Can the DOBO Coin Flip DOGE and BONK? DogeBonk Price Prediction

Occasionally, we see a meme coin catching more attention than other meme-based tokens. Although it is difficult to explain why some of these coins attract more users than others, it seems like the less serious it is, the better. And the stronger of a “memetic” nature it holds, the greater its power. The DogeBonk ($DOBO) crypto is, without a doubt, one of those coins. So, could these things be enough for the DOBO token to skyrocket? Also, with the DogeBonk crypto project being a hybrid version of two popular dog-themed tokens, could DOBO flip DOGE and BONK? Let’s find out!

Updated 29th August 2023 at 23:31

Can the DOBO Coin Flip DOGE and BONK-DogeBonk Price Prediction-article

As with any other meme coin, there’s not much else to do with the DOBO coin than to have fun with its community and try to make profits trading it. Of course, you need to ensure that this kind of speculative venture falls within the scope of your risk tolerance. But if it falls within your trading strategy, it’s imperative to analyze the DogeBonk price and look at its on-chain data to determine what may be in store for the DogeBonk crypto asset. That’s exactly what we’ll focus on first in this article!

So, we’ll do a full DogeBonk price analysis to ensure you know what levels the DOBO coin has already covered. Then, we’ll also use TA basics to outline major levels of support and resistance and try to determine where the DogeBonk price might be headed.

After all, we’ve seen the power of pumpamentals too many times before to simply look the other way. As such, we’ll even offer some speculative DogeBonk price prediction levels.

Plus, we’ll also address if $DOBO can flip $DOGE and $BONK. In doing so, we’ll compare the DOBO crypto with DOGE and BONK.

Nonetheless, you’ll learn how Moralis Money – the ultimate on-chain analysis tool – can help you determine if and when to buy the DogeBonk crypto asset. 

As for the final part of today’s article, we’ll do a quick overview of the DogeBonk crypto project and the DOBO coin. You can think of that part as a basic fundamental analysis (FA).

Full DogeBonk ($DOBO) Crypto Price Analysis


The DogeBonk crypto token hasn’t been around long enough to offer any proper historical price data. After all, we can view its entire price action on a four-hour chart (image above). Furthermore, on that chart, we can see that $DOBO started to trade on August 16, 2023.

On that day, it was listed on Uniswap at $0.002-ish. You can also see that the DOBO crypto asset’s price pumped quite hard within the first eight hours of trading. It reached as high as $0.01291 on August 17, 2023.

The following four-hour candles closed even higher, but none of them wicked above the aforementioned high. Following the fourth candle close, the DogeBonk price pulled back by more than 50% to find new local support at $0.0048-ish.

From that level, $DOBO went on another 150%-plus rally, which resulted in the assets ATH (all-time high). The latter still sits at $0.01346. 

After setting a new high, the price of the DOBO crypto token took a downturn. Over the following three days and twenty hours, the asset’s value decreased by nearly 70%, reaching as low as $0.004-ish on August 22, 2023. However, the token’s price managed to climb back above the above-mentioned $0.0048-ish support on the next day. 

From that support, $DOBO increased by roughly 80%; however, it got rejected at the $0.0089-ish level. Afterward, the asset again pulled back towards its lower range. This time, it found new support a bit higher – at $0.0052-ish. This level is also where the current DogeBonk price sits at the time of writing.   

DOBO Coin TA (Technical Analysis) – Analyzing the DOBO Chart

technical analysis price chart for the DogeBonk crypto price

The above image indicates all the major support and resistance levels for the DogeBonk crypto price so far. Of course, it’s important to point out that with such a limited amount of price data, the significance of those levels is rather low. Still, the likelihood of these levels being respected is higher than for other price levels.

In addition, the above image also outlines the currently relevant downsloping trendline (white line). So, at the time of writing, the DOBO crypto’s price is being squeezed between that trendline and the $0.0052-ish horizontal support. As such, the likelihood of the price moving upwards or downwards increases with every hour.

And, in case we get a four-hour candle to close above that trendline, $DOBO might be ready for another leg up. However, if the $0.0052-ish support breaks, the token is most likely to revisit $0.0048-ish or $0.0040-ish levels.

However, in either case, we need to keep an eye on the volume; if an increase in volume accompanies either of the above-mentioned breakouts, it will give the move more weight.

All in all, it is clear that the DOBO coin is currently near the bottom of its trading range. Hence, its current price could turn out to be a good buy zone. However, with new tokens, especially meme coins, the price can also go a lot lower. As such, extra caution is in order.

Pumpamentals of the DOBO Coin

Unless you are new to the crypto space, you must have heard about “pumpamentals”. The latter refers to the on-chain activity (e.g., increasing numbers of buyers, holders, etc.) that also drives the price up.

The bottom line is that fundamentals are never as important as pumpamentals regarding price increases. Of course, ideally, we’d have projects with strong fundamentals that also have powerful pumpamentals.

However, we often see projects without any fundamentals, such as meme coins, experiencing amazing pumpamentals. For instance, look at Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. Although some consider these complete garbage coins, they’ve reached billion-dollar market caps.

Furthermore, we’ve seen many tokens pull off insane rallies (100x-plus) based on nothing but pumpamentals in 2023. Great examples are $MOG, $BOBO, and, of course, $PEPE. The last one increased by more than 100,000x in less than 23 days!  

It turns out that pumpamentals tend to be extremely powerful for meme coins that maintain strong communities and a lot of engagement.

When it comes to the DogeBonk price, we haven’t yet seen the power of pumpamentals. Sure, the initial 500%-plus run deserves to be mentioned. However, it just can’t compare to what we’ve seen with some other meme coins in the more distant as well as less distant past.

At the end of the day, only time will tell if this new meme coin has what it takes to pull off a 100x-plus rally.

DogeBonk Price Prediction

DogeBonk Price Prediction – Future Forecast of the DOBO Coin

There are many sites out there offering 2023, 2024, 2025-2030, and many other distance price predictions. While seeing those numbers may bring you some reassurance, please keep in mind that they are complete nonsense. It is impossible to make such predictions. They are pure guesswork. Thus, make sure to consider them as such.

The only way to make some price predictions with increased probability is to combine the power of TA with real-time, on-chain data. By using such insights, you can determine the upcoming direction of the price and potential targets in the short term. This is what many altcoins traders are doing with Moralis Money’s alpha metrics!

In fact, thanks to these invaluable insights, many Moralis Money users, especially the ones on Starter and Pro plans, have been pocketing incredible gains in 2023. 

So, the only DogeBonk price prediction levels we can offer with high enough confidence are the ones outlined with blue lines in the chart in the TA section above. 

Still, there are some other ways to speculate on the future price further. For instance, if the DogeBonk crypto asset crosses above its current ATH, it will enter the price discovery mode. For that scenario, we can use the Fibonacci retracement tool:

DogeBonk Price Prediction-with-Fib-tool

As you can see, this method’s most optimistic level (the “4.236” extension) points to $0.043-ish.    

Another legit way to come up with a speculative DogeBonk price prediction is to compare the DogeBonk crypto token with other successful meme coins.

Can the DOBO Coin Flip DOGE and BONK?

Again, no one can answer the above question with any level of certainty. Plus, since DOGE and BONK are original projects and DOBO’s name combines the two, it somewhat diminishes its chances of flipping them.

Plus, in order for the DOBO crypto asset to increase in value, it would most likely need the entire crypto market to enter a proper bull market. In that case, both DOGE and BONK would also increase, making it more difficult for DOBO to flip them.

However, it’s important to point out that DOGE and BONK are at two completely different levels. As such, DOBO is way more likely to flip $BONK than it is to flip $DOGE.   


Dogecoin is the leading meme coin with a current market cap of nearly nine billion USD. Plus, that asset has a rather long history, as it’s been around since December 2013. You can read more about DOGE in our article dedicated to that meme-based token.


So, for DOBO to flip DOGE, it would need to have a higher market cap than Dogecoin. And if DOGE were to stay at the same level, that would mean DOBO would have to increase by approximately 4,000x ($20-ish). 

But in reality, it is nearly impossible for the DogeBonk price to increase that much and for DOGE to stay at the same level or even decrease.


Unlike Dogecoin, BONK is a relatively young coin that came to life in December 2022. And, $BONK is not a typical meme coin; it has actual use cases. That includes its own token swap, Telegram trading bot, and more. Plus, it lives on Solana and not on the Ethereum network. You can read more about the BONK token in one of our previous articles.


With all that in mind, the likelihood of DOBO flipping BONK is rather high. In case $DOBO was to stay at its current levels, the DogeBonk price would only have to increase by 6.2x ($0.032-ish). That is less than 3x above the DOBO’s ATH.     

Is DogeBonk a Good Investment?

To come up with a proper answer to the above question, make sure to consider the information provided above, your financial situation, and your risk tolerance. These inputs should be enough for you to determine whether or not the DogeBonk crypto token deserves your further attention. 

If yes, make sure to use Moralis Money’s DogeBonk ($DOBO) token page. On that page, you’ll find all the links and resources to properly research the project and its token. Plus, this is where you can also find real-time, on-chain metrics for the DOBO coin. These insights will help you determine if now’s the right time to buy $DOBO.  

So, follow the above “$DOBO” link or use the interactive widget below and research this new meme coin today:

Where to Buy DogeBonk?

If you decide you wish to get a bag of $DOBO, you have several options. Just use the “Market” section on CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap page for that token. There, you’ll find a list of all CEXs and DEXs that offer the relevant training pair, including the trading volume. As such, you can easily pick a market that best suits your goals.

How to Buy DogeBonk?

If you decide to buy DogeBonk tokens, use the above instructions to find a DEX or CEX that has a sufficient trading volume for that crypto.

If you decide to use a DEX, then you’ll need a hot Web3 wallet (e.g., MetaMask), which you’ll need to connect to the platform. Next, you’ll be able to select the trading pair and execute the on-chain transaction.

In the case of using a CEX, the process is arguably even simpler. After all, once you have your account ready and funded, the process is rather straightforward: simply visit that token’s trading pair and execute the trade. However, keep in mind that whenever you use CEXs, you are not in full control of your cryptos. “Not your private key, not your crypto!”


What is DogeBonk? – Exploring the Ins and Outs of the DogeBonk Crypto Project

DogeBonk is a crypto project that is all about the famous Inu dog breed with a baseball bat meme. While we focused on the new DOBO coin on the Ethereum chain, the original DOBO dates back to 2021. This is when $DOBO was created on BNB Smart Chain. 

Based on our research, the two tokens have different teams behind them. They use different websites and different socials. 

As such, by definition, the younger one (the one on Ethereum) can be classified as a sort of copycat. After all, it uses the same name and the same ticker as the original DOBO, only on a different chain. This calls for additional caution!  


What is the DOBO Coin?

The DOBO coin is the native cryptocurrency of the DogeBonk crypto project. Since there are two projects with this name, there are also two DOBO crypto tokens – one lives on the Ethereum network and the other on BNB Smart Chain. Again, herein, we focus on the one on Ethereum.

Tokenomics chart of the DOBO coin


  • Symbol/ticker: DOBO or $DOBO
  • Launch date: August 16, 2023
  • Network: Ethereum
  • Token type: ERC-20
  • Total supply: 420,690,000
  • Buy/sell tax: 0%

Use Cases

By definition, most meme coins don’t have any use case, at least not as they go live. This is also the case for the DogeBonk crypto token on Ethereum. So, the only way traders can use $DOBO is to store it in their Web3 wallets or trade it for other cryptos.



If you wish to join the community of this DogeBonk project, you can do so via X (formerly Twitter) or Telegram. To access the project’s socials, visit its official website and use the links under “Community” in the top menu:


What Type of Token is $DOBO?

At this point, you know that the DogeBonk crypto token is a meme coin. Judging by the project’s official website and whitepaper, it could easily be in a similar category as the MOG coin. 

Unfortunately, we’d also have to classify $DOBO as a copycat project. After all, the creator of this meme coin is using the same name and ticker as used by the 2021 meme/gaming project on BNB Smart Chain.

Can the DOBO Coin Flip DOGE and BONK DogeBonk Price Prediction-MM-Mage

Can the DOBO Coin Flip DOGE and BONK? DogeBonk Price Prediction – Key Takeaways

  • The DogeBonk crypto project on Ethereum went live in August 2023.
  • The DOBO coin is the project’s native currency that lives on Ethereum and follows the ERC-20 token standard. 
  • $DOBO is a meme coin but also a sort of copycat project.
  • The DogeBonk price is currently (at the time of writing) near the bottom of the asset’s recent trading range.
  • Every DogeBonk price prediction is pure speculation; make sure to consider it as such.
  • To figure out whether you should buy $DOBO and when, use Moralis Money’s token page dedicated to that coin.

Whether you end up buying $DOBO or marking it as a scammy project, make sure to expand your altcoin horizons to other opportunities. After all, we are slowly warming up for the next bull market. In past cycles, the average altcoin increased in value by 50-70x during a bull run.

Fortunately, you can find the best altcoin opportunities across multiple networks (Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, etc.) with Moralis Money’s core feature: Token Explorer. With this tool in your corner, you’ll finally be able to find tokens before they pump!
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