HILO crypto price chart with price increase highlighted

Step into the future as we unlock the secrets of the Hilo crypto project in this article! As we move forward, we’ll examine the project’s essentials, covering everything from its brilliant team to the thriving community and exciting roadmap. Now, if you’re interested in taking the Hilo platform for a spin, make sure to check out our article showing how to use the Hilo dapp!

Once you’ve grasped the fundamentals of Hilo, it’s time to zoom in on the $HILO crypto token. As such, you’ll discover its purpose and analyze the HILO coin’s tokenomics. Also, for the altcoin enthusiasts looking to trade the asset, we’ve got your back with a deep dive into $HILO’s price history, using technical analysis basics to pinpoint significant levels.

Curious if you should get a bag of some $HILO? Moralis Money has the answers. And for those ready to dive in, we’ll guide you on where and how to get your hands on this crypto gem towards the end of this article. Now, let’s roll!

What is the Hilo Crypto Project? 

The Hilo crypto project offers crypto enthusiasts an outlet to bet on the direction of various crypto prices. Essentially, it’s almost like a binary options platform but for crypto assets. The project allows users interested in speculating on whether the price of cryptos will go high or low to do so using the Hilo dapp. This is also where the “Hilo” name comes from – “Hi” for “high” and “lo” for “low.”

The Hilo crypto project went live in late 2022 and immediately gained noticeable traction, which was reflected by the project’s native cryptocurrency. You will see this in more detail once we get to the “$HILO Price Analysis” section below.

The official website for the Hilo project

As outlined in the above screenshot, anyone with a Web3 wallet (e.g., MetaMask) can access the Hilo dapp via the project’s official website. Then, by connecting their wallet, they can start using the Hilo dapp.

The Hilo Team and Community

The Hilo Crypto project, despite its relatively recent emergence in late 2022, has quickly garnered a dedicated and vibrant community. However, one notable aspect of this project is that its core team remains largely anonymous, or “not doxxed” in crypto jargon. This anonymity might raise eyebrows in some quarters, but the project promises to offer more details about its team soon:

Hilo Team Announcement

According to the project’s whitepaper, the Hilo founder and development leads (directors) have been revealed on platforms such as Flooz and Solidproof. These platforms have become a repository of information for those interested in gaining some familiarity with the individuals steering the project. 

Hilo crypto project's X page

Additionally, the team has expressed a commitment to evolving into a legitimate entity by becoming registered and audited in upcoming project phases. This forward-looking approach aims to instill further trust and credibility in the Hilo Crypto project.

In the absence of full transparency regarding the core team, the Hilo community plays an integral role in fostering the project’s growth and sustainability. After all, the community is a dynamic and active force. Plus, anyone can join and interact with the Hilo community via Telegram and X (formerly Twitter). Hilo also offers its own articles and a Medium channel.

Official articles displayed published by Hilo

By using these outlets, users can access up-to-date information, engage in discussions, seek clarification, and participate in the ongoing development of the project. As the project continues to evolve, it’s likely that the community will play an increasingly vital role in shaping its future direction and success.

HILO’s Roadmap

The Hilo crypto project’s whitepaper outlines two roadmaps – one focuses on product development and the other one on business development. You can see the details of these roadmaps below. However, you should remember that the project’s goals are subject to change and can often experience delays. 

  • Hilo’s business development roadmap:
Hilo crypto project roadmap outlined
  • Hilo’s product development roadmap:
Hilo products roadmap with key metrics

Exploring the $HILO Crypto Token

The $HILO token is a pivotal component of the Hilo crypto project, serving as its native cryptocurrency. This digital asset holds a unique and multifaceted role within Hilo’s ecosystem. On the one hand, it offers users a gateway to access and engage in binary options crypto trading. On the other hand, $HILO also functions as a store of value and a medium for value transfer.

Utility and Purpose

At its core, the $HILO token acts as a utility token, providing users with the means to participate in the prediction pools offered by the Hilo dapp. Moreover, to engage in the thrilling world of binary options trading within the Hilo platform, users are required to hold and utilize $HILO tokens. These tokens are locked into Hilo’s smart contract, facilitating the execution of binary trades and predictions on the Ethereum blockchain.

HILO crypto art image - showing the token title

Rewards and Settlement

All rewards and payouts within the Hilo platform are settled in $HILO tokens. This integration of the native token in the reward mechanism ensures that users benefit directly from their successful predictions. Whether users are casting votes on the rise or fall of a cryptocurrency’s price, they stand to earn rewards in the form of $HILO, creating an intrinsic incentive for engagement and participation.

Etherscan page for the HILO cryptocurrency

Tokenomics and Technical Details

The $HILO token operates as an ERC-20 token, built on the Ethereum network. It was minted on December 21, 2022, marking the inception of its utility within the Hilo Crypto project.

With a total supply of 100,000,000 $HILO tokens, the tokenomics also include a buy tax of 6% and a sell tax of 6%. One thing that is quite significant is that there is no team allocation, meaning that the entire supply is in circulation. This approach fosters decentralization and community-driven growth. Plus, according to information on Hilo’s official website, 3% of the asset’s total supply has already been burned.

On-chain data, including Max Total Supply for the HILO token

Trading and Accessibility

While the $HILO token is integral to the Hilo Crypto project’s ecosystem, it is not limited to its platform. As an ERC-20 token, $HILO can be traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges, providing users with the flexibility to manage and trade their holdings. The token’s availability on these exchanges allows users to explore additional opportunities within the broader crypto market. You can learn more about where and how to buy $HILO below.

$HILO Price Analysis

At the top of today’s article, we outlined $HILO’s daily price chart on a logarithmic scale. However, just to put things into proper perspective, make sure to have a look at the daily chart on a regular scale below:

Daily price chart for the HILO crypto coin

Both of these charts indicate the entire price action of the Hilo crypto asset so far. The initial pump, which is hardly noticeable on the regular scale, was, in fact, a 3000%-plus pump. However, only people closely involved with the project could profit from that pump. Plus, at that point, the asset had an ultra-low market cap, making it even more volatile.

For instance, on its second trading day, $HILO experienced a large drop of approximately 60%. It then increased by roughly 180% over the following six days, pulled back 74% over the next six days, and pumped 250% over the two upcoming days. However, despite rather extreme volatility, $HILO stayed below the $0.003 level, which served as the first major resistance.

It wasn’t until January 24, 2023, that the token rallied above that price level. On the next day, it retested the $0.0024-ish support and then rallied further up. This run ended on February 15, 2023, at $0.057-ish. 

Many altcoin traders using Moralis Money, especially the ones on the Starter and Pro plan, got in on this rally. After all, HILO’s on-chain metrics were flashing signs of opportunity after the asset’s initial pump. Traders who entered the correction at $0.0009-ish were able to experience a massive 60x-plus increase in just 42 days. 

A 90% Pullback

90% pullback using TA lines highlighted for HILO

Shortly after Bitcoin’s peak, Bitcoin, with the entire crypto market, experienced quite a pullback. Of course, the HILO token came down during that period as well. The asset’s trading volume was diminished, and its price was reduced by more than 90%, which you can see in the above image.

So, from February 15 until the end of May 2023, $HILO pulled back from the aforementioned peak to the $0.0053-ish level, with a candle wick as low as $0.00398. Still, the price managed to stay well above the previous major resistance at $0.003-ish.

Following this local low, the token had an unsuccessful attempt at $0.0085-ish on June 3, 2023. However, the price came back down to the $0.0054-ish support. 

Another HILO Rally

In early July 2023, $HILO exploded again – in the next 49 days, it increased by more than 44x:

Showing the HILO crypto latest price rally

Of course, a pullback after such a massive rally is more than natural. So, the token retraced approximately 58%, but it eventually found new support at the $0.11-ish level. By looking at the above image, you can also see that this rally brought a lot of trading volume back for the HILO crypto asset.

Since $HILO’s high on August 23, 2023, $HILO was catching a break with some side action – mainly ranging between $0.11 and $0.17 until October 7, 2023. On that day, the token broke out of the aforementioned range and set a new all-time high (ATH) at $0.3275.

Next, the $HILO crypto coin experienced a 40% correction but managed to find new support above approximately $0.21.

At the time of writing, the token is sitting near its ATH as it is trading at $0.2995.

Technical Analysis (TA)

Full HILO Crypto Guide - Exploring the $HILO Token & Price-daily-logarithmic-chart-TA

As you probably know, there are many TA tools and indicators one may use. However, for the sake of this article, we decided to stick to the basics. As such, our main focus revolves around key levels of support and resistance. You can see these levels in the image above. The ones with a bolder line are more significant than the lighter ones. So, these are the most important levels for the $HILO price so far:

  • $0.0030
  • $0.0053
  • $0.0075 – $0.0085
  • $0.053
  • $0.11
  • $0.17
  • $0.21

As part of our basic approach to TA, we also look at the asset’s trading volume. And while the overall volume has been noticeably higher since July, it has declined since the peak on August 22, 2023. This indicates a decreasing momentum.

Plus, the chart offers a bearish divergence between the price and RSI on a daily scale. However, as indicated above, the RSI did manage to break out of its previous downtrend, which is already playing out with a 40% pullback following HILO’s ATH. That said, it could play out further if the asset were to get rejected by the $0.31-ish level again.

This kind of rejection could even lead to the formation of a double top, which would come into play if $HILO were to break below the $0.21-ish level. In that case, the most likely target would be the $0.11-ish support.

On the other hand, if Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market continue to climb higher, the HILO crypto token could easily break above its ATH and go into price discovery. In that scenario, we get $0.68-ish as a likely short to mid-term target based on the Fibonacci retracement tool applied to the last two peaks and following lows:

Daily HILO chart with Fibonacci retracement levels

Should I Buy $HILO Crypto?

To answer the above question with confidence, make sure to do the following:

  1. Use Moralis Money’s $HILO token page to research the asset properly.
  2. Consider your current financial situation.
  3. Decide if investing in $HILO falls within your risk tolerance.
  4. Use Moralis Money’s $HILO page to consider the token’s live price in combination with its real-time, on-chain metrics (a.k.a. alpha metrics). If TA indicates that the price could hold and alpha metrics show that the asset is gaining on-chain momentum, it is likely a good time to buy.

So, make sure to complete the above four steps now. Simply follow the above “$HILO” link or use the interactive widget below:

Where and How to Buy the $HILO Crypto Token

If you decide to buy the Hilo crypto token, the above-presented Moralis Money page is also the place to buy this asset. It offers an instant crypto swap feature, which makes buying tokens as straightforward as it gets:

Showing where to buy HILO on Moralis Money

This path is also affordable and secure – it completely eliminates the risk of landing on a wrong trading pair. So, how do you buy $HILO via Moralis Money? First, you need to connect your Web3 wallet. Then, simply select the token from your wallet with which you wish to buy $HILO. Next, enter that token’s amount and execute the swap.

If you’ve never swapped tokens before, make sure to check out our step-by-step guide on how to swap ERC-20 tokens. The animation below demonstrates how to swap using Moralis Money:

GIF illustrating how to buy HILO on Moralis Money

Full HILO Crypto Guide – Exploring the $HILO Token & Price – Key Takeaways

  • The Hilo crypto project went live in December 2022. Furthermore, Hilo offers its Hilo dapp, where anyone with a Web3 wallet can start placing bets on a wide range of cryptocurrencies.
  • HILO is the project’s native token that serves as the entry ticket to the Hilo dapp and the reward for winnings.
  • The $HILO price has increased a lot since it started to trade in December 2022. However, the asset’s market cap is still below $30 million.
  • The recent bearish RSI divergence could indicate that the token is poised for another correction before potentially moving higher. However, if the entire crypto market remains strong, $HILO could go for a new ATH shortly. 
  • Use Moralis Money’s $HILO token page to research this crypto and its project properly.
  • To decide if $HILO is a good investment for you, make sure to consider your current financial situation, your risk tolerance, and the token’s live price in combination with its real-time, on-chain metrics. 
  • If you decide to buy $HILO, you can do so right on the HILO’s Moralis Money token page.

Whether you end up buying $HILO or not, keep in mind that there are countless other altcoin opportunities. And to make the most of them, you just need a tool that allows you to find the next coin to blow up. Luckily, that is Moralis Money’s specialty! So, start using this tool’s key feature – Token Explorer – to scan the crypto market with ease. 

Now, you might be wondering, “Can crypto make you rich?” Yes! However, you need to use the right tools and apply the right crypto trading strategies. Only then will you be able to spot those 100x and 1000x tokens before it’s too late! It’s your time to become a successful crypto trader!

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