Not only will we answer these questions in this article, but we will also introduce you to a tool letting you find new crypto coins early. This tool is none other than Moralis Money.

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This tool enabled Moralis Money users to spot HEX rising before its last 400% increase. Why not try it out for yourself?

If you do, you could potentially find tokens before they pump and catch those 50x, 100x, or even 1000x gains! If you’d like to see this tool in action, see our section, “Moralis Money – The Greatest Opportunities are in Altcoins,” further down in this article.

Identify HEX Opportunities with Moralis Money

If you want to skip the overview of HEX and get to work identifying the next altcoin opportunities straight away, try out Moralis Money yourself! Simply set your filters below to get going:

Is HEX a Good Investment – Historical Price Data

When considering “is HEX a good investment?” there are various aspects you must consider. A HEX price prediction, proper time entry, and historical price data are all important aspects to look at. 

Title - Is It Too Late to Buy HEX?

HEX has been around since 2019, and just like the rest of the crypto market, HEX has experienced several ups and downs. But just the fact that the project survived for more than three years is a good sign. Another aspect that might make HEX a sound investment is the strong community of the project and the charismatic leader of HEX: Richard Heart. Another positive factor is that in December 2019, CoinFabrik – a Web3 security auditing company – performed a security audit of the HEX smart contract. According to their report, there are no critical security issues.

Another important aspect when considering if HEX is a good investment and the “is it too late to buy HEX?” concern is your investment plan. For example, if you plan to enter and exit a trade, perhaps in a shorter timeframe, you don’t have to worry so much about the fundamentals. On the other hand, if you wish to buy HEX tokens and stake them for a high APY, you need a much higher confidence in the project. 

Note: Investment is risky. Nothing we state in this article should be considered financial advice. Therefore, make sure to do your own research before investing in any project.

HEX Price Chart - Illustrating if HEX is Still a Good Investment

HEX Chart – Basic TA  

Let’s look at some basic TA as we consider the “is it too late to buy HEX?” question. The above chart indicates HEX’s weekly chart, where we can see that the price is approaching major resistance at around 0.113 USD. At the time of writing, its price is approximately 0.103 USD. The above chart also indicates that the current price is above all major EMA levels. Statistically speaking, this means it’s highly likely for the price to come and retest those EMAs. Plus, the HEX coin just experienced more than a 5x increase in the last 77 days:

Price Chart of the HEX token - Illustrating if it is too late to buy HEX

So, in the short term, there is a chance of retracement. The potential target could be the previous major support at around 0.071 USD. But remember that the chart also indicates a trend reversal and potential for new higher highs. Also, given the fact that the previous all-time high (ATH) for HEX was approximately 0.515 USD, the potential upside is still quite impressive. Reaching the ATH level would mean a price increase of 400% from the current levels:

In addition, if we also consider the volume and RSI indicated in the top chart, we can also see that there’s definitely room for a further price increase. 

So, is HEX a Good Investment?

If you believe that HEX has what it takes to reach its ATH levels, then it’s not too late to invest in this cryptocurrency. Even if you plan on staking HEX, now may still be a good time to enter. If you were hoping to make those 50x gains with HEX this time around, you might be about 80 days late. Of course, HEX could still surprise us and make an insane upside move. However, you are more likely to experience the largest possible profits by finding new tokens before they pump with Moralis Money.

That said, let’s take a closer look at the HEX price prediction to see if you should buy HEX!

Title - Is it too late to buy HEX or Invest in it

Should I Buy HEX?

Regarding the HEX price prediction, TA remains the most reliable tool. Based on the chart presented earlier, we can see that the following prices have the potential of being reached in the upcoming bull market (which is most likely already on its way):

  • $0.113
  • $0.173
  • $0.213
  • $0.285
  • $0.353
  • $0.463 – $0.517

Beyond the current HEX ATH is the project’s price discovery, where you can utilize the “Fib” tool for additional HEX price prediction levels. So, you may use the above levels to help you answer if you should buy HEX or not. Plus, always consider the current price of HEX and other indicators before entering your position. 

However, as you may know, predicting prices is highly speculative and, in many ways, misleading. It is much better to focus on timing your entries before the bull market really takes off and then detecting when it is starting to cool off. The former indicates the time to dollar-cost-average (DCA) into assets and the latter to DCA out of your positions. Of course, there are many types of trading and investing tactics, and it’s up to you to find the one that best suits you. 

Moralis Money – The Greatest Opportunities are in Altcoins 

The fact remains that altcoins offer the greatest opportunities, with an average altcoin experiencing 50x gains. Many crypto assets tend to do even 100x or 1000x. Here are some examples:

  • FTM – A 2236x increase:
  • MATIC – A 5544x increase:
  • XRP – A 433x increase: 

The above tokens are not rare examples. If you missed those opportunities in the past, this coming bull market is your chance to get in on the action, but you must get ready on time. How? Use Moralis Money and find alts before they moon! So, who cares if it is too late to buy HEX when you can find your next 50x coin early today!

Why Do Many Traders Fail to Profit with Alts?

Despite the huge potential of the altcoin markets, many traders end up missing out on these opportunities or even losing money. Why? Well, there are three main reasons:

1. FOMO – Many traders don’t have the right tools for trading and lack a system. Hence, they let emotions guide their decision. They end up being late into coins and FOMO in at the top, only in time for the price to drop.

2. Scams – Inexperienced traders tend to get scammed by rug pulls and exit scams. They fail to identify sketchy-looking coins and fall victim to scams. 

3. Time – Most altcoin investors don’t have the time to go full-time crypto, which involves keeping track of different token demands. After all, crypto never sleeps, and the market is volatile – opportunities come and go fast.

How to Avoid FOMO, Scams, and Time Scarcity with Moralis Money?

Moralis Money specifically tackles the three challenges outlined above. This online tool is built by experienced traders; it’s free to get started with and is extremely easy to use. Essentially, you are always just a couple of clicks away from finding the next 50x gem.

Moralis Money incorporates three main features: Token Explorer, Token Shield, and Token Alerts. These are specifically designed to help you unlock the opportunities of the crypto space and move beyond “is it too late to buy HEX?”.

  • Find Tokens with Token Explorer – Determine which up-and-coming altcoins are worth buying with the Token Explorer feature. Just set your own filters and identify altcoins early. While getting used to all the options, you can also use Moralis Money’s preset filters. With Token Explorer, you’ll be front-running any social media hype and token explorer by exploiting the raw, on-chain data.
  • Avoid Scams with Token Shield – The second Moralis Money feature keeps you safe from scams. It indicates safer options with a green shield based on verifiable on-chain data, such as total liquidity locked in a token project. The Moralis Money team is continuously adding more security information to the Token Shield feature to ensure you’re as safe as possible! 
Moralis Money Token Explorer - Showing buy signals for HEX-like tokens
  • Get Real-Time Updates with Token Alerts – Stay up-to-date with new tokens matching your filters via email notification without being locked to the screen. Simply set up customizable alerts and enjoy other activities knowing that new opportunities will not pass you by. With Token Alerts, you’ll get to trade based on real-time information and ongoing opportunities without needing to be full-time in crypto.

Moralis Money presents you with actual on-chain data in a simple manner. This eliminates the guesswork of determining which coins have high potential and lets you make informed decisions.

Don’t Miss Out on Another “HEX”

If you’d like to know how to use Moralis Money, head over to the Moralis Money site and start playing around with this powerful tool. It’s very intuitive and easy to use, so you don’t need any prior training. Just set your filters and hit the “Run Query” button or utilize preset filters!

However, if you do need some guidance on how to work with Moralis Money and to learn more about the metrics that the filters use, click on the “find tokens before they pump” link stated at the outset of this article. There, you’ll also be able to learn more about the benefits of connecting your Web3 wallet to Moralis Money and upgrading to a Pro account.

Here’s an overview of the benefits of connecting your Web3 wallet to Moralis Money:

  • Saving unique filters
  • View your personal portfolio
  • Collecting Moralis Beans every 24 hours
  • Ability to upgrade to Pro and Enterprise accounts with additional advantages
  • Using the Token Alerts feature

If you were using Moralis Money, you could have easily caught HEX before its most recent price rally and wouldn’t be asking “is it too late to buy HEX?”. After all, when you get the timing right and back your decision with sound on-chain data, answers to “is HEX a good investment?” and “should I invest in HEX?” become quite obvious.

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What is HEX?

HEX is a cryptocurrency (an ERC-20 token) launched in 2019 on the Ethereum network. However, HEX is also a project behind the HEX token, which describes itself as a “Certificate of Deposit” on the blockchain. The man behind this project is Richard James Schueler (a.k.a. Richard Heart). He is a philanthropist, author, serial entrepreneur, and YouTube personality who also founded the PulseChain network.

Richard Heart - Founder of HEX Portrait

The HEX project, as stated on its official website, aims to become “the first-ever cryptocurrency Certificate of Deposit (CD)“. In traditional banking, CDs offer customers slightly higher returns than standard savings accounts in exchange for a fixed lock-up period. Similarly, HEX CDs offer returns to investors who agree to lock up their HEX holdings for a specific duration, ranging from a day to several years.

HEX uses a proof-of-wait protocol that eliminates the need for miners. Instead, investors can create new coins by holding HEX during the agreed-upon waiting period. After the holding period ends, the HEX smart contract creates new coins to compensate the holder, who then becomes a “miner” in the ecosystem. 

HEX is a sort of off-chain layer-two (L2) solution built on Ethereum and powered by a smart contract that governs the minting and distribution of tokens to investors. The current APY offered by HEX is around 40%, which varies depending on the holding period’s length.

Before you decide if you should invest in HEX, determine whether you want to trade HEX or dive into HEX’s CDs. Regarding the latter, also make sure to visit the official HEX website ( and go through all the details. This includes HEX’s FAQ section and whitepaper, which claims that is better than Bitcoin. Don’t forget to also explore our “what is PulseChain?” article.

Conclusion: Is It Too Late to Buy HEX?

In today’s article, you learned all you need to know about HEX to make an informed decision moving forward. You can now confidently answer the “is HEX a good investment?” and “is it too late to buy HEX?” questions. Along the way, we even looked at some HEX price prediction levels. However, the most valuable part of this article was learning about Moralis Money – the tool to find altcoins before they pump. After all, Moralis Money users were able to see HEX’s last rally coming. Moreover, by utilizing the power of Token Explorer, which is one of Moralis Money’s core features, you can get ready for the next bull run. It’s your time to find and ride those 50x, 100x, or even 1000x gains!

Aside from finding hidden gems, crypto offers another great opportunity in BUIDLing. Are you proficient in any leading legacy programming language (e.g., JavaScript, Python, Go, etc.)? If so, you can use the Moralis Web3 APIs to build dapps (decentralized applications) the easy way, and the best way to learn Web3 development is by taking on challenges, such as a Web3 Py tutorial. In addition, you can learn a lot about blockchain app development on the Moralis YouTube channel and blog. Some of the latest topics there cover the Arbitrum testnet, zk-rollup projects, and Web3 libraries.
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