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Today’s article will familiarize you with the basics of the Hilo crypto project and its native cryptocurrency: the HILO coin. By providing you with a proper yet simple overview, you’ll be able to determine whether or not the project and its asset arouse your interest. Now, since most of you are primarily interested in making money with altcoins, we will also analyze the HILO token’s price action. For that, we’ll use the basics of technical analysis (TA) to outline the major support and resistance levels. These levels, in combination with other TA indicators, will allow us to speculate on the HILO coin price prediction.

While this article will help you decide whether or not the Hilo platform and its token deserve your attention, you’ll want to research the project and its asset further before deciding whether or not you should buy $HILO. This is where Moralis Money will help you out via its $HILO token page.   

official website landing page of the Hilo crypto project

Exploring Hilo – What is the Hilo Crypto Project?

After exploring the Hilo crypto project’s official website, its whitepaper, and the Hilo platform, it’s safe to say that it all seems legit. If nothing else, the project has been active since the end of 2022, which in crypto terms means it already has some mileage.

Of course, we leave it up to you to decide if you think options trading is gambling or not, but via the Hilo platform, you can perform those “bets” for crypto assets in a secure and transparent manner. After all, you make those binary trades via a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain.

That said, what exactly is the Hilo crypto project?

The core of the project is the Hilo platform (a.k.a. the Hilo dapp) – “the ultimate platform for betting on trending tokens,” as the project’s website puts it. However, an important part of the project is also the HILO coin, which is a cryptocurrency itself. We’ll focus on the token later, but for now, let’s take a closer look at the Hilo dapp.

But before we dive into the Hilo dapp, let’s also look at the project’s name. As explained in the HILO whitepaper, “Hilo” comes from the “high+low,” which is the essence of the binary trading principle.

Hilo dapp platform UI landing page

The Hilo Crypto Dapp

As per the project’s whitepaper, the Hilo dapp offers a simple and easy binary options prediction market for crypto tokens (cryptocurrencies). This means that users get to utilize this dapp to try and predict in which direction the price of a particular cryptocurrency will move in a selected timeframe.

So, users place their bets (cast their vote) on whether the asset’s price will go higher or lower. By doing so, they lock their HILO coin in Hilo’s protocol (smart contract) that governs the process. Furthermore, users that get their predictions right share the prize pool according to their entry sizes.

According to the project, the Hilo dapp is completely transparent thanks to its on-chain structure. After all, everyone with internet access can view all entries, winners, and burnt $HILO on the Etherscan explorer.

It’s also worth pointing out that the dapp is available across the globe. Anyone with a Web3 wallet, such as MetaMask, some HILO tokens, and sufficient ETH to cover gas fees can participate.

The dapp operates on top of two networks: the Ethereum blockchain and the Arbitrum layer-2 scaling solution. The former serves for initial deposits, while the latter hosts the actual predictions, profits, and the withdrawal of tokens.

How to Use the Hilo Platform?

For detailed step-by-step instructions on how to use the Hilo crypto dapp, visit the project’s documentation:

how to use the Hilo dapp - Hilo crypto whitepaper

However, to make things as easy for you, here’s the gist of it:

  1. Ensure that you have your Web3 wallet ready, topped with ETH and HILO on the Ethereum/Arbitrum network. 
  2. Hit the “Connect” button in the top-right corner of the Hilo dapp.
  3. Make sure you are connected to Ethereum and deposit your $HILO.
  4. Then, switch to Arbitrum and select a pool you want to cast your prediction on. You can participate in the pools that are marked as “OPEN.”
  5. Once on the pool page, enter the amount you want to wager, select “Higher” or “Lower,” and execute an on-chain transaction to confirm your prediction.
What's the Hilo Dapp Platform Analysis & HILO Coin Prediction-Twitter-open-pools

Mechanisms of the Hilo Crypto Dapp

Note: Again, if you decide to use the Hilo dapp, make sure you first read the project’s whitepaper. There, you can learn all the details about Hilo, including the pool mechanisms, pool/price settlement, and more. In fact, the project’s official website has a disclaimer in its footer that presumes you have done so anyway:


The following parameters are the core of the mechanisms of the Hilo platform:

  • Locked Price – This is the price you will bet your predictions against, and it’s the initial price of the pool.
  • Settled Price – This is the price that will determine your outcome, and it’s the final price of the pool. 
  • Pool Lock-In Time – The timeframe that gives users time to place their predictions.
  • Pool Settle Time – The time remaining until the pool settles that starts once the pool is locked.
  • Token Details – These are details of the asset that users get to bet on, including token name, ticker/symbol, description, and links. 

Hilo’s Team and Community

The Hilo team is not doxxed yet, at least not to the public. However, according to the project’s whitepaper, the Hilo founder and development leads (directors) are doxxed on platforms like Flooz and Solidproof. Further, the project’s team promises to go public as a legitimate entity, registered, and audited in the upcoming phases of the project. 

As for the Hilo community, you can use various outlets to get involved, as the project has an active Medium, Telegram, and X (formerly Twitter) account.  

X (formerly Twitter) Hilo crypto project account page

The Hilo Crypto Project’s Roadmap

The project’s whitepaper also offers both product development and business development roadmaps. The former covers 2023 plans, while the latter extends over 2023 and 2024. You can see the details of these two roadmaps in the image below or by visiting the project’s whitepaper:

HILO Token and Hilo platform roadmap

What is the HILO Coin?

The HILO coin is the Hilo crypto platform’s native cryptocurrency. It is a utility token serving as a gateway to using the binary options crypto trading functionality. So, you must have $HILO to participate in the prediction pools that the Hilo dapp offers. Plus, all the rewards are also settled in the HILO token.

Of course, as an ERC-20 token, HILO can be freely traded on all exchanges that support the token.   

Tokenomics table of the HILO coin


  • Token name: HILO
  • Ticker/symbol: HILO or $HILO
  • Token type: ERC-20 
  • Network: Ethereum
  • Minting date: December 21, 2022
  • Token smart contract address: 0xbb9fd9fa4863c03c574007ff3370787b9ce65ff6
  • Use case: Utility token (sort of a prediction chip)
  • Buy tax: 6% 
  • Sell tax: 6%
  • Total supply: 100,000,000 $HILO
  • No team allocation
  • 100% of the total supply in circulation
  • 2% of the total tax goes to the liquidity pool, and 10% covers expenses

Full HILO Coin Price Analysis

HILO coin price chart

The above daily chart covers the entire price action of the HILO token. As you can see, the token started to trade on December 21, 2022 – the same day it was created. The asset’s listing price was $0.00004232; however, it didn’t stay that low for long. After all, the price jumped to as high as $0.002111 within the first hour of trading.

Following that initial pump, $HILO ranged between $0.0009-ish and $0.003-ish over the next 32 days. This period was a great opportunity for folks to accumulate their bag of $HILO. And that’s exactly what many of the Moralis Money Starter and Pro users did. And they were soon rewarded!

After all, on January 24, 2023, the token broke out of the aforementioned range and started quite an impressive run. Sure, there were some pullbacks along the way, but in total, the token’s price increased by more than 20x in 22 days. The asset reached as high as $0.05715 on February 15, 2023.

However, as you may know, most large pumps need large corrections. That’s exactly what happened with the HILO token. The asset’s price retraced by more than 90% over the next 97 days and reached as low as $0.00398 on May 23, 2023.

After that low, the token started showing some signs of reversal but couldn’t break above the $0.0085-ish level. Instead, it returned to the $0.005-ish region. For those who believed in the project, the period between May 6 and July 7, 2023, offered many great opportunities to stack some $HILO at a discount.

On July 8, 2023, the token went on another 2,200%-plus rally. At the time of writing, $HILO sits near its ATH at $0.1328.

$HILO TA (Technical Analysis)

Technical analysis with support and resistance levels for the HILO token

The above image includes the main levels of support and resistance, which are the core of any TA. The chart also shows the asset’s trading volume. We also included the RSI indicator and a valid trendline based on current data.

Using just these basic tools, we can actually see that $HILO still looks rather strong. It’s great to see that the price increase in the latest rally is backed by the increase in trading volume. However, the RSI does indicate a bearish divergence that could signal a potential correction. However, as long as the above trendline holds, the price of the HILO token could push higher.

On the other hand, if that trendline breaks down, the most likely scenario would be a retest of the previous top – the $0.051-ish-$0.057-ish region. 

What's the Hilo Dapp Platform Analysis & HILO Coin Prediction-Forecast

Future Forecast – What is the Price Prediction for the HILO Coin?

Based on the Fibonacci retracement tool, the most optimistic level (the “4.236” extension) for the current rally points to $0.229-ish. It would also be quite reasonable to expect some sort of correction soon, and a retest of the aforementioned previous high seems the most likely target in that case.  

As far as the long(er)-term HILO crypto asset price predictions go, we must first point out that they are purely speculative. After all, crypto as a whole tends to move fast. As such, it’s nearly impossible to make any accurate forecasts.

Still, our experience tells us that the ongoing bear market is nearing its completion. And the following bull run is likely to push many altcoins to their new all-time highs. This could obviously include the HILO coin.

Unfortunately, there are no other successful projects with the same use case from the previous bull markets to use as a point of reference. However, if we give the Hilo crypto project the “gambling” label, we could look at the leading project within that category: Rollbit.  

So, we can take Rollbit’s ATH market cap and divide it by HILO’s total supply to get a tangible price prediction. The latter points to $6.4891.

However, since Rollbit is also yet to experience its first bull run, the price potential for $HILO could be noticeably higher. 


Should You Buy $HILO?

You should research the project and its token further to answer the above question with confidence. And there’s no better place to do that than the Moralis Money $HILO token page. So, follow the link in the previous sentence or use the interactive widget below to explore the ins and out of HILO.

Also, make sure you explore the alpha metrics to help you determine if now’s the right time to buy $HILO. These invaluable on-chain insights show whether or not the asset is gaining or losing on-chain momentum. And, since on-chain activity always precedes price action, you can use these metrics to front-run any larger price moves!

Where Can I Buy the HILO Token?

Once on the Moralis Money token page for HILO, you’ll also see the instant crypto swap feature. The latter enables you to buy $HILO without breaking a sweat or the bank. It is extremely practical and secure. Plus, thanks to the 1inch aggregator, this is the cheapest way to buy crypto


How to Buy the HILO Coin in a Safe and Cheap Manner Using Moralis Money

Using Moralis Money’s swap feature is as straightforward as it gets. If you know how to swap ERC-20 tokens, you already know what to do.

Plus, the asset you want to buy (in this case, HILO) is already selected once you land on the token’s Moralis Money page. So, you just need to connect your wallet, select the asset you want to use to buy $HILO, enter its amount, approve the spending, and execute the transaction.

However, if you’ve never swapped crypto before, you may want to use our guide on how to swap on the Ethereum network. You may also watch the animation below to help you get going. 

What’s the Hilo Dapp? Platform Analysis and HILO Coin Prediction – Key Takeaways

  • The Hilo crypto project is all about binary options trading on trending crypto token prices.
  • Hilo has an active team, a vibrant community, and a clear roadmap.
  • To use the Hilo platform, you need the HILO coin.
  • The HILO token’s price is currently in a strong uptrend, printing new ATHs. 
  • In the short term, HILO’s price may retrace; however, if the project continues to deliver new features, $HILO’s value has the potential to increase further.
  • To determine whether or not you should buy $HILO, use the Moralis Money token page for that asset and DYOR.
  • Use Moralis Money’s alpha metrics to time your trades effectively.
  • You can buy HILO right on that page via the swap feature in a safe and affordable manner.

Whether you decide to buy HILO or not, you need to keep in mind that there are many other great altcoin opportunities. Also, note that the average altcoin tends to increase by 50-70x during a bull market. As such, now’s still a great time to learn how to find tokens before they pump

You can do that in just a couple of clicks across all the leading EVM-compatible networks (e.g., Ethereum, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, etc.) with Moralis Money’s core feature: Token Explorer. 

So, start scanning the crypto market for the best altcoin opportunities today!

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