Should You Buy Mog Coin? Full MOG Token Price Analysis

On July 20, 2023, the Mog Coin project went live, and it is undoubtedly a pretty hardcore meme token. Within the first days of its existence, the MOG token experienced quite an impressive price rally. Even after its retracement, the token’s price now shows strength and might be prepping for another leg up. However, as you probably already know, it’s quite challenging to predict where the price of meme coins will go. As such, to get a grip on this latest meme coin’s value, it’s crucial to inspect various angles of this project. So, if you’re ready for an in-depth analysis, read on as we analyze $MOG!

Updated 26th July 2023 at 08:00

Should You Buy Mog Coin Full MOG Token Price Analysis-article

To start today’s article, we will explain what Mog Coin is. After covering the gist of this crypto project, we’ll try and determine whether or not the Mog crypto project is a pump-and-dump scam or the next 1000x meme coin.

Next, we will focus on the MOG token, where you’ll learn what $MOG is, what its tokenomics look like, and what the token’s use case is. We will also look at the price of Mog Coin and perform some basic technical analysis (TA). Plus, by using the Fibonacci retracement tool and comparing $MOG with the leading meme coins, we will also speculate on a MOG price prediction.

So, should you buy the Mog crypto coin? With the project’s basics and the token’s price analysis under our belts, we will try to address that question. For those of you who do not mind the risks involved with investing in meme-based coins, we will also explain where you can find the right market to buy MOG.

This is where you will also have a chance to get acquainted with Moralis Money, which is a massive bonus of today’s article. After all, if you use Moralis Money’s full power, you’ll finally have a chance to make some serious money with altcoins!  

What is Mog Coin?

Mog Coin is a meme token that was minted on the Ethereum blockchain on July 20, 2023 and follows Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard. Accordingly, it has the properties of a fungible cryptocurrency.

Aside from the Mog crypto project’s official website and Twitter (or should we say X) account, there are no other proper resources to explore the project. As such, let’s focus on these two sites. 

Should You Buy Mog Coin Full MOG Token Price Analysis-project-official-website

In the image above, you can see $MOG’s official website, including its URL. After seeing many countless websites of various crypto projects, including many meme coins, we can assure you that this website is one of the most memetic sites ever.

As you can see, the page includes the “Let’s $MOG” title, followed by some menu options. These options also link to the project’s Twitter account, Telegram group, and pages for this meme coin on other popular crypto tools.

Below the top menu is a very memetic video featuring John McAfee and a series of Milady memes. Underneath the video, you can find the “BUY $MOG RIGHT NOW” button. Following is another memetic video that again features pictures of McAfee and his voice. It also shows clips from Martin Shkreli’s (“Pharma Bro”) trial.

This pattern of memetic graphic content followed by the aforementioned type of button continues throughout the page. And, like the men on the Mog Coin’s logo, Milady and other characters in these graphics wear colorful retro sports glasses.

Should You Buy Mog Coin Full MOG Token Price Analysis-and-retro-sports-glasses

Of course, these same kinds of graphics are also the core of the project’s tweets:

Should You Buy Mog Coin Full MOG Token Price Analysis-Twitter-X-account

If you pay closer attention to the above image, you can see that the Twitter account tags “Milady OG” as the location. So, is that what “MOG” stands for?

Does “MOG” Mean Anything?

Many meme coins pay direct attributes to specific internet memes (e.g., PEPE, WOJAK, etc.). However, with Mog Coins, things are not that clear. So, we decided not to dive too deep into the whole “meaning behind the Mog crypto” rabbit hole. After all, there are just too many options. For instance, the McAfee and Pharma Bro controversies alone offer all sorts of possible interpretations.

Should You Buy Mog Coin Full MOG Token Price Analysis-meaning

Still, it’s worth looking at some meanings of “mog” and “MOG.” Here are the most common use cases/meanings of these words:

  • Mog (verb):
    • Dialectal: to move away (depart)
    • Chiefly dialectal: to walk slowly and steadily (jog)
    • Dialectal (England): to move or cause to move from one place to another 
    • Transitive, incel slang, transgender slang: to assert one’s dominance over (usually in appearance/physical manner)
  • Mog (noun):
    • Informal (British): another term for moggie
  • MOG (abbreviation):
    • Men/man of God
    • Multiplayer online game
    • Master of games
    • Maximum on the ground
    • Men of gray
    • Missionaries of God
    • Milady OG

Which of these meanings do you think is most likely implied by the Mog Coin creators?

Should You Buy Mog Coin Full MOG Token Price Analysis-is-it-pump-and-dump-scam-or-legit

A Pump-and-Dump Scam or the Next 1000x Meme Coin?

You are probably aware of the pump-and-dump nature of crypto assets. The truth is that all markets, including traditional ones, move up or down with fluctuations (or pumps and dumps) along the way. However, since things happen in the crypto sphere much faster with much higher volatility, this characteristic pops out.

However, the pump-and-dump nature aside, there are crypto projects that pump and then dump for good. These are also known as exit scams or rug pulls. You can find out more about the crypto pump-and-dump scams in one of our past articles. 

So, to answer the above question, you need to take a closer look at the Mog crypto project. One of the best tools to do so is Moralis Money. By visiting Moralis Money’s Mog Coin ($MOG) token page, you can do your own research (DYOR) on for this asset properly. 


When it comes to determining if $MOG is a scam, you can check out its security score, smart contract check, and bubble chart. Since the token received 99 points and has no obvious red flags when it comes to its smart contract, the chances of the project being a scam are rather low. However, we recommend proceeding with caution and making your own informed decision.


The token distribution for the Mog crypto is also properly decentralized:


The creator(s) also renounced the ownership of the smart contract, plus they locked liquidity.

So, according to the available insights, the chances of Mog Coin being a scam are somewhat slim. As for the 1000x potential, we’ll further discuss this as we focus on the token’s price. However, the latter has already increased by 1000x-plus from its launch price.  

You can research MOG using the interactive widget below:

Exploring the MOG Token – What is $MOG?

If you covered the above sections, you already know that the MOG token is the essence of the Mog crypto project. Essentially, MOG ($MOG) is just the symbol or the ticker of Mog Coin, where the latter is the token’s name. 

Should You Buy Mog Coin Full MOG Token Price Analysis-on-Etherscan


This meme coin project has no whitepaper or documentation, and there’s no detailed information regarding MOG’s tokenomics. However, we can use Etherscan to easily check the asset’s total supply. As for the token distribution, instead of wasting hours analyzing individual on-chain transactions, simply use its bubble chart. 

All in all, these are the basics of $MOG:

  • Token name: Mong Coin
  • Token ticker: MOG
  • Total supply: 390,570,159,911,439 (plus some decimals)
  • Initial total supply: 420,690,000,000,000
  • Token address: 0xaaee1a9723aadb7afa2810263653a34ba2c21c7a
  • Mint timestamp: July 20, 2023, 03:06:47 AM (+UTC)

What is the MOG Token Used For?

By definition, typically, meme coins have no utility, at least not when they launch. And this is also the case for MOG. Currently, there is no other use case for it than to hold it or trade it.

That said, we have seen several other altcoins in the past add some community-focused features. So, who knows what may be in the store for $MOG. It probably all depends on how much the coin can actually grow in value and what kind of community will form around it.   

MOG Token Price Analysis

Since it hasn’t been a whole week since $MOG went live, there’s obviously not much price data to work with. However, the token already covered quite a range with some impressive rallies and noticeable retracements along the way.

So, let us take a closer look at MOG’s hourly chart expressed in USD:

Should You Buy Mog Coin Full MOG Token Price Analysis-hourly-chart

The top line of the above chart clearly indicates $MOG’s lowest and highest value (currently). The former is equal to the token’s listing price. As such, you can see that MOG’s price increased by more than 2000x within the first two days of trading. After all, the token set its current all-time high (ATH) of $0.00000002626 on July 22, 2023. Even at the time of writing, the token still sits more than 1000x above its listing price. 

This rather impressive rally had several stages. In the first hour of trading, the token gained a lot of traction and had increased by nearly 30x. That momentum carried over into the second hour when the token reached $0.00000000418 (roughly 400x above the listing price). 

This price increase was based on the token’s increased on-chain momentum, which was detected by Moralis Money. As such, many Moralis Money users, especially the ones on the Moralis Starter and Pro plan, used the following 70%-plus retracement to get their bags of $MOG. 

Those who jumped in on it were able to ride another 20x-plus run. Of course, there were some pullbacks along the way, but eventually, the price reached the aforementioned ATH. 

However, following the ATH level, MOG experienced a major retracement. In less than three days, the token’s price came down by nearly 85%, and it found its local bottom at the $0.0000000044-ish level. Since then, the price has recovered and is currently just above the $0.0000000089 support.  

Should You Buy Mog Coin Full MOG Token Price Analysis-4-hourly-chart

Mog Coin Price Prediction

The above image indicates $MOG’s four-hour chart, which we used to mark the most “significant” levels of support and resistance. When it comes to any short-term price predictions, these levels are the most like targets. 

The way the chart looks now, it seems as if $MOG is making its move to the upside. However, before it makes any attempt to reach or even surpass its ATH, it will likely retest support at $0.0000000089-ish or even the one at $0.0000000068-ish.

But if/once the price manages to break and close above $0.000000012-ish, we could see a new ATH. To predict the most optimistic target for that scenario, we can use the Fibonacci retracement tool. The latter (its “4.236” extension) sits at $0.000000098. That would be another 9x or so from the current price levels.

Of course, we can further speculate regarding the $MOG price by comparing it with some of the most successful meme coins. 

In that case, we can use the ATH market caps of those tokens and divide them by MOG’s total supply. Here are the prices we get if we presume that $MOG can follow in the footsteps of PEPE, SHIB, or even DOGE:

  • $0.00000378 (roughly 378x from the current price)
  • $0.0001052 (roughly 10,520x from the current price)
  • $0.00001889 (roughly 18,890x from the current price)
Should You Buy Mog Coin

Should You Buy Mog Coin?

The above speculations offer some seemingly insane numbers! So, it’s worth pointing out that it’s rather unlikely for MOG’s price to reach those levels. However, it is not impossible.

So, if there’s the slightest part of you that thinks this new meme coin has a chance of reaching those levels in the upcoming bull market, you might want to get at least a small bag of $MOG. After all, you could turn $100 into as much as $1,889,000. But, as we mentioned, this is highly unlikely.

You need to keep in mind that Mog Coin is a meme coin project with no tangible utility. Also, it is a micro-cap altcoin with a current market cap of roughly four million dollars. As such, investing and trading $MOG is definitely considered a high-risk venture.

Since we are not financial advisors, we can’t answer the question of whether you should buy MOG or not. That said, using the information and resources provided herein, you should be able to make an informed decision.

And, if you decide to buy $MOG, make sure to use the following section and learn about one of the best Ethereum swap sites

Where to Buy MOG Tokens?

If you decide you wish to get a bag of $MOG, you have several options. Just use the “Market” section on CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap page for that token. There, you’ll find a list of all CEXs and DEXs that offer the relevant training pair, including the trading volume. As such, you can easily pick a market that best suits your goals.


Nonetheless, there’s a lot more to Moralis Money than just the token pages. This tool’s primary feature – Token Explorer – is all about finding the best altcoin opportunities at any given moment. Essentially, it allows you to find tokens before they pump!

So, make sure to start using this number one crypto pump detector today!

Should You Buy Mog Coin? Full MOG Token Price Analysis – Summary

In today’s article, you had a chance to learn all you need to know about the Mog Coin. As such, you are now able to make an informed decision about whether or not this meme coin deserves your attention. 

Plus, you found out that you can use Moralis Money’s $MOG token page to research the asset further.

Whether you decide to buy $MOG or not, you ought to keep in mind that there are countless other altcoin opportunities. As we are slowly embarking upon another bull market, many 50x-plus alts will be up for grabs. Fortunately, you now know that with Moralis Money, you can spot these opportunities before it’s too late!
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