What's Manifold Finance FOLD Crypto Price and Project Review-article

Moving forward, we’ll do a deep dive into what Manifold Finance is and try to break down its rather intricate structure. After all, this crypto project is rather technically advanced and complex. While we will stick to the basics, you will have an opportunity to discover where you can dive into the nitty gritty of this project and have the “What is Manifold Finance?” question answered. In addition to covering the basics of the project, we’ll also make sure you get acquainted with the $FOLD crypto asset. As such, we’ll look at the token’s basics, tokenomics, and utility. However, since most of you are primarily interested in trading altcoins, we’ll mainly focus on the FOLD crypto price.

Using the basics of technical analysis (TA), we’ll chart out the asset’s levels of significance, relevant trendlines, and more. This will also allow us to speculate on the direction and levels that the $FOLD crypto price may reach in the future.

Nonetheless, you’ll find out how to use the power of Moralis Money to help you decide if/when to buy $FOLD. 

Plus, we’ll also make sure you know where you can buy FOLD. This is where you’ll learn about the best crypto swapping pages. And how one of them allows you to buy FOLD without breaking a sweat or the bank. 

What is Manifold Finance

Manifold Finance is a crypto/fintech project. It focuses on providing Ethereum network validators with tools for creating the maximal extractable value (MEV). In other words, it enables validators to create blocks that deliver the highest ROI (return on investment).

Also, we can answer the “What is Manifold Finance?” question by stating that it is a sort of intermediary between Ethereum network users and its validators. After all, in order to aid the creation of MEV, Manifold Finance’s primary focus is efficient block building. Furthermore, to achieve that goal, the project’s protocol consolidates all Ethereum transactions.

Essentially, Manifold Finance is a crypto project that offers an MEV-boosting protocol. However, you can also think of Manifold as a block builder. Plus, as Manifold Finance creates new products, it is essentially taking the form of a multi-protocol middleware. As such, it is all about improving connectivity between DeFi products.

MEV (maximal extractable value) explanation graph

What is MEV?

Maximal extractable value, or MEV (formerly “miners extractable value”), is an important concept when it comes to answering the “What is Manifold Finance?” question. After all, as you learned above, Manifold’s main purpose is to help validators boost ROI by ensuring the highest MEV.

So, what is MEV? It is the value of all transactions network validators try to confirm in the mempool, where the mempool is a sort of blockchain node’s waiting room for queued and pending transactions.

The process of ensuring the highest MEV revolves around finding the most profitable transactions to submit to the network. 

Getting Technical  

Manifold Finance Crypto Project Official Website

In the above screenshot taken of Manifold Finance’s official website, you can see the project’s main selling points. These include seamless integration, SecureRPC, an upgraded staking protocol that provides ETH validators with a direct source of MEV profits, and OpenMEV.

If you wish to explore these concepts/products in more detail, make sure to visit the above-outlined website and hit the “Documentation” button. By doing so, you’ll land on the Manifold’s knowledge base (KB) page: 

Documentation page of the FOLD crypto project

Within the Manifold docs, you can really dive into the nitty gritty of Manifold Finance. To get going, you need to select the “Manifold Finance” option or “KB” in the top menu (as outlined in the image above). Both paths lead to the same page that covers the basics of Ethereum and the block construction of that network:

What's Manifold Finance FOLD Crypto Price and Project Review-KB

Make sure to use the side navigation bar and the search option to explore the aspects that interest you. 

Manifold Finance Community

The project was founded by Sam Bacha back in 2020. And while Sam continues to play an important role within Manifold Finance, the project is officially in the hands of its community.  

There are several channels you can use to get involved with the project’s community. You can follow the project’s X account, join its Telegram group and its governance/community forums, and explore/contribute to Manifold’s GitHub repo.

You can find the links to these outlets on the project’s official website (top menu/“Get Involved in the Community” section/homepage’s footer):

Get involved with the Manifold Finance Crypto Community page

Exploring the FOLD Cryptocurrency

Now that you know what Manifold Finance is, it’s time we take a closer look at this project’s cryptocurrency: FOLD. We know that most of you are probably primarily interested in the $FOLD crypto price; however, we encourage you to learn about the basics of this token before moving forward to the FOLD price charts.

The FOLD cryptocurrency is an ERC-20 token. It lives on the Ethereum network, where it follows the rules of the leading fungible token standard (ERC-20). Furthermore, the FOLD coin went live on May 27, 2021, in two million instances.


FOLD Tokenomics

  • Symbol/ticker: FOLD or $FOLD
  • Network: Ethereum
  • Token type: ERC-20
  • Smart contract address: 0xd084944d3c05CD115C09d072B9F44bA3E0E45921
  • Mint date: May 27, 2021
  • Total supply: 2,000,000 $FOLD
  • Initial distribution:
    • 50% of total supply via a private sale
    • 50,000 $FOLD via a private sale
FOLD Crypto Token-on-Etherscan

Use Cases  

The $FOLD crypto token serves two primary purposes:

  1. It is a governance token allowing its holders to delegate their voting power to a community member. 
  2. FOLD is also a revenue-share token. So, its holders can stake it to receive a portion of all Manifold Finance revenue. 

Of course, like all other fungible crypto tokens, FOLD can also be freely traded. And this is where the FOLD crypto price plays a vital role.

FOLD Crypto Price Analysis

Manifold Finance FOLD Crypto Price on weekly chart

The above image indicates the $FOLD crypto price action on a regular scale and weekly timeframe. Essentially, the above chart entails the entire price action of the FOLD token.

You can see that the asset started to trade at the end of May 2021 at around $5. In the first week, FOLD reached as high as $23.8 briefly. However, following that high, it pulled back by more than 80% over the following seven weeks. The asset found its bottom at around $3.8 in the second half of July 2021.

From its low, $FOLD more than quadrupled in value in less than three weeks, crossing the $19 level. However, a 60%-plus retrace down to the $7-ish region occurred following that pump.

Starting on August 30, 2021, $FOLD rallied toward its new highs. In less than five weeks, the token increased in value by more than eleven-fold. However, after marking its new high at around $91, FOLD again took a downturn. And since the rest of the altcoins, and later Bitcoin, were also entering a bear market, the asset lost most of its value.

By mid-June 2022, the $FOLD crypto price declined by more than 90% from its aforementioned high.

The summer of 2022 brought another massive FOLD run, which took the asset’s price from $4.7-ish all the way to $104-ish. This 20x-plus rally happened in less than eleven weeks. However, as fast as the FOLD crypto price went up, it also went down in the final quarter of 2022. But this time, it found local support just above $10.

With the rest of the crypto market showing some signs of reversal in early 2023, FOLD had two noticeable runs. However, both of these attempts were rejected at $40-ish.

Manifold Finance ($FOLD) Crypto TA

Following the second rejection at the $40-ish resistance level, the FOLD crypto price revisited the $10-ish region again in late August and early September 2023. However, on September 11, 2023, the asset started to show signs of on-chain strength, which resulted in a 100%-plus price increase.

At the time of writing, the FOLD price bounces between the $19 – $20 region.

You can see all the levels of significance and relevant trendlines in the chart below.

Manifold Finance FOLD Crypto Price-TA

FOLD Crypto Price Forecast – What is the Price Prediction for $FOLD Crypto?

First of all, you need to remember that any price prediction in crypto is highly speculative. After all, the entire market is exceptionally volatile and unpredictable. This is especially the case with low-cap assets like the Manifold Finance token.

Still, we can use the above-charted levels of significance for that purpose. So, if the current weekly candle manages to close above the $16.8-ish level, the chances of the FOLD crypto price going higher are quite high, especially if the price breaks out of the current relevant downsloping trendline (white line in the above chart).

Plus, given FOLD’s explosive moves in the past, the asset’s price could reach its ATH values sooner rather than later. However, for that to happen, we’d need to see an increase in volume, like we did during the previous major rallies. For now, the trending volume is still quite low.

Also, if the crypto market as a whole continues to gain value, FOLD could eventually break above its current ATH and go into price discovery mode. That scenario is likely to take place during the upcoming bull market.

So, in case that was to happen, the Fibonacci retracement tool’s most optimistic level (the “4.236” extension) points to $411-ish.      

Should You Buy $FOLD?

To answer this question, you first need to consider your current financial situation and your risk tolerance. Second, make sure to use the information above to determine if you find this project and its token interesting. If not, you ought to use Moralis Money’s Token Explorer to find other altcoin opportunities right away.

However, if you do find $FOLD worthy of your attention, then make sure to research the token further. For that purpose, there’s no better tool than the Moralis Money Manifold Finance ($FOLD) token page. 

On that page, you can find all the links and resources to determine whether or not you should buy $FOLD. The token price is an important aspect that will help you not buy at local tops. However, to get your timing right, you’ll also want to consider the token’s real-time, on-chain metrics (a.k.a. alpha metrics). After all, on-chain activity always precedes price action!

So, follow the above “$FOLD” link or use the interactive widget below to research this crypto and determine if/when to buy it:   

Where Can I Buy the FOLD Cryptocurrency?

At the time of writing, the only market with proper $FOLD trading volume exists on SushiSwap. However, you don’t have to visit that DEX’s dapp to buy FOLD. Instead, you can take a much safer and more practical path offered by Moralis Money.

After all, the above-presented $FOLD token page includes the best instant crypto swap feature:  

Where to buy FOLD Crypto

Best Place to Buy Manifold Finance FOLD Tokens

By using Moralis Money’s swap feature, you get to take the path of the least resistance. After all, this feature allows you to buy $FOLD right on the same page that you are already using to research the token. So, it instantly saves you time that you’d otherwise spend on getting to other platforms.

The Moralis Money swap feature also preselects the correct token related to the page. This eliminated the risk of landing on a wrong or scammy trading pair.

Plus, this user-friendly path is also the cheapest crypto swap. Thanks to the power of the 1inch aggregator, you will always get the lowest available price via Moralis Money’s swap. 

Note: In case you need more guidance with swapping cryptos, check out our tutorial on how to swap ERC-20 tokens. However, the animation below will most likely be enough to set you on the right track.

Here’s an example swap that you can use as a reference on how to buy $FOLD:

Has the latest FOLD crypto price surge of more than 100% sparked your interest in Manifold Finance? If so, you are not alone. After all, before you can confidently trade crypto assets, it’s very important to at least know the basics of the project behind the tokens. And, that’s exactly what you can expect from today’s article. It will put you on the right track in order for you to decide whether or not $FOLD deserves your further attention and your investment.

What’s Manifold Finance? FOLD Crypto Price and Project Review – Key Takeaways

  • Manifold Finance is the name of the crypto project, and FOLD is the project’s native cryptocurrency.
  • The project’s essence is a MEV-boosting protocol that allows DeFi projects and users to increase their ROI.
  • For the technical aspect of the Manifold Finance protocol, make sure to dive into the project’s docs.
  • The FOLD token serves as a governance token and as a means of revenue sharing.
  • Based on the $FOLD crypto price action, it’s safe to conclude that the asset has a crypto pump-and-dump nature. 
  • At the time of writing, the FOLD price would need to increase by more than five times to reach the token’s ATH.
  • To determine if/when you should buy $FOLD, use Moralis Money’s token page for that crypto.
  • Moralis Money’s $FOLD token page is the best place to buy that asset. 

Whether you decide to get a bag of FOLD or not, do not forget about other altcoin opportunities. After all, there are thousands of altcoins already out there, with new ones entering crypto daily. For instance, crypto-gambling tokens have been the latest hit. 

Also, keep in mind that the average alt tends to increase by 50-70x during a bull market. Thus, make sure to learn how to find tokens before they pump while the next bull run market hasn’t taken off yet.

Essentially, it all comes down to running simple search strategies with Moralis Money’s core feature: Token Explorer. The latter allows you to apply unique search parameters with just a few clicks and generate dynamic lists of alts with potential in seconds. And you get to do so across all the leading networks (Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, etc.). For an extra edge, consider Moralis Money’s Starter and Pro plans. It’s your time to find the next coin to blow up!   

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