How to Get Rich Quick with Crypto in 2023

The cryptocurrency space offers great opportunities, and as we approach the next bull market, getting rich quickly with crypto is not far from reality! However, to actually seize the massive upside crypto assets bring, you must utilize the right tools!

Updated 29th March 2023 at 22:16

So, how can you get rich quick with crypto? Without a doubt, altcoins offer the biggest gains. You just need to know how to use Web3’s leading token explorer: Moralis Money. As you master this tool, you can find new coins early and ride the next wave of 50x, 100x, and even 1000x gains! Although we’re going to look closer at this tool and teach you how to use it, here’s a demo:

How to Get Rich Quick with Crypto – Altcoins!

Did you know that the average altcoin experiences 50x – 70x gains during a bull market? Many coins also generate 100x and even 1000x returns. These explosive moves happen in relatively short timeframes. Thus, altcoins are what you need to focus on if you want to learn how to get rich quick. 

By getting ready before the altcoin season begins and timing your entry properly, you can ride insane price rallies just like these:

  • Cardano (ADA) increased by more than 170x in less than 18 months:
Cardano ADA Example Chart On Getting Rich Quick
  • Fantom (FTM) rose by more than 2236x in less than 15 months:
Fantom FTM Chart
  • Polygon (MATIC) did a 5544x move in less than 15 months:
Polygon MATIC Chart

If you were to put in only $100 in each of the above three altcoins, you could have made $795,000 in less than two years. Can you find a better ROI anywhere else? 

We can tell you from personal experience that gains like these feel spectacular. After all, our team of experienced traders spotted EGLD and MATIC before they surged. But now we’ve created a tool that brings this power to all traders!

So, how to get rich fast with crypto? In short, find tokens before they pump! The simplest way to go from “how to get rich quick with crypto?” to making massive gains is by using Moralis Money.

Why Many Don’t Get Rich with Altcoins

As you may know, investing in and trading altcoins is considered a high-risk, high-reward venture. Most traders fail to minimize their risk and miss out on the upside. Unfortunately, it all boils down to the following three primary hurdles why many don’t get rich quick with altcoins:

  1. FOMO – Many traders don’t have the proper trading tools and lack a system to keep their emotions in check. Consequently, they end up chasing the hype. As a result, they FOMO into coins near the top, only in time to experience the price to dump.
  1. Scams – Unfortunately, casual traders – many times new to the space – experience rug pulls and exit scams. Average traders fail to identify shady coins and fall victim to scams. 
  1. Time – In an attempt to keep track of different tokens, many traders spend their entire days searching for opportunities. After all, crypto never sleeps, and the market is highly volatile – opportunities come and go fast. Unfortunately, most folks do not have enough extra time and can’t go full-time crypto. 
How to Get Rich with Crypto - Avoid FOMO, Scams, and Lack of Time

How to Avoid FOMO, Scams, and Lack of Time to Get Rich with Crypto?

We built Moralis Money specifically to help you overcome the three main hurdles outlined above and, instead, get rich with crypto. Our team of experienced crypto traders and Web3 developers created this powerful and simple-to-use tool. With Moralis Money, you can identify the next big crypto coin in just a few clicks!

The answer to “how to get rich fast with crypto?” lies in Moralis Money’s core features: Token Explorer, Token Shield, and Token Alerts. So, to learn how to get rich quick, you ought to get acquainted with these features.  

  • With Token Explorer, you can find undervalued altcoins that are getting traction early. That way, you don’t FOMO into coins at the top. By identifying new undervalued alts, seeing what whales are buying, and what coins are getting traction, you get to be the first on the ball!
  • The Token Shield feature provides security information regarding the projects behind the coins. In turn, you can avoid scams and rug pulls. Basically, it helps you minimize the risk. 
  • Token Alerts lets you set up email notifications for your saved on-chain queries. This lets you detect new coins without being locked to your screen. What’s more, Token Alerts listen to real-time, on-chain data and inform you about new opportunities the second they arise! 

You can set your emotions aside with good and reliable information at your fingertips. Other on-chain tools present you with advanced charts, which leads to information overload and analysis paralysis. However, Moralis Money returns clear and actionable results.

How to Get Rich Quick with Crypto - Use Moralis Money Token Explorer

How to Get Rich Quick with Crypto Using Token Explorer

In order to learn how to get rich quick with crypto, you need to know how to find new coins with potential early. But how can you identify a crypto token that may go on a 50-100x run in the near future? 

  1. First, you need to access Moralis Money and open Token Explorer.
  2. Second, apply the Coin Age filter to get a list of coins minted in the last X days. For example, let’s say you want to view all coins created in the last three days:
Token Explorer UI to Get Rich Quick with Crypto

No more than five clicks and you have a list of potential candidates! We told you it was easy.

However, as you may know, many newly minted coins do not deserve your attention. So, to shift your focus away from garbage coins, you want to apply an additional filter. That way, you’ll get crypto tokens that are actually gaining traction.

  1. Apply an additional filter. The Holders filter is a good option for spotting tokens that are building momentum. For instance, you can search for tokens that have experienced an increase of at least 60 holders in the last day:

    With a total of fewer than ten clicks, you get to see all new tokens that are getting some traction! That’s extremely powerful and time-efficient. So, with Token Explorer, you can find potential candidates that can make you rich – all by applying some simple filters. Of course, you can expand or refine your results even further.
  2. Mix and match available filters to find your winners and make the most out of raw on-chain data. Simply select a metric and its filter, enter a value, select a timeframe, and hit “Run Query”:
Crypto Filters for Moralis Money Token Explorer

Start with Preset Filters

If you need some time to get the hang of unique filters, you can take an additional shortcut. You can exploit Moralis Money’s preset filters via the “Apply Filter” buttons. They await you below each premade filter and automatically redirect you to the results on the “Token Explorer” page:

GIF - Setting Filters for Crypto Coins to Get Rich Quick with

Token Explorer empowers you to spot amazing opportunities early. That way, you get to front-run social media hypes and even data provided by crypto explorers like CoinGecko. With the above-outlined four steps, you will find crypto gems early. 

Of course, to take your “get rich with crypto” journey all the way, you must take action on the gems you find. That means you need to actually buy your potential winners. But that’s the easy part. Use a DEX or CEX offering those coins and get your stack. Then, use Moralis Money to spot when the momentum decreases and get out on time. 

Stay on the Safe Side with Token Shield

By now, you know how to get rich quick in crypto with Token Explorer. But as you go about investing in potential crypto gems, you must avoid scams. This is where the Token Shield feature enters the scene. 

With every query you run, Moralis Money automatically performs a safety check. Then, it marks projects with color-coded shields and a DEXTool score:

The greater the number inside the shield, the lower the risk. So, to stay on the safe side, we recommend you focus on tokens with green shields. 

You can also apply the “Security Score” filter to get Token Explorer to return only coins that are less risky. For instance, you can focus on tokens with a security score of 80 or higher:

Save Time with Token Alerts

Once you connect your Web3 wallet (e.g., MetaMask) to Moralis Money, you can save your queries. Furthermore, the Token Alerts feature lets you stay up-to-date with on-chain changes via email. So, by setting up customizable alerts for your saved queries, you’ll be notified whenever a new coin matches your filters.

The “How to Get Rich with Crypto” Opportunities are Cross-Chain

While Ethereum continues to be the leading blockchain, it is not the only place where you can find crypto gems. That is why Moralis Money enables you to access all the leading EVM-compatible chains, including popular layer-2 (L2) networks.

So, how to get rich quick with tokens on other chains? Apply all the same principles as outlined above; however, just select another chain: 

So, let’s say you want to utilize Token Explorer to find gems on Arbitrum. In that case, you’d want to select “Arbitrum” from the above-outlined drop-down menu of supported networks. 

Access the Full Power of Moralis Money

Everyone can use Moralis Money for free via their favorite browser. However, you can use this powerful tool as a guest or as an authenticated user. Regarding the latter, you need to connect your Web3 wallet, which creates your free Moralis Money account. 

As a guest, you can access the same filters as with your free Moralis Money account. But unless you are connected, you won’t be able to save your queries. So, if you want to save your filter and set alerts, don’t forget to connect your wallet.    

When you connect your Web3 wallet, you also activate the “Profile” option. The latter enables you to view your portfolio, including the total balance in USD, tokens, NFTs, and transaction history:  

The “Profile” page also includes the top search bar, allowing you to explore portfolios of other wallet addresses. You can also do this kind of portfolio peaking via the “Search” option, even as a guest:

That option allows you to investigate the addresses of experienced traders and whales. For example, you can view Vitalik’s portfolio:

Collect Magic Beans

If you connect your Web3 wallet, you’ll also get to collect your daily Moralis Money reward. The latter comes in the form of special Moralis Beans – you get to collect 500 Beans every 24 hours:

The utility of Moralis Beans is still a mystery that will be revealed in due time. But if you consider the value that the core Moralis team tends to provide, it would be unwise not to collect your Moralis Beans daily. 

Visit Moralis Money, connect your wallet, and collect your Beans! Who knows, maybe Beans will help you with your “how to get rich fast” quest.

Go Pro to Access Lower Timeframes

If you want to access lower timeframe filters and other benefits, you’ll want to upgrade to the Moralis Money Pro plan. Keep in mind that you need to connect your wallet to upgrade!

With the lower timeframe filters (daily and hourly), you get an extra edge, and you can increase your chances of success. After all, you’ll get to see newly minted coins earlier. Plus, your Pro plan comes with additional premium filters, a greater number of saved filters, and more. 

Nonetheless, if you are looking to turbo-charge your “how to get rich with crypto” journey, consider the Enterprise plan. For more details regarding Moralis Money plans, visit the Pricing option:

How to Get Rich Quick with Crypto in 2023 – Summary

In today’s article, you learned how to get rich quick with crypto. You now know that the key lies in altcoins – the average altcoin offers 50x – 70x gains during the bull run. So, the answer to “how to get rich fast in crypto?” lies in timing. 

You now know that by using Moralis Money, you can spot altcoins that are gaining momentum before they moon. That way, you easily overcome the first and most common obstacle when investing in altcoins: FOMO. You also learned that Moralis Money includes the Token Shield and Token Alerts features. With the former, you significantly reduce the risk of being scammed. Also, with the latter, you overcome the challenge of not having enough time to spot the next crypto gem. 

Keep in mind that timing is everything! It’s important you learn how to spot opportunities before the market takes off. As such, start using Moralis Money today to avoid missing out on the upcoming bull run opportunities. In case you are fixated on the “is it too late to buy HEX?” topic, remember that there are many opportunities in the crypto space. One such opportunity might come with the PulseChain mainnet launch, so get ready today!
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