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Moving forward, we will first ensure you understand what the Rollbit Coin project is all about. This is also where we’ll answer the question, “What is Rollbit Coin?” Next, we’ll explore the purpose of the RLB token, where you’ll learn what this cryptocurrency’s use case is.

Then, we’ll take a closer look at the RLB coin price, where you’ll get to see what the price performance of this asset has been like. Plus, we’ll do some basic technical analysis (TA) to determine the major support and resistance area. Using the Fibonacci retracement tool, we’ll also try and predict the next ATH price of Rollbit Coin.

For those of you who will consider getting a bag of $RLB, we’ll also explain where and how to buy Rollbit Coin. And, while there are several legit ways to go about buying this token, we’ll particularly focus on the best crypto swap – Moralis Money. After all, it offers you a single page where you can explore and buy the token.

Of course, you should take action only when the time seems right. And to determine that, you ought to primarily consider real-time, on-chain data, which is where Moralis Money comes into the picture!

Exploring the Rollbit Coin Project and the RLB Token Price-projects-official-website

Exploring the Rollbit Crypto Project – What is Rollbit Coin?

The Rollbit crypto project, simply referred to as “Rollbit Coin,” has been around for a while. For instance, just looking at the project’s official Twitter account, we can see that it joined back in February 2020:

Exploring the Rollbit Coin Project and the RLB Token Price-Twitter-account

Furthermore, the RLB token whitepaper has a date stamp of November 26, 2021:

Exploring the Rollbit Coin Project and the RLB Token Price-Whitepaper

So, how come we are exploring Rollbit now? Well, the main reason for that lies in the fact that the RLB coin price has more than doubled in the past seven days. That surge in price was most likely ignited by the token’s “launch” on the Ethereum blockchain. However, since the token lived on the Solana chain before, “transition” would be a more proper word.

As you can see in the Twitter cover image from Rollbit above, the project is all about ultra-high leverage crypto trades, online casino games, sports bets, NFT loans, and NFT gambling. Many of these “games” have been an innovative approach of the Rollbit team. Also, the FAQ section on the project’s official website answers “What is Rollbit?” by stating that it is crypto’s most rewarding casino.

So, that brings us to Rollbit Rewards, which is the project’s exclusive reward program. The latter comes in the form of various perks based on 70% of the house’s profits from users’ bets.

Rollbit Coin currently supports $BTC, $ETH, $LTC, and $SOL and deposit and withdraw methods. But users can use their credit cards to purchase any of the aforementioned cryptos via third-party gateway integration.

The following three-step process neatly sums up the gist of this crypto casino: 

  1. Register an account
  2. Make a crypto deposit like $BTC or $ETH and play (gamble)   
  3. Receive rewards   

But where does the RLB token enter the picture? 

Exploring the Rollbit Coin Project and the RLB Token Price-cryptocurrency

Role of the RLB Token

As presented above, the Rollbit crypto casino operated for nearly two years without its own cryptocurrency. However, the Rollbit team released the RLB whitepaper in November 2021 and also announced the launch of the “in-house” token.

The RLB token was launched as an internal part of one of the Rollbit lotteries. Also, there was no ICO for that token. Instead, it was airdropped for free to reward the project’s early adopters. Most of the token’s supply was airdropped to “Rollbot NFT” holders via their Rollbit accounts.

The team decided to create the token on the Solana chain to make its trading and transfers more cost-effective. So, originally, RLB was an SPL token. This also made the RLB coin the first cryptocurrency launched by a crypto casino on Solana.

To drive the demand for the casino’s native token, Rollbit created the RLB lottery, where $RLB acts as entry tickets. So, to win a share of the casino’s profits, users need to enter the lottery; hence, they need to stake $RLB.

The initial total supply of $RLB on Solana was capped at five billion tokens. However, there were several token burns throughout 2022 and 2023. The last burn took place on June 25, 2023. Altogether these supply-reducing actions reduced the initial total supply by more than 35%. Moreover, the project planned this deflationary nature of $RLB from the start:

Exploring the Rollbit Coin Project and the RLB Token Price-RLB-is-deflationary

Note: If you wish to explore RLB’s utility in more detail, make sure to dive into the token’s whitepaper. 

Before we move on to analyzing the Rollbit Coin price, we must also address the token’s recent migration to Ethereum. After all, this transition definitely had some effect on the RLB coin price.

Exploring the Rollbit Coin Project and the RLB Token Price-RLB-migration-to-Ethereum

What is Rollbit Coin on Ethereum?

On June 28, 2023, the Rollbit team officially migrated RLB from Solana to Ethereum. As the main reason behind this transition, the team states that it was the most requested upgrade by their community. Plus, according to the team’s announcement, they felt being on Solana restricted RLB’s growth.

Aside from higher gas fees on the Ethereum chain, this transition shouldn’t affect the RLB utility at all. The developers used proper smart contracts, which ensured that the migration of RLB as SPL to RLB as ERC-20 followed the one-to-one ratio. Plus, all the users were able to experience a seamless transition by simply depositing their tokens to Rollbit (via their user dashboard).

We can confirm the RLB’s total supply by visiting the token’s page on Etherscan. So, in the image below, you can see that the total supply of this crypto casino token on Ethereum matches the total on Solana after the final burn:

Exploring the Rollbit Coin Project and the RLB Token Price-totalsupply-via-Etherscan

So, what is Rollbit on Ethereum? It is the same RLB reward token, serving the same purpose, just running on a different blockchain network.

Now, let’s see if this migration affected the RLB coin price.

RLB Token Price action

Analyzing the Rollbit Coin Price

The above logarithmic line chart indicates the Rollbit Coin price since late March 2022, when the token was at $0.0033-ish. Up until June 5, 2022, the price ranged sideways between the aforementioned level to the upside and $0.0025-ish to the downside. However, following that day, the price pulled to RLB’s low, which coincided with BTC’s crash below $20k.

The token’s all-time low (ATL) was set in July 2022 and sits at $0.0009583. Since then, the RLB coin price has been slowly recovering and found new local support at the $0.002-ish level. The price stayed in that region until January 29, 2023, despite three previous token burns.

However, looking at the Rollbit Coin price chart, the third RLB token burn on January 17, 2023, might have had a delayed effect. After all, that burn removed more than 20% of the initial RLB supply out of circulation. So, with the total supply of 5,000,000,000 $RLB now reduced to 3,296,981,005, the deflationary nature must have kicked in just by attracting reward-seeking investors.

So, on January 30, 2023, the RLB coin price went on an explosive run. By February 2, the price passed the $0.03 mark, and the Rollbit Coin price set its all-time high (ATH), which still sits at $0.06326, on February 19, 2023. So, that was a total 30x-plus increase in only 21 days!

Following its ATH, $RLB pulled back quite a bit and found support at the $0.015-ish level. Until May 16, the token wasn’t able to break above $0.024 when it suddenly managed to cross the $0.04 level. However, the price retraced back into the $0.019-ish region over the following days. This pullback was most likely due to the anticipated RLB migration to Ethereum.

RLB Token Price on Ethereum

Rollbit Coin Price Post-Migration

The above hourly chart indicates the Rollbit Coin price action after successful migration to the Ethereum chain. We can see that during the first two days of being listed on Uniswap, the RLB coin price stayed in the $0.023-$0.027-ish region.

However, once users saw that the transition between chains was successful, the price turned to the upside again. In fact, it managed to increase by more than 140%, and it is currently (at the time of writing) sitting at $0.05678. So, it seems like the price could shortly revisit its ATH level.

Since the latest move is also backed by a decent trading volume, $RLB could set a new ATH. If we see a daily close above $0.06326, we can start speculating on where the price might go next.

When tokens are in the price discovery range, the best way to predict their potential tends to come via the Fibonacci retracement tool. And, if we use that tool, its most optimistic extension (the 4.236 Fib level) points to $0.21-ish.   


Where and How to Buy Rollbit Coin

Now that you can confidently answer “What is Rollbit Coin?” and know where this token’s price is, you might be interested in buying $RLB. If so, you can choose between several decentralized exchanges. To view the currently available trading pairs, you can visit RLB’s page on popular token explorers like CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko. There, you’ll find the “Markets” section, which you can see in the image above.

However, there are better and more user-friendly ways to buy some $RBL. That said, even the simplest path requires a reliable Web3 wallet (e.g., MetaMask) and a sufficient amount of ETH, wETH, USDT, or USDC. You can obtain these cryptocurrencies via centralized exchanges or fiat on-ramp crypto providers.

Once you have your wallet ready and topped with one of the aforementioned crypto assets, visit one of RLB’s markets, or use the best Rollbit Coin swap instead: Moralis Money!

All in all, these are the steps we recommend taking if you decide to buy $RLB:

  1. Set up your Web3 wallet.
  2. Top your wallet with ETH, wETH, USDT, or USDC.
  3. Visit Moralis Money’s Rollbit Coin ($RLB) token page – either by using the link or widget below the following image – and determine if now’s the right time to buy. If yes, use the swap feature:

Best Rollbit Coin Swap to Buy RLB Coins

The above screenshot shows the Moralis Money RLB token page. So, you can see the swap feature on the right-hand side. The latter automatically detects and selects the token to swap. By default, USDT is selected as the default starting cryptocurrency. However, once you connect your wallet (via the “Connect Wallet” button), you can select any other asset you hold.

Next, you just need to enter the amount you are willing to spend and hit “Trade.” To finalize your swap, you must finalize the on-chain transaction by confirming the notification your wallet prompts you with.

The buying process is simple; however, you shouldn’t be too quick about taking advantage of the crypto swap. After all, what makes it better than other swaps is its location – it is located on the same page allowing you to explore the token in question.

So, before ever using the Moralis Money swap feature, always make sure to explore the token’s real-time, on-chain metrics. The latter will tell you if the token is gaining or losing on-chain momentum, which helps you time your entry a lot more effectively!

Of course, you can also find the token’s price chart, security scores, bubble map, and other details on the same page. So, take your time and properly research every alt before entering your position.


How Moralis Money Pro Users Spotted RLB Coin Early

Moralis Money’s individual token pages, like the one for RLB presented above, are incredible. Plus, they are available to everyone with internet access. However, they are this ultimate on-chain analytics tool’s secondary function.

The primary purpose of Moralis Money is to help crypto traders spot the best altcoin opportunities at any given moment. And, to make this feat as straightforward as it gets – you can start by using preset filters:

But applying unique search strategies is the best way to go – it still takes only a couple of simple clicks:

While everyone can run these sorts of strategies, only Moralis Money Pro users have access to the lowest timeframes. 

So, if you wish to spot alts early (before they pump), you need to be able to access daily, hourly, 30-minute, and even 10-minute timeframes. That is how folks on the Pro plan were able to spot $RLB as soon as it went live on Ethereum and gained some initial traction. Those who took action were able to catch the latest RLB’s 140%-plus rally!  

Exploring the Rollbit Coin Project and the RLB Token Price – Summary

We covered quite a distance in today’s article. If you went through the above sections, you learned what Rollbit Coin is and what its purpose is. You also had a chance to take a closer look at the Rollbit price action. Essentially, we provided you with more than enough details to help you decide whether or not $RLB deserves your attention.

If you believe it does, you now know that you should use Moralis Money’s RLB token page to research this altcoin further. In fact, its real-time on-chain metrics will help you determine if now is a good time to get a bag of this crypto casino token. And if so, you now also know how to use the swap feature on the same page.

However, arguably the most valuable part of today’s article came in the form of learning about Token Explorer. After all, this core feature allows you to spot the best altcoin opportunities at any time. That is particularly true for users that opt for the Moralis Money Pro plan! So, make sure to put Token Explorer to good use! 

Altcoin opportunities never sleep and come in all sorts of forms – meme coins, casino tokens, green energy alts, etc. Here are some of the latest alts we explored: DOGE2.0, EGRN, PENDLE, ZOOMER, BitMeme, and many others.

Of course, you can also visit our blog to find out more about must-have crypto monitoring tools and get some essential crypto trading tips.     

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