Must-Have Crypto Monitoring Tools for Tracking the Crypto Market

Crypto never sleeps, and the market is extremely fast-paced. Opportunities come and go in a heartbeat, making it difficult to filter the noise from the most promising altcoins. This challenge is one of the reasons why professional traders rely on crypto monitoring tools to stay on top of the market. However, with an overwhelming number of platforms and tools available, finding the right fit for your needs can take time and effort. So, to assist you in this endeavor, we’ll explore the top five must-have tools you need to monitor the cryptocurrency market!

Updated 5th July 2023 at 22:51

In today’s article, we’ll explore five tools you can leverage to monitor the crypto market. What’s more, the tools can be used for monitoring cryptocurrency in different ways. For instance, Moralis Money is used to monitor token updates and find new crypto coins, while a tool like CoinTracker is used to monitor the performance of a Web3 wallet.

In addition to exploring five tools, we’ll show you how to monitor the market using our number one pick: Moralis Money. If you’d like to dive into this part immediately, feel free to skip ahead to the ”How to Monitor the Crypto Market Using the Ultimate Crypto Monitoring Tool” section! 

List of Must-Have Crypto Monitoring Tools 

The crypto market is vast and grows larger every single day, making it difficult to keep track of what’s going on. This is why professional traders leverage crypto monitor tools to get an edge in the market.

However, with the crypto market expanding rapidly, we have also seen an increase in crypto monitoring tools, making it challenging to find the perfect alternative for your needs. For this reason, we have put together a list of five prominent tools that will help you monitor the crypto market: 

  1. Moralis Money – The #1 must-have tool for monitoring cryptocurrency
  2. TradingView – Charting tool
  3. CoinTracker – Comprehensive wallet tracker
  4. Airdrop Alert – A top tool for discovering crypto airdrops 
  5. CryptoPanic – Crypto news aggregator

You can also find some additional platforms for monitoring cryptocurrency by checking out our article on blockchain analytics tools

Nevertheless, without further ado, let’s jump straight into this guide and start with our #1 choice for the best must-have crypto monitoring tools: Moralis Money! 

Moralis Money 

Moralis Money stands out as the overall premier option among the best crypto monitoring tools. It is the industry’s #1 on-chain trading indicator, focusing on aggregating blockchain token data and presenting it to you in an understandable and actionable format.

With a crypto tool like Moralis Money, you get everything you need for monitoring cryptocurrency across multiple blockchain networks. And by leveraging Moralis Money, you can easily find the most undervalued crypto before whales, sites like CoinGecko, and the masses! 

Moralis Money: The #1 Crypto Monitoring Tool

Key Features

  • Track Individual Token Contracts: Monitor individual token contracts with the Alerts feature and get notified whenever something of interest happens on-chain. Go to the ”Alerts” tab, add a token address, apply a filter, and start monitoring: 
Moralis Money Alerts lets traders set alerts when market conditions meet certain criteria
  • Monitor the Market for Emerging Coins: Set up notifications for emerging coins and new crypto projects based on your custom filters. Save a filter, go to ”Saved Queries,” click on the bell button, add your email, and start monitoring:
  • Token Explorer: Pick and choose between 15+ unique search parameters to find the coins you’re after. For a quickstart, try one of our premade filters to generate a dynamic list of promising altcoin gems: 
  • Token Shield: Token Shield provides a security evaluation for all coins. Look for the shield symbol attached to each coin for its DEXT score:
  • Token Pages: Moralis Money features token pages for all crypto coins. By visiting them, you can buy the coin and get further insight into the token. This includes the current price, historical price charts, alpha metrics, security details, and much more: 
  • Wallet Tracker: With one of the industry’s best wallet trackers, you can monitor your assets across supported chains: 


TradingView was introduced in 2011, and it’s a prominent social media network and charting platform for traders and investors. The platform supports most financial markets, including the cryptocurrency market. TradingView helps users view various charts to monitor the market, create their own formulas, test trading strategies, and more. However, many other tools – like Moralis Money – incorporate the functionality of TradingView, providing a more comprehensive solution for monitoring cryptocurrency.

TradingView website landing page

Key Features

  • Charts: TradingView is one of the largest charting providers, and they feature broad support for multiple markets, including the cryptocurrency market.
  • Technical Indicators: The platform provides over 100+ prebuilt indicators and 90+ smart drawing tools. 
  • Test Trading Strategies: With TradingView, users can simulate trading right on their charts to test ready-made or self-written strategies. 


While Moralis Money specializes in providing you blockchain token data in real time so you can monitor the market, a tool like CoinTracker focuses on wallet tracking. CoinTracker is a wallet tracker platform helping users monitor their assets across wallets and blockchain networks. The platform has over one million users and connects to 500+ wallets and exchanges.

#3 - CoinTracker

Key Features

  • Automated Portfolio Tracking: CoinTracker lets users track their market value, portfolio allocation, and investment performance in real time. 
  • Tax Reports: The platform helps users become compliant with cryptocurrency tax regulations. They can simply download tax reports in minutes. However, note that not all countries and regions are supported. 
  • Mobile App: CoinTracker features a mobile application so users can track their portfolio on the go.

Airdrop Alert 

Airdrop Alert is a platform designed to help users discover and participate in new crypto airdrops. It features a straightforward interface, a personalized alert system, and a compressive database. Airdrop Alert provides a central hub for discovering new and exclusive airdrops. And they aim to revolutionize the way investors access token giveaways. 

AirDrop Alert landing page

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Database: Airdrop Alert is one of the most popular airdrop websites in the space, and they have an extensive database of ongoing and expired airdrops. 
  • Sort By Categories: The platform allows users to sort token airdrops by category. Some examples are decentralized finance (DeFi), NFTs, etc. 
  • Educational Resources: Airdrop Alert features educational material about airdrops and the crypto space in general. 


CryptoPanic is an easy-to-use crypto news aggregator. It’s an all-in-one website with the purpose of helping users track price movements, social media sentiment, and news. Consequently, it essentially allows users to stay up-to-date with the latest occurrences. Furthermore, with CryptoPanic, users can filter out the noise by setting up alerts to monitor specific coins or keywords.

Crypto Panic UI

Key Features

  • User-Generated Alerts: With user-generated alerts, people can set up custom alerts for any keyword, coin, or phrase. 
  • Multiple Sources: In combination with conventional media sources, CryptoPanic also includes forums, blogs, and social media platforms in the feed. 

How to Monitor the Crypto Market Using the Ultimate Crypto Monitoring Tool 

Among the alternatives in our top crypto monitoring tools list, Moralis Money stands out as the premier alternative. The platform is equipped with a range of sophisticated features helping you monitor both the crypto market and specific tokens in a comprehensive way. 

This is possible as Moralis Money leverages real-time, on-chain data to give irrefutable market updates. As such, when working with Moralis Money, you can effortlessly find new trading opportunities before everyone else and maximize your crypto gains! 

Crypto Monitoring Tools - Exploring Moralis Money

So, how exactly does this work? 

Well, in this section, we’ll demo the Alerts feature, which is the ultimate tool for monitoring the cryptocurrency market. With Alerts, you have two primary options: 1) monitor individual tokens or 2) monitor the market for emerging opportunities. 

Option 1: How to Monitor an Individual Token 

Your first option is to leverage Moralis Money’s Alerts feature to set up an alert appertaining to a particular token contract. In doing so, you’ll receive email notifications whenever something matching your filter happens on-chain. Consequently, this is an easy way to start monitoring any cryptocurrency you’re interested in. 

To set up an alert, all you have to do is navigate to the ”Alerts” tab, add a token address, apply the filter of your choice, and hit the ”Save Alert” button: 

You can also set up an alert directly from a coin’s token page. Simply click on ”Create Alert” and follow the same steps as above:

In return for setting up an alert, you’ll receive an email notification whenever your alert triggers. This is what it can look like:

Option 2: How to Monitor the Market

Your second option is to monitor the market for upcoming opportunities. In doing so, you’ll receive email notifications whenever a new token matching your preferences emerge. As such, this is an easy way to find new tokens even when you aren’t actively trading. 

To set up an alert for monitoring the market, start by saving a custom query when using the Token Explorer feature (for more information on Token Explorer, check out our article on how to find tokens before they pump): 

From there, go to the ”Saved Queries” tab, hit the bell button for the filter in question, add the required information, and start monitoring:

In return, you’ll now start to receive email alerts whenever new tokens matching your preferences emerge! 

Why Monitoring Cryptocurrency Matters 

Opportunities come and go in the blink of an eye in the fast-paced crypto market. And to see significant success, it’s vital that you manage to find the right altcoins. However, as the market grows, it’s becoming harder and harder to filter out the noise, which is why professional traders leverage crypto monitoring tools. 

Trader using a tool to monitor a specific crypto coin

With a crypto-monitoring tool like Moralis Money, you can easily track the right opportunities to maximize your gains. This is possible since you can filter for specific coins you’re after, meaning you don’t manually have to go through them all to find potential gems. 

What’s more, there’s also great value in a feature like Alerts, as it allows you to find promising new opportunities even when you aren’t actively trading. Consequently, it’s a big time saver for many casual traders that can’t afford to go full-time in crypto! 

Also, another part of monitoring the cryptocurrency market and the coins you hold is to cut losses. By setting up alerts, you can save a lot of money as they can be used to signal when a token is about to drop in price.

Free vs Paid Crypto Monitoring 

You have the option to leverage Moralis Money entirely for free, and it’s a great start. However, to maximize the value of one of the best crypto trading tools, consider the Moralis Money Pro plan. To highlight the value of going Pro, here are three benefits of the plan: 

  • Narrower Timeframes: As a Pro plan user, you get narrower timeframes for all metrics. This means you can query data on a daily, hourly, and even ten-minute basis.
  • Private Discord: You also get access to a private Discord server where you can become part of a larger community of crypto enthusiasts. 
  • Alerts: The Moralis Money Pro plan also provides access to the Alerts feature. As such, this is how you can continually monitor the crypto market even when you aren’t actively trading. 

The benefits above are only three examples, and there’s a lot more to the Moralis Money Pro plan. For example, you also get access to premium education, can save up to ten queries, and much more: 

Table outlining free vs paid features of crypto monitoring tools

If you’d like to try the Moralis Money Pro plan yourself, you can now sign up for our seven-day trial by going to our pricing page

Get started with a free trial to Moralis Money's crypto monitoring tool

What’s more, you can also experience the power of Moralis Money directly using the interactive widget below: 

Summary: How to Monitor the Crypto Market – Best Crypto Monitoring Tools

In today’s article, we explored five must-have crypto monitoring tools: 

  1. Moralis Money 
  2. TradingView
  3. CoinTracker
  4. Airdrop Alert
  5. CryptoPanic

In addition to exploring these tools, we also showed you how to monitor the market using Moralis Money. Moralis Money is an industry-leading trading indicator, and it has three central features: 

  • Token Explorer: With Token Explorer, you can easily find new coins before everyone else. 
  • Alerts: With Alerts, you can monitor specific coins and the overall market to find new promising altcoin opportunities. 
  • Token Shield: Token Shield protects you from scams like rug pulls by providing a comprehensive security evaluation for all coins. 

Also, if you want to maximize the value of the aforementioned features, remember to sign up with the Moralis Money Pro plan today!
WRITTEN BY David Olsson
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