Should You Buy Biaocoin? Exploring the BIAO Token

Chinese meme coins are currently all the rage, and the Biaocoin token is leading the pack! The BIAO token has pumped more than 250x recently, and early investors have experienced how massive gains feel like! But what exactly is this meme coin project all about, and should you buy Biaocoin now that it has already gone parabolic? Let’s find out!

Updated 31st May 2023 at 23:38

If you wish to explore the Biaocoin token on your own, use the interactive widget above. It includes real-time, on-chain data and links to the token’s socials and official website! It also includes the latest tweets, a price chart, and much more for the BIAO token!

However, if you want to explore the ins and outs of the Biaocoin crypto project, read on! We will look at what BIAO is, how the Biaocoin price has been performing, and how to buy Biaocoin.

In addition to exploring this meme coin project, we’ll teach you more about Moralis Money and how it can help you spot altcoin opportunities early! Aside from explaining the gist of this powerful yet simple on-chain tool, we will also provide you with a Moralis Money quickstart guide.

Plus, we will drop some useful tips that will help you get going with this awesome tool, which will significantly improve your chances of making those 100x crypto gains.

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What is Biaocoin?

Biaocoin is an ERC-20 token minted on May 25th, 2023, by “zauzai.eth,” and the token’s ticker is BIAO ($BIAO). As you can see from the above screenshot of BIAO’s official website, it is obviously a meme coin. Since it uses a Chinese panda meme, it has been classified as a “Chinese” meme.

The latter is also confirmed by the Chinese letters found on the above website. So, the token clearly targets the Chinese audience as well.

The website provides links to the token’s Twitter account and Etherscan and DEXTools pages. So, when it comes to content, the Biaocoin website follows the typical “standard” design of other tokens launched during the 2023 memecoin season

However, we have to admit that whoever created the website added a unique touch that made us laugh when we tried switching to dark mode. But we leave it up to you to decide if you find that prank funny or offensive:


The token’s total supply further suggests that whoever is behind this meme coin project is either from China or at least knows the basics of Chinese culture. After all, the number eight is considered the luckiest of numbers in China – the more eights, the better. Moreover, the BIAO’s total supply is 888,888,888,888.


Considering all meme coins, which often have total supplies of several hundreds of trillions, BIAO is quite on the lower end.

The Meme Behind the Biaocoin Token

The memes behind the BIAO token are known as “Chinese panda reaction images” or “biaoqing panda head.” The word “biaoqing” means “expression.” The latter also explains the name and the ticker of the BIAO token.

The Chinese panda meme first appeared on the Baozou Manhua site in the early 2010s and soon became China’s most popular MS paint meme.

These days, there are many variations of the biaoqing meme. However, the original meme was a combination of a panda cartoon and the face of Korean actor Choi Sung-Kook.


Biaocoin Price

Those of us who’ve been around crypto since early 2017 have witnessed and even experienced firsthand some insane altcoin rallies. However, the recent meme coin rallies have made some extra noise and shaken many beliefs about what’s possible in crypto. While the PEPE token’s 100,000x-plus rally in 21 days remains the winner, the Biaocoin price action is also pretty impressive.


If you look at the above logarithmic 30-minute BIAO chart, you can see that this meme coin pumped more than 25,000% in just over 24 hours. That’s a 250x price increase!

As soon as BIAO started trading, its price increased by more than 300% in the first 30 minutes. However, after that initial rally, the price reversed and reached its low at $0.0000001326 within 4 hours of trading. 

This initial on-chain activity already gave many Moralis Money Pro users a chance to detect BIAO. Those who were able to build a conviction that this Chinese meme coin might have potential were able to load up their bags in the following 18 hours.

What followed next was an incredible 250x-plus rally to the token’s current all-time high (ATH) at $0.00003760. After that, BIAO pulled back 60% and found its local bottom at $0.00001436 but has since then risen again and is currently trading in the $0.00002-$0.00003 region. 

How to Buy Biaocoin

Using the resources mentioned above, you can determine whether or not this meme coin deserves your attention. But make sure to be cautious! Even if the coin is not a scam, after the latest Biaocoin price rally, it can drop hard. However, if it manages to follow the path of PEPE, it can still go higher.

So, how to buy Biaocoin?

While BIAO has already been listed on some minor centralized exchanges, it has the largest trading volume on Uniswap in the BIAO/WETH trading pair. So, if you like the current Biaocoin price, that’s the exchange to use.

If you’ve used Uniswap – the leading decentralized exchange (DEX) for Ethereum-based tokens – you know that you need a Web3 wallet (e.g., MetaMask) and some ETH to complete such swaps. In that case, you will also have no problem accessing the BIAO token’s trading pair.

Now that you know how to buy Biaocoin, make sure to determine if it is actually a good buy and if so, when to enter.


As you can see in the image above, our most recent Moralis Money query still spotted BIAO’s impressive on-chain momentum!

Altcoin Opportunities and Moralis Money

Only time will tell how high the Biaocoin price can go and whether it is smart to apply the “how to buy Biaocoin” knowledge moving forward.

However, the fact that there are countless incredible altcoin opportunities and that those who can spot these opportunities make incredible gains is certain.

It’s also already clear that Moralis Money users, especially those who opted for the Pro plan, have been pocketing impressive profits. After all, even though the bull market hasn’t started yet, many crypto assets have already generated similar price rallies to BIAO.

Moralis Money Pro users have been able to identify tokens like WOJAK, BOB, BEN, RFD, WAGMI, and many others. Including the absolute winner: PEPE. Here are just some of the success stories:


That said, this is your time to discover new crypto coins in their early phase and pocket those impressive gains!


The Gist of Moralis Money

We cover Moralis Money in detail in many other articles on the Moralis Academy blog, so we won’t do that herein. However, the following properly sums up the gist of this ultimate on-chain tool:

  • Everyone can access and use Moralis Money – it’s free!
  • User-friendly, easy-to-interpret, actionable results.
  • Access real-time, on-chain data that precedes price action.
  • Preset filters for a quick and simple start.
  • Generate a unique dynamic list of altcoin opportunities in seconds.
  • Use Token Explorer to overcome FOMO by finding tokens with potential early.
  • Avoid scams by considering security scores provided by the Token Shield feature.
  • Bridge the time-scarcity gap by running on-chain queries on autopilot with Token Alerts.
  • Search for any token and wallet address.
  • Explore your portfolio.
  • Collect magic beans daily.
  • Join an amazing community of crypto degens.
  • Spot new coins as they go live.
  • Explore multiple chains.
  • Significantly increase your chances of spotting those 50x-plus altcoin gems early.

Use the interactive widget below and start exploring altcoin opportunities today!

How to Get Started with Moralis Money

The fastest and simplest way to get going with Moralis Money is to use one of the preset filters. You can select one of them in the above widget or visit the Moralis Money homepage and make your pick. Thanks to preset filters, you can generate your first dynamic list of altcoins with potential in seconds:

While preset filters are a great starting point, they do not give you the ultimate edge when scoping for altcoin opportunities. As such, we encourage you to get familiar with applying your unique combinations of filters. So, access Token Explorer and get going!


Whenever you want to apply a unique filter using Token Explorer, you need to follow this simple five-step process:

  1. Select a metric
  2. Select the metric’s filter option
  3. Enter a value for that metric
  4. Select the timeframe 
  5. Hit the “Run Query” button

A single filter can already help you find great opportunities; however, typically, you’ll want to add multiple filters. As such, make sure to use the “Add Another Filter” button and repeat the above-outlined steps. 

Reduce Your Risk of Buying Scammy Tokens

When exploring a dynamic list of tokens that you’ll be generating with Token Explorer, you’ll get a chance to use the power of the Token Shield feature. The latter comes in the form of security scores inside the color-coded shields. The higher the number, the lower the risk of the token being a scam:


You can consider the security scores manually or by applying the Security Score filter. The latter allows you to automatically exclude tokens that do not match your risk tolerance:


Automate Your On-Chain Queries

As you can see in the above graphics, the “Save Query” button is at the bottom of Token Explorer’s control panel. So, make sure to use this button whenever you find a winning combo of search parameters. This is also a prerequisite to using the Token Alerts feature.

Once you save your queries, you’ll be able to view them on the Moralis Money homepage. Then, you can run them at any time by simply clicking on them. However, you can also run those queries on autopilot. 

To do that, you just need to click on the bell icon next to your saved queries, toggle the “receive emails” button, enter your email address, select how often you want to receive alerts, and click on the “Start Monitoring” button:


For automated queries, you’ll receive an email notification whenever a new altcoin that matches your search criteria appears. 

Inside those emails, you’ll find the token’s address that will link to the Moralis Money token page for that altcoin. Since you now know how to buy Biaocoin via that kind of page, you’ll be able to access the right trading pair using that blue “Buy” button for any other altcoin.

Go Pro

Instead of just blindly applying the “how to buy Biaocoin” instructions provided above, make sure to check out the latest on-chain conditions. The on-chain data will tell you whether the token is losing or gaining momentum and, in turn, help you determine the most likely direction of the Biaocoin price. Of course, you should follow that guideline with any token you are interested in.

However, as a visitor or with a free Moralis Money account, you are limited to larger timeframes, such as monthly and quarterly. Consequently, you are not able to see the latest opportunities. That privilege is reserved for the Moralis Money Pro users:


So, if you are serious about your altcoin investments, make sure to lock in your Pro access. The best prices await those who commit to yearly subscriptions. And, if you’d like to take Moralis Money for a test drive before committing, just use the “trial” button on the Pricing page. Then you’ll have seven days to make the most of this crypto trading signal trial.


Should You Buy Biaocoin? Exploring the BIAO Token – Summary

If you covered the above sections, you now know that BIAO is just another meme coin. However, unlike other meme coins launched in 2023, BIAO targets the Chinese audience.

We also looked at the Biaocoin price, where you found out that the token had an incredible one-day rally, during which it printed 250x-plus gains. We pointed out that after such a really, typically, a large dump is to be expected. However, we’ve seen other meme coins ignoring that rule. So, it’s up to you to decide whether or not you should deploy the “how to buy Biaocoin” instructions obtained herein.

If BIAO were to continue its rally and you were to get a bag of it because of this article, you’d probably be thrilled you landed here. However, that would just be a small bonus compared to what you can do with the information about Moralis Money obtained above.

After all, the next bull market is slowly warming up. So, now’s the best time to perfect your altcoin trading strategy!
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