What's the Make America Great Again Crypto-MAGA TRUMP Analysis

It’s important to note that our MAGA TRUMP article is not about Donald J. Trump or his political career. Also, do not mistake the TRUMP token discussed in this article for the physical silver and golden “Make America Great Again” coins. In fact, we know nothing about real physical coins. However, if you want to learn about the MAGA crypto project and its TRUMP meme coin, you’ve come to the right place. So, moving forward, we’ll first ensure that you all know the basics of the MAGA TRUMP crypto. This is where you’ll learn all you need to know about this new project to decide whether it deserves your attention.

Next, we’ll focus on the actual $TRUMP token. Among other details, we’ll cover the asset’s tokenomics and look at its use cases. Then, we’ll shift our attention to the MAGA crypto token’s price. In doing so, we’ll take a look at the asset’s chart and cover the path its price has covered so far. Furthermore, we’ll use the basics of TA to outline major support and resistance levels.

All in all, this article will help you determine whether or not you should add $TRUMP to your watchlist. However, to decide if and when to buy this crypto, you’ll want to utilize the power of Moralis Money‘s swap feature!   

Official website of the MAGA TRUMP crypto project

What is MAGA TRUMP? Project Overview

MAGA TRUMP is a new memecoin project that pays tribute to the iconic Donald J. Trump and its presidential candidacy. So, due to the “memetic” nature of the project, it’s important to take all the information provided on the project’s official website (image above) with a grain of salt.

With that in mind, you can see that the MAGA crypto project claims to be the first and only cryptocurrency to support Trump’s legal charade in reference to the upcoming presidential election that will take place in November 2024. Further, the project indicates that its creators believe in Trump’s victory, calling it “inevitable”.

It’s also worth pointing out that MAGA stands for “Make America Great Again”, and while Trump’s 2018 campaign ensured that this phrase is now completely attributed to him, it was actually first used by Ronald Reagan back in 1980. However, Reagan’s version had “Let’s” at the beginning. So, we leave it up to you to decide whether Trump’s version is original or not. 

X account top page with profile image and banner image of the MAGA TRUMP crypto project

Does the MAGA TRUMP ETH Token Have a Dedicated Team?  

Obviously, there is at least one person behind the project. After all, some had to create the TRUMP token, the project’s website (magatrumpeth.com), and the project’s socials, including the above-outlined X (formerly Twitter) account. However, the person or the team behind the MAGA crypto project is anonymous. 

MAGA TRUMP’s Community

Unless you are completely new to crypto, you know how important communities are for crypto projects. As such, every project typically offers at least one channel that allows enthusiasts to interact in some way or another.

In that aspect, the MAGA movement on the blockchain is no exception. For that purpose, it offers the aforementioned X account and the MAGA $TRUMP Portal (@MAGATrumpPortal) Telegram channel:

Telegram channel for the MAGA TRUMP coin

So, if you are interested in getting involved with this project’s community or keeping an eye on its progress, these two outlets are your best bet. Moreover, you can access them via the project’s website:

What's the Make America Great Again Crypto-MAGA TRUMP Analysis-accessing-projects-community

Real Donations?

The project’s website claims it has already reached $37,000-plus donations in total.

According to the project’s claims and proof, it seems that the “magatrumpfund.eth” blockchain address actually sent eleven ETH to Donald Trump’s crypto wallet and an additional eleven ETH to the DAV (Disabled American Veterans) organization.  

MAGA TRUMP donations page

Before we shift our focus to the TRUMP token, it is also important to mention the text at the bottom of the project’s website. The latter is a sort of disclaimer that points out that the MAGA TRUMP cryptocurrency serves solely entertainment purposes.

This disclaimer further emphasizes that the project is not officially affiliated with or endorsed by Donald J. Trump and that any referencing and incorporating of elements related to Trump’s persona is intended for satirical or humorous purposes. 

What is the MAGA TRUMP Coin? TRUMP Meme Coin Explained

The MAGA TRUMP coin is the cryptocurrency created by the above-presented project. Essentially, the TRUMP token is the core of the project.

The meme coin went live on August 11, 2023, when “magatrumpdeployer.eth” executed the minting transaction. Furthermore, it lives on the Ethereum blockchain, where it follows the ERC-20 token standard. 

Aside from the above-covered disclaimer, which clearly states that $TRUMP has solely entertaining purposes, there are other signs that classify this token as a meme coin. For instance, the token has no whitepaper and no roadmap. 

MAGA TRUMP crypto token minting tnx on Etherscan


  • Token name: MAGA
  • Symbol/ticker: TRUMP or $TRUMP
  • Network: Ethereum
  • Token type: ERC-20
  • Smart contract address: 0x576e2BeD8F7b46D34016198911Cdf9886f78bea7
  • Total supply: 47,000,000 $TRUMP
  • Buy tax: 1%
  • Sell tax: 1%
  • Sell/buy tax distribution:
    • 50% for Trump and DAV donations
    • 50% for marketing and development
What's the Make America Great Again Crypto-MAGA TRUMP Analysis-on-Etherscan

Use Cases of the TRUMP Token

As a meme coin, the TRUMP token, by definition, has no use case. However, given the project is committed to donating half of its buy/sell tax earnings to Trump and DAV, we could say that this is, essentially, its use case. Of course, these donations don’t seem to be programmatically automated. Thus, only time will tell if they’ll continue to occur in the future.

Donations and memetics aside, the TRUMP meme coin can be freely traded like any other cryptocurrency. This is, in most cases, the only “utility” altcoin traders are interested in.  

Full MAGA TRUMP Token Price Analysis

MAGA TRUMP coin's 4-hour logarithmic price chart

The above image shows the MAGA TRUMP coin’s four-hour logarithmic price chart. The latter includes the entire price action of this asset so far. 

So, by looking at that chart, you can see that the TRUMP token went on a rather impressive rally right after its listing. The asset’s listing price was only $0.00005-ish. 

Of course, that also means that the initial market cap of the MAGA crypto token was pretty meager. As a result, anyone buying $TRUMP greatly impacted its price.

So, in turn, the token’s price increased by more than 570-fold within the first 28 hours of trading. After setting a local high at $0.02995 on August 13, 2023, the TRUMP token’s price pulled back more than 90% in less than four days. This dump found its bottom at $0.0026-ish.

This discounted price was a great opportunity for traders noticing the asset’s initial traction to get their bags of $TRUMP. And, thanks to Moralis Money’s powerful real-time, on-chain insights, many Moralis Money Starter and Pro users were among these traders in the know. Those who took action were in for a treat. 

After all, following the aforementioned low, the TRUMP meme coin pulled off another 13x rally, reaching $0.03683. Next, the asset had another cooldown, this time pulling back by approximately 80%. However, it printed a new higher low as it found new support at the $0.008-ish region. 

For traders with strong convictions, this was another buy area. And again, the brave ones were rewarded with yet another 17x-plus run, starting on August 25, 2023. The latter ended two days later with the asset’s new all-time high (ATH) at $0.1563. 

After that, the TRUMP token pulled back yet another 80% but bounced off of the $0.03-ish region quickly.         


MAGA Crypto TA (Technical Analysis)

At the time of writing, $TRUMP is sitting at $0.09-ish. However, the asset’s low volume during the last move upward may indicate that $TRUMP is running out of steam. But, if the volume were to increase, the token could easily continue its rally.

After all, the MAGA crypto asset’s market cap is still rather low, sitting at four million USD. So, there’s plenty of room to grow.

Of course, there’s also a chance of traders losing interest in the token. In that case, it would most likely revisit its former lows (blue lines indicated in the above chart).

By switching to the regular scale, we can look more closely at $TRUMP’s ATH and the following low. By adding Fibonacci retracement levels to the chart, we can see that the asset’s price couldn’t close above the “0.5 Fibonacci” level:


However, in case new buyers were to show increased interest at the current level, the MAGA TRUMP coin could even break above its current ATH. If that scenario were to take place, we could use the Fibonacci retracement tool’s extension levels to predict the most likely targets. And the most optimistic level (the “4.236” extension) points to $0.56-ish.  

Should You Buy $TRUMP?

Since only you know your current financial situation and your own risk tolerance, only you can answer the above question. However, to do so with confidence and an improved chance of success, you ought to follow these steps:

  1. Use the above section to determine if you find the TRUMP token interesting.
  2. If yes, visit the Moralis Money MAGA ($TRUMP) token page and research the asset and its project further. 
  3. In case your research of $TRUMP with the above-mentioned tool convinces you to get a bag of this crypto, do not rush buying it. Instead, look at its price level and ensure you are not about to buy the top. Plus, make sure to consider the token’s real-time, on-chain metrics (alpha metrics) to get the timing right. 
  4. If you determine that now’s the right time to buy, use the following section to help you with the actual token swap. 

With that said, follow the above “$TRUMP” link or use the interactive widget below to research the MAGA TRUMP asset.

On the other hand, in case the TRUMP token doesn’t interest you or you feel like now’s not the right time to buy it, make sure to explore other altcoin opportunities. After all, this is what the Moralis Money core feature – Token Explorer – is all about!

Where Can You Buy the TRUMP Meme Coin?

If you look at the above-presented Moralis Money token page for $TRUMP closely, you should see the instant crypto swap feature at the top-right part of the page:


This path will allow you to utilize the power of any DEX that may offer the TRUMP token without having to deal with DEX dapps.

Best Place to Buy the MAGA TRUMP Coin?

At the time of writing, Uniswap is the only exchange that offers a liquidity pool for $TRUMP. However, as mentioned above, you don’t have to risk landing on the wrong trading pair by navigating Uniswap’s dapp. Instead, you can use Moralis Money’s swap feature.

This path is the best because it is right there on the same page as you are further researching the token. This user-friendly aspect is a great starting point, but there’s a lot more this path offers.

By visiting this page, you are, in a way, “preselecting” the MAGA TRUMP coin, which eliminates the risk of accidentally swapping the wrong, perhaps even a scammy, coin. Besides safety, thanks to the power of the inch aggregator, this swap method also ensures you get the best possible price. Consequently, it is also the cheapest way to buy crypto

Note: In case you’ve never swapped tokens before, make sure to check out our step-by-step guide on how to swap ERC-20 tokens.  

What’s the “Make America Great Again” Crypto? MAGA TRUMP Analysis – Key Takeaways

  • The MAGA TRUMP crypto project went live in August 2023 and is all about the TRUMP meme coin.
  • It seems like the project is actually donating crypto to Donald J. Trump and Disabled American Veterans (DAV).
  • The project has a special section on its official website that points out it has no affiliation with Donald J. Trump. 
  • Other than the above-mentioned donations, the token has no use case; after all, it is a meme coin.
  • The price of $TRUMP has increased a lot since the token started to trade on Uniswap. 
  • The asset’s market cap is still relatively low, so there’s potential room for further growth if more people decide to buy this coin.
  • To determine if and when you should buy $TRUMP, use the Moralis Money token page dedicated to that crypto. 
  • On that page, you can also find a swap feature that allows you to buy $TRUMP without breaking a sweat or the bank.  

Whether you decide to buy the TRUMP token or not, keep in mind that the next bull run is slowly getting ready. And judging by past cycles, bull runs tend to increase the average altcoin’s value by 50-70x. As such, it’s important to know how to find tokens before they pump

Fortunately, you already know that the key to that highly valuable skill lies in Moralis Money’s Token Explorer. So, make sure to start running premade or unique strategies today across all the leading chains (Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Fantom, etc.).  

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