Best Crypto Portfolio Trackers 2023 – Exploring the Top Wallet Trackers

As the cryptocurrency industry and decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem continues to grow across multiple blockchain networks and protocols, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to track your crypto investments. For this very reason, professional crypto traders leverage portfolio trackers to manage their digital assets. However, which are the best crypto portfolio trackers in 2023? In this article, we’ll delve deeper into the top five best wallet trackers, presenting you with an overview so you can find the perfect alternative for your needs!

Updated 21st June 2023 at 22:52

In today’s article, we’ll look closer at five of the crypto industry’s best wallet trackers. More specifically, this guide covers the following crypto portfolio trackers:

  1. Moralis Money
  2. Delta
  3. Koinly
  4. Nansen Portfolio
  5. CoinMarketCap

However, before diving into the best wallet trackers, let’s kickstart this guide by looking at what a crypto portfolio tracker is! 

The Best Wallet Trackers – What is a Crypto Portfolio Tracker? 

The crypto industry is rapidly moving toward the mainstream, and new currencies and tokens are popping up daily. What’s more, like traditional fiat currency, the value of each crypto coin is continuously changing. As you diversify your holdings, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to manage your assets. To solve this issue, investors are turning to crypto portfolio trackers.

Three crypto portfolio wallet trackers monitoring cryptocurrency on Ethereum, BNB Chain, and the Bitcoin blockchain.

But what exactly is a crypto portfolio tracker? 

A crypto portfolio tracker is a digital platform, like a website or an app, enabling you to keep track of the ever-changing value of your digital assets. These platforms generally offer a complete solution for analyzing, monitoring, and optimizing your crypto holdings. Through intuitive user interfaces and real-time, on-chain data, they empower traders and investors to effortlessly track their investments across wallets, exchanges, and blockchain networks.

Consequently, leveraging one of the best crypto portfolio trackers gives you valuable insight into how your assets are performing. Among other things, this generally includes asset allocation, profit/loss calculations, historical trends, and much more.

Now, the critical questions remain: what are the best crypto portfolio trackers in 2023? Also, which wallet tracker should you use? 

Top 5 Best Crypto Portfolio Trackers 2023 

As the market expands, so does the demand for the best wallet trackers. For this reason, there’s an abundance of alternatives to choose from. To help you choose among the best crypto portfolio trackers, we’ll cover the top five options for 2023!

Here’s our top five list of the best wallet trackers:

  1. Moralis Money
  2. Delta
  3. Koinly
  4. Nansen Portfolio
  5. CoinMarketCap

To kickstart this guide on the best crypto portfolio trackers in 2023, we’ll start with our top choice: Moralis Money!

Moralis Money 

Moralis Money is the crypto industry’s premier on-chain trading tool and portfolio tracker. This tool utilizes irrefutable, real-time, on-chain data to give you true market alpha. As such, with Moralis Money, it has never been easier to find new crypto projects

Moralis Money - The #1 Crypto Portfolio Tracker in 2023

Along with allowing you to find the most undervalued crypto, Moralis Money helps you track your crypto portfolio. With its portfolio tracker feature, you can track your assets – including fungible and non-fungible tokens – explore others’ wallet addresses, discover new tokens, and much more! 

Key Features

  • Track Your Assets: With Moralis Money, you can seamlessly track your crypto portfolio. To do so, click on your profile at the top right, followed by ”My Wallet.” This takes you to the Moralis Money portfolio tracker feature. On that page, you can view your assets – including fungible and non-fungible tokens – across multiple chains, including Ethereum, Binance Chain, PulseChain, the Polygon network, the Optimism chain, Arbitrum, and more! Here is how you access the crypto portfolio tracker feature: 
Illustrating of how to access Moralis Money's wallet tracker for cryptocurrency
  • Token Pages: Moralis Money features unique token pages for all cryptocurrencies. As such, you can simply click on a token, and you’ll be redirected to the coin’s token page. On this page, you can see the price, changes in price, liquidity, holders, buyers, etc., over time, price charts, and much more:
GIF - How the wallet tracker extends to token pages where users can do further research on crypto assets
  • Exploring Others’ Wallet Addresses: The wallet tracker feature also allows you to view the holdings of other wallet addresses. Simply paste any address and view their fungible tokens and NFTs in a neat interface: 
Illustration of how to search and monitor a crypto portfolio using Moralis Money
  • Token Explorer: Along with tracking your current holdings, you can also leverage Moralis Money to find the next big crypto using Token Explorer. This feature supports 15+ unique search parameters so you can target specific coins you’re after.

    For instance, by adding the Coin Age and Experienced Buyers metrics, you can effortlessly generate a dynamic list of new altcoin gems gaining traction from other traders: 
Using the Token Explorer feature on Moralis Money
  • New Coins Tab: With the ”New Coins” tab, you can find the freshest coins on multiple networks. In fact, you can get coins minted only seconds ago:
New Coins tab on Moralis Money Crypto Portfolio Tracker


Delta is a wallet tracker allowing you to track your holdings across asset classes, including crypto and equities. It’s a good option for traders who mostly invest and trade on centralized exchanges. Unfortunately, the lack of DeFi portfolio tracking can be a deal breaker for more crypto-native investors. 

Delta - One of the growing wallet trackers in crypto

Key Features

  • Manual Entry: If you can’t integrate your exchange accounts or wallets with Delta, you can manually enter holdings to keep track of their performance on the application. 
  • Complete Asset Overview: With Delta, you can integrate most of your exchange accounts, making it easy to track your portfolio holdings across several different asset classes.


Koinly is a crypto portfolio manager aiding you in keeping track of your finances. This platform works well for both novice and experienced traders. What’s more, Koinly allows you to monitor your holdings, track prices, and analyze overall portfolio performance. 

Koinly Logo

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Integrations: Koinly features integrations with over 400 exchanges and 100 wallet providers. As such, with Koinly, you can easily import and sync transactions and holdings. 
  • Tax Reports: You can also use Koinly to generate in-depth tax reports appertaining to all your holdings. However, you must subscribe and become a paying customer to do so.

Nansen Portfolio

Nansen offers a comprehensive DeFi and crypto portfolio tracker for crypto-natives. They provide their services for free, and there is no need to download an app or sign up with an email. Like Moralis Money, Nansen Portfolio also allows you to monitor the on-chain activity of other crypto wallets. However, if you’re mainly interacting with centralized exchanges and are new to crypto, Nansen Portfolio might not be the right tracker for you as it can be complicated for beginners. 

Nansen Portfolio Logo

Key Features

  • Wide Coverage: Nansen covers multiple chains and more than 400 protocols. This includes both EVM-compatible and non-EVM-compatible chains. Some examples are Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana. 
  • Multi-Chain Transactions: Nansen Portfolio also shows the transaction history across several different chains. 
  • No Email Required: No email is required to sign up with Nansen Portfolio. All you have to do is connect your Web3 wallet.


CoinMarketCap is a popular price-tracking tool. That said, they also offer a portfolio tracking service. If you’re already using CoinMarketCap to check cryptocurrency prices, then utilizing their portfolio tracker might be a convenient alternative for you.

Key Features

  • Manual Entry: With CoinMarketCap’s portfolio tracker feature, you can manually enter the number of tokens and the purchase price. As such, you can add even the most obscure tokens, providing an accurate way to track your portfolio. 
  • Price Tracking: Another benefit of CoinMarketCap is the price tracking feature, which is their most popular service. The platform supports a large number of cryptocurrencies, and you can track the price of each through detailed charts. 

Choosing Among the Best Wallet Trackers – Which Crypto Portfolio Tracker to Go For?

Now, with an overview of the top five best wallet trackers, you might ask yourself: which one should I opt for? The alternatives in our top five best wallet trackers list have unique niches, making them all good in their own ways. For instance, if you want an easy way to generate tax reports, then Koinly might be the option for you. On the other hand, if you’re already familiar with CoinMarketCap, then their wallet tracker feature might suit you well. 

Nevertheless, among the top five best crypto portfolio trackers, Moralis Money stands out as the overall premier option. Moralis Money provides the necessities you need to keep track of your crypto holdings, including both fungible tokens and NFTs. Moreover, this is presented in a user-friendly interface that works well for new and experienced traders alike. 

Title - Which Crypto Portfolio Tracker to Go For? Choose Moralis Money

You can additionally leverage Moralis Money’s wallet tracker feature to monitor others’ wallet addresses. This means you can keep track of crypto whales’ portfolios to see how they’re investing their money. 

Along with the crypto tracker, Moralis Money offers other powerful features you can leverage in your trading endeavors. To highlight these further, join us in the next section as we provide a comprehensive overview of Moralis Money’s core features!

Beyond the Best Wallet Trackers – Moralis Money Overview 

Along with one of the industry’s best wallet trackers, Moralis Money offers three core features: 

  • Token Explorer – With Token Explorer, you can easily find tokens before they pump. You can pick and choose between 15+ unique search parameters to make targeted searches. As such, with Token Explorer, you can find the right tokens for your altcoin trading strategy

    For instance, by adding the Coin Age, Security Score, and Experienced Buyers metrics, you can generate a list of new and secure coins gaining traction from experienced buyers:
  • Token Alerts – Once you’re done creating a unique query with Token Explorer, you can use the Token Alerts features to set up email notifications based on your filters. In doing so, you’ll be notified whenever a new token matching your preferences emerge. 

    All you have to do is save the filter, head to the homepage, click on the bell button for the filter in question, and add the required info: 
  • Token Shield – The final core feature is Token Shield, providing a security evaluation for all tokens. Just look for the shield symbol attached to each coin when using Token Explorer. The numbers featured on the symbols are each coin’s DEXT score. This score is used to measure the confidence of a project. And the higher the score, the less likely a token is to be a scam:
Security Scores on Moralis Money Crypto Wallet Portfolio Tracker

Trade Like a Professional with the Moralis Money Pro Plan 

If you’d like to take your crypto trading to the next level and supercharge the features of Moralis Money, consider subscribing to the Moralis Money Pro plan. With the Pro plan, you get a bunch of benefits, including the following: 

  • Narrower Timeframes: With the Moralis Money Pro plan, you can access narrower timeframes for all search parameters. Consequently, you can query marked data on a daily, hourly, and even ten-minute basis. With this advantage, you can effortlessly turn Moralis Money into the best tool for crypto day trading
  • Access to Private Discord Server: As a Pro user, you also get access to a private Discord server. This means you’ll become part of an extensive community of crypto traders where you can learn from other users and share your success. 
  • Save Five Alerts: You can also get access to the Token Alerts feature and save up to five alerts. As such, by going Pro, you’ll never again miss a promising investment opportunity! 

The aforementioned benefits are just three examples of why you should subscribe to the Moralis Money Pro plan. In addition to these, you also gain the ability to save up to ten search queries, get access to exclusive education, and much more: 

Pricing table of Moralis Money plans

If this sounds exciting, you can now sign up for our seven-day trial. Just head on over to our pricing page and hit the ”Start a 7-day trial here!” button: 

Moreover, you can also try Moralis Money immediately using the interactive widget below. Apply one of the pre-made filters. Or combine the metrics of your choice to target the coins you’re after: 

Summary: Best Wallet Trackers 2023 – Exploring the Top Crypto Portfolio Trackers

In today’s article, we explored the top five best wallet trackers in 2023: 

  1. Moralis Money
  2. Delta
  3. Koinly
  4. Nansen Portfolio
  5. CoinMarketCap

In doing so, we learned that each tracker has their own unique features and niches. However, among the best crypto portfolio trackers, Moralis Money stands out as the premier alternative. It offers all the necessities to track your on-chain assets, along with other prominent features like Token Explore, Token Alerts, and Token Shield. 

Also, remember that you can boost Moralis Money and maximize the value of one of the best crypto trading tools with the Pro plan. This gives you more narrow timeframes for all search parameters, access to exclusive education, the ability to save up to ten search queries, and much more. 

So, take this opportunity and subscribe to the Moralis Money Pro plan immediately!
WRITTEN BY David Olsson
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