Most Undervalued Crypto – How to Find Undervalued Crypto Coins

The real challenge in today’s volatile crypto market is identifying the best, undervalued crypto coins and getting in early before they break out. Our team of experienced traders has a track record of finding undervalued cryptocurrencies like MATIC, which saw an impressive 1000x price rally after we invested. Now, thanks to Moralis Money, you can utilize the same on-chain data we had access to when we found MATIC, and you can find the most undervalued crypto coins in a heartbeat!

Updated 18th June 2023 at 08:00

Moralis Money is the premier on-chain trading indicator, allowing you to effortlessly find the most undervalued crypto coins. However, you don’t have to take our word for it; check out some of our happy users already leveraging Moralis Money in their journeys toward financial independence:

Twitter testimonials of users finding undervalued cryptocurrency using Moralis Money

With Moralis Money’s intuitive user interface, anyone can find the best, undervalued crypto to buy now with just a couple of clicks. For example, here’s a demo of how you can find new coins with low market cap experiencing an increase in buy pressure:

GIF demonstrating how to find undervalued crypto coins to buy now

Nevertheless, if this sounds exciting, join us in this guide as we show you everything you need to know about finding undervalued cryptocurrencies!

Be Wary of ”Undervalued Crypto Lists” 

If you Google “how to find undervalued crypto?” the top results include titles like “Top 100 Undervalued Cryptos in 2023,” “5 Most Undervalued Crypto Projects In 2023,” “Best Undervalued Cryptocurrencies To Buy for 2023,” and so on. These guides claim to have the best, undervalued crypto to buy now. At the time of publishing, these lists might have been accurate. 

However, if you’re somewhat familiar with the cryptocurrency market, you know it’s highly volatile. Consequently, a crypto coin might be undervalued one day and overvalued the next. Due to this ever-changing nature of the crypto market, we highly recommend that you don’t trust static lists of token recommendations.

crypto coins price chart

The lists you might have stumbled upon so far might have been put together in good faith. However, you must always be wary of bad-faith actors pushing their agendas. Sometimes, publishers promote what they have a vested interest in, only to push the price of their recommended token so they can earn a quick buck.

So, how can you avoid these issues and find the most undervalued crypto? 

First of all, discard all static lists. Instead, conduct an on-chain analysis and do your own research (DYOR). With on-chain analysis, you get irrefutable, real-time blockchain data you can leverage to make accurate crypto predictions. Complement on-chain analysis with DYOR to get more details about a project. 

5 Tips On How to Find Undervalued Crypto 

Instead of blindly trusting static lists of coin recommendations, you should conduct your own on-chain analysis and DYOR. However, what exactly should you be looking for? To help you in this endeavor, here are five tips on how to find the most undervalued crypto coins: 

  • Tip #1: Market Cap – One of the most straightforward ways of identifying undervalued crypto coins is to examine their market cap. Projects with a lower market cap than their expected fair value can present great investment opportunities as the market moves to correct itself. 
  • Tip #2: Market Momentum – Another potential indicator for undervalued crypto is increased adoption and market momentum. If you can identify an increasing number of buyers and a growing trend, you’re in a good position to invest. 
  • Tip #3: Price History – You can also study the historical price of a token to gauge its value. For instance, you can easily identify highs and lows by studying price charts. And if you see a coin currently trading at a price lower than usual, this might be an indicator of it being undervalued. 
  • Tip #4: Team and Investors – In addition to on-chain data metrics, you can also determine if a crypto coin is undervalued based on its team and investors. Both the team and investors are paramount for the project’s success.
  • Tip #5: Token Utility – You’ll also want to consider token utility. A coin’s value often comes down to the utility it provides investors and users. For example, Ethereum and Polygon allow users to pay for various services and decentralized applications, giving them inherent value. 

Now that you know what to look for when trying to find the best, undervalued crypto to buy now, let’s also explore where you can find them!

Where Can I Find the Most Undervalued Crypto? 

Finding undervalued cryptocurrency can be somewhat of a hassle, especially when you don’t know where to look. This is precisely why professional traders leverage various platforms and crypto trading tools. But what platforms and which tools should you opt for? 

There’s an abundance of platforms and crypto trading tools. Some prominent examples are CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, etc. However, among the top on-chain analysis platforms, Moralis Money stands out as the premier alternative for finding undervalued cryptocurrency coins. 

Moralis Money - Ultimate Platform to find the most undervalued cryptocurrency assets

So, what is Moralis Money? And how can you use this tool to find the best, undervalued crypto coins to buy right now? For the answer to these questions, joins us in the next section as we dive deeper into Moralis Money!

How to Find Undervalued Crypto with Moralis Money

Moralis Money is a user-friendly on-chain trading indicator. It leverages irrefutable, real-time blockchain data to provide true market alpha. As such, with Moralis Money, you can effortlessly find the most undervalued crypto and stay one step ahead of the masses! 

So, how can you leverage this tool to find the most undervalued crypto coins? 

With the Token Explorer feature from Moralis Money! With this tool, you can pick and choose from 15+ search parameters to create a unique query to find tokens suited for your altcoin trading strategy

However, what parameters should you go for? 

  • Step 1: In our tips for finding undervalued cryptocurrency, we highlighted market cap and momentum as key on-chain metrics. As such, let’s start by adding the Market Cap and Experienced Buyers metrics to find coins with a relatively low market cap gaining traction from other crypto traders: 
GIF showing how to find undervalued crypto coins
  • Step 2: Next, let’s also add the Security Score metric to eliminate some of the potential scam coins: 
Filters to sort undervalued crypto vs not undervalued
  • Step 3: From here, you can tweak or add any additional metrics to make your filter even more targeted.

Nevertheless, by adding the three filters above, we’re able to generate a dynamic list of potentially undervalued crypto coins. From here, you can continue doing your own research and look at other parameters, like each token’s team, investors, price history, etc., to make more informed investment decisions. 

Also, if you’d like to learn more about Moralis Money, join us in the section below as we dive deeper into some additional features!

Exploring Moralis Money Further – What Makes Moralis Money Unique? 

To further highlight the power of Moralis Money, let’s explore three advantages of using this on-chain trading indicator

  • Avoid FOMO with Token Explorer
  • Save Time with Token Alerts
  • Dodge Scams with Token Shield

To begin with, let’s return to Token Explorer and look closer at how you can find new crypto coins before everyone else with this feature! 

Avoid FOMO with Token Explorer 

In the fast-growing crypto market, new opportunities come and go daily. This is great as it offers the potential for serious gains, but it also induces the fear of missing out (FOMO). With no lack of crypto trading success stories, traders often feel like they’re missing out on major opportunities. As a response, they act emotionally, buying tokens based on hype when it’s often too late. 

Fortunately, with Moralis Money’s Token Explorer, you’ll never again have to FOMO into an opportunity as you can identify new promising altcoin gems before everyone else! 

So, how does it work? 

We already covered the intricacies of how you can combine the various search parameters of the Token Explorer feature in the ”How to Find Undervalued Crypto with Moralis Money” section. Consequently, we’ll take this section to demo a quickstart alternative using Moralis Money’s premade filters. 

Moralis Money has a bunch of filters, including ”New Hot Coins Below $1M Market Cap,” ”Coins with Large Twitter Followings,” etc. To use these, select one of the filters from the drop-down menu on the homepage and click on ”Explore”: 

Save Time with Token Alerts 

In a fast-paced market where opportunities come and go in the blink of an eye, traders generally need to go full-time crypto to become successful. Without proper systems and tools, it’s difficult to keep track of all the most promising opportunities, and time limitations are a big hindrance to crypto trading success. 

For this very reason, we built Token Alerts. So, what is it? And how does it work? 

With Token Alerts, you can now easily set up email notifications based on your custom search queries. In doing so, you’ll be notified whenever a new altcoin matching your preferences emerges. This means you can save time as you can discover new opportunities even when you aren’t in front of your screen! 

To get going with Token Alerts, you initially need to save a custom query: 

From there, you can now head back to the Moralis Money homepage, find the filter in question, click on the bell button, and add the necessary information: 

Get notified when new undervalued crypto gets launched

After setting up the alert, you’ll now receive an email as soon as an altcoin matching your preferences emerge! 

Dodge Scams with Token Shield 

Another prominent issue for traders is cryptocurrency scams. There will always be bad-faith actors looking to exploit vulnerabilities in the market, and as it’s so fast-moving, complete due diligence can sometimes be a luxury. 

To help you deal with crypto scams, we built Token Shield. This feature provides a comprehensive security evaluation for all tokens. As such, this is the best and easiest way to dodge potential scams. 

All you have to do is look for the shield symbol attached to each coin: 

The number is each coin’s DEXT score, which is used to measure the confidence of a project. The higher the score, the lower the probability that it is a scam. Furthermore, the score considers several factors. This includes the number of holders, liquidity locked in the project, social aspects, and more. 

Finding Undervalued Cryptocurrency with Moralis Money Pro 

If you’d like to maximize the value of Moralis Money and find the most undervalued crypto coins like a professional, then you definitely should check out the Moralis Money Pro plan. As a Pro plan user, you’ll receive many benefits helping you maximize your altcoin gains and find undervalued crypto before everyone else. For instance, here are three advantages of going Pro: 

  • Narrow Timeframes – With the Moralis Money Pro plan, you get narrower timeframes for all metrics and filters. As such, you can get market updates on a daily, hourly, and even ten-minute basis. 
  • Token Alerts – The Pro plan allows you to set up five alerts with Token Alerts. 
  • Private Discord – As a Moralis Money Pro plan user, you get access to a private Discord server. 

Nevertheless, the bullet points above are just three examples, and there’s a lot more to the Moralis Money Pro plan. For example, you also get premium education, the option to save up to ten search queries, and much more! 

Chart showing free vs pro Moralis Money plans and how each can help traders finding undervalued cryptocurrency

If this sounds interesting, you can now sign up for our Pro plan trial. To do so, go to our pricing page and hit ”Start a 7-day trial here!”: 

Also, for the moment, you can currently get the Moralis Money Pro plan at a discount. So, take this opportunity as we’ll increase the price when Bitcoin hits $40k. If you go for it today, we’ll honor the price for as long as you stay subscribed! 

If you’d like to try out Moralis Money yourself, you can now do so using the iframe below. The widget is interactive, so you can add the search parameters you want to precisely target the coins you’re after:

Summary: Find the Most Undervalued Crypto Coins – Finding Undervalued Cryptocurrency with Moralis Money

In today’s article, we demonstrated how to find the most undervalued crypto coins. In doing so, we covered five factors you should consider when finding undervalued cryptocurrency coins: 

  • Market Cap 
  • Market Momentum
  • Price History
  • Team and Investors
  • Token Utility

What’s more, we also introduced you to Moralis Money, showing you the easiest way to find the best, undervalued crypto to buy right now. This on-chain analysis tool has three core features: 

  • Token Explorer – With Token Alerts, you can find the most undervalued crypto coins. As such, with this feature, you can easily find the next big crypto or 100x meme coin
  • Token Alerts – Token Alerts lets you set up email notifications for your custom filters. So, with this feature, you can find undervalued crypto coins even when you aren’t in front of your screen. 
  • Token Shield – Token Shield gives you a security evaluation for all coins. As such, with this tool, you’ll have a much easier time dodging cryptocurrency scams.

Also, if you’d like to supercharge these features, remember that you can subscribe to the Moralis Money Pro plan and start finding undervalued cryptocurrency coins like a professional today!
WRITTEN BY David Olsson
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