Is the Sleepless AI Crypto a Good Investment? All You Need to Know About Sleepless AI Binance Token

In today’s article, you’ll first learn the gist of the Sleepless AI crypto project. As such, you’ll discover what this AI project is all about. Next, we’ll focus on the Sleepless AI token. In doing so, we’ll explain what the project’s token, $AI, entails. Specifically, we’ll look at its purpose and use cases. We’ll also cover the asset’s tokenomics.


However, for all you altcoin traders and investors, the most beneficial part of today’s article might be the section where we look closer at the $AI token price. However, there isn’t much price data to consider because the token has only been trading since January 4, 2024. Therefore, any reliable technical analysis (TA) is out of the picture. But even so, we’ll explain how you can use one of Moralis Money’s best cryptocurrency analysis sites (a.k.a. token pages) to research the Sleepless AI crypto token. In doing so, you’ll discover how a single page provides invaluable on-chain data and price insights. Also, by using these insights, you can decide if/when to buy $AI. 

Last but not least, we’ll also explain where you can buy this cryptocurrency effortlessly. 

What is Sleepless AI Crypto?

The Sleepless AI crypto project presents itself as a revolutionary project at the intersection of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. According to the project’s official website, Sleepless AI’s mission is to transform the gaming landscape and redefine the concept of emotional connections through innovative and immersive experiences. 

The Sleepless AI crypto project's official website

According to a more precise categorization, Sleepless AI qualifies as a “companion AI project.” After all, the project offers its users AI boyfriends and AI girlfriends.

Sleepless AI’s Core Belief: Love Beyond Boundaries

By exploring the Sleepless AI crypto’s website and documentation, it is clear that folks behind it believe in the enduring power of love as a cornerstone of human society. Do you agree with them? We definitely believe in the importance and power of love; however, we’re not certain that AI is the right path in that respect. How about you? Do you think AI boyfriends and girlfriends are the right path, or should there actually be some boundaries between love and AI?

Love has no boundaries for Sleepless AI project

From the project’s success perspective, the only thing that matters is whether there are users interested in AI boyfriends and girlfriends, which there apparently are. The project justifies its mission by pointing out that our world’s progress often leads to isolation. Hence, Sleepless AI seeks to bridge that gap by using cutting-edge AI and blockchain technology. By doing so, the project believes that love, in its most authentic form, becomes not just a dream but a tangible reality, even for those unable to connect with other people. This is where Sleepless AI’s virtual flagship games enter the scene.

Introducing HIM and HER: Personalized Emotional Experiences

According to the project’s documentation, the heart of Sleepless AI lies in two distinct AI companion games: HIM and HER. At the time of writing, the HIM game is already available via a downloadable APK (see screenshot below).

The Sleepless AI crypto project's App-HIM-game

These games are supposed to offer personalized experiences, fostering authentic emotional connections. Additionally, with a focus on customized interactions, realistic communication, and engaging entertainment, HIM and HER aim to provide unparalleled emotional support to users.

You can also explore the current HIM and HER characters via the above-outlined website. In the past (no longer available), the website also enabled visitors to chat with any of the selected characters.

The final section of the project’s official website also offers the “Vote for HER” and “Vote for HIM” links:

The Sleepless AI crypto project's Vote for HER and HIM feature

By clicking either of the above-marked buttons, users land on a page where they can vote for their favorite AI character. To vote, users must connect their web wallets with the Binance network selected. This is also one reason users/traders use the phrase “Sleepless AI Binance” when discussing this project.

HIM: Sleepless AI Crypto Project’s Virtual Boyfriend Experience

These are the key features of the Sleepless AI’s HIM companion game:

  • Diverse Choices: More than ten boyfriend characters, each with unique personalities tailored to match users’ preferences.
  • Soul Bounded Token (SBT): Once users select their boyfriends, they become their exclusive SBTs, bound solely to a specific user account and non-tradable.
  • Advanced Dialogue System: Users can engage in life-like conversations with their virtual boyfriend through the Sleepless AI crypto project’s state-of-the-art AI technology.
  • Customization: Users can tailor their boyfriend’s appearance and personality to meet their desires, shaping his character through various attributes.
  • Exciting Features: Users can explore features like Gotcha, mystery boxes, mini-games, and secret interactions to deepen their bond with their boyfriend.

Note: If you find the project interesting, make sure to visit its official website and documentation.

Graphic art illustration - Sleepless AI Token

What is the Sleepless AI Token?

The Sleepless AI token ($AI) is the native cryptocurrency of the Sleepless AI Binance project. The token lives on BNB Smart Chain, following the BEP-20 fungible token standard. Furthermore, the AI token was born on December 21, 2023, when its minting transaction was executed.

$AI serves as the lifeblood of the Sleepless AI platform; it connects users, shapes gameplay, and fosters a thriving community.

Sleepless AI Binance crypto token

Purpose and Use Cases of the Sleepless AI Binance Token

The Sleepless AI token’s purpose comes to light by fulfilling its core use case. This includes giving $AI holders the power to have a say in the project’s development. From deciding in-game upgrades and introducing new boyfriend types to shaping the future of accessories, $AI holders actively participate in governance decisions, ensuring a community-driven gaming experience.

$AI is also the gateway to the Sleepless AI experience. Users get to exchange $AI for in-game tokens, which enables them to purchase in-game clothes, accessories, and upgrade cards. Sleepless AI token holders also enjoy top-up discounts. This creates a symbiotic relationship between governance and player benefits.

In addition, the project aims to further reward $AI holders who stake their tokens by giving them a share of transaction fee income. The exact details of staking rewards are determined based on their governance weight. Plus, those who stake $AI get to vote for their own AI boyfriends or girlfriends to compete in thrilling in-game player vs. player competitions. The winner of these competitions receives enhanced rewards.

Sleepless AI Crypto Tokenomics

Here’s the gist of $AI’s tokenomics: 

  • On-chain name: Sleepless AI token
  • Symbol/ticker: AI or $AI
  • Network: BNB Smart Chain
  • Token type: BEP-20 
  • Smart contract address: 0xBDA011D7F8EC00F66C1923B049B94c67d148d8b2
  • Minting timestamp: December 21, 2023, at 12:53:23 PM (+UTC)
  • Maximum total supply: 1,000,000,000 $AI
  • Initial token distribution:
    • 7% Binance Lauchpool
    • 1% initial airdrop
    • 18% investors
    • 18% team
    • 29% short-term growth fund
    • 27% long-term treasury fund
Sleepless AI Crypto token on BscScan

To view the token’s current distribution, visit the “Bubble Chart” section of the Moralis Money $AI token page (link in the “Should I Invest in the Sleepless AI Crypto Token?” section below). According to the page’s crypto bubblemap, a single wallet holds 88.5% of the token’s total supply:

Sleepless AI Binance crypto token distribution - Bubble Chart on Moralis Money's $AI page

Sleepless AI Crypto Price Analysis

At this point, you know that the Sleepless AI Binance project is relatively new. As such, the $AI token hasn’t been around long enough to offer a lot of price data. Still, by focusing on the hourly timeframe, we can get a glimpse into the token’s price movement.

For example, we can see AI’s massive initial pump from $0.03 to $2.58. We can also see that the $AI price has been moving within some ranges after the initial explosive move:


By looking at the above hourly chart on a regular scale, you can notice that the $1 level served as a support so far. From that level, the price climbed to about $1.39 on January 5. However, the price wasn’t able to climb higher at the time and went back to $1.12. As such, that price turned into a new, slightly higher support level.

Starting on January 6, 2024, the price started to move away from the $1.12 level and reached $1.65 just 23 hours later. After that new peak, the price found support at $1.37 and then made another attempt to $1.65. However, the Sleepless AI crypto token didn’t have enough momentum to cross that barrier. Instead, it turned downward again, reaching as low as $1.25, which still serves as the last lowest support. 

From $1.25, the $AI price managed to climb to $1.55 but closed its hourly candle at $1.5. The latter now serves as resistance.

At the time of writing, $AI is trading around $1.4.    


Should I Invest in the Sleepless AI Crypto Token?

After going through the above-covered sections, you should be able to decide whether or not you find the Sleepless AI crypto project interesting. If yes, take that as a sign that it may deserve your further attention, and you ought to research the project and its token further. This is where the Moralis Money Sleepless AI token ($AI) page enters the scene. 

On that page, you can find all the tools and resources you need to determine whether you should invest in $AI. For example, let’s say that you believe that the AI and gaming narrative will be strong throughout this bull cycle. Plus, you may believe that users will like AI companions. In that case, investing in Sleepless AI Binance might make sense.

Of course, you should also consider your current financial situation and your risk tolerance.

Now, even if you decide to invest in $AI, you shouldn’t just buy it mindlessly. Instead, make sure to consider the token’s live price and its real-time, on-chain metrics. After all, the combination of these insights tells you whether the token is gaining or losing momentum. Hence, you can predict the asset’s next move with increased probability. In fact, with the combination of live prices and on-chain data, you can actually make rather reliable short-term price predictions yourself.

However, you should be extremely cautious of any long-term Sleepless AI Binance price prediction that you may encounter. These values are nothing but pure guesses and most of them (if not all) will turn out to be wrong. 

With that said, follow the above “$AI” link or use the interactive widget below to decide if you should buy the Sleepless AI token:

Where to Buy $AI?

If you decide to get a bag of $AI, you can do so via several exchanges, including some of the largest centralized exchanges (CEXs), such as Binance. However, if you believe in the decentralized nature of crypto and prefer to buy tokens in a non-custodial manner, then you ought to take a different path. 

If you have experience with PancakeSwap, you can use that DEX on BNB Smart Chain to acquire $AI. But the safest and simplest path awaits you right on the above-presented Moralis Money $AI page. There, all you have to do is hit the “Buy” button, connect your Web3 wallet, select the token you wish to use to buy $AI, enter an amount, and execute the swap. 

Where to buy $AI token

Is the Sleepless AI Crypto a Good Investment? All You Need to Know About Sleepless AI Binance Token – Key Takeaway

  • The Sleepless AI crypto project is all about utilizing the power of blockchain and AI tech to deliver a unique AI companion experience.
  • At the core of the project are the HIM and HER Web3 games, where users get to select their AI boyfriends/girlfriends.
  • The project runs on BNB Smart Chain, which is also the home of Sleepless AI’s native token.
  • The Sleepless AI token ($AI) follows the BEP-20 standard and serves as the project’s utility and governance token. Of course, it can also be freely traded on various crypto markets.
  • To decide if/when to buy the $AI token, use Moralis Money’s page dedicated to that cryptocurrency.
  • If you want to buy $AI, that page offers a secure and user-friendly instant crypto swap feature.

Whether you end up buying $AI or not, you need to keep in mind that there are countless other altcoin opportunities. So, make sure to use the best crypto analysis tools to find tokens with potential. While several blockchain analytics tools can help you with that, Moralis Money offers the best crypto scanner. The latter comes in the form of Token Explorer and empowers you to deploy preset and unique search strategies with just a couple of clicks. You can learn how to get going with this amazing tool today by watching the video below. 

The great thing about Moralis Money is that it is free, so everyone with internet access can benefit from its insights. However, the ultimate edge awaits the Moralis Money Pro users. After all, they get to access the lowest timeframes and can be among the first to spot altcoin gems. The Pro plan also grants you access to the best crypto charting tool – the crypto Money Line indicator
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