Crypto Predictions: Short-Term Crypto Market Prediction Tool

You should always be cautious when listening to crypto predictions, and conducting your own research (DYOR) is essential. However, many are unfamiliar with how to perform proper research, and some have even steered clear from crypto as they’ve fallen victim to exit scams. Fortunately, thanks to a newly launched tool developed by industry leaders in Web3, you can now conduct research in a simplified manner and avoid getting rug pulled!

Updated 6th April 2023 at 19:53

This tool is none other than Moralis Money! Using Moralis Money, you can run queries to see which assets have added liquidity within specific timeframes, make informed observations about which coins will likely break out, get access to unbiased market alpha, and stay protected with its Token Shield feature. So, with a basic understanding of the various assets this tool provides, you can easily make highly informed crypto predictions and investments ahead of the crowd.

Moralis Money provides you with access to real-time data about the hottest new coins before there’s any buzz on Twitter, before buyers FOMO into relevant coins, and before tools like CoinGecko and Coinpaprika show them.

Why Invest in Altcoins? 

During a bullish market, altcoins generate 50x-70x on average. With the proper tools, however, you could find coins with a potential of 100x or even 1000x

This is something our team of skilled traders experienced firsthand as they cracked the code and found the following altcoins at the right time:

  • We found MATIC in 2019 when it was trading at $0.003. A couple of years later, it sold for $2.9 – a 965x increase: 
Crypto Predictions of MATIC
  • We also found MultiversX (EGLD) when the it traded at $9.18. A year later, it was trading at $542.58 – an increase of 59x
Crypto Predictions - Showing Chart of EGLD

Investing only a couple hundred US dollars in one of these coins at the right time would have yielded excellent returns. And if you missed these opportunities, the next bull market is your chance. 

However, you need to start preparing now to dodge the three trading mistakes 99% of people make!

FOMO, Scams, and Lack of Time

There are three key reasons why people fail when it comes to trading crypto: 

  1. FOMO – The fear of missing out is a dangerous notion, and people tend to trade emotionally. With a lack of data, people are late for the next big thing and experience FOMO, resulting in going all-in at the top, only to see their assets fall shortly after.
  1. Scams – Blindly trusting others’ crypto predictions is risky. Other guides can lack true insight or even have ulterior motives. Consequently, traders can easily fall for exit scams and rug pulls. 
  1. Lack of Time – Identifying the next big crypto is a full-time job without good tools and systems. The volatility of the market makes it time-sensitive – opportunities come and go quickly. 

Fortunately, you can dodge these pitfalls and make accurate crypto predictions with Moralis Money! 

Latest Crypto Predictions

Moralis Money is specifically built to tackle the three challenges above. It is designed by experienced traders for traders. What’s more, everything is just a click away. 

With Moralis Money, you can unlock the opportunities of the altcoin space and find true market alpha. 

Make Short-Term Crypto Predictions with Moralis Money

Sort coins with the following metrics to make accurate crypto predictions: 

  • Coin Age – Measure the time since a coin was minted with the Coin Age metric.
  • Security Score – Search for coins based on the DEXT score.
  • Liquidity – Find coins with increasing or decreasing liquidity within a given timeframe.
  • Holders – Query coins based on how much holders have changed over a given period.
  • Buyers – Search coins based on how many new users are buying a token with the Buyers metric. 
  • Experienced Buyers – Query based on how many addresses are buying a coin. Addresses need to have at least 100 outgoing transactions. 

What’s more, you can combine these filters to create your very own queries. As such, this means you can find the coins you are looking for!

How to Make Crypto Market Predictions?

Without the right tools, it is quite bothersome to make crypto market predictions. For one, it is a time-consuming endeavor, and people generally need to be full-time in crypto to be profitable and find tokens before they pump.

What’s more, traders need to catch all the chatter in countless Telegram threads. This takes a lot of time and can be quite challenging.

In combination with this, people also generally need to have a good understanding of technical analysis (TA). Plus, it requires traders to have a broad understanding of the macroeconomic climate of conventional markets and how this factors into the crypto market. 

Price Chart Illustrating How to Make Crypto Predictions

However, with Moralis Money, anyone can make highly informed crypto market predictions. Moralis Money offers three central features: Token Explorer, Token Shield, and Token Alerts

These are three tools specially designed to combat the issues of FOMO, crypto scams, and the lack of time traders have. 

So, what exactly are these tools/features? How are they solving the common mistakes 99% of traders make? 

Trade Like a Pro With Token Explorer

With the Token Explorer feature, you can easily make crypto predictions about whether coins are on the rise or not. As such, you can determine what crypto to buy now. Or at any given time in the future. 

So, how exactly does this work? 

Here is an example of how you can use Token Explorer to make crypto predictions. 

First, let’s apply the Coin Age filter to get coins created in the past three weeks: 

Next, we can add the Security Score metric to filter away tokens with a DEXT score of less than 80. This will remove potential scam tokens.

From there, by adding the Experienced Buyers filter, we can find coins that other experienced buyers are purchasing. Lastly, to top things off, let’s also add the Liquidity metric to only get coins that have had a positive increase in liquidity this past week: 

Moralis Money Token Explorer and the various filters are game-changers for crypto predictions. By combining filters, you can find the exact coins you are interested in. As such, it has never been easier to make informed research and crypto predictions. So, by applying the right filters, you can get rich quick with crypto

Also, with Moralis Money, you can easily reuse your custom queries by simply saving them: 

Dodge Scams With Token Shield

Using the Token Shield feature, you can protect yourself from potential exit scams and rug pulls. 

Identify the shield for each token to get the coin’s DEXT score. 99 is the best, and 1 is the worst. 

Also, if you want to know more about how the DEXT score is calculated, click on the shield symbol for any coin, and you will be presented with the following page: 

It is also worth noting that the Token Shield feature is still relatively new. As time passes, the Moralis Money team will add additional security information. This means that you will be able to make even more informed crypto decisions in the future. Plus, you can ensure that you avoid any crypto scams! 

Stay Updated with Token Alerts

As we mentioned earlier, Moralis Money allows you to save all your search queries. With the Token Alerts feature, you can set up alerts to get notified based on your filters. 

As such, you no longer need to stay stuck in front of your screen and be full-time in crypto to become successful. Simply set up an alert with Token Alerts to get notified when something interesting happens on-chain or a new investment opportunity shows up based on your filters.

When you save a search query, you can navigate to your account and press the bell button for the custom filter in question: 

Note: Token Alerts have not launched yet. However, the Moralis Money team is working hard to make this feature available to the public. So, try out Moralis Money now and be among the first to try Token Alerts.

Make Cross-Chain Crypto Market Predictions

Even though Ethereum was the first programmable blockchain, it is far from the only one. There are multiple networks available that have gained popularity in the last few years. Also, younger chains often tend to offer even greater opportunities for high returns.

With that said, it is also worth noting that Moralis Money supports other chains. With Moralis Money, you can easily switch to any major EVM-compatible chain, and you can do so with two simple clicks:

Also, the Moralis Money team is working hard to add new networks. You can now use Moralis Money to find gems on Arbitrum, Binance, Polygon, Ethereum, and many other networks in the future! 

Going Pro with Moralis Money

Using Moralis Money is entirely free, and you can try the service without even connecting your Web3 wallet. 

However, connecting your Web3 wallet provides additional features. For instance, by connecting MetaMask, you can save your search queries. As such, we recommend connecting your wallet to get the full Moralis Money experience. 

Also, by connecting your wallet, you can upgrade your account to the Pro plan, which provides additional features. This includes the option to lower the timeframe (daily, hourly) for the various metrics and save up to ten search queries.

Stay Ahead of the Game and Make Sound Crypto Predictions - Sign Up for Moralis Money Pro

So, consider the Pro plan if you want an edge in finding the next big crypto coin and making crypto predictions. 

Right now, the Pro plan is available at a discounted price. We have already announced that the price will increase by 50% when Bitcoin hits $30k. As such, take the opportunity to subscribe to the Pro plan, and you can keep the original price for as long as you stay subscribed!

Why Moralis Money Will 10x In Value

If you have any doubts about going for the Pro plan, we’ll explain why you should take this opportunity.

  1. Altcoin Season – Moralis Money and its features will automatically become more valuable as the bull market returns and altcoins explode. 
  2. Alerts are Coming – The Token Alerts feature will launch soon. As such, you will shortly be able to save queries and set up notifications when something of interest happens on-chain.
  3. Extensive Security Information – In the next few months, we plan to 10x the amount of security information for the Token Shield feature. 
  4. More filters – The Moralis Money team is already working hard on creating new filters. Profitable Whales and Profitable Meme Coin are prominent examples of upcoming filters. 
  5. Token Dashboard – Search for any tokens, and receive all information about the coin. 

Moralis Money is in the very early stages. We are excited to already see so many early adopters becoming paid users. For this reason, we will honor the low-price offer today for as long as you stay subscribed.

So, take advantage of this opportunity and try out Moralis Money straight away! 

Summary – Crypto Predictions with Moralis Money

Crypto prediction guides can be biased and lack true insight. Also, in some extreme cases, they can even have ulterior motives. For this reason, it is highly important to always DYOR. 

Through Moralis Money, you get real-time, accurate, on-chain data, enabling you to make informed crypto predictions. Moralis Money is entirely unbiased – offering crypto market predictions based on irrefutable information about when crypto will go back up

For the coming bull market, you can use Moralis Money to easily find tokens with 50x, 100x, and even 1000x potential. So, step off the sidelines and start trading like a pro. Connect your Web3 wallet and start making informed crypto predictions in a heartbeat! 

Take advantage of the discounted Pro plan price before Bitcoin reaches $30k. With the trend this year so far, we are not far off. So, subscribe to the Moralis Money Pro plan while the offer still lasts. In doing so, you can keep the current price for as long as you stay subscribed! 

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Also, did you know there is more to crypto than just trading? You can also become a builder and start creating your own Web3 projects. Web3 development has never been easier than with Moralis. With its Web3 APIs, you can easily build decentralized applications (dapps) and other projects in no time! 

If this sounds interesting and you want to learn more about becoming a Web3 developer, check out the Moralis documentation page.
WRITTEN BY David Olsson
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