If you are eager to see how on-chain crypto signals work, use the interactive widget at the bottom of this article. You can generate your first set of cryptocurrency trading signals by simply selecting one of the preset filters. Or, apply your unique combination of metrics and hit the “Run Query” button. Yes, it really is that simple!

However, if you wish to learn more about what crypto signals are and how to use them, make sure to jump into the following sections. There, you’ll find all you need to know about Moralis Money’s powerful on-chain trading tool. 

Moving forward, we’ll first make sure you know what crypto signals are, and we’ll also explore the many forms they come in. However, since on-chain data gives you the upper hand, we’ll primarily focus on cryptocurrency trading signals related to that. As we do so, we’ll explore the dominating platform for crypto trading signals: Moralis Money Pro

In addition, by learning about the core Moralis Money features and how to use them with minimum fuss, you’ll be ready to make the most of any crypto market conditions.

Now, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Price chart showing how to set crypto signals

What are Crypto Signals?

Crypto signals typically refer to cryptocurrency trading signals that tell you either directly or indirectly what action to take. These types of crypto signals can come in many different forms. For example, they can be manually written or automated messages generated by experienced traders. Furthermore, these signals often include crucial information like the specific cryptocurrency to trade, the entry and exit points, stop-loss levels, and take-profit targets.

Some cryptocurrency trading signals comes from trading tools. For example, a trading tool can include a special indicator that signals high-probability opportunities. Or, it can be as simple as the fear and greed index.

Whether it’s a bot, an actual person, an indicator, or a special app signaling some sort of trading opportunity, all fall under the scope of crypto signals.

However, the best crypto signal is the one that is based on reliable data requiring you to determine what to do with that data. After all, a clear buy signal for one trader may not be as clear for another. Thus, make sure to learn how to use these kinds of tools and use your own judgment to execute the best trades. 

Discover Opportunities Like No Others Using Crypto Trading Signals

We’ve pointed out previously that on-chain data precedes price action. That’s why cryptocurrency trading signals based on real-time, on-chain data are so valuable. They are the best way to help you position yourself properly before it’s too late. In other words, with a reliable on-chain trading signal, you can get your timing right. And making profitable trades is all about timing.

When cryptocurrencies go on a rally, they tend to do it fast; thus, it’s quite easy to miss out on opportunities. Unless you are a super successful scalper or intra-day trader, the best chance of making huge gains in crypto is by entering your positions early. That is the key to making those 50x-plus gains without leverage trading!

That is how we pocketed life-changing gains in the past cycle. Thanks to insights now at your disposal within Moralis Money, we spotted coins like EGLD and MATIC in their early accumulation phases. Let’s look at some cryptocurrency assets we found using Moralis Money’s crypto trading signals in the following section!

Crypto Trading Signals Examples

MultiversX (EGLD) performed extremely well – its price increased by more than 8,900%: 

EGLD chart from 2020-2021 run demonstrating the power of timely crypto signals

Polygon (MATIC) did even better – it enabled us to ride most of its 1000x-plus rally:

MATIC chart from 2020-2021 run demonstrating the power of timely cryptocurrency trading signals

Additionally, there were many other altcoin opportunities that traders with proper timing could capitalize on. For instance, Fantom (FTM) pulled off a 2000x-plus increase:

FTM chart from 2020-2021 run demonstrating the power of timely crypto signals

Are you still not convinced how important it is to spot altcoin opportunities early? Just look at the PEPE token and its run that took place in the 2023 memecoin season. Its massive pump of more than 100,000x happened in 21 days! And that was outside the bull market:

PEPE chart from 2023 memecoin run demonstrating the power of timely cryptocurrency trading signals

Of course, there were many other opportunities in 2023 so far. Moralis Money users – particularly those who locked in the Pro plan – were able to make some insane profits:

Twitter testimonials from users who have made profits using Moralis Money crypto signals

Cryptocurrency Trading Signals Based on On-Chain Data

Cryptocurrency trading signals based on real-time, on-chain data are the best. And thanks to Moralis Money, you can benefit from those like never before! However, before we take you through a Moralis Money quickstart guide, let’s look at the basics of this powerful yet simple-to-use tool.

Unless you are completely new to the crypto space, you might have heard of other on-chain analytics tools. Moreover, if you’ve used any of those tools, you know how complicated they are. They normally provide a ton of advanced charts that cause information overload. So, using those tools as crypto signals typically requires a lot of time and effort on your end.

The reason why most on-chain tools are so complicated lies in the fact that they are created by data scientists who have zero experience with crypto trading. 

That is not the case with Moralis Money! In fact, a team of seasoned altcoin traders and industry-leading Web3 developers created Moralis Money. As a result, you can now access on-chain cryptocurrency trading signals in just a few clicks. Essentially, Moralis Money combines the power of on-chain insights with user-friendliness!

With Moralis Money, you can generate a list of the most bullish crypto coins at any given time in a matter of seconds. Or, you can use the filters in reverse and spot coins that are losing momentum. So, by focusing on increasing or decreasing momentum, you get bullish and bearish real-time crypto signals. This should also answer your “how to make money in a bear market?” question!

Nonetheless, it’s important to note that Moralis Money helps casual traders overcome the three most common crypto-trading obstacles: FOMOscams, and lack of time. How? Through the three core Moralis Money features.

The Gist of Moralis Money

As the name suggests, the Token Explorer feature enables you to explore on-chain data by running unique queries. Token Explorer allows you to select among an array of metrics to use a wide range of search parameter combinations. Based on your search criteria, this feature returns a dynamic list of tokens that are gaining or losing on-chain momentum. That list and the details for each token on it then serve as crypto trading signals. Furthermore, you get to spot opportunities before price action takes place. In turn, you get to position yourself properly and timely. Hence, it helps you overcome FOMO.

Token Explorer allows users to generate crypto trading signals

The Moralis Money Token Shield feature is all about helping you avoid scams. Unlike Token Explorer, Token Shield does its thing automatically. So, whenever you hit the “Run Query” button, this feature performs a security check for all tokens that match your parameters. This way, you can focus on crypto trading signals matching your risk. The higher the score, the lower the risk of it being a scam. So, if you wish to stay on the safe side, stick to tokens with green shields. 

Token Shield allows users to avoid scams when using Moralis Money for crypto trading signals

Plus, you can automatically filter out tokens that do not match your risk tolerance by applying the Security Score filter. Here’s an example that displays only cryptos with security scores above 80:

Users can apply the Security Score filter

The Token Alerts feature allows you to set up email notifications for your saved on-chain queries. By doing so, you get to search for new opportunities on autopilot. Whenever a new crypto token that matches your search parameters emerges, you receive an email with that token’s blockchain address. So, this feature is a powerful time saver. With Token Alerts, you don’t have to go full-time crypto to detect incredible opportunities.   

Step to activate the Token Alerts feature to receive cryptocurrency trading signals in inbox

Start Using On-Chain Crypto Trading Signals Today – Moralis Money Quickstart 

The above-presented Moralis Money core features are your ticket to start generating on-chain trading signals. Its real-time results will tell you if individual markets are looking bearish or bullish. It’s only the question of focusing on an increasing or decreasing on-chain momentum.

So, how to get going with Moralis Money?

Well, you can generate your first dynamic list of tokens that may deserve your attention with a single click. As the animation below shows, you just need to select one of the preset Moralis Money filters on the homepage:

By clicking on one of the preset filters you get to generate a list of dynamic tokens with a single click

While preset filters are the simplest and the fastest way to get going, they obviously do not provide the most unique results. After all, every Moralis Money user has access to the same presets. As such, you should get comfortable with applying unique combinations of search parameters sooner rather than later. 

Fortunately, applying custom search criteria is straightforward. It’s completely intuitive, and there’s no wrong approach. Simply select a metric and its filter option, enter a value, and select that value’s timeframe or unit:

A variety of metrics to use to generate crypto trading signals

3-Step Process to Generate the Best Crypto Trading Signals 

To help you get started, use this three-step sequence to easily generate the best crypto signals: 

  1. Access the Token Explorer page.
  1. Select the Coin Age metric if your goal is to trade younger coins. If you prefer to focus on more seasoned cryptocurrency, apply the Market Cap metric. 
  1. Hit the “Add Another Filter” button to apply additional metrics. Here, you want to use options like Holders, Buyers, Experienced Buyers, and Liquidity. These on-chain metrics will help you target tokens that are gaining momentum. 

The above three-step process could provide you with the best crypto signals the first time you run it – if you get the values right. However, as a beginner, you will probably need to tweak your search parameters a couple of times to spot the best opportunities. So, do not be afraid to play around with all the available filter options.

Before you know it, you’ll be spotting the best Web3 coins to invest in. Of course, you can use these signals as part of any strategy, even for day trading crypto.

Now, are you wondering how to make money in a bear market? First, decide which of the three main tactics you want to focus on for such market conditions. In case you want to make money when crypto goes down by shorting the markets, you will want to target tokens with decreasing momentum:

Users can choose the "Decresed by at least" filter to spot cryptos that are losing momentum

The Moralis Money tool is free to use; however, if you are serious about your altcoin trading, you want to lock in the Pro plan. The latter gives you access to real-time, on-chain data on lower timeframes.

Moralis Money Pro gives users access to lower timeframes

Nonetheless, make sure to DYOR for every token before taking action. Simply click the token’s name and take it from there.

Crypto Signals – What They Are and How to Use Cryptocurrency Trading Signals – Summary

Throughout the above sections, you learned that Moralis Money is the tool to generate ultimate cryptocurrency trading signals. It utilizes on-chain data to help you generate dynamic lists of tokens that are gaining or losing on-chain momentum. Based on that info, you can spot great opportunities before price action takes place. With the Moralis Money Pro plan, you’ll be able to use this powerful tool for any type of trading strategy. 

Start practicing the above-presented, three-step process today. Then, you’ll be able to spot bullish crypto trends and bearish ones. However, more importantly, if you start early (that is, before the next bull run), you’ll even be able to find the next 1000x crypto. Plus, once the altcoin season indicator starts flashing green, you’ll be ready to make the most of countless crypto signals!

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