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Moving forward, we’ll first cover the basics of the Shiba Saga crypto project. We’ll explain what it actually is and also look at its team, community, roadmap, and more. Then, we’ll focus on the SHIA coin. Among other aspects, we’ll cover the asset’s tokenomics and utility, which will help you understand what type of coin $SHIA is.

With the fundamentals of the Shiba Saga crypto project and its native currency, the SHIA token, under our belts, we’ll focus on the SHIA crypto coin’s price. As such, we’ll look at the available price data for this new asset, perform a basic TA, and even offer some speculative price predictions.

All in all, the following sections will help you determine whether or not $SHIA deserves your attention. However, when it comes to deciding if and when you should buy the SHIA coin, you’ll want to use Moralis Money

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SHIA Coin project official website

What is Shiba Saga?

Shiba Saga is a new meme/GameFi crypto project paying tribute to the popular Shiba Inu dog breed. The project’s roots reach back to the end of 2022 when the SHIA team created the project’s socials and published its “woofpaper” (a.k.a. whitepaper).

Shiba Saga X (formerly Twitter) account page

Note: Shiba Saga’s official website, the above-mentioned whitepaper, and the project’s socials are the sources of all the information provided herein.  

While the team behind the Shiba Saga crypto project classifies their venture as a meme coin with utility, it would be technically more suitable to give it the GameFi label. After all, according to the project’s plans, an entire ecosystem of games is scheduled to launch, allowing players to earn crypto assets (mainly NFTs).

As such, as soon as the team delivers on these promises, Shiba Saga will be a proper P2E platform. 

The project’s website already hints that we can soon expect Shiba Kart and Shiba Crush games. Plus, the website further outlines that users will be able to earn the SHIA crypto coin by playing the games they already know and like. After all, the team plans to use popular classic games and add the twist of having Shiba San as the main character.

The project further promises that all the games within the Shiba Saga crypto ecosystem will be interconnected. So, spending and earning $SHIA will be possible in all of them. Plus, the character or collectible NFTs unlocked in one game will have their counterparts unlocked in the other games as well.

The Shiba Saga team also promises to start working on ShiaVerse right after releasing the first batch of the Saga games. ShiaVerse will be a VR metaverse where NFTs collected in the Saga games will have a special purpose. 

Shiba Saga Team

In the crypto space, there are many projects with anonymous teams. That is especially the most common practice among meme coin projects. However, when it comes to projects that include products/services, such as the Shiba Saga games, it is usually better if teams are fully doxxed. That way, people tend to be more accountable, improving the delivery rate. That is the case of the Shiba Saga project’s team; it is fully doxxed.

SHIA Coin team displayed

The above screenshot shows all the major members, with Carlos as the captain of this ship. If you wish to investigate the team further, use LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter), and other socials. For instance, this is the project CEO’s X account:

Shiba Saga Crypto Project-CEO-Twitter-account

$SHIA Community

Most crypto projects are well aware of the importance of a strong community, and the Shiba Saga crypto project is no exception. As such, the project already offers multiple channels where anyone can join the SHIA community.

At the time of writing, users who want to join this emerging GameFi project get to choose between X (formerly Twitter), Telegram, Instagram, and Discord.

To avoid landing on any scammy channels, we recommend accessing any of the aforementioned outlets via Shiba Saga’s official website. There, you can use the “Team” option in the top menu or simply scroll to the bottom of the project’s homepage:

Shiba Saga Community Page


You can find a rather clear roadmap on the project’s official website and inside the whitepaper. The latter also indicates the already reached milestones. Here’s the roadmap from the woofpaper:

Shiba Saga crypto project Roadmap

However, the whitepaper is not dynamic but is simply a static PDF document. So, for a more updated version, read the roadmap section on the homepage:

Shiba Saga crypto project Roadmap on homepage

What is the SHIA Coin?

The SHIA coin is the ecosystem’s native cryptocurrency. It is an ERC-20 token that went live on the Ethereum chain on August 22, 2023. While the Saga games are under development, the core utility of the SHIA crypto coin is still on standby. However, anyone with internet access and a Web3 wallet, such as MetaMask, can already trade the SHIA token.

SHIA coin-minting-tnx-on-Etherscan

SHIA Crypto Coin Tokenomics

  • Symbol/ticker/name: SHIA or $SHIA
  • Network: Ethereum
  • Token type: ERC-20
  • Smart contract address: 0x43D7E65B8fF49698D9550a7F315c87E67344FB59
  • Maximum total supply: 10,000,000,000 $SHIA
  • Token allocation and distribution:
    • 38% rewards
    • 38% presale
    • 10% team
    • 5% liquidity
    • 4% marketing
    • 3% ecosystem fund
    • 2% advisors
SHIA coin allocation and vesting schedules

Use Cases

At this point, you already know that the SHIA coin is the Shiba Saga crypto ecosystem’s native token. As such, it is poised to serve as a utility token for the Saga games and ShiaVerse.

The specifics regarding the SHIA crypto coin’s use cases within the games and the ShiaVerse have not yet been revealed. However, according to the project’s official website and whitepaper, players will be able to spend and earn the SHIA token within the ecosystem.

The SHIA team has, so far, shared some information about buyback and burn features. According to woofpaper v1.6, Shiba Saga aims to revolutionize the earning model for Web3 games. Their approach is to not exclusively focus on crypto but to offer Saga games to non-crypto gamers as well. Furthermore, the team promises to use income generated from their non-crypto users (via ads and in-app purchases) to buy back $SHIA and burn that stack.

For additional awards, users will also be able to stake the SHIA coin. By utilizing this option prior to launch, $SHIA holders get to enjoy an additional reward multiplier. According to the project’s whitepaper, staking rewards will come in the form of $SHIA as well as exclusive in-game and community NFTs.

Aside from the aforementioned rewards, those who stake will also get governance rights. So, the more $SHIA holders stake, the greater their voting power.

SHIA coin utility outlined

What Type of Coin is $SHIA?

From a technical perspective, the SHIA coin is an ERC-20 token. This means it lives on the Ethereum blockchain, following the most popular token standard (ERC-20).

On the other hand, from a category and utility perspective, $SHIA can also be classified as a GameFi or a P2E token. Plus, since SHIA holders will be able to earn more SHIA by staking it, it is not wrong to say that this crypto asset also has a DeFi nature.

Nonetheless, as stakers are promised certain governance power, the asset may also be labeled a governance token. 

SHIA Coin Price Analysis

If you are primarily interested in making some nice profits by trading the SHIA coin, then this section is for you.


Looking at the above image, you can see the entire price action for the SHIA token. After being listed on Uniswap on August 22, 2023, at $0.003954, the price of $SHIA went on quite a run. The asset’s value reached the $0.098-ish level after the first hour of trading. That was a more than 24x increase!

The initial $SHIA pump was backed by increased on-chain activity, and Moralis Money users – the ones on Starter and Pro plans – were able to spot SHIA’s increasing momentum. As such, many traders in the know got their bags of this GameFI token in its second hour of trading. Those with the best timing were able to enter at as low as $0.059-ish.

However, the window for such discounted prices closed fast. After all, the SHIA coin rallied further and reached $0.3929 within the first 13 hours after listing.

Following that local high, the Shiba Saga crypto asset retraced approximately 50% and took a short pause. Again, there were several Moralis Money users who used this consolidation period to buy SHIA at as low as $0.1945.

The SHIA token stayed around this level until August 24, 2023, when it started to increase in value again. Over the next 55 hours, the asset increased by nearly 300%. Of course, there were some pullbacks along the way, but nothing major. However, after setting the current all-time high (ATH) at $0.7928 on August 26, 2023, the token started to lose its momentum.

Post SHIA ATH Price Action

From its current ATH, the Shiba Saga crypto asset pulled back approximately 50% over the next two days. As such, the token found temporary support at the $0.4-ish region, which served as resistance and support before. But on August 29, 2023, that support failed to hold, and the SHIA crypto coin retested the $0.33-ish level.

So far, that level has held strong, and at the time of writing, the Shiba Saga crypto token is attempting to break back into the $0.4-ish region.


Technical Analysis (TA) of the Shiba Saga Cryptocurrency

It’s worth pointing out that we must work with a limited amount of price data for $SHIA. After all, the asset has only been trading for slightly over a week. Thus, our TA is rather limited. However, we can still use the asset’s four-hour chart to determine essential price levels.

So, looking at the above image, you should be able to see blue horizontal lines. They mark all the most important levels of support and resistance for the SHIA crypto coin. 

We also added a downsloping trendline (white line). The latter shows you that the token’s price just broke out and is dealing with the above resistance. 

SHIA Coin Price Prediction – Future Forecast

The above TA tells us that the Shiba Saga crypto asset is at a rather important point. After revisiting the top of the initial pump, turning it into support, and breaking out of the downsloping trendline, $SHIA has a good chance of going on another run.

Of course, for that to happen, the asset must gain additional trading volume and break above the $0.4-$0.41-ish region. In case that scenario were to play out, the most likely price predictions are the highlighted levels above.

However, in case the token doesn’t manage to gather enough strength, the SHIA price may revisit the $0.32-ish level. And in case the entire crypto market was to plunge further, $0.2-ish would probably come into play. So, these are the most likely short to mid-term price predictions for SHIA.

However, when it comes to altcoins with relatively low market caps, price moves can be huge and happen fast. As such, it is not impossible for $SHIA to set a new ATH sooner rather than later.

In that case, the token would enter price discovery mode. Consequently, we can use the Fibonacci retracement tool to determine how high it may go. The most optimistic level (the “4.236” extension) points to $2.3-ish. 

Shiba Saga crypto-price-prediction-using-Fibonacci-retracement-tool

However, it is important to keep in mind that SHIA’s circulating supply is not fixed. It will increase as the tokens unlock, which will also affect the token’s price. 


Should You Invest in the SHIA Token?

Based on the above-covered sections, you should be able to decide whether or not you find SHIA interesting. If yes, then you ought to research this crypto further using Moralis Money’s $SHIA token page. 

With that tool in your corner, you’ll be able to answer the above question with confidence. Plus, thanks to the real-time, on-chain metrics (a.k.a. alpha metrics) it offers, this page will also help you get the timing of your $SHIA trade right. After all, on-chain activity always precedes price action!

So, follow the “$SHIA” link above or use the interactive widget below to research the SHIA coin: 

Best Place to Buy $SHIA

Once on the above-presented page, you’ll be able to see the Moralis Money instant crypto swap feature:


Since you’re already using that page to research the asset, it is obviously the most practical path to buying $SHIA. However, aside from being user-friendly and offering incredible speed, this swap feature is also one of the safest and most affordable options.

So, if you decide to get your bag of the SHIA crypto coin, connect your wallet and execute a swap. 

Note: If you are new to crypto swapping, check out our step-by-step guide on how to swap ERC-20 tokens

Exploring the Shiba Saga Project & Analyzing the SHIA Coin-Moralis-Money

Exploring the Shiba Saga Project & Analyzing the SHIA Coin – Key Takeaways

  • The Shiba Saga crypto project is a new and highly ambitious GameFi project that has its roots in late 2022.
  • One of the project’s milestones was the launch of its native token, SHIA, which went live on August 22, 2023.
  • The SHIA coin will have multiple use cases, including in-game purchases and earnings, rewards, staking, and governance.
  • At the time of writing, the SHIA price sits at a rather important level. And a probability of moving upwards being slightly more likely. 
  • To determine if and when to buy $SHIA, use Moralis Money’s $SHIA page and research the project further.
  • On that page, you can also buy SHIA without breaking a sweat or the bank.

Whether you decide to buy $SHIA or not, keep in mind that there are many other altcoin opportunities. After all, the average altcoin tends to increase by 50-70x during a bull market. So, now’s the best time to learn how to find tokens before they pump.  

Fortunately, thanks to Moralis Money’s core feature, Token Explorer, spotting altcoins with potential has never been simpler. All it takes is a couple of clicks! 

Plus, you can run preset or unique strategies across all leading chains. This includes Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Fantom, and others. As such, you can start spotting altcoin opportunities among meme coins (e.g., DOBO) and other projects with more tangible use cases (e.g., OPNX, ESPR, BAZED, etc.). 

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