If you know a lot about crypto trading signals, odds are you’ll already be using Moralis Money. Since its launch in early 2023, this tool helps casual traders spot opportunities using real-time on-chain data. Now, if you want to try out the Moralis Money Pro plan (with instant on-chain data), be sure to sign up for the new 7-day crypto signals trial with Moralis Money!

With Moralis Money, you can look at real-time on-chain data and thus detect what tokens are gaining (or losing) on-chain momentum. And, since on-chain activity precedes price action, you can position your trades properly and timely. 

If you are eager to take Moralis Money for a spin straight away, use the above interactive widget. Simply select one of the preset filters or apply your unique combo of search criteria. As a result, you’ll generate your first dynamic list of altcoin opportunities. 

However, to access lower timeframes and thus spot opportunities as they present themselves, make sure to opt-in for the Moralis Money Pro plan. And before you commit to a monthly or yearly subscription, you can explore the ultimate crypto signals trial.

Are you ready to use Moralis Money crypto signals? It’s your time to make those crypto profits! 

Finally, you can join the Moralis Money Pro users who spotted tokens like TURBO, WOJAK, PEPE, WAGMI, the Refund token, and many others before their pumps!


What is a Crypto Signals Trial?

To properly understand what a crypto signals trial is, you need to know what is a crypto signal. can come in many forms. However, typically it refers to cryptocurrency trading signals that recommend you either directly or indirectly to take a specific trade.

For example, the simplest form of a crypto signal would be a manually written or automated message generated by experienced traders. That message typically entails the name or ticker of the coin, whether to buy (go long) or sell (go short), the entry price, the stop-loss (SL) price, and one or multiple targets or take profit (TP) levels. 

Crypto signals can also be generated by trading tools. So, even any popular indicator can be treated as a crypto signal. After all, a confluence of multiple indicators indicates high-probability opportunities. 


Essentially, whether it’s an actual person, a bot, a special app, or an indicator signaling some sort of trading opportunity, it’s safe to label it as a crypto signal. And, whenever you can get access to these sorts of signals for a limited time, we refer to that kind of opportunity as a crypto signals trial

And, while all kinds of crypto signals can bear fruits, the on-chain signals offer the most powerful insight. After all, the on-chain activity precedes the price action. And, any trader knows that timing is everything. As such, with reliable, real-time on-chain data in your corner, you get the ultimate edge!

Crypto Signals Trial – Start Spotting the Best Altcoin Opportunities

By this point, you know that by focusing on on-chain data, you can frontrun price action. However, unless you’ve been around the crypto sphere to see the altcoin gains up close, you may not be aware of how great opportunities the crypto markets have to offer.

For instance, did you know that the average altcoin tends to go on a 50x-70x rally during a bull market? Or, were you aware that there are many altcoins that offer 100x, 1000x, and even higher returns? 

By utilizing the on-chain insights that are now available to you via Moralis Money, we experienced the power of alts firsthand. In the previous cycle, we spotted coins like EGLD and MATIC in their early stage.

MultiversX (EGLD) gave us a chance to ride most of its 90x price rally: 

Spot-opportunities like-EGLD-with-crypto-signals-trial

Thanks to Polygon (MATIC), we were able to 1000x our initial investment:

Spot-opportunities like-MATIC-with-crypto-signals-trial

While we were ecstatic with our MATIC and EGLD trades, there we many other alts popping like crazy. For instance, Fantom (FTM) rallied for a total of 2000x price increase:

Spot-opportunities like-FTM-with-crypto-signals-trial

However, to realize what is truly possible in the crypto sphere, just look at the PEPE token’s chart below. This memecoin printed a 100,000x increase in only 21 days. And that was outside the actual bull market!


Sure, the PEPE token might have been an exception but there have been many altcoins in this cycle and previous ones pumping even during the bear season. 

And, with the Moralis Money crypto signals trial, you can start spotting these kinds of opportunities today! Since the upcoming bull market is slowly warming up, now’s the right time to start looking for those 1000x crypto tokens.


Moralis Money – On-Chain Crypto Signals at Your Fingertips

Moralis Money is not the first on-chain tool. However, it is the first trading tool to combine the power of on-chain insights and simplicity. And, thanks to the best crypto signals trial, now everyone has a chance to experience the full power of Moralis Money firsthand. 

Other on-chain tools are built by data scientists that have no experience in trading altcoins. As such, they provide you with countless advanced and complicated charts, causing nothing but information overload. 

On the other hand, Moralis Money keeps things very simple. It enables you to generate clear and actionable results with just a few clicks. This reflects the knowledge and skills of seasoned altcoin traders and industry-leading Web3 developers. It is this successful collaboration that makes Moralis Money so awesome.

Thanks to the core Moralis Money team’s experience with altcoin trading this tool also helps you overcome the three most common altcoin-trading obstacles – FOMO, scams, and lack of time.


Meet Token Explorer, Token Shield, and Token Alerts 

The essence of Moralis Money comes in the form of three core features – Token Explorer, Token Shield, and Token Alerts. And, each of them helps you overcome the above-mention three core challenges.

Token Explorer is your ticket to finding the best altcoin opportunities. It allows you to apply your unique combination of search parameters and thus identify altcoins that are gaining or losing on-chain momentum. Using that powerful insight, you get to enter your trades before it’s too late. By being able to time your entries/exits properly, you get to keep your FOMO in check. With Token Explorer you get to establish your own system that will help you ensure that your emotions do not take over the steering wheel. 

Token Shield token shield is there to help you avoid scams. This feature does its thing whenever you run an on-chain query. Token Shield performs a security check for the tokens that match your search criteria and assigns each token a security score.


Then, it’s up to you to consider these scores and determine whether or not a token matches your risk aversion. So, the higher the score, the lower the risk of the project behind that token behind a scam. 

Moreover, you can also use the Security Score filter to automatically filter out tokens that do not match your risk aversion.


Token Alerts enable you to set up email notifications for your saved queries. So, whenever you find a combination of filters that works for you, simply hit the “Save Query” button. Then, go to the Moralis Money home page and activate email alerts. By doing so, you get to spot new altcoin opportunities on autopilot and thus overcome the lack-of-time challenge.


Moralis Money Quick Start 

There are many ways to get going with Moralis Money with a single click. For instance, you can use the interactive widget in the intro and simply select one of the preset filters. Of course, the same option awaits you on the Moralis Money homepage. 

However, as you can see in the animation below, you can also use a drop-down menu to get going with minimum effort. Or, you can also hit the “See more” links under the “New Coins with Social Activity” and “What are Experienced Traders Buying” sections.  

All of the above options will take you to the Token Explorer page. However, as they utilize different filters, they will show different results. Still, all these presets are available to all Moralis Money users. As such, they are not the best way to find new crypto coins or seasoned ones among the first traders.

With that in mind, it’s important that you start practicing applying your unique combinations of search parameters. And, you can do that by tweaking the metrics and values used by the preset filter. Or, you can click the “Use Advanced Explorer” or “Token Explorer” buttons on the Moralis Money homepage. 

Getting Started with Token Explorer

When you are on the Token Explorer page, you need to be willing to experiment. So, don’t be afraid to apply any combination of filters that you feel will get you the best insights.

Essentially, you need to follow this five-step process:

  1. Select a metric
  2. Select the metric’s filter option
  3. Enter a value for that metric
  4. Select the timeframe 
  5. Hit the “Run Query” button

Looking at the above image, you can see that there are many metrics to choose from. For instance, if you wish to focus on newly-minted tokens, you’d want to apply the Coin Age metric. And, if you prefer to explore altcoin opportunities among more seasoned tokens, then the Market Cap metric will help you out.

Essentially, you want to use the “Add Another Filter” button and repeat the above-outlined sequence multiple times. That way you will find the combination of metrics that offers the most optimal results.


Start Your Moralis Money Crypto Signals Trial Today! 

As you start applying your combination of filters, you will soon get to the timeframes. And, this is where you’ll see that the free plan only offers you to explore on-chain opportunities based on this quarter’s and this month’s data. 

On the other hand, the weekly, daily, hourly, and even 30-min and 10-min timeframes are reserved for the Moralis Money Pro users. So, if you are serious about your altcoin investments and trading, make sure to lock in your Pro subscription today. 

However, if you wish to take Moralis Money on a seven-day test drive, the best crypto signals trial is exactly what you need.  


So, how to start your Moralis Money seven-day trial? Simply click the “Start a 7-day trial here!” button that awaits you under the “Pro” column on the “Pricing” page:


If you decide to go with Moralis Money’s crypto signals trial, ensure to make the most of it. Use Moralis Money during your trial period regularly. And, once you find your winning filters, make sure to save your queries. Then go to the homepage and set up email alerts.

We also encourage you to check out Moralis Money’s free course that will teach you how to make the most of this tool. 


Remember that seven days is more than enough to learn how to make the most of Moralis Money and even discover several altcoin opportunities. And, we are convinced that once you experience the power of this amazing tool, you’ll be eager to lock in that yearly Pro plan subscription.  


Crypto Signals Trial – Get Real-Time On-Chain Trading Signals with This Trial – Summary

In today’s article, you learned all you need to know about the best crypto signals trial. You now know that the latter comes in the form of the Moralis Money seven-day Pro pass. As such, it gives you a chance to get completely familiar with this one-of-a-kind on-chain trading tool. 

With the Moralis Money Pro plan, you’ll be able to spot altcoin opportunities as they appear. Plus, you’ll get to activate up to ten automated on-chain queries. So, you’ll be on the lookout for new or seasoned crypto tokens that are experiencing interesting on-chain activity and may deserve your attention on autopilot. 

Do not forget that we are still in the consolidation phase of the last bear market. Thus, the greatest gains are jet to be made as the upcoming bull run unveils. With that in mind, now’s still a great time to master this powerful on-chain trading tool and make the most of the upcoming two years.

Start running those on-chain queries today!

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