You may know that there are seasons to all markets, including crypto. However, with the right tools, there’s money to be made in any market conditions. Using a crypto or Bitcoin affiliate program allows you to make a passive income. With the Moralis Money Bitcoin affiliate program, you will make an income from giving other people access to the free crypto trading tool they’re looking for.

And, that’s exactly why the best Bitcoin affiliate programs work so well – they are offered by companies with products that are in demand in both bull and bear markets. So, you can generate your crypto passive income by helping people discover and use those products/services. 

After all, crypto markets are on 24/7, thus trading never stops. Plus, with high volatility, great opportunities pop up on a daily basis. The key is to spot bullish crypto trends, which is exactly how Moralis Money users have been pocketing massive gains since the product’s launch. 


And, you can now promote a product that helps casual traders achieve the same results. Just become Moralis Money’s affiliate

But before you sign up for any of the best Bitcoin affiliate programs, make sure to at least dip your toes into the stuff you plan on promoting. 

Take Moralis Money for a Spin Yourself

When it comes to Moralis Money, you can take it for a spin via the interactive widget above. 

Simply select one of the preset filters or apply your unique combination of search parameters to generate your first dynamic list of tokens based on crypto signals

Plus, once you realize the power of this easy-to-use on-chain tool, you’ll easily make $100 a day trading crypto. So, combined with the revenue from the best Bitcoin affiliate programs, you’ll be all set!     

Moving forward, we’ll first present the three best crypto affiliate programs for 2023. However, you’ll also have a chance to learn more about the Moralis Money on-chain trading tool itself. As such, you’ll have a chance to learn the gist of this product that basically sells itself.  

Hence, you’ll be able to determine if that is the crypto tool that you can get behind. What’s more, you’ll find how to benefit from using Moralis Money yourself. After all, you probably wouldn’t mind pocketing 50x-plus gains when the altcoin season indicator flashes green, right? 


What are Bitcoin Affiliate Programs?

So, what are Bitcoin affiliate programs? In short, you can consider any “Bitcoin affiliate program” is a synonym for “crypto affiliate program”. The latter refers to any affiliate or collaboration opportunity offered by a company that is in some way involved with the crypto industry. 

These sorts of collaborations work like in traditional (t.i. non-crypto businesses) affiliate programs. So, you need to sign up as an affiliate to access your affiliate dashboard. There, you get to generate your affiliate links and invite your audience to use those links to access the product/service that you promote. Then, whenever a user converts via your affiliate links, you get a predetermined percentage of that conversion.


As you may know, Bitcoin is an open-source, community-driven, peer-to-peer blockchain network and the first cryptocurrency. So, there’s no actual Bitcoin affiliate program – a program where you’d get to earn commission by promoting Bitcoin directly. 

However, many folks still use “Bitcoin” interchangeably with “crypto”, so the best Bitcoin affiliate programs are an indirect way to promote Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, and the crypto industry as a whole. You can learn more about how crypto affiliate marketing works in one of our past articles.

The Best 3 Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

As promised in the intro, it’s time we present you the three best Bitcoin affiliate programs. What makes them the best? The products/service behind these offers are in high demand. Moreover, people use these products/services in all market conditions. Plus, these affiliate programs offer quite impressive commissions. 

However, there are some noticeable differences between the best crypto affiliate programs. And, the following image sums that up neatly. 


2nd Runner-Up: Binance

Even if you’re a complete “crypto” beginner, you’ve probably heard of Binance. After all, it continues to be the most significant centralized cryptocurrency exchange in the world to date. And, their good affiliate program helped them get to this point. 

Binance offers a 50% commission on referrers’ trading fees, which can add up to quite a lot for those who refer large-volume traders. 


It’s also worth pointing out that Binance is a lot more than a CEX – it is an entire ecosystem. So, thanks to its wide range of products and services, users typically stay well engaged. And, a good engagement is very important for Binance affiliates who depend on users’ activity. 

The main downside of this Bitcoin affiliate program is the fact that it has some entry barriers. To become a Binance affiliate, you need to have at least 500 active traders in your community or a minimum of 5,000 followers on social media. 

1st Runner-Up: Bybit

When it comes to CEXs, the Bybit affiliate program is at the top. Just like Binance, Bybit offers a lucrative commission structure – 50% commission. But keep in mind that not every affiliate gets to enjoy those high commissions. The 50% commission deal is reserved for top-tier affiliates.

Like all CEX affiliate programs, Bybit affiliates earn a portion of their referrals’ trading fees. So, the more referrals you make and the larger volumes they trade, the more you can make as a CEX affiliate.


Another mention-worthy characteristic of the Bybit affiliate program is a 10% commission from sub-affiliates. This multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunity allows Bybit affiliates to earn from traders that their referrals refer. 

Unlike Binance, Bybit doesn’t have entry-limit requirements regarding the number of traders and followers. However, it does require affiliates to have a qualifying website, mobile app, or trading software to join their affiliate program. 


The Best Bitcoin Affiliate Program: Moralis Money

The Moralis Money on-chain trading tool went live in the first quarter of 2023. It was an instant hit among professional and casual traders alike. As such, the team decided to create the best Bitcoin affiliate program that will allow influencers and other marketers to profit from this sweet deal. 

Moralis Money affiliates are pocketing industry-leading 30% lifetime commission. And, they are profiting by empowering their communities to help them make money with crypto. That way all involved parties win! 

Based on the current Moralis Money Pro plan price, you can make a minimum of about $59 per conversion. So, just imagine referring 500 active Moralis Money users; that’s nearly $30k in commission every month. 

Of course, you may not have a large enough following for such results; however, you can easily get several tens of folks to start using Moralis Money. And, who wouldn’t be pleased with an extra $1000-plus passive recurring income, right?

Also, unlike the above-presented two best Bitcoin affiliate programs, Moralis Money’s deal has no requirements. You can join in seconds that start promoting the most powerful on-chain trading tool today

Plus, Moralis Money affiliate program also features MLM opportunities. This means that you can also recruit other affiliates and they pocket a portion of the revenue they bring in. 

However, a high-commission structure, no signup requirements, and MLM opportunities are only a few reasons why Moralis Money is the best Bitcoin affiliate program. The core reason lies in the unrivaled power-simplicity combo that this tool offers!

As such, make sure to go through the section below and get acquainted with Moralis Money.

You are 2 Steps Away to Become a Moralis Money Affiliate

After learning about the above three best Bitcoin affiliate programs, you are probably eager to sign up with Moralis Money’s program. If so, just complete the following two steps:

  1. Access the Moralis Money affiliate signup page.   
  2. Enter your details (see the screenshot below) and hit “Sign up now”.

The Best Affiliate Programs Have Great Products – Meet Moralis Money

In the four altcoin charts presented in the “Take Moralis Money for a Spin Yourself” section, you can see the great potential that altcoins have. But keep in mind that these are just four examples – there are countless massive price rallies that many altcoins offer. And, during the bull run, the average altcoin tends to offer 50x-70x gains

As such, a product that helps people spot these amazing opportunities and gives them a system to enter trades before it’s too late is extremely valuable. And, since on-chain activity precedes price action, with Moralis Money traders can do exactly that. 


So, the number one advantage of Moralis Money is that it provides insight into on-chain activity. As a visitor or a free user, everyone can explore larger timeframes. However, the Moralis Money Pro user can access lower timeframes (down to 10-minute intervals) to access real-time on-chain data. In other words, the Pro plan users get to spot new opportunities as they appear and before the prices reflect that.      

Though the core of Moralis Money comes in the form of three main features – Token Explorer, Token Shield, and Token Alerts. Each of these features also directly tackles one of the three main crypto trading obstacles – FOMO, scams, and lack of time.

  • With Token Explorer users get to overcome FOMO.
  • Token Shield helps traders avoid scams.
  • With Token Alerts users get to run their on-chain queries on autopilot to overcome the lack-of-time challenge.  

Token Explorer

The Token Explorer feature allows users to apply their unique combinations of search parameters. And, that is the path to spotting the best opportunities. There are already many metrics to choose from, with new ones on their way. Once users apply one or more filters, they get to run their queries. As a response, they get a dynamic list of tokens based on the on-chain data.  


As indicated in the above screenshot, users get to select their result sorting preferences and customize columns. Plus, they can use the timeframe selection option for each of the applicable metrics. 

All-in-all, Token Explorer provides invaluable insight and empowers traders to spot opportunities early. This gives them a system to time their entries a lot more effectively and efficiently. As such, they can finally overcome FOMO.

Token Shield

The Token Shield feature helps traders avoid scammy projects. Moreover, it does its thing automatically. Whenever a user runs a query, Token Shield performs a security check for the tokens that match the search criteria. And as marked in the image below, users can see these scores next to each token.


The security scores range from one to 99 – the higher the safer – and are presented in the color-coded shield icons. As such, traders can intuitively know that the green shields indicate less risky options. Of course, everyone still has the right to proceed according to their risk aversion.

Moreover, users get to use the Security Score filter to ensure that their dynamic lists display only tokens that match their risk aversion.

Best-Bitcoin-affiliate-programs-have-great-products- Token-Security-Score-Filter

Token Alerts

The third core feature that the product behind one of the best Bitcoin affiliate programs has to offer is Token Alerts. The latter is available to all users after they save their queries via the “Save Query” button on the Token Explorer page (see images above). Then, users get to activate email notifications from the Moralis Money homepage:


The Token Alerts feature allows traders to step away from their computers and still spot new opportunities as they appear. This powerful feature also empowers folks who don’t have a lot of extra time to search for crypto opportunities. With Token Alerts, traders get to run on-chain queries on autopilot and receive details about every new opportunity that appears straight into their inbox!

Moralis Money Quick Start

The above details are more than enough to help you grasp the gist of Moralis Money. However, to really appreciate the power of this tool, you ought to use it yourself. 

As such, use this quick start guide to generate your first list of altcoin opportunities with just a few clicks.

The simplest and quickest way to get going with Moralis Money is to select one of the preset filter on the Moralis Money homepage:

But the goal of every user should be to start running unique queries. And, to start with that, you can follow this three-step process:

  1. Open Token Explorer.
  2. Apply the Coin Age metric to focus on newer coins or use the Market Cap metric to target more seasoned coins.
  3. Hit “Add Another Filter” and apply one of the metrics that will help you detect an increasing or decreasing on-chain momentum. Metrics like Holders, Buyers, Experienced Buyers, and Liquidity are all great for that purpose.

Follow the above steps and experience the power of Moralis Money firsthand. Then, you’ll know exactly how to best present this awesome tool to your audience and make the most of the Moralis Money affiliate program

Of course, there are a lot of other features that you can explore on the Moralis Money website. A great example are token pages, where traders can DYOR opportunities.

Best Bitcoin Affiliate Programs – Free Crypto Trading Tool – Summary

In today’s article, you had a chance to learn about the three best Bitcoin affiliate programs. You now know that two of them come from the hands of CEXs – Bybit and Binance. 

However, the most advantageous crypto affiliate opportunity awaits those ready to promote Moralis Money. And, you had an opportunity to learn all you need to know about Moralis Money herein. You now know what this on-chain tool is all about. You learned what makes it so valuable and how easy it is to use it.

All-in-all, the above sections gave you a chance to start building a stream of passive income via the Moralis Money affiliate program. Plus, you now know how to spot the best crypto opportunities yourself. As such, you can make extra profits with smart altcoin trades.

Apply for the Moralis Money affiliate program today!
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