What is Moralis Money? 

Moralis Money is the number one trading indicator for making altcoin gains, and its affiliate marketing crypto program is the easiest way to become financially independent in Web3. This tool leverages irrefutable on-chain data, allowing anyone to monitor breaking crypto market changes in real time. As such, it has never been easier to find the next crypto coin before everyone else.

Using Moralis Money is simple; anyone can generate a list of hidden altcoin gems with just a few clicks. Consequently, it’s a no-brainer for all traders to integrate Moralis Money into their altcoin trading strategy

The crypto community is already going nuts about Moralis Money. Just look at our Twitter and also check out some testimonials of happy customers flexing their gains: 

Affiliate Marketing Crypto Testimonials

Would you like to promote a product essentially selling itself? All while making a 30% lifetime commission on brought-in revenue? If so, join the Moralis Money crypto affiliate marketing program for free today

Crypto Affiliate Marketing Explained 

Crypto affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy where affiliates gain rewards from promoting a company’s products/services. When signing up for a crypto affiliate marketing program, affiliates are usually given a unique code or link to share with their audience. 

Title - What is Affiliate Marketing in Crypto?

In return for promoting the product/service, affiliates commonly receive a commission on each purchase through their link/code. However, in some instances, affiliates can also be rewarded with perks or other benefits. 

There are several different types of crypto affiliate marketing programs. Some can be quite generic, while others incentivize a certain action, encouraging users that click an affiliate link to take on a more active role. 

Let’s look at some different types of crypto affiliate marketing programs to better understand how this works! 

Types of Crypto Affiliate Marketing Programs 

The top crypto affiliate marketing programs can essentially be divided into three categories: 

  1. Unattached programs
  2. Related programs
  3. Involved programs

Let’s break down each so you can clearly distinguish between them.

Unattached Affiliate Programs

An unattached crypto affiliate program is close to what you might have stumbled across on conventional affiliate marketing platforms. All users need to do is sign up for the product/service for affiliates to reap a one-time commission reward. Also, the affiliate has no authority, expertise, or connection in the product/service’s niche.    

Related Affiliate Programs

In a related crypto marketing affiliate program, the promotion of the product/service features some form of relationship to the offering. Affiliates don’t need to claim to use the product/service actively, but what they’re promoting must be tied to their niche. The affiliate is, therefore, an authority and has expertise within the field. 

Involved Affiliate Programs

An involved crypto marketing affiliate program requires the most work as it involves making personal recommendations to the affiliate’s audience. In doing so, the affiliate must often check out the product/service themselves and create some form of media content highlighting their experience. This builds a more dynamic and personal bond with the audience; they’ll take the positive experience as a personal recommendation. 

So, in which category can you find the Moralis Money crypto affiliate marketing program? 

Well, the Moralis Money Web3 affiliate program can be classified as either, as there’re no requirements for signing up. However, you’ll most likely see the best results if you treat it as an involved affiliate program. Having authority within the industry and being a user yourself will help you promote Moralis Money and increase your conversion rate. 

The Benefits of Getting Into Affiliate Marketing in Crypto 

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the basics of crypto affiliate marketing, you might be asking yourself, why should I become a Moralis Money affiliate? 

To answer this, let’s look at the benefits of joining the Moralis Money crypto affiliate marketing program! 

A Rapidly Growing Crypto Market 

The crypto market is buzzing, and many people are showing an increased interest in the industry. With the number of crypto traders rapidly growing, so is the number of potential Moralis Money users.

Price Chart Illustrating Crypto Affiliate Marketing Growth

As such, now is a better time than ever to become a Moralis Money affiliate and continue building your audience. By taking this opportunity today, you’ll gain early access to an expanding market.

High Demand for Crypto Trading Tools 

As people flock to the crypto market, traders seek crypto analysis tools to boost their altcoin gains. All successful traders leverage tools, and with Moralis Money, it has never been easier to find the best altcoins to invest in with 100x potential

User Cashing Out Crypto By Participating in Crypto Affiliate Marketing

So, by becoming a Moralis Money affiliate, you’ll promote a great product you can be proud of endorsing! 

Financial Independence

In combination with favorable market conditions and the high demand for crypto trading tools, the Moralis Money affiliate program also offers a favorable commission structure. As an affiliate, you’ll get a 30% lifetime monthly recurring commission on all brought-in revenue. What’s more, all upgrades are counted toward your earnings.

For each referral upgrading to the Moralis Money Pro plan, you’ll receive about $59. If you manage to sign up 500 people, you’ll have a monthly returning revenue of $30k. As such, as you can imagine, this is a quick and easy way to become financially independent! 

A growing market, high demand for trading tools, and a favorable commission structure are only three benefits making Moralis Money the most attractive crypto affiliate marketing program on the list. 

So, take this opportunity now and join the Moralis Money affiliate program and begin your journey toward financial independence! 

How to Become a Successful Crypto Affiliate 

Now that you’re familiar with the benefits of joining a crypto affiliate marketing program, let’s also take a closer look at how you become a successful Moralis Money affiliate. In the following sections, we’ll cover the following three tips for crypto affiliate marketing success: 

  1. Promote the right product
  2. Create killer content
  3. Push your content

Without further ado, let’s start by covering the importance of finding the right product to promote.

Promote the Right Product 

It maybe goes without saying; however, we can’t emphasize enough the importance of finding the right product to promote. By joining a program and promoting a product like Moralis Money, you won’t have any trouble illustrating the value it brings. The product will do half the work for you, as it essentially sells itself! 

What’s more, even though it isn’t a requirement in order to become an affiliate, we highly recommend you use Moralis Money yourself. If you have a better understanding of how Moralis Money works, you can inspire greater confidence in your audience, and your conversion rate will skyrocket as an effect.

We’ll dive deeper into the ins and outs of how Moralis Money works in the “Moralis Money Overview” section below. 

Create Killer Content

With a great product, you also need quality content. 

First of all, your content and the overall strategy need to be tailored around your targeted audience. If the content isn’t relevant to your audience, you’ll have difficulty convincing them to try the product. 

A good strategy for a Moralis Money affiliate is to produce educational content on how to use the service. Moralis Money has some killer features, and if you can showcase how they work, users will instantly see the value!

But education content is just an example; other content types might suit you and your audience better. The important part is that you create engaging content that your audience can interact with.

Push Your Content 

With a killer product and quality content, the last piece of the puzzle is pushing it. An effective way of reaching and engaging your audience is to set up a solid social media strategy. Building a robust online presence is vital. As such, if you haven’t already, we recommend starting to use social media to promote your content.

Affiliate Marketing Crypto Program Channels - Including Social Media and News Sources

A good starting point is Twitter, as Moralis Money already has a buzzing Twitter community. You can start sharing your content on Twitter, and we have seen promising results from people interacting with the Moralis Money account directly. 

However, Twitter is only one of many social media channels. We recommend exploring other alternatives like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Nevertheless, to efficiently create and push Moralis Money content, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the product. Therefore, we’ll take the following section to cover Moralis Money’s three central features and how they work! 

Moralis Money Overview 

Moralis Money is the number one on-chain trading indicator providing true market alpha. With Moralis Money, traders can stay one step ahead of whales and major coin lists. This means that, with Moralis Money, it has never been easier to find the best cryptocurrency to invest in

You can try Moralis Money yourself in the widget below. All you need to do is apply one of the preset filters. Or you can create a custom filter by adding metrics to target specific coins you’re after. 

Also, for a breakdown of Moralis Money, we’ll cover the tool’s three central features in the sections below. In doing so, we’ll highlight the value of each feature, starting with Token Explorer!

Token Explorer – Find the Next Big Crypto 

The fear of missing out (FOMO) is a significant problem for crypto traders. However, a simple solution to FOMO is to find tokens before they pump. This is where Token Explorer enters the equation. 

So, how does it work? 

The first option is to use a preset filter: 

The second option is to create a custom filter to target specific coins. For example, by adding the Experienced Buyers and Coin Age metrics, users can query coins gaining traction from other traders that were minted within the past month: 

Token Alerts – Get Real-Time Alerts 

Another challenge for crypto traders is time constraints. In a fast-moving market, opportunities come and go fast, meaning that traders generally need to be full-time to see success. With Token Alerts, this is no longer an issue, as users can set up alerts to get notified whenever an opportunity emerges. 

Let’s show you how it works! 

First, users need to save a custom filter: 

Next, they go to “Account,” click on the bell for the query in question, and set up an alert: 

In doing so, they’re effectively turning Moralis Money into an on-chain trading bot, feeding them real-time alerts when new opportunities matching their preferences emerge. 

Token Shield – Doge Crypto Scams 

The final feature is Token Shield, allowing users to dodge crypto scams easily. The user just needs to look out for the token symbol on each coin:

99 is the highest score, and one is the lowest. The higher the score, the less likely the coin is to be a scam.  

Get Into Crypto Affiliate Marketing in 3 Steps 

Now that you’re familiar with Moralis Money, let’s look at how you can join the Moralis Money crypto affiliate marketing program! 

You can become a Moralis Money affiliate for free and join the program in three steps. 

Landing Page Showing How to Sign Up to Moralis Money Affiliate Marketing Crypto Program
  • Step 3: Create your profile: 

That’s it! That is how easy it is to join the Moralis Money crypto affiliate marketing program. You can now begin your journey toward financial independence!  

Summary – Crypto Affiliate Marketing

If your ambition is to become financially independent while working from home, then the first step in the right direction is to join the Moralis Money Web3 affiliate program

However, you might ask yourself, why should I become a Moralis Money Web3 affiliate? 

Here are three reasons why Moralis Money has the most attractive crypto marketing affiliate program: 

  • The crypto market is growing at an impressive rate, and so is the number of potential Moralis Money users. 
  • There is currently a high demand for sophisticated on-chain trading tools. Moralis Money offers industry-leading features that you’ll be proud to endorse. 
  • With Moralis Money’s commission structure, you’ll earn a 30% monthly recurring commission on all brought-in revenue. As such, it’s an easy and quick way to earn a significant income. 

So, join the Moralis Money Web3 affiliate program today and help your audience find the next big crypto

WRITTEN BY David Olsson
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