Currently, there are some useful indicators available that can help you detect an altcoin season before it’s too late. Also, unlike in the past cycles, you can now use Moralis Money to spot altcoin opportunities before, during, and after the altcoin season. Furthermore, this powerful on-chain tool may also serve as an altcoin season indicator!

If you wish to take Moralis Money for a spin, use the above interactive widget and generate your first dynamic list of altcoins with potential. Simply click on one of the preset filters or apply your own filter. 

You can even access the Token Explorer feature and apply any combination of search metrics you desire.

Unlike any altcoin season indicator that relies on theories based on past crypto cycles, Moralis Money utilizes real-time, on-chain data. As such, you get to base your decision on the actual activity and performance of each altcoin. Moreover, since on-chain data precedes price action, you can position yourself timely and properly!

Let’s consider the 2023 memecoin season that gave birth to opportunities like the LADYS token, the TURBO token, and the famous PEPE token; Moralis Money Pro users have been able to ride those and many other price rallies of newly launched tokens.

Moralis Money Platform - #1 Altcoin Season Indicator

The #1 Tool to Find Crypto to Buy for the Upcoming Altcoin Season

Instead of blindly picking up alts or giving in to FOMO because of some influencers’ top picks, you should learn to spot bullish crypto trends. Thanks to Moralis Money, this is now easier than ever before!

Now, you finally get a fair shot at being the one to find the next 1000x crypto. After all, these kinds of gains are not that uncommon during the bull run. 

For instance, just look at MATIC’s 1000x-plus rally in the last bull market:

Altcoin Price Chart for MATIC During Altcoin Season

Fantom (FTM) performed even better – it printed a 2000x-plus price increase:

Fantom Altcoin Season Price Chart

However, PEPE performed one of the most insane rallies ever. It pumped for 450,000x-plus in just 21 days, and that’s outside the bull market:

So, are you ready to join traders in the know and start riding the incredible rallies that altcoins offer?

By simply running your unique on-chain queries, you can spot altcoins gaining on-chain momentum. Once you start noticing that most altcoins are on a roll, you’ll also realize that the altcoin season is upon us. 

The fact that Moralis Money also works as an altcoin season indicator is just an additional advantage. The core benefits of this game-changing trading tool include the following: 

  • Insights into on-chain activity that precedes price action.
  • It’s easy to understand; Moralis Money is nothing like other complicated on-chain tools that cause information overload.
  • Provides quick access to easy-to-understand, actionable results.
  • Lets you generate a list of the most bullish crypto coins at any given time in just a couple of clicks.
  • You can overcome FOMO, avoid scams, and bridge the lack-of-time gap.

If you start using Moralis Money Pro, who knows, maybe you’ll be among those who have submitted their success story on the Moralis Money Twitter page: 

Testimonials on Twitter - Users Capitalizing on Gains During Altcoin Season Thanks to Moralis Money

Remember, all the profits in the image above were made outside the bull market!

Moralis Money Altcoin Season Indicator – 3 Key Indicators You Should Use When Looking for Altcoins

The gist of Moralis Money comes in the form of three core features: Token Explorer, Token Shield, and Token Alerts. Let’s quickly look at each feature:

  • Token Explorer allows you to apply a unique combination of search criteria and run on-chain queries. This is the main feature that enables you to spot altcoins that are gaining some traction. With Token Explorer, you can rely on on-chain data and find opportunities before it’s too late. Hence, you’ll be able to keep your emotions in check and overcome FOMO. The results that Token Explorer provides will also serve as your additional altcoin season indicator. Additionally, Token Explorer lets you discover crypto coins across multiple networks, including the Ethereum chain, Binance Chain, the Polygon chain, PulseChain, Arbitrum, and more!
  • Token Shield automatically runs security checks for every on-chain query, giving each token a security score. You can find these scores inside color-coded shield icons to intuitively know which projects are riskier. Essentially, the Token Shield features help you avoid scams. 
  • Token Alerts empowers you to spot unique opportunities without going full-time crypto. Once you find your winning combo of filters, you’ll get to save your query. For all your saved queries, you can set up email alerts. This way, you can run on-chain queries on autopilot and receive notifications in your inbox whenever a new opportunity appears.

All in all, Moralis Money gives you the power to detect individual altcoin opportunities. That is way more valuable than any other altcoin season indicator.  

Even so, it can be helpful to know the basics of the three key altcoin season indicators: Bitcoin dominance, Bitcoin price, and total altcoin market cap.  

Understanding Bitcoin Dominance, BTC.D and Altcoin Season Index Chart

The Main Altcoin Season Indicator Trio – BTC.D, BTC, and TOTAL2

The above cheat sheet will help you understand how altcoins perform in relation to Bitcoin dominance and Bitcoin. However, to use the above guidelines, you must look at the BTC.D, BTC, and TOTAL2 charts. Fortunately, you can access them via TradingView for free. 

  • BTC.D – Bitcoin dominance chart:
BTC.D - Bitcoin dominance chart
  • BTC – Bitcoin price chart:
BTC - Bitcoin price chart
  • TOTAL2 – Total crypto market cap excluding Bitcoin:
TOTAL2 - Total crypto market cap excluding Bitcoin-

To make the most of the above three charts, you will want to use technical analysis (TA). The basics, such as trendlines and support and resistance lines, can get you far; however, using other indicators for additional confluence is smart. RSI and EMAs are particularly popular. 

Using TA, you’ll be able to determine what is going on with the Bitcoin dominance and Bitcoin price, which will tell you what to expect for alts. Of course, you can also use TA directly on the TOTAL2 chart to try and determine what direction alts will most likely take next. 

Many experienced traders also look at the ETH/BTC chart to help them determine what altcoins may do. After all, in the past, Ethereum (ETH) often led its fellow altcoins into a rally.   

The above altcoin season indicator trio can be extremely useful; however, you need to know TA to make any sense of the above charts. Plus, fast change is the only constant in crypto. As such, typical altcoin seasons could easily become a thing of the past. But with Moralis Money, you’ll be able to detect individual altcoin opportunities regardless if there’s an ongoing altcoin season or not.  

Altcoin Season Explained – What is an Alt Season?

Altcoin season is a period when alternative cryptocurrencies (not Bitcoin), on average, outperform Bitcoin. It typically takes place (but it’s not limited to) during the crypto bull market. This means that the total market cap of altcoins (the TOTAL2 chart) rises more than Bitcoin’s market cap during that period. Moreover, the ratio between these two market caps is indicated by Bitcoin dominance (the BTC.D chart).

Since Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, its dominance started at 100%. However, as other cryptos entered the scene, BTC’s dominance started to fluctuate toward lower percentages. Though, it is still at nearly 50%.  

The first proper altcoin season happened in the Spring of 2017. In fact, the 2017 bull market included three alt-season periods. The final one took place in December 2017 and ended in mid-January 2018, when Bitcoin dominance marked its all-time low at 35.41%. In the following three years, Bitcoin dominance climbed back up to 73.63% (with some smaller altcoin rallies in between).  

Starting on December 28th, 2020, and lasting until May 10th, 2021, the crypto market experienced another proper altcoin season that took Bitcoin dominance from the aforementioned high down to the 40% region. Since then, the dominance has ranged between 40% and 49%.

Table Outlining Bitcoin Season, Altcoin Season, and Total Market Aspects

When is the Next Altcoin Season?

If there’s anyone stating any exact dates for the next altcoin season, make sure to take that info with a grain of salt. Why? Well, the entire crypto market is highly volatile, and no one really knows what’s coming next. However, by looking at the above-presented altcoin season indicator trio, you can detect with high probability an altcoin season as it starts to unfold. 

First of all, you need to keep in mind that Bitcoin still dictates the entire crypto market. So, when the leading crypto rallies hard, altcoins typically can’t keep up with it. And, if the BTC price drops fast, people exit their altcoins positions even faster. So, altcoin season typically happens when Bitcoin has already had a massive rally and is either on a slow rise, moving sideways, or slowly retracing.

Since January 2023, Bitcoin climbed almost 90% and reached the $31k mark on April 14th, 2023. That was quite a rally, and most alts couldn’t keep up with the king. However, since then, BTC has been consolidating, which already gave birth to the memecoin season. Yet, most existing alts didn’t perform that great. Of course, there were some exceptions, like Injective (INJ).

If Bitcoin manages to stay above the previous resistance at approximately $25k and continues to consolidate, we could see alts rallying. After all, BTC.D is at the top of the 40-49% range and could turn back down. However, the official bull run hasn’t started yet. Thus, any major altcoin season any time soon would be quite surprising. 

Still, that doesn’t mean there won’t be alts going on 10x-plus rallies. As such, make sure to use Moralis Money as your altcoin season indicator and spot these opportunities before it’s too late! 

Altcoin Season Index Chart Image

Altcoin Season Index Chart – Another Useful Tool to Spot Crypto Dominance

Another useful altcoin season indicator is the altcoin season index chart. You can see this chart in the above image, and it clearly indicates that we are currently deep into the Bitcoin season. However, being so low on that chart suggests a short-lived altcoin rally may be imminent. 

It’s also important to keep in mind that things in the crypto space happen quickly. As such, the altcoin season index chart often went from deep Bitcoin season to the full-blown altcoin season in one or two months.  

So, the only way to make sure you don’t miss out on the greatest opportunities for fast and massive financial gains is to keep an eye on on-chain data. The simplest way to do that is to use Moralis Money. If you remember, you can save your Moralis Money queries and set up email alerts to spot altcoin opportunities on autopilot. 

You can start using Moralis Money for free; however, to spot opportunities as they happen, you want to access lower timeframes. To do that, you want to opt for the Moralis Money Pro plan. Then, you’ll be able to spot on-chain activity as it happens and properly position yourself for those 50x-70x gains that the average altcoin tends to offer during the bull run.

So, sign up with Moralis Money; it’s your time to find the best Web3 coins to invest in!

Altcoin Season Indicator – Which Crypto Should You Buy for Alt Szn? – Summary

In today’s article, you learned everything you need to know about altcoin season indicators. You now know that the typical three charts experienced traders use to determine the likelihood of the altcoin season are the Bitcoin price chart, BTC.D, and TOTAL2. 

However, you also found out that in order to make use of these charts, you need to know at least the basics of TA. In addition, there is another altcoin season indicator available that shows every altcoin opportunity: Moralis Money. The latter requires no TA skill. All it takes is a couple of simple clicks, and you get to generate a dynamic list of altcoins that deserve your attention. 

So, make sure to start using Moralis Money today and get ready for the upcoming bull run. After all, this is when countless altcoin opportunities will be on the table. Plus, keep in mind that Moralis Money also empowers you to make money when crypto goes down
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