The below interactive widget allows you to explore the BEN token’s on-chain data. It is Moralis Money’s token page for the BEN coin that allows you to do your own research (DYOR) on the token. 

However, exploring individual tokens is not the Moralis Money primary function. This awesome on-chain trading tool is primarily designed to help you spot altcoin opportunities. By using preset filters or running your unique on-chain queries, the tool provides you with a dynamic list of alts with potential. And, you can experience that firsthand right here:

That’s how Moralis Money Pro users have been spotting tokens that were gaining on-chain momentum. And, since on-chain activity precedes price action, these folks in the know have been able to catch many impressive rallies. 

We are talking about multiple 100%-plus opportunities. After all, many Pro plan users spotted tokens like PEPE, Refund Coin, WAGMI, TURBO, and many others. And, here are just some of the success stories:


So, whether you want to learn more about the BEN coin or find out how to use Moralis Money to spot the next BEN token, this article has your back!

What is BEN Token?

The BEN token is an ERC20 cryptocurrency that came to life on May 4, 2023. It’s just one of many meme coins that the 2023 memecoin season brought upon us. However, unlike many other “name” tokens, BEN continues to hold its value. Plus, it has already managed to surpass the one-million USD market cap threshold.


According to the BEN token’s original website and the coin’s initial logo, the memecoin was a sort of tribute to the “Talking Ben the Dog” meme. 

Talking Ben is part of the “Talking Tom and Friends” series. So, it is a character from an application that allows users to interact with and talk to a dog. However, there’s no official association between this memecoin and the popular app.

The original creator of the BEN coin is the person behind the “ben.eth” Twitter account. The latter also created the PSYOP token. 

Will BEN Coin Become More Than Just Another Memecoin?

As it seems, BEN is poised to evolve into something more than just a memecoin. Of course, at this point, this is all just speculation based on the token’s official Twitter account called $BEN (@bencoin_eth). However, both the token’s socials and the official website are undergoing a seeming rebrand.


And, it seems that this transition has something to do with another Ben “taking over” BEN. 

This brings us to another interesting and quite unique aspect of the BEN coin. 

If the tweet below is legit, the project got picked up by one of the most famous YouTubers in the crypto sphere. According to the token’s Twitter account, Ben Armstrong took over the project on May 12. Meanwhile, the original creator remains involved as an advisor. 


Ben Armstrong, also known as BitBoy Crypto, has a substantial following across different social accounts. Whatever your feelings are about him, he’s undoubtedly quite influential. Though, only time will tell what BitBoy Crypto’s seeming endorsement and takeover will do to the BEN cryptocurrency. 


Aside from the new logo announcement on May 24, the $BEN Twitter account has been quite quiet since May 13. But that is not the case for the token’s price. After all, in that same period, BEN managed to increase by more than 500% despite Bitcoin’s downward movement.


BEN Coin’s Price

If you look at the above logarithmic two-hourly chart, you can see the entire price history of the BEN token. This is where you can see that the coin pumped in the first two hours after it started trading on Uniswap. However, following the first two hours, BEN’s value pulled back from $0.000000005044 to $0.000000001070. That was nearly an 80% retrace. 

But after a local low in the morning of May 8, 2023, BEN pumped like crazy. It went from the aforementioned low to $0.0000002056 In just 38 hours. This was the first BEN’s rally that gave Moralis Money Pro users a chance to catch that 192x ride.

Following that local high, the price pulled back – this time for about 85% – to retest the previous resistance at the $0.000000035-ish area. However, on May 13, the BEN coin again started climbing up the chart. This price action was most likely initiated by the announcement that Ben Armstrong was taking over the project.

With several 30-50% ups and downs along the way, BEN managed to set its new ATH on May 25 at $0.0000002864. So, the folks with real-time on-chain insights were again able to more than 5x their investments.     


Should I Buy the Ben Token?

Unfortunately, we can not answer the above question for you. Also, technical analysis (TA) on new coins with very little historical data also doesn’t really work. However, we can share some aspects that should help you decide whether or not now’s a good time to get your bag of BEN. 

The price action discussed above shows us that the BEN token is quite bullish. After all, it just set a new ATH despite Bitcoin’s downtrend. However, the trading volume is a lot lower (at least on Uniswap) than it was during the BEN’s 192x rally. Plus, the token is already more than 20,000% up from its low. As such, there is also a lot of downside potential.

However, while a $102 million market cap (when BEN is currently at) may seem like a lot for a new memecoin, there’s also room to grow. After all, who’s to say that BEN can’t follow the path of PEPE? PEPE reached as high as a $1.65 billion market cap. And, what if BEN were to follow SHIB’s and DOGE’s footsteps?

Of course, the chances of such massive success are rather slim, yet it is possible. So, here are the prices that BEN could reach if it were to gain similar success as the most popular memecoins:

  • PEPE projection for BEN: $0.0000039  
  • SHIB projection for BEN: $0.000103
  • DOGE projection for BEN: $0.000178

Note: The above prices were calculated by taking a popular memecoin’s ATH market cap and dividing it by BEN’s total supply.


Where to Buy BEN Coin?

If you decide to buy the BEN coin, you have quite several options. For instance, the above screenshot from BEN’s CoinMarketCap page shows several CEX and DEX options. However, since you will most likely DYOR BEN using the above-presented BEN Moralis Money page, you can take a much safer path.

On that page (and on any other Moralis Money token page), you can find the “Buy” button:


That button will take you to the 1inch aggregator, which will find the best path for you to buy BEN. Of course, this is a decentralized method, which means you’ll need a Web3 wallet (e.g., MetaMask) with a sufficient amount of ETH to complete the exchange.

We leave it up to you to decide whether or not you wish to get your bag of BEN. However, one thing that we know for certain is that there are many other altcoin opportunities. As such, make sure to get acquainted with Moralis Money and start finding altcoins before they pump. 

Since the next bull run is slowly warming up, now’s the best time to learn how to make the most of this powerful on-chain tool. Find the latest crypto coins with potential today!


Altcoin Opportunities Beyond the BEN Coin

You already had a chance to take Moralis Money for a spin at the top of the article. However, to make the most of this awesome on-chain trading tool, you ought to learn about its core features and how to start running your queries. 

But before we explain the gist of Token Explorer, Token Shield, and Token Alerts, let’s quickly overview the core advantages of Moralis Money:

  • Real-time on-chain data presented in a user-friendly manner.
  • An easy-to-use system to spot altcoin opportunities before it’s too late. Remember: On-chain data precedes price action!
  • Unparallar advantage to spotting those 50x-plus altcoin opportunities.
  • A remedy for FOMO, scams, and lack of time.
  • On-chain and other details for EVM-compatible tokens on Moralis Money token pages. 
  • Access to an advancing community of crypto degens.
  • Moralis Money Beans – a daily reward system

Moralis Money is free, which means that you can start experiencing all of the above firsthand at zero cost. However, to get the ultimate edge at spotting altcoins opportunities, you’ll want to opt-in for the Moralis Money Pro plan. 

And, you can now test-drive it for seven days via the Moralis Money Pro crypto signals trial!


Meet Token Explorer, Token Shield, and Token Alerts 

The Moralis Money Pro users who spotted the BEN token and other alts before they pumped, all used Token Explorer. The latter is Moralis Money’s core feature that allows you to query on-chain data. With Token Explorer, you get to apply your unique combinations of search parameters to spot altcoin opportunities early. So, this feature helps you get your trading/investing timing right and helps you overcome FOMO. 


In response to running your on-chain queries, you will be generating dynamic lists of tokens that are gaining or losing on-chain momentum. 

Thanks to the Token Shield feature, one of many details for each token will also be a security score. Thus, you can avoid scammy projects.

So, whenever you run a query, this security feature does its thing automatically. Token Shield looks at the altcoins that match your search criteria and runs them through a security check. As a result, you get to see security scores from one to 99 (the higher the score, the better) for the token on your dynamic list. Moreover, the scores are presented in the color-coded shields so that you intuitively recognize opportunities with lower risks.


An additional option of the Token Shield feature comes in the form of the Security Score filter. The latter allows you to automatically filter out tokens that do not match your risk preferences.  


As for the Token Alerts feature, it allows you to set up email notifications for your saved queries. This way you get to use your favorite combinations of sear parameters to be on a continuous lookout for new opportunities on autopilot. This is how you can overcome the challenge of time scarcity and not miss out on great opportunities without going full-time crypto.    


How to Find the Next BEN Token – Moralis Money Quick Start

The fastest and simplest way to generate your first dynamic list of altcoins with potential is to use preset filters. So, simply select one of the popular options from the drop-down menu on the Moralis Money homepage.

While preset queries are a great starting point, you ought to take things further to make the most of Moralis Money. As such, make sure to get familiar with applying your own combinations of filters. 

Luckily, it is a very straightforward feat that requires just a couple of clicks. Essentially, you’ll be completing this five-step process:

  1. Select a metric
  2. Select the metric’s filter option
  3. Enter a value for that metric
  4. Select the timeframe 
  5. Hit the “Run Query” button

If you wish to focus on newly-minted coins, go with the Coin Age metric. On the other hand, if you prefer to target more seasoned alts, apply the Market Cap filter.

A single filter can sometimes be enough to spot some great opportunities. However, to increase your chances of finding the next BEN coin, aim to apply at least two filters. So, hit the “Add Another Filter” button and repeat the above five steps. This time focus on metrics like Liquidity, Buyers, Holders, Experienced Buyers, and similar to spot tokens with an increasing (or decreasing) on-chain momentum.

As you come to the filters’ timeframes, you’ll see that as a visitor or with a free Moralis Money account you are limited to the monthly and quarterly timeframes. 

So, to access real-time on-chain data, you want to lock in the Pro plan. And if you are still on the fence about whether or not Moralis Money is the right fit for you, make sure to go with the seven-day trial. 


Exploring the BEN Token – Is This Meme Coin Still a Good Buy? – Summary

In today’s article, we looked at the BEN token. As such, you learned that BEN is one of many memecoins that came to life in the Spring of 2023. 

However, you also found out that the BEN coin has some unique aspects. For one, it’s already managed to reach the $100 million market cap threshold. Secondly, the token also seems to be transitioning into becoming more than just a memecoin. After being adopted by Bitboy Crypto, BEN already underwent rebranding. Though at the time of writing, the token’s website and socials seem to be on a slight “pause”.

All-in-all, we provided you with more than enough details and resources to help you decide if BEN is still a good buy. 

But by far the most valuable piece of information provided herein is the reminder of the importance of on-chain data and how to access it easily. You now know that you can use Moralis Money to obtain easy-to-understand and actionable on-chain data in seconds. 

As such, you are ready to start spotting the best altcoin opportunities today! 

And, by starting to apply the above-outlined steps, you’ll be ready to make the most of the upcoming bull market. Though, it’s worth pointing out that with proper crypto bear market strategies, you can make large profits throughout the crypto cycles.

It’s your time to make those 100x crypto gains!
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