We’ll kickstart this article by delving into the Open Exchange (OPNX) crypto ecosystem. From there, we’ll explore the Open Exchange token, where we will cover its tokenomics and most prominent use cases. To top things off, we’ll make an OX coin price analysis and prediction to help you determine whether or not $OX is the right investment for you!

If this sounds exciting, join us as we jump straight into the OPNX ecosystem! 

What is Open Exchange? Exploring the OPNX Crypto Project 

Crypto promises to introduce a new world of financial transparency and sovereignty. But according to the team behind the Open Exchange (OPNX) crypto project, the industry still needs to deliver on this promise. They believe we currently have a black box of risk, non-custody, and leverage, which was highlighted by the collapse of massive projects, chains, and centralized exchanges (CEXs) such as FTX in 2022. Few were left unaffected by these events, and crypto adoption suffered tremendous setbacks.

The collapse of these major projects, including FTX, Voyager, Celsius, etc., has resulted in a massive market of claimants desperately looking for a solution to get their funds back. And this is precisely where Open Exchange enters the equation!

So, what exactly is the OPNX crypto project?

Open Exchange (OPNX) official website landing page

Open Exchange is an innovative marketplace for crypto spots, derivatives, and claims onboarding and trading based on order books. It’s a solution and home for individuals harmed by various crypto collapses, allowing claimants to immediately unlock their claims or use them as margin capital.

All in all, Open Exchange provides users with a marketplace to trade bankruptcy claims, where it’s possible to exchange claims for crypto, and vice versa, through order books! 

The Team Behind OPNX Crypto

While CEXs usually offer optimal trading experiences, they also take custody of your assets, which presents many risks. In the wake of FTX, Open Exchange believes no one should ever make similar mistakes again. 

This is why the team behind the OPNX crypto project aims to create and build the most radically transparent derivatives exchange. And they believe in a completely trustless system where all user funds are to be transparent, auditable, and untouched. 

OPNX logo and text in blue on black background

To achieve this, Open Exchange features a zero-knowledge proof network where all participants can independently confirm that every liquidation, balance, withdrawal, deposit, and trade is correct. In doing so, OPNX allows anyone to verify the accuracy of the data, all while preserving the privacy and integrity of the users. 

Furthermore, while Open Exchange began by providing services for claims onboarding and trading, the team behind the platform believes in further expansion. Consequently, as the platform grows, so will the number of features, all with radical transparency at the center. 

The Open Exchange team doesn’t forget the lessons of the past. They don’t forget their community, and they will not stop building. Through these guiding principles, they envision a new standard for a transparent, open, and accessible financial world. 

The Open Exchange Vision 

The Open Exchange ecosystem was founded on three core principles: 

  • Open Markets: OPNX believes all asset classes should be traded openly using order books with fair, real-time price discovery.
  • Transparency: Open Exchange doesn’t believe in internal market making and is building a transparent zero-knowledge proof network. Furthermore, they will ensure accuracy without having to sacrifice privacy. 
  • Tokenization of Real-World Assets: OPNX seeks to tokenize traditional assets to enhance liquidity and transparency, where they started with crypto bankruptcy claims. 

Open Exchange Token – What is the OX Coin? 

At the heart of Open Exchange, you’ll find the native $OX coin – an innovative new token playing a crucial role in the OPNX ecosystem. It’s an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network, and it was minted on May 29, 2023. 

Alpha metrics displayed for the OX coin from the OPNX crypto platform

The OX crypto coin disrupts conventional CEX token incentivization models by pioneering an innovative staking fee discount system that’s dynamically adjusting, democratic, and promotes alignment between traders and the exchange. With this model, users can receive up to 100% fee discounts in perpetuity by staking tokens proportional to their share of trading activity; however, more on this later in the ”OX Coin Tokenomics” section below.  

Nevertheless, in the sections to come, we’ll dive a bit deeper into the OX coin. In doing so, we’ll explore the coin’s tokenomics and most prominent use cases. So, if this sounds exciting, join us as we kick things off by diving into the OX coin tokenomics! 

OX Coin Tokenomics 

Let’s now briefly explore the tokenomics of the OX crypto coin: 

  • The OX coin has a total supply of 9.86 billion $OX, and no more tokens will be issued. 
  • Traders receive a 100% rebate if their staked OX percent equals or exceeds their trading volume in percent. 
  • If traders exceed the 100% rebate trading volume, they get a 50% trading fee rebate on the remainder. 
  • Traders who do not stake can receive up to 50% trading fee discounts. 
  • Fees are reduced for real-world asset tokenization paid in OX coins. 

Use Cases 

The OX coin has multiple use cases, and below, you’ll find three prominent examples: 

  • Trading Benefits: Holders of the OX coin get access to both trading and staking benefits. 
  • Staking: Users can stake OX using the governance and staking platform known as “The Heard”. In doing so, they get many benefits, including a 100% fee rebate if they stake a sufficient amount of OX coin. 
  • Governance: The OX coin is also the ecosystem’s governance token. Token holders can participate in the governance of Open Exchange. 

OX Coin Price Analysis 

The OX coin launched in May 2023; since then, it has grown by about 450% in only three months. At the time of writing, the OX coin is currently priced at $0.058. And the token has an all-time high of $0.081 and a low of $0.01. Below, you’ll find a screenshot of the complete trading history of the OX token: 

OX coin price chart

However, will the OX coin continue to grow? Or is it already too late to invest in the Open Exchange crypto project? 

In order to answer the questions above, let’s take a brief look at an OX coin price prediction in the next section! 

OX Coin Price Prediction 

As you probably figured, the OX coin price is highly dependent on the success of the Open Exchange ecosystem. If OPNX continues to grow, the OX coin price will likely follow. However, if Open Exchange fails to deliver on promises, it can also take the OX coin in the other direction. 

Nevertheless, there are multiple ways to make an OX coin price prediction, and to highlight the potential of the token, we can compare it to a similar cryptocurrency. However, Open Exchange is an innovative and unique project, and there aren’t many exchanges providing the same services. But nonetheless, let’s use another exchange as an example. In this instance, we’ll use dYdX. 

By taking the all-time high market cap of the dYdX token and dividing it by the total supply of the OX coin, we get a price of $0.526. This shows the potential of the OX coin if it grows to the same size and capacity as the dYdX exchange. And if it does and hits the $0.526 price point, it will have increased by almost 10x! 

However, the OX coin price prediction above is highly speculative, and there’s no guarantee that Open Exchange will grow as big as dYdX. And we can’t say for sure whether or not the OX coin price will ever hit $0.526.

Should You Buy the OX Token? 

The price prediction above is just a hypothetical estimation of the OX coin’s potential. And there’s no guarantee the price will reach these levels. Furthermore, this information isn’t enough for a purchase decision. As such, we recommend you continue researching using a crypto quick scanner and blockchain analytics tool like Moralis Money

Moralis Money is a state-of-the-art analytics tool. It leverages real-time, on-chain data, giving your true alpha and immediate market updates. With a tool like this, you can seamlessly decide if a token is a suitable investment or not. 

One of Moralis Money’s central features is the platform’s various token pages. And each cryptocurrency has its own dedicated page. On these pages, you can view the current price of a coin, security information, trading charts, and a bunch of alpha metrics.  

To give you an example, here is the $OX token page

With the information in the interactive widget above, you can quickly gauge market sentiment and determine whether or not the OX coin is the right token for you. For instance, if you see a significant increase in the number of net experienced buyers, it suggests that other traders are investing in OX. 

In addition to studying OX’s alpha metrics, you can also use the trading chart to conduct your own technical analysis. With these charts, you can seamlessly apply hundreds of technical indicators to make your own more advanced OX coin price prediction. 

All in all, with the information on the $OX token page, you can base your investment decisions on irrefutable, unbiased, and real-time data. As such, this presents the easiest and best way to determine whether or not a token is a suitable investment for you! 

How to Buy $OX? 

If you decide to buy the OX coin, then you should know that the easiest option is to use the Moralis Money $OX token page. Simply connect your wallet and use the crypto-swapping feature to the right: 

Graphic art illustration showing how to buy the OX token on the Moralis Money OX coin page

Also, note that Moralis Money leverages the 1inch DEX aggregator. In doing so, Moralis Money can offer some of the lowest fees and prices available, making it one of the cheapest ways to buy crypto!  

Beyond the OPNX Crypto – Exploring Moralis Money 

The various token pages of Moralis Money are just the tip of the iceberg, and there’s a lot more to the platform. As such, let’s explore five additional features and benefits of using Moralis Money: 

  • Token Explorer: With Token Explorer, you get to combine 20+ unique search parameters to find unique coins you’re interested in. As such, with Moralis Money, it has never been easier to find up-and-coming crypto
  • Whale Tracker: With the whale tracker feature, you can seamlessly track crypto whales. If you’d like to learn more about this, check out our article on the best crypto whale tracker in 2023. 
  • Portfolio Tracker: Moralis Money also offers a crypto portfolio management feature. With this tool, you can effortlessly monitor and track all your holdings. 
  • Token Shield: With Token Shield, you can seamlessly dodge scams like rug pulls. To learn more, check out our crypto pump and dump scams guide. 
  • The Moralis Money Pro Plan: By subscribing to the Moralis Money Pro plan, you get tons of benefits, including an insane altcoin advantage. This includes access to a private Discord server, premium education, and much more: 

Summary: Open Exchange (OPNX) & OX Crypto Coin Price Prediction 

In today’s article, we explored the Open Exchange ecosystem. In doing so, we learned that Open Exchange is a marketplace for spots, derivatives, and claims trading based on order books. We also learned that the ecosystem’s native token is called $OX. The OX coin is both a utility and governance token that was minted in May 2023. Only three months after its inception, the price of the Open Exchange token has already surged by 450%. 

Along with exploring the OX coin, we also covered a brief price prediction method and showed you how to analyze this token using Moralis Money – the ultimate on-chain trading indicator! 

Moralis Money leverages blockchain data in real time, presenting it to you in a readable and understandable format. As such, with this tool, you can easily understand market sentiment and determine whether a coin is a suitable investment or not. 

Along with helping you analyze tokens, Moralis Money also lets you find, monitor, and swap crypto. This makes Moralis Money the ultimate one-stop shop every cryptocurrency trader needs! 

Also, if you’d like to maximize the value of this fantastic tool, consider subscribing to the Moralis Money Pro plan. This provides several benefits, such as access to premium education, a private Discord server, alerts, and much more: 

If you liked this article and want to discover other coins, check out one of our guides on the BAZED token or DUBBZ token

WRITTEN BY David Olsson
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