We’ll kickstart today’s article by explaining the ins and outs of crypto whale tracking. From there, we’re going to explore three prominent crypto whale tracker platforms. And to top things off, we’ll show you how to track crypto using the industry’s leading tracker: Moralis Money

If you’d like to skip the general info on crypto whale tracking and jump straight into the process itself, then here’s a quick breakdown of how it works: 

  • Visit Moralis Money, click on your profile at the top right, hit ”My Bundles,” and select ”Degen Madness”: 
showing how to access the whale tracker feature on a user's Moralis Money account page
  • This takes you to the page below, where you can track a selection of crypto whales and their on-chain transactions in real time. You can also seamlessly set up email alerts for this entire bundle by simply hitting the ”Follow” button: 
activating the whale alert feature using the crypto whale tracker feature from moralis money

Crypto Whale Tracking – What is it? 

Transactions occurring on most major blockchain networks are entirely transparent. Consequently, with the right tools and technical knowledge, it’s possible to track the activity of any cryptocurrency wallet. However, tracking the activity and transactions of small retail investors isn’t very useful. But the story changes when an individual/institution holds enough funds to influence the market!

This is where crypto whale tracking enters the equation, which is the process of tracking the activity of so-called ”crypto whales.” Crypto whales are large holders of cryptocurrencies. And with their vast quantity of tokens, they have the power to move the price of a cryptocurrency through their market participation. 

Consequently, through crypto whale tracking, it’s possible to understand both short and long-term price movement. And this can be extremely valuable information in guiding your investment decisions. 

But how does it work? 

On-chain activity precedes price action, and by studying the on-chain transactions of a crypto whale, it’s possible to get valuable insight into how the market will move. However, you’ll need to identify whales in the first place and query the various blockchain networks for the relevant data. This is, as you can imagine, a complex and tedious endeavor. 

This is where crypto whale trackers enter the equation. The best crypto whale trackers identify whales and continuously scan through blockchain networks to identify any activity. Once a crypto whale tracker spots a relevant transaction, it notifies users in real-time. And in return, they can act instantly on the information and stay one step ahead of the market! 

What is a Crypto Whale? 

To better understand crypto whale tracking, let’s return to crypto whales and explain this concept a bit further. So, what is a crypto whale? 

A crypto whale can be a single individual or an institution that owns a large chunk of the overall supply of a cryptocurrency. In some instances, whales hold more than 10% of the supply and can, therefore, significantly affect and manipulate the market with their actions. What’s more, whales can spread out their holdings across multiple wallets, making it more challenging to find and track them. 

art illustration of a crypto whale - we see a real, physical whale holding a cryptocurrency

However, ”whales” isn’t a new phenomenon, and they have existed for a long time in conventional markets. Great examples are big players like Warren Buffet, brands, or hedge funds. When they take a certain position in an asset, the price can rally or drop. And the market usually follows when they buy/sell an asset. 

Now, with a somewhat more in-depth understanding of crypto whales, let’s look at the benefits of tracking them! 

Why Should You Track Crypto Whales? 

Since crypto whales hold such a large quantity of tokens, they have the power to influence the market with their trading activity. By studying their transactions, it’s possible to understand price movements in real-time to gain unparalleled market insight! 

hologram showing a finger pointing at a crypto account known as a crypto whale

Nevertheless, here are three benefits of tracking crypto whales: 

  • Understand Short-Term Price Movement: Crypto whales are, like all average crypto traders, looking to make money by increasing the value of their funds. However, since they have access to a large portion of the supply, they can influence price trends by flooding the market with coins of initiating buy pressure. And by tracking and understanding these actions, it’s possible to get insight into short-term price movements. 
  • Understand Long-Term Price Movement: The activity of whales can also result in shifts in the crypto market’s cycles. For instance, during a long period of sustained growth, whales usually buy coins to increase the size of their holdings. And when they start to sell, the market may crash as a result. So, by tracking this type of activity, you can also gain insight into long-term price movements. 
  • Increase Profits: By understanding both the short and long-term effects whales have on the market, you can leverage this to your advantage. And in return for doing so, you can base your investment decisions on this information to increase your own profits. 

With a more profound understanding of the benefits of crypto whale tracking, let’s explore some crypto whale tracker platforms! 

Where Can I Track Crypto Whales? Crypto Whale Tracker Platforms 

Without the proper tools and systems in place, it can be a difficult task to track crypto whales. However, this is precisely why professional traders turn to crypto whale tracker platforms. And in this section, we’ll briefly explore three prominent examples: 

  • Moralis Money: Moralis Money is an industry-leading crypto quick scanner. The platform leverages real-time blockchain data, giving you true market alpha across multiple blockchain networks, including Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, and Polygon.

    Moreover, with Moralis Money’s crypto whale scan feature, you can effortlessly track crypto whales. At the click of a button, it’s possible to set up alerts to follow their activity even when you aren’t stuck in front of your screen.
Title and Logo: Moralis Money: The Ultimate Crypto Whale Tracker
  • Etherscan: Etherscan is a prominent blockchain explorer that provides super-detailed information about transactions and addresses on the Ethereum network. While Etherscan isn’t primarily a crypto whale tracker, the platform can easily perform that function if you know what you’re looking for. 

    However, an obvious drawback of Etherscan is that you have to track whales’ activity manually. Also, the platform is tied to the Ethereum network.
  • DeBank: DeBank is a crypto portfolio management platform, and it supports a wide range of use cases. For example, you can monitor your portfolio to track your finances. But you can also track the on-chain activity of any crypto address. What’s more, DeBank also features a ”Whales” tab where users can check out the top whales and their on-chain transactions.

Nevertheless, that covers three prominent crypto whale tracker platforms. Let’s now explore some key things to consider when choosing the right tracker for you! 

How to Pick a Good Crypto Whale Tracker 

Now, with a few options on the table, how do you pick a good whale tracker platform? To help you with this, let’s explore four core factors to consider: 

  • Real-Time Data: Some platforms don’t deliver the necessary data right away. As such, ensure that your crypto whale tracker gives you real-time data without any delays. 
  • Alerts: Although it’s possible to track the activities of crypto whales manually, it’s not always an ideal option. Consequently, consider a crypto whale tracker with an alerts feature to get updated even when you aren’t actively trading. 
  • Intuitive User Interface (UI): The UI is also essential, especially if you’re a novice trader. Find a crypto whale tracker where you can track and set up crypto whale alerts easily. 
  • Multi-Blockchain Support: Since multiple blockchain networks exist, pick a crypto whale tracker that supports several chains. In doing so, you won’t have to juggle numerous platforms as you diversify your holdings across chains.  

Exploring the Best Crypto Whale Tracker 

Moralis Money ticks all the boxes from the section above, and it stands out as an industry-leading crypto whale tracker! 

First of all, Moralis Money leverages blockchain data in real time, giving you true market alpha and instant market updates based on irrefutable on-chain metrics. Furthermore, Moralis Money features an intuitive UI where you can seamlessly track crypto whales and set up alerts at the click of a few buttons. Also, the platform supports multiple blockchain networks, including Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, and several others. 

Title: How to Find and Track Crypto Whales

However, note that the crypto whale tracker is a Moralis Money Pro plan feature. As such, if you haven’t already, subscribe to the Moralis Money Pro plan immediately! 

In combination with a state-of-the-art crypto whale tracker, Moralis Money also has other features to offer. Here are a few examples: 

  • Token Explorer: With Token Explorer, you can combine 20+ metrics to create unique search strategies targeting unique tokens you’re looking for. If you’d like to learn more, check out our guide on how to find up-and-coming crypto
  • Token Shield: Token Shield provides a comprehensive security evaluation for all coins. With this feature, you can seamlessly dodge scams like never before. Learn how to efficiently leverage Token Shield by checking out our article on crypto pump-and-dump scams.
  • Crypto Swap: Moralis Money also features a straightforward crypto-swapping feature. And you can swap any crypto directly through the platform. 

The features above make Moralis Money the best crypto whale tracker platform and the ultimate one-stop shop every trader needs.

Nevertheless, let’s now dive into the main topic and show you how to track whales using the best whale tracker in crypto! 

How to Track Crypto Whales Using the Best Whale Tracker in Crypto 

In this section, we’ll explore two ways in which you can leverage Moralis Money to track crypto whales and other experienced buyers. Your first option is to use the whale scan feature to track the on-chain activity of a carefully selected bundle of whales. And the second option is to create your own search strategy with Token Explorer to find coins experienced buyers and, potentially, crypto whales are showing an interest in!

Also, remember that you need to sign up for the Moralis Money Pro plan to access the crypto whale scan feature!  

Moralis Money’s Whale Scan Feature 

To access the whale scan feature, start by clicking on your profile at the top right of the Moralis Money interface, followed by ”My Bundles”: 

Accessing the crypto whale tracker inside moralis money

Doing so takes you to the following page, where you’ll find a bunch of bundles:

accessing the whale tracker page known as degen madness

At the time of writing, the only available option is ”Degen Madness,” which is an accumulation of 15 crypto whales with a strong social media presence. Clicking this bundle lets you view all the addresses and their latest transactions: 

crypto whale wallets users can track when maintaining a moralis money pro account

This is a straightforward way to find relevant crypto whales and manually track all their activity in real time. With this info, you can now make more informed investment decisions and maximize your cryptocurrency gains! 

What’s more, you can also seamlessly set up an alert for this bundle by hitting the bell button: 

clicking on the alerts button to track crypto whales

In doing so, you’ll now receive automatic emails whenever one of the whales transacts on the network. This means you can track the activity of the crypto whales even when you aren’t actively trading. Here’s an example of what an alert might look like: 

crypto whale tracker alert example - email inbox

Moralis Money’s Token Explorer 

You can also leverage Token Explorer to set up a customized search query. In doing so, you can seamlessly find coins experienced buyers, and sometimes even crypto whales, are interested in. So, let’s take a closer look at how this works! 

To find coins other experienced buyers are buying in, all you really have to do is launch Token Explorer and add the Experienced Buyers metric: 

showing how to filter and scan for crypto whales using the token explorer feature

Running the strategy above generates a dynamic list of tokens where the number of experienced buyers has increased by 3000 over the past two weeks. And among the buyers, you might even find some crypto whales. From here, you can add other metrics to make your strategy even more unique. 

Once you have a strategy at your disposal, you can also use it to set up an alert with Token Alerts. To do so, start by saving it: 

saving the whale scan query

Next, go to the ”Saved Strategies” tab, locate the strategy, hit the bell button, specify the required information, and hit ”Start Monitoring”: 

GIF demonstrating how to set up the crypto whale alerts feature to receive email notifications on what whales are buying

With the alert up and running, you’ll now receive emails containing lists of tokens that have recently come to match the filter. Here’s what it can look like: 

email alert example of a crypto whale notification

Why You Should Sign Up for the Moralis Money Pro Plan 

One of the requirements for accessing the crypto whale tracker feature is the Moralis Money Pro plan. However, along with access to this industry-leading tracker, the Moralis Money Pro plan also provides additional benefits. Below, you’ll find three examples: 

  • Narrower Timeframes: All Pro plan users can leverage the hourly, thirty-minute, and even ten-minute timeframes for all search parameters. This will give you true market alpha, allowing you to stay one step ahead of the market and crypto whales. 
  • Premium Education: The Moralis Money Pro plan gives access to premium education, enabling you to become a more profound crypto trader. 
  • Private Discord: Moralis Money Pro plan users also get access to a private Discord server. And by joining, you can become part of the industry’s best community of crypto enthusiasts. 

In addition to these, you’ll also gain the ability to save up to ten alerts, ten strategies, and much more:

free vs. paid crypto whale scanner chart table with features included

Also, if you’d like to try the Token Explorer feature for yourself, you can now do so using the interactive widget below. Create a new strategy targeting the coins you’re looking for. Or use one of the pre-built options:

Summary: How to Track Crypto Whales

In today’s article, we kicked things off by exploring the ins and outs of crypto whale tracking. In doing so, we learned that it’s the process of tracking the on-chain activities of crypto whales. Crypto whales hold large portions of a token’s supply, giving them the power to influence the market. This makes it important to follow their trading activity, as it can be used as a foundation for trading decisions. 

In addition to this, we also showed you how to track crypto whales using Moralis Money – the industry’s premier blockchain analytics tool! 

To track crypto whales with Moralis Money, you can hit your profile at the top right, click on ”My Bundles,” and then select the ”Degen Madness” option: 

Doing so takes you to the following page, where you can view the on-chain activity of 15 crypto whales in real time: 

Also, remember that you need to sign up with the Moralis Money Pro plan to access the whale scan feature! 

WRITTEN BY David Olsson
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