues in traditional grids. So, by embracing local energy markets (LEMs), Powerledger facilitates peer-to-peer (P2P) energy trading. As such, it aims to reduce dependence on centralized grids, enhance grid stability, and promote sustainable energy practices.

The Powerledger Team

Powerledger boasts a dedicated team led by Dr. Jemma Green, executive chairman and co-founder, and John Bulich, technical director and co-founder. The team combines expertise in blockchain technology, energy markets, and sustainable solutions.

Powerledger team

Which Blockchain Does Powerledger Use?

As mentioned above, in 2023, the project launched its own public network: Powerledger Energy Blockchain (PLBC). The latter is built on top of Solana. However, the project’s native token still lives on the Ethereum chain, where it was deployed on June 3, 2017. In 2021, when the transition from Ethereum to the Solana ecosystem was announced, the Powerledger platform was utilizing its EcoChain blockchain running on Powerledger’s Ethereum consortium chain. It’s important to point out that the PLBC is a permissioned Solana chain.

Powerledger Solana-based chain

What is the POWR Crypto? Everything You Need to Know About the Powerledger Token

As explained previously, POWR is the native cryptocurrency of the Powerledger project. As such, it serves as the utility token within the Powerledger ecosystem. Among other use cases, $POWR provides access to various applications and functionalities offered by the Powerledger platform. The Powerledger token is an ERC-20 token that was minted on Ethereum in 2017 and continues to live on that chain. However, since its birth, POWR has undergone a significant evolution to align with the project’s advancements.

Powerledger crypto - the POWR crypto token

Purpose and Use Cases of the POWR Token 

The primary purpose of POWR is to facilitate seamless interaction within the Powerledger ecosystem. Users can utilize POWR to pay transaction fees, access applications, and secure Powerledger Energy Blockchain through staking and delegation. As such, the token acts as a bridge, connecting users, applications, and the blockchain in a decentralized and direct manner.

POWR finds utility across a spectrum of use cases within the Powerledger ecosystem. From enabling peer-to-peer energy trading to customizing fee structures for various applications, POWR plays a pivotal role in creating a dynamic and user-friendly environment. It extends beyond a mere transaction medium, making it an integral part of the overall user experience of the Powerledger crypto platform.

With the transition of the Powerledger blockchain to a high-performance, proof-of-stake protocol, POWR’s role has expanded. Users can now use the POWR token to pay transaction fees on the blockchain, corresponding to the utilization of various applications. The introduction of a transaction fee model replaces the traditional escrow model. Hence, the $POWR crypto is streamlining energy trading experiences and correlating transactions directly with fees.

Powerledger crypto - the POWR crypto token on Etherscan

$POWR Tokenomics

The Powerledger blockchain launched with 963 million native tokens, featuring an initial programmed inflation rate of 1.25% per year. This rate reduces by 15% annually until reaching a terminal programmed inflation rate of 0.75%. 

The supply of native tokens is expected to align with the supply of POWR on Ethereum after approximately five years of operation. This is set to ensure a unique and consistent utilization of the POWR token within modern proof-of-stake protocols.

Here’s the gist of POWR’s tokenomics:

  • On-chain name: Powerledger token
  • Symbol/ticker: POWR or $POWR
  • Network: Ethereum
  • Token type: ERC-20
  • Smart contract address: 0x595832F8FC6BF59c85C527fEC3740A1b7a361269
  • Maximum total supply: 1,000,000,000 $POWR

To explore the current distribution of the POWR crypto asset, use the “Bubble Chart” section of the Moralis Money Powerledger token page. You can find the link to that page in the “Is it Good to Invest in Powerledger?” section below.

Moralis Money Bubble Chart for $POWR crypto token

Note: In case you are not familiar with crypto bubblemaps, make sure to check out our article on that subject.

POWR Crypto Price Analysis

The Powerledger crypto asset started trading in 2017 at around $0.055. However, as the entire altcoin market was entering the final stage of the bull market in January 2018, $POWR went significantly higher. This was also the time when the token set its all-time high (ATH), which still sits at $2. 

After that high, the POWR token entered a bear market and started to lose its value. Of course, there were some relief rallies along the way down; however, the primary momentum of $POWR’s larger timeframe was bearish. The sharpest decline happened in 2018, and by December of that year, the token’s price had reached the $0.06 region. But it wasn’t until March 2020 that the $POWR crypto’s all-time low (ATL) came in. The latter sits at $0.031.

After March 2020, the entire crypto market started to recover and slowly entered a new bullish cycle. This also had a positive impact on the POWR price, which eventually peaked in 2021. The first peak came in at around $0.63 in April, and the second one at $0.96 in November.

The POWR token’s price reached the $0.7 region again in April 2022; however, at the time, it was running out of upward momentum. Thus, the price turned downward. The bottom came in on December 30, 2020, at $0.11.

$POWR token price action

2023 Consolidation and Recovery

After the aforementioned button, the Powerledger crypto token’s price started to increase as the rest of the crypto market woke up in January 2023. Before the end of the month, $POWR more than doubled, reaching as high as $0.28. However, that level served as resistance, pushing the price back down.

The price stayed above $0.16 until May, when it dipped lower. On June 15, 2023, the asset again touched the $0.11 level. Afterward, the POWR token repeated its move to $0.28 and back down to $0.12 over the following months. The price touched the $0.12 region for the last time on September 12, 2023.

What came next was an impressive recovery. From that low, the price nearly quadrupled over the next 43 days, reaching $0.36 on October 26. However, the price underwent a massive 62% correction starting on that same day. Despite a candle wick to $0.18, $POWR printed a new higher low, finding support above $0.20 in early November.

From that support, the Powerledger crypto’s price continued to increase. It soon crossed $0.26 and then battled with the $0.40 level between December 2 and 30, 2023. But it wasn’t until January 3, 2024, that the POWR price really exploded. It first dipped to $0.28 and then reached $1.21 on January 7. 

However, that pump was immediately followed by a massive dump, bringing the POWR crypto’s price back into the $0.36-$0.38 region. At the time of writing, $POWR is trading at $0.37.  

Future Forecast of the Powerledger Cryptocurrency

Powerledger token price action in 2023 - daily chart with key S and R levels

Looking at the above daily $POWR chart, you can notice blue horizontal lines. Well, using the basics of technical analysis (TA), we charted these levels as they mark key levels of support (S) and resistance (R). And, as you may know, these levels tend to be the most likely price target. 

With that in mind, $POWR is quite likely to stay somewhere between $0.3 and $0.4 in the upcoming days and weeks. However, it could also go further down, revisiting some of the lower S levels. After all, the pump-and-dump move it just experienced is often a bearish sign. Plus, according to the ultimate crypto indicator, Money Line, $POWR is now in a bearish trend both on daily and weekly timeframes:

Powerledger token price action in 2023 - TA - Money Line

Note: To learn more about this powerful indicator, use the above “Money Line” link. If you wish to get your hands on this powerful crypto trading tool, make sure to opt for the Moralis Money Pro or Starter plan.  

If you wish to make any reliable short-term $POWR price predictions, you also need to consider the token’s real-time, on-chain data. Fortunately, you can access that for free via the Moralis Money Powerledger token page (link in the next section).

Essentially, the only way anyone can make any tangible short-term cryptocurrency price predictions is to combine the power of live prices and on-chain data. As such, any mid-term and long-term price predictions are pure guesses. 


Is it Good to Invest in Powerledger?

After going through the above-covered sections, you should be able to decide if you like the Powerledger crypto project. If yes, then it’s up to you to research the project and the POWR crypto asset further. 

This is where the Moralis Money Powerledger ($POWR) token page enters the scene. It includes all the tools and resources you need to answer the above question with confidence. Particularly valuable are the “Price Chart” and “Alpha Metrics” sections. The former enables you to view the asset’s live price and put it into proper perspective, while the latter delivers the token’s real-time, on-chain metrics. Also, by combining these insights, you can determine if now is a good time to buy $POWR.

So, to help you decide if/when you should buy the Powerledger crypto token, follow the above “$POWR” link or use the interactive widget below:

Where and How to Buy POWR Crypto

Since the Powerledger token has been around for years, you can buy it on many leading exchanges. However, you’ll already be using the above-presented page to decide if/when to buy $POWR. Thus, you can also use Moralis Money’s instant crypto swap feature. By doing so, you get to save time without going to another platform and you can avoid landing on the wrong trading pair. Plus, this path is secure and always offers the most affordable prices.  

So, if you decide to buy the Powerledger crypto asset, just click on the “Buy” button below the token’s basic information. Next, connect your Web3 wallet, select the token you wish to use to buy $POWR, enter that token’s amount, and execute the swap. 

Where to buy Powerledger crypto

What is the POWR Crypto, and is Powerledger a Good Investment? – Key Takeaways

  • The Powerledger crypto project is all about tracking, tracing, and trading electrical power, particularly within local markets (LEMs). 
  • Powerledger has been around since 2017 and has evolved a lot since then. It even shifted to a new Solana-based permissioned chain, which powers the Powerledger platform.
  • The POWR crypto token is Powerledger’s native cryptocurrency with multiple use cases within the ecosystem. Its holders may even stake the asset to earn yield.
  • $POWR’s price has been through a wide range since 2017. Its current ATH sits at $2, and its ATL at $0.031.
  • To help you determine if/when to buy $POWR, you ought to use Moralis Money’s token page dedicated to that asset. 
  • By upgrading to Moralis Money’s Pro or Starter plan, you’ll also be able to analyze charts with the Money Line indicator.
  • If you decide to buy $POWR, you hit the “Buy” button on the Moralis Money Powerledger page.

Do not forget that the Powerledger crypto token is just one of many altcoins with potential. If you wish to catch those 50x-plus moves, you need to explore multiple opportunities. Fortunately, it is super easy to find altcoins with potential than ever before thanks to Moralis Money’s crypto scanner. The latter comes in the form of Token Explorer, which empowers you to run preset or unique search strategies with just a few clicks. 

So, by deploying the best crypto trading tools that this powerful platform offers, you get to make huge profits and say goodbye to liquidation. Watch the video below and learn how to make the most of Moralis Money’s crypto analysis tools today!

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