Moralis Money is a tool that checks all the boxes regarding filters, metrics, and features needed to find new crypto coins early. However, there are other tools as well that are pretty useful when scouting the Web3 realm for cryptocurrencies. Some of the tools allowing you to find new crypto coins include the following:

  • Exchanges
  • Data aggregators
  • Social media platforms
  • Apps
  • Marketplaces
  • Token explorers

Out of the above, token explorers are usually the best options. This is primarily because token explorers specialize in the core task of finding new crypto, compared to exchanges, for example, which serve many purposes, such as the trading process. As such, if you want a tool specifically developed to find new cryptocurrency coins, use a token explorer!

If you’d like a dynamic list from a token explorer that provides the latest, most recently launched crypto, make sure to visit Moralis Money’s Live New Coins page. There, you can discover crypto assets the moment they launch!

That said, if you’d like to learn how to find new crypto coins yourself, things you should think of before investing in new coins, and challenges to overcome when investing in new cryptocurrencies, follow along in the sections below!

New Crypto Coins: Tutorial on How to Find the Next Big Thing

So, in this and the following sections, we’re going to explore how you can find new crypto coins, and, in turn, discover the next big thing to invest in! What’s more, we’re going to use the ultimate token explorer: Moralis Money! Moralis Money gives you access to actionable on-chain data, is free to try, and enables you to get straight to the point in just a few clicks. As such, Moralis Money presents the easiest way to find new crypto coins early! Furthermore, the core Moralis Money features are:

  • Token Explorer – This feature allows you to query any leading blockchain network using your own filters. That way, you can find new crypto coins to buy early and avoid FOMO. 
  • Token Shield – This automated feature gives every token a security score, helping you avoid scams. 
  • Token Alerts – This feature lets you set up alerts for your saved queries. This way, you basically analyze on-chain data on autopilot and get notified whenever new opportunities arise.
Want to Find New Crypto Coins? Use Moralis Money

The following section will guide you to start finding new crypto coins to invest in. As you’ll see, using this powerful crypto market prediction toll is super easy.

How to Find New Crypto Coins Before Everyone Else with Moralis Money Token Explorer

For the quickest start possible, just visit Moralis Money and select one of the preset filters on the homepage:

GIF - Showing how to set filters using Moralis Money Token Explorer

Eventually, you should use your own filters. After all, this is the way to find the next big crypto, and it all comes down to the following four steps. 

First, open Token Explorer. Second, add the Coin Age filter and select the desired timeframe. For example, here’s how you’d view all new crypto coins minted in the last seven days:

Showing the coin age filter to find new crypto coins minted in the last 7 days

Of course, don’t waste your time investigating the entire list. After all, many newly minted coins are complete garbage. So, you need to further refine your search to identify crypto tokens that are getting traction. Moralis Money offers several filters you can use for that purpose. Keep in mind that there’s no right or wrong approach. 

For instance, you can focus on the change in the number of token holders, which we’ll look at next!

So, for the third step, apply the Holders filter. For example, you can focus on tokens that got at least 50 new holders in the last day:

Moralis Money Token Explorer - Holders filter set to 50 new crypto coin holders in the last day

So, how to find new crypto coins to invest in? As seen from the above steps, all it takes are two simple filters! 

These coins are your potential candidates – new crypto coins gaining momentum! It’s now up to you to look at their metrics and decide which ones you want to investigate further. However, we encourage you to try and refine your list even further. So, for that, we’re going to look at an additional fourth step!

Fourth step, apply additional filters via this five-click process: select a metric, select a filter, enter a value, select a timeframe, and run your query:

Showing how to select a metric, filter, enter a value, select a timeframe, and run your query using Moralis Money Token Explorer

Use Token Shield for New Crypto Coins

The great thing about Token Shield is that you don’t have to do anything to activate it. Whenever you run queries, this powerful security feature automatically does its thing. As a result, you get to see color-coded shields with security scores for each of the new crypto tokens in your generated list:

Token Shield example for new crypto coins - illustrating how to avoid scams

If you want to reduce your risk of buying shady coins, we recommend sticking to green shields. So, one way to use Token Shield is to manually focus on the coins with higher scores and green shields. However, you can also apply the Security Score filter to display tokens that meet your threshold value.

For example, let’s say you only want to focus on coins with a security score of 75 or higher:

Setting the Security Score filter to 75 to filter out new crypto coins with scam potential

New Crypto Coins Notifications with Token Alerts

To use Token Alerts, create a free Moralis Money account. All you need to do is click on the “Login Securely” button. Then, you’ll be able to connect your Web3 wallet (e.g., MetaMask) or use your email address: 

GIF showing how to log in to Moralis Money

With your free account up and running, you’ll be able to save your favorite combination of filters via the “Save Query” button:

Highlighting the Save Query button

A free account allows you to store three queries. However, you can upgrade to the Pro plan if you wish to save more queries. 

Once you’ve saved your favorite filters, you can view them on your “Account” page. This is also where you’ll get to activate alerts. Just click on the bell icon next to the query you want to run on autopilot:

Highlighting the bell button for a users saved queries to find new crypto coins on autopilot

More Chains, More Opportunities

In all of the above examples, we were querying the Ethereum chain for new crypto. After all, this blockchain network remains the leading option. However, there are other chains that you can explore with Moralis Money, and judging by past cycles, smaller and younger networks usually offer great opportunities. So, we recommend checking if there are any new crypto coins worth investing in on other supported chains. 

If you wish to switch between chains with Moralis Money, you need to follow this simple two-click process:

  1. Click on networks
  2. Select the desired network
Showing the Networks button to find new crypto on other blockchain networks

Investing in New Crypto Coins: What You Need to Know

Before you invest in new crypto coins found using Moralis Money, you need to be aware of the three main obstacles that usually hinders traders from becoming successful. After all, even in bull market conditions, most traders fail to profit. So, let’s shine the light on these three main challenges of why traders fail to make the most of opportunities new cryptocurrencies bring!

1. FOMO – Most inexperienced traders don’t have the right trading tools, and they usually lack a system/strategy. Consequently, their emotions take over. This leads to crypto FOMO when prices are near the top.

2. Scams – Unfortunately, scams are not that uncommon in crypto, and most traders cannot identify sketchy-looking coins. As such, casual traders often buy into new scammy projects, resulting in a rug pull/exit scam.  

3. Lack of Time – Watching the crypto markets closely and analyzing new tokens is a full-time job. After all, crypto is a 24/7 market with high volatility. So, those who lack the time typically miss out on countless opportunities.

Avoid FOMO, Scams, and Lack of Time When Finding New Cryptocurrency Coins

Now that you are aware of these challenges, you are probably wondering how to overcome them. The answer lies in using Moralis Money!

Moralis Money’s Solution to FOMO, Scams, and Lack of Time!

Moralis Money’s three core features, Token Explorer, Token Shield, and Token Alerts, are three solutions enabling you to overcome FOMO, scams, and lack of time when searching and investing in new crypto coins.

  • Utilize Token Explorer to discover tokens before their value surges. This tool enables early detection of tokens based on real-time, on-chain metrics. It’s a strategy applicable to both new crypto tokens and established ones that are finding new levels of support, signaling potential for upward movement. So, with Token Explorer, you can find new crypto coins before everyone else, and, in turn, you can avoid FOMO!
  • Leverage Token Shield to reduce the risk associated with trading potentially fraudulent tokens. Given the inherent risk in trading, dealing with scams is undesirable. Thankfully, Moralis Money’s Token Shield feature allows you to create strategies that automatically filter out suspicious tokens. As a result, Moralis Money’s Token Shield enables traders to avoid scams!
  • Optimize your crypto trading with Token Alerts from Moralis Money. This feature streamlines the process of identifying the best crypto coin opportunities in the Web3 market. You can automate Token Explorer strategies, keeping an eye on emerging opportunities even if you’re not a full-time trader. Additionally, you can receive timely notifications about specific crypto tokens, helping you make confident entry or exit decisions based on their core metrics. As such, you can avoid the challenge known as “lack of time.”

New Crypto Coins Can Generate 100x Gains

Did you know the average crypto coin can generate 50x – 70x gains during a bull run? Even so, many coins – especially new ones – can even experience 100x or even 1000x moves. 

  • With a 90x price increase, EGLD was just slightly above the average performance of altcoins:
New Crypto Coins such as EGLD Make Huge Moves
  • MATIC crypto is one of those coins that rallied more than 1000x:
MATIC Price Chart
  • Fantom (FTM) did even better – it experienced more than a 2000x price appreciation: 
Fantom Crypto Coin Price Chart Showing 2000x Increase

Thanks to our in-house traders, we were able to ride such insane price rallies ourselves. It was spectacular. That’s why we decided to create an easy-to-use tool that will empower casual traders and crypto investors to do the same. 

So, we combined the knowledge and skills of veteran altcoin traders and industry-leading Web3 devs to create Moralis Money. This tool allows you to detect new crypto coins to invest in on all popular EVM-compatible chains. It is as simple as using preset filters or applying your unique ones. Try it yourself in the iframe below:   

You can use Moralis Money exclusively to find new cryptocurrencies; however, the tool does an amazing job of detecting increasing momentum for all existing coins. So, by using real-time, on-chain data, Moralis Money returns a list of tokens gaining traction. 

That’s how Moralis Money users detected HEX as it was getting ready for another rally. We even tweeted about it:

IvanOnTech X account Showing How Moralis Money Enabled Investors to Find New Crypto Coin HEX Before Pump

Those who acted on the data provided by Moralis Money were able to pocket 400% gains:

Tweet Post - Find New Crypto Coins with Moralis Money

So, start using Moralis Money to find the best crypto to invest in

Now’s the best time to get ready for the upcoming bull run. After all, the key to 50x-plus gains is to time your entries properly.

How to Find New Crypto Coins Before Everyone Else – Summary

If you covered the above sections, you now know how to find new crypto coins to invest in. You’ve learned that Moralis Money includes three core features that allow you to overcome the main three obstacles of crypto investing. So, you can say goodbye to FOMO, scams, and lack of time. 

We also showed you how to get going with Token Explorer, how to work with Token Shield, and how to utilize Token Alerts. With these tools, anyone can get started with day trading crypto. Of course, it’s worth pointing out that you should always DYOR (do your own research) on top candidates (such as Arbitrum gems) you find with Moralis Money. 

Aside from investing in altcoins, learning Web3 development is one of the best opportunities in the crypto space. If that interests you, our Python API for cryptocurrency and MATIC faucet are great tools to explore.
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