The Refund token is just one of many new altcoins that have experienced such explosive initial rallies lately. So, even though we are not officially in the bull market yet, the second quarterer of 2023 will go down in history as a (or even THE) memecoin season

The memecoin that started this season was the PEPE token, which at one point actually managed to climb over one billion USD market cap. However, there were several other tokens climbing the $100 million market cap barrier. 

Aside from memecoins, there have been many other alt rallies. And Moralis Money Pro users have been able to detect these opportunities in time to get in on the price action. How? Well, Moralis Money is the best and simplest on-chain trading tool that offers traders a chance to spot tokens that are gaining (or losing) on-chain momentum. 

And, since on-chain activity precedes price action, these folks in the know get to position themselves properly. Essentially, with such powerful insights, they are able to get their timing right.

So, if you wish to spot the next Refund token, start using Moralis Money today!

Use the interactive widget below to get going!

What is the Refund Token?

The Refund Token is a new ERC20 cryptocurrency that was minted on May 19, 2023. We can call it a memecoin; however, there’s no typical internet meme behind it. Though, the official token’s website clearly states that the token serves educational, entertainment, and experimental purposes. 

At the time of writing, the Refund Coin project has no clear utility for the RFD coin. With that said, it’s safe to think of it as another memecoin that is rallying through the charts.  

However, what’s special about the RFD coin is that it was launched by Blurr.Eth. The latter is one of the most famous crypto whales, who has an estimated net worth of more than $100 million. This whale is also the one to do the wash sale of the #9998 Crypto Punk, which was sold for more than $500,000,000 (124,000 ETH) at the time. 

As such, the image of that NFT is also the token’s logo. 


Looking at the Refund Coin website, you can further confirm that at this point, this is nothing but a memecoin. The website is very simple and provides extremely limited information. It contains a link to Uniswap, where everyone with a Web3 wallet (e.g., MetaMask) and some ETH can buy RFD. 

The website also links to the “blurr” DeBank profile, where you can view the portfolio of the address that minted the Refund token. Moreover, there are links to projects’ socials (Telegram and Twitter), and the token’s Etherscan and CoinMarketCap pages.

Where RFD really stands out is the number of CEX listing just two days after launch. These listing announcements are also currently flooding the Refund Coin (@RefundCoinETH) Twitter account.

Nonetheless, the official project’s website also includes “sophisticated” details about the RFD’s tokenomics – zero taxes and a one-billion total supply.


RFD Coin Price

The above logarithmic, 30-min Refund token chart indicates this crypto’s impressive rally. You can see that the initial pump was very explosive and it would be rather hard to enter before it. However, once the price of RFD reached a local high at approximately $0.000004, it had a multi-hourly pullback. 

And, since the initial rally also came with a lot of on-chain activity, many Moralis Money Pro users had a neat opportunity to enter that phase. After all, there were multiple combinations of filters that returned a list of tokens, with the Refund coin right at the top. 


Following the consolidation after the initial pump, the RFD coin rallied for another 3000%-plus price increase. That is more than a 31x value appreciation in just over two days. 

Can you find such returns anywhere outside the crypto sphere? Altcoins offer the greatest opportunities for life-changing profits in a very short time. And, Moralis Money helps you spot these opportunities before they are gone. 

Refund Coin Potential

After the rally that the Refund coin already had, it wouldn’t be shocking if it experienced a major retrace. However, with memecoins things can get quite insane fast. For instance, just look at PEPE’s chart. After its massive initial rally, PEPE did another 10x. 


So, if Refund Coin actually managed to pull a similar move to PEPE and were to reach the market cap of $1.65 billion, the price of RFD would reach $0.00165. That’s another 19x from the current token’s ATH.

And, if you wish to realistically (though quite unlikely) predict the potential for RFD, you ought to look at the leading memecoins. SHIB and DOGE both still sit at the multi-billion USD market cap. However, their market cap ATHs reached $43.51 billion and $73.8 billion during the last bull run. 

With these numbers in mind, the RFD coin would jump to $0.04351 or $0.0738. So, if RFD were to achieve the same level of adoption as Dogecoin, it could move 850x-plus from its current price range. However, we leave it up to you to speculate what’s the likelihood of that happening. 

Based on our experience and perspective, it is better to learn how to catch tokens in their earliest stage. This is when large pumps are most likely. Sure, a token can have additional multiple pumps. However, once it has already pumped hard, it can also dump significantly. 

Luckily, you don’t have to close your eyes and pray for these kinds of opportunities. Instead, you just need to run Moralis Money queries and spot tokens that are gaining or losing on-chain momentum. So, are you ready to learn how to make the most of this powerful trading tool?


Make the Most Out of Altcoin Opportunities – Go Beyond the Refund Token

Once you learn how to use Moralis Money as a tool to detect altcoin opportunities, you’ll be truly empowered. After all, there are amazing opportunities throughout the crypto cycles. Of course, the bull market brings the most insane profits. However, with the right crypto bear market strategies, you can thrive in any market condition. 

With Moralis Money, you can not only detect coins that are gaining momentum but also the ones that are losing it. So, you can time both your entries and exist, as well as longs and shorts. Plus, you can create an additional cash flow with the best Bitcoin affiliate programs

All-in-all, once you know how to generate real-time crypto signals, you enter a whole new level of possibilities. So, join the Moralis Money Pro users and start making the most out of altcoin opportunities today!


However, before we show you how to get going with Moralis Money, let’s make sure you understand the gist of this powerful on-chain tool.

Token Explorer, Token Shield, and Token Alerts – The Essence of Moralis Money

Token Explorer, Token Shield, and Token Alerts are the three core Moralis Money features. They are the essence of Moralis Money and help you overcome the three most common obstacles that altcoin traders face – FOMO, scams, and lack of time. 

With Token Explorer, you get to detect which altcoins are gaining or losing on-chain momentum. That helps you detect opportunities in their earliest stages. After all, by now you know that the change of on-chain data precedes price action.


So, by seeing which tokens have bullish or bearish on-chain activity, you can position your trades properly and timely. Hence, you get to create a system that gives you the confidence to enter trades before it’s too late. Thus, you get to avoid FOMOing into tokens near the top. 

The Token Shield feature does its thing automatically – on every on-chain query that you run, it performs token security checks. So, as a result, you get to see the tokens’ security score – the higher the safer. As such, you can significantly reduce your risk of getting a bag of shady tokens.   


You can further utilize the security scores by applying the Security Score filter. That way, you can make sure that your dynamic list of tokens only displays the altcoins that match your risk aversion.


As for your time scarcity, you don’t have to worry about it thanks to Token Alerts. This Moralis Money feature allows you to run your favorite on-chain queries on autopilot. Whenever you find a combo of filters that you like, you get to save that query. Then, you can turn on email notifications for those queries from the Moralis Money homepage.


With the Token Alerts feature, you’ll be able to keep an eye on new crypto opportunities even when you are away from your computer. 

How to Get Going with Moralis Money – Spot the Next RFD Coin Today!

There are many ways to get started with Moralis Money. For instance, you can use the interactive widget in the intro to select one of the preset filters or apply your unique search parameters.

Once on the Moralis Money website, you’ll be able to see all that this powerful tool has to offer. And, starting on the homepage, you can now select one of the interesting search options:

In the above animation, you can also see the “New Coins with Social Activity” and “What are Experienced Traders Buying” categories. By clicking the “See more” options under these categories, you can see all the leading candidates.

However, while all of the aforementioned quick starts are great, they are available to all Moralis Money users. As such, if you only focus on them, you’ll have a slimmer chance of finding the best crypto gems. To do that, you ought to use the Token Explorer in an advanced manner.

As such, make sure to hit “Use Advanced Explorer” or “Token Explorer”. That is the first step. 

Once on the Token Explorer page, start applying your unique combination of filters. So, first, select a metric. Then, select the metric’s filter option that suits your preferences. Third, enter a value for that metric. Fourth, select the timeframe you want to focus on. Finally, hit the “Run Query” button.


You can run single-filter queries; however, to get more refined dynamic lists of tokens, we encourage you to mix and match multiple filters. So, use the “Add Another Filter” button and repeat the above-outlined sequence.   


As you can see in the screenshot above, there are several metrics to choose from. So, you can easily find unique opportunities. And, if you wish to find the next Refund token, make sure to use the Coin Age filter.

Access Moralis Money’s Full Power

It’s worth pointing out again that the Refund Coin project is many opportunities that appear on a weekly or even daily basis. And with Moralis Money in your corner, you can start spotting new cryptos as soon as they go live. But with the Market Cap metric, you can also decide to focus on more seasoned altcoins. So, among the new and existing projects, there are countless opportunities awaiting those who can spot them.

While Moralis Money is a free tool that anyone with internet access can use, it reserves its full power for the Pro plan users. 

Visitors and free plan users are limited to larger timeframes (monthly and quarterly). That gives them a chance to experience the power of on-chain data; however, it doesn’t empower them to be among the first on the ball. 

That privilege awaits those who decide to access the lower timeframe. Only the Moralis Money Pro users get to spot opportunities as they happen.


Exploring the RFD Coin – Should You Buy the Refund Token? – Summary

In today’s article, you had an opportunity to get acquainted with the Refund token. You now know that the RFD coin that’s been on the run since it came to life is just another memecoin. However, the Refund Coin project was apparently launched by a famous crypto whale – Blurr.Eth. Moreover, the token has also been listed on quite an impressive number of centralized exchanges in the short time that’s been around. 

Aside from learning about the RFD coin, you also had a chance to meet Moralis Money – the ultimate on-chain trading tool. As such, you found out how Moralis Money Pro users have been spotting opportunities like the Refund token or even better ever since the tool went live. Plus, we showed you how you can start finding great opportunities with Moralis Money yourself without breaking a sweat.

Now that you know the gist of this powerful yet simple-to-use tool, make sure to take action. Start running your on-chain queries today! 

The next bull run is slowly priming up, so make sure you are ready when it comes.
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