What is LCX Crypto? On-Chain Data & Price Prediction for the $LCX Token

We’ll kickstart today’s article by exploring LCX and clarifying what “LCX crypto” means. After we’ve covered some essential basics surrounding the LCX crypto project, we’ll dive into the $LCX token. In doing so, you’ll find out more about $LCX’s purpose, use cases, and tokenomics. Together, we’ll also analyze the asset’s price action from as far back as 2019. Further, by using the basics of technical analysis (TA), we’ll also chart the token’s key support and resistance levels. Additionally, we’ll use the best crypto charting tool – Money Line – to better understand the $LCX’s current price levels.

What is LCX Crypto On-Chain Data & Price Prediction for the $LCX Token-recent 400% rally

We’ll also explain how you can use one of Moralis Money’s cryptocurrency analysis sites (a.k.a. token pages) to research and analyze the LCX crypto token yourself. This is where we’ll introduce you to the tool that will empower you to use live $LCX price and its real-time, on-chain metrics to decide if/when to buy that token. Last but not least, we’ll also tell you where you can buy the LCX cryptocurrency without breaking a sweat or the bank.

What is LCX Crypto?

Technically speaking, “LCX crypto” is short for “LCX cryptocurrency,” which is an ERC-20 token that lives on the Ethereum network. However, more often than not, crypto enthusiasts use this phrase to refer to the entire LCX project and its ecosystem. With that in mind, we obviously need to take a closer look at the LCX crypto token as well as the project behind it to answer the above question properly. So, let’s start with the latter.

Exploring the LCX Crypto Project

At its core, the LCX project aims to be a pioneering force in the crypto space, offering a comprehensive blockchain ecosystem from its headquarters in Liechtenstein. 

What is LCX Crypto On-Chain Data & Price Prediction for the $LCX Token-project's official website

LCX’s goal is to provide a secure and regulated platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors. As a Liechtenstein-based crypto-assets exchange, LCX offers a suite of services. These include a compliant digital asset exchange, advanced trading tools, and other blockchain-related solutions. 

The project revolves around its LCX Token ($LCX), a utility token that opens doors to a range of benefits within the LCX ecosystem. With LCX Token ($LCX), users enjoy benefits such as reduced trading fees, access to cutting-edge DeFi protocols, and more. 

LCX produts

Key Aspects of the LCX Project

Let’s explore the key facets that define and drive the LCX crypto project:

  • LCX Exchange: A compliant digital asset exchange that provides a secure platform for trading various cryptocurrencies. The exchange also offers experience-reduced trading fees, which aims to create an optimal environment for both novice traders and seasoned investors.
  • LCX DeFi Terminal: The LCX DeFi Terminal’s goal is to invite LCX users to step into the decentralized finance (DeFi) realm. The terminal promises full access to innovative protocols to empower users to execute limit orders seamlessly on platforms like Uniswap.
  • LCX Vault: According to the project’s official website, this feature combines security and convenience. It allows users to pay fees using LCX tokens to access top-notch crypto custody solutions. LCX promises to keep users’ digital assets in safe hands with the platform’s robust protection.
  • LCX Price Oracle: This solution ensures LCX’s regulated reference price services. By paying fees with LCX tokens, users access accurate and timely pricing information in the crypto market.
  • Token Sales: LCX Token extends its utility to token sales hosted or powered by LCX technology. Companies and clients can navigate listing fees, exchange membership fees, and token sale fees using LCX coins.
  • Legal Compliance: LCX Token stands tall in full compliance with laws and regulations in Liechtenstein, the US, Singapore, and Europe. Legal assessments affirm its classification as a utility token, emphasizing its commitment to transparency and trust.
LCX token - symbolic tokens

What is LCX Token?

LCX Token ($LCX) is the core of the LCX crypto project, issued by LCX AG to fuel its blockchain ecosystem. Functioning as a utility token, $LCX holds the key to unlocking a spectrum of benefits within the LCX platform. 

The asset was initiated during its token generation event (TGE) in March 2019. The token was minted on the Ethereum blockchain, following the ERC-20 standard.

LCX Token’s Purpose and Use Cases 

Primarily, LCX Token serves as a versatile instrument, allowing users to settle various fees associated with LCX AG’s services. Whether it’s trading fees on the LCX exchange, subscriptions to LCX Terminal, or custodian solutions within LCX Vault, $LCX streamlines transactions, acting as a seamless bridge between users and the LCX ecosystem.

Furthermore, purchasing and holding LCX tokens come with a range of advantages:

  • Fee reductions of up to 50% on trades at LCX exchange.
  • Full access to LCX DeFi Terminal for advanced DeFi operations.
  • The ability to pay for services like LCX Vault and LCX Price Oracle. 

Beyond individual benefits, LCX tokens facilitate seamless transactions for companies engaging in listings, exchange memberships, and token sales on the LCX platform.

LCX on Etherscan


LCX is defined by a total initial supply of 950 million tokens created during the TGE. Furthermore, to ensure a balanced and controlled ecosystem, the LCX company has enforced a lockup until June 1, 2023.

The team tokens and advisor holdings were vested over 36 months. The LCX project showed its commitment to community involvement by ensuring that the majority of LCX tokens are held by its vibrant and engaged user base.

Here’s the essence of the LCX crypto’s tokenomics:

  • Token name: LCX
  • Symbol/ticker: $LCX
  • Network: Ethereum
  • Token type: ERC-20
  • Token category: Utility token
  • Smart contract address: 0x037a54aab062628c9bbae1fdb1583c195585fe41
  • Total token supply: 950,000,000 $LCX
  • Minting timestamp: March 4, 2019, at 10:53:48 AM (+UTC)
  • Token distribution: Use the “Bubble Chart” section on the Moralis Money $LCX token page (link below) to explore the current token’s distribution:
Moralis Money Bubble Chart for LCX

LCX Crypto Price

The most distant price data we can access for $LCX dates back to November 2019. At the time, the token was trading around $0.00015. As that year was coming to a close, the asset’s value was increasing, and it closed 2019 just above $0.00032.

After a smaller correction at the beginning of 2020, the $LCX crypto price started to print new all-time highs (ATHs). Despite several retracements along the way, the token entered a clear long-term uptrend. 

By February 17, 2020, $LCX’s price reached $0.0024. From there, it pulled back down to the $0,005 region. The latter served as a launchpad for the next rally, which took the asset to $0.0195 by May 26. 

Next, the price pulled back to $0.008 and then bounced back even higher, this time reaching $0.028. However, at that level, $LCX ran out of steam and revisited the $0.008 region by November 2020. From there, the price increased again, setting a new local top at $0.05 in early January 2021. 

Then, the asset retraced to the $0.013 level and then again rallied even higher. By March 23, 2021, the price again increased by roughly 10x, reaching $0.135. Yet, another correction soon followed and by June 9 $LCX revisited $0.02. 

After staying in the $0.02 region for a bit over a month, the token rallied again as the rest of the crypto market went for its second top of the cycle. That run took $LCX crypto to its still-valid ATH at $0.70.

However, after that top, LCX entered a bearing period with the rest of the cryptocurrencies. Throughout 2022, the asset lost more than 95% of its value from its ATH, finding a bottom at $0.03 in late December. 

2023 Bounce and 2024 Recovery

The $LCX cryptocurrency started 2023 in the $0.03 region; however, it didn’t stay at those levels for long. After all, as the crypto market started to show some signs of strength in January 2023, so did LCX. In fact, it pulled off another of its rather impressive rallies, increasing in value by more than 400%. Furthermore, it reached $0.16 by January 25. 

But at the time, the token didn’t have enough momentum to continue moving higher. Instead, the $LCX price started to decrease and ended up about 72% lower by June 11, 2023, when it found support on top of $0.04. 

From there, the token’s value nearly doubled by June 27; however, the asset still didn’t have enough strength to go any higher. After managing to stay above the $0.06 level until mid-July, $LCX lost that support and returned to some of its lower regions.  

The lowest point at the time came in on September 10, at $0.035; however, the price did find strong support at $0.037-$0.038. 

On November 3, 2023, $LCX touched $0.038 for the final time and started indicating that another run may be coming. After a revisit to $0.04 after rejection at $0.05 14 days prior, the asset exploded on November 22. On that day, the $LCX price more than doubled, reaching the $0.08 region.

Next, it established new support at $0.06 during a 35-day consolidation period. On December 29, 2023, the token’s value again increased significantly, which resulted in another 200%-plus rally, pushing $LCX to $0.2.

At the time of writing, the LCX crypto token is trading at $0.195.

TA and Money Line

As you probably know, there are many technical analysis tools and indicators we can use. However, we prefer to focus on the basics and the ultimate crypto indicator.

The former involves charting key levels of support (S) and resistance (R), as shown in the above chart. For the latter, we rely on the crypto Money Line indicator.

So, considering the S/R levels, you can see that $LCX recently managed to close its weekly candle above one of the most significant levels at $0.13. Plus, the asset’s price is currently above $0.17 support.

However, most of the recent rally was accompanied by a decreasing volume, meaning that the asset may be running out of steam. As such, a retest of the $0.13 before any potential further price increase is quite likely.

However, the Money Line is still in a clear bullish trend on both daily and weekly timeframes. And the users that bought $LCX when the indicator offered its last “Bullish” signal on the weekly timeframe are now more than 350% in profit:

LCX Crypto price chart-TA-Money-Line

Note: If you wish to experience the power of Money Line firsthand, make sure to take on the Moralis Money trial for just $14.

Should I Buy the $LCX Crypto?

Since we are not financial advisors, we cannot answer this question on your behalf. Plus, only you know your current financial situation and risk aversion well enough to decide if investing in altcoins like $LCX is right for you.

However, using the information offered throughout the above sections, you should be able to determine whether or not you like the LCX crypto project and its token. If yes, then make sure to research this potential opportunity further.

Fortunately, you can do this easily via the Moralis Money $LCX token page. The latter provides you with all the tools and resources you need to answer the above question with confidence.

Particularly valuable are the “Price Chart” and “Alpha Metrics” sections. The former allows you to view the live $LCX price and put it into proper perspective, while the latter empowers you to see what the token’s on-chain momentum is like. As such, you can combine the power of these insights to determine if now is a good time to buy $LCX.

To access this useful page, follow the above “$LCX” link or simply use the interactive widget below:

Where to Buy $LCX?

If you decide you wish to get a bag of $LCX, you have several options. However, if you want to take a user-friendly, self-custodial approach to buying this cryptocurrency, look no further than the above-presented page. Just hit the “Buy” button below the token’s basic info!

By clicking on that button, you’ll summon Moralis Money’s instant crypto swap feature. Then, you can simply follow the instructions that the swapping panel offers, starting by connecting your Web3 wallet. 

Where to buy $LCX

What is LCX Crypto? On-Chain Data & Price Prediction for the $LCX Token – Key Takeaways

  • The LCX crypto project is a Liechtenstein-based, fully legally compliant crypto ecosystem.
  • LCX offers multiple products, including a centralized cryptocurrency exchange (CEX).
  • The LCX cryptocurrency is the ecosystem’s utility token, serving as an agent to cover fees and access some of the platform’s functionalities.
  • $LCX’s price has been thorough a lot since 2019. Starting as low as $00015, the token peaked at $0.7 in 2021 and then pulled back to $0.025 by the end of 2022. 
  • In 2023, $LCX started to show signs of strength and reached $0.16; however, it then returned to the $0.03-$0.04 region. But in November 2023, the asset started a new rally that is still raging.
  • At the time of writing, $LCX is just above $0.19, facing important resistance.
  • To determine if/when to buy the $LCX token, make sure to use the power of Moralis Money and Money Line. 
  • If you decide to buy $LCX, you can do so in a user and wallet-friendly manner via the Moralis Money token page for that cryptocurrency.

Before you take off, let’s remind you that there are thousands of altcoins that deserve your attention, with new ones entering the crypto space daily. As such, you need reliable crypto analysis tools to sort through these tokens and detect the best altcoin opportunities.

Fortunately, Moralis Money offers an assortment of the best blockchain analytics tools and crypto trading tools to help you spot and take advantage of these opportunities. As such, make sure to watch the video below and learn how to get going with the platform’s crypto scanner, crypto pump detector, crypto whale tracker, and other powerful features.

Use the best crypto trading tool and finally find those 50x-plus gems that you’ve been hearing about!

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