Will NiHao Coin Moon? On-Chain Analytics for the NIHAO Token

Chinese meme coins have been catching the attention of many, and among them, Biaocoin has been leading the stride. However, a new opponent has recently entered the arena and is quickly gaining popularity within the crypto community: NiHao Token. Within 24 hours of its launch, the NIHAO token had already experienced a staggering 4,400% price rally, delivering significant returns to early investors. Are you curious to learn more about NiHao and whether this meme coin will continue its upward trajectory? Read on to find out!

Updated 4th June 2023 at 08:00

If you’d like to explore the NIHAO token on your own, you can now easily do so using the interactive widget above. The token page provides real-time, on-chain data in a readable and understandable format. In addition to alpha metrics, you can also find links to NiHao Token’s official website and social media accounts.

Nevertheless, if you’d like to explore the ins and outs of the NiHao crypto project further, join us in this article. In addition to exploring the NiHao meme coin, we’ll also show you how to find similar coins with Moralis Money

If you’d like to try out Moralis Money straight away, use the interactive widget below: 

What is the NiHao Meme Coin? 

During this year’s prominent memecoin season, we have seen impressive price rallies from coins like the PEPE token, Biaocoin, and the WOJAK token. Furthermore, there seems to be no stop to new emerging meme coins, and a recent addition to the lineup is NiHao. So, what is the NiHao meme coin? 

NiHao Meme Coin Mascot Cat

NiHao, or NiHao Token, is a decentralized meme coin with the purpose of reaching the masses. The people behind this token believe that meme coins highlight the power of community and collaboration. They suggest people can achieve freedom and greatness through decentralization and trust in code.

The project has a clear three-step roadmap, including the following:

  • Phase 1: Contract deployment, social media presence, tier 2/3 CEX listings, and CG/CMC listings. 
  • Phase 2: Press articles, billboard ads, partnerships, and community creation. 
  • Phase 3: International community groups, 10,000 holders, NiHao merch, tier 1/2 exchange listings, and website revisions. 

Now, with an overview of what NiHao entails, let’s explore the meme coin’s price! 

The NIHAO Token Price 

The NIHAO token launched late in May 2023 and saw an impressive 4,400% price rally on its first day. As such, investors able to find NiHao early yielded remarkable returns in only a couple of hours! 

After this initial price rally, the NiHao meme coin price fell slightly, but the token is still up 550% since its launch. What’s more, in the first couple of days, NiHao had an all-time low of $0.0000000002 and a high of $0.000000009022. 

With a better understanding of how NiHao Token has been performing since its launch, you might ask yourself, should I invest in NiHao? If you’re looking for the answer to this query, join us in the next section!

Should You Invest in the NIHAO Token? 

Before you invest in the NIHAO token, you need to know what a meme coin is. So, what exactly are meme coins?

Meme coins displayed, including WOJAK, Chad Coin, PEPE, and NiHao Meme Coin

“Meme coin” is a term that describes a token supported by a large online community of traders and followers. As you might have guessed, such tokens are often associated with popular memes. Some great examples are PEPE, Doge, Chad, etc.

While they can be a fun investment, they are also considered risky since they generally hold little to no intrinsic value. As such, it can be pretty difficult to properly gauge their value and price. 

So, to understand if NiHao will continue its upward trajectory, you should look at on-chain data. Through on-chain analysis, you can get real-time market updates, which can give you an idea of how the token price will move. 

So, instead of giving you a yes/no answer on whether to invest in NiHao or not, we urge you to do your own research and look at market activity with a tool like Moralis Money. For instance, by visiting the token page for NiHao (which we saw earlier in the introduction), you get real-time data on changes in liquidity, holders, net buyers, experienced net buyers, and much more.

Using on-chain analysis in this way is a preferred option since it provides dynamic data on a token’s current performance. A simple yes/no answer might change depending on this data and how the token is performing today.  

Nevertheless, in addition to on-chain analysis, we can also look at previous meme coins to see how they have been performing to highlight the potential of these tokens!

Will NiHao Moon? – The 1000x Potential of Meme Coins 

In the past, we have seen some incredible price rallies from prominent meme coins. To highlight their potential, let’s take a closer look at the PEPE token, Dogecoin, and Shiba Inu: 

  • The PEPE Token: PEPE launched earlier this year, and in the short span of three weeks, the token exploded and increased by 16,000%:  
PEPE vs NiHao Price Chart
  • Dogecoin: In 2020/2021, Dogecoin saw an impressive 28,300% price rally in only six months:
Dogecoin vs NiHao Price Chart
  • Shiba Inu: In 2021, the Shiba Inu meme coin skyrocketed and increased by 177,000% in just a year:
SHIB vs NIHAO Price Chart

The tokens above illustrate the extraordinary potential of meme coins. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean NiHao will have the same journey. Only time will tell if NiHao will go parabolic. 

With that said, do you wish to find tokens similar to NiHao, the PEPE token, and Dogecoin? If so, join us throughout the rest of this article, and we’ll show you how. But before doing so, let’s look at three challenges you must overcome to become a successful crypto trader!

Three Challenges Limiting Crypto Traders From Finding the Next NIHAO Token 

In the world of crypto, 99% of traders generally struggle with one of three challenges when trying to find the next 100x meme coin

  • The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) – In a market filled with great opportunities, traders often feel like they’re missing significant opportunities. As a response, they FOMO into buying assets, which is usually a huge mistake. By buying based on hype, they make their purchases at the top, only to see the assets fall shortly after. 
  • Time Limitations – In a fast-paced market, opportunities come and go in the blink of an eye. As such, without the right tools and systems in place, crypto traders generally need to go full-time crypto to become successful. 
  • Cryptocurrency Scams – At some point, you’ll most likely have heard of or read about someone falling for a cryptocurrency scam. As such, when navigating the crypto market, traders need to be wary of rug pulls and exit scams. 

Fortunately, with a tool like Moralis Money, you can seamlessly avoid these three challenges and easily find the next NiHao meme coin. If this intrigues you, join us in the next section as we explain how! 

What is Moralis Money? – The Ultimate Tool for Finding the Next NiHao

Moralis Money is the #1 on-chain trading indicator. With this tool, you can leverage on-chain analysis metrics to make more informed investment decisions and find new crypto coins before everyone else

Moralis Money takes unbiased, real-time, on-chain data, presenting it in a readable and understandable way. As such, Moralis Money provides true market alpha, allowing you to stay one step ahead of the masses, sites like CoinGecko, and crypto whales!

Just look at some Twitter testimonials of happy Moralis Money users already leveraging this tool to make serious crypto gains: 

So, how does it work? 

Well, Moralis Money has three primary features: 

  • Token Explorer – With Token Explorer, you can leverage the power of on-chain data to find the latest crypto coins before everyone else. As such, as a Moralis Money user, you’ll never again have to FOMO into buying a coin. 
  • Token Alerts – Token Alerts allow you to set up email notifications based on specific search parameters. With this feature, you can trade like a professional and capitalize on big opportunities even if you aren’t full-time crypto. 
  • Token Shield – The Token Shield feature provides a security evaluation of all coins, meaning you can avoid cryptocurrency scams like never before. 

If you’d like to see how these three features work in action, join us in the following sections, where we dive deeper into each tool, starting with Token Explorer! 

Token Explorer: The Ultimate Feature for Finding the Next Meme Coin 

Token Explorer helps you find tokens before they pump. With this feature, you can stay one step ahead of the masses, whales, and sites like CoinGecko. 

With Token Explorer, you have two primary options: 1) use premade filters, or 2) create a custom query from scratch by combining various search parameters. Let’s take a closer look at both alternatives: 

  • Premade Filters – For the first option, which also allows you to get going quickly, you can use Moralis Money’s premade filters. At the moment, you have a few options. To use either, go to Moralis Money and select one of the alternatives from the drop-down menu:  
  • Custom Filters – For the second option, you can set up a custom search query to target specific coins you’re after. To demonstrate how this works, we’ll now show you how to find coins with similar market data to the NiHao meme coin. As such, let’s start by adding the Coin Age filter to find tokens minted within the past ten days:

As you can see, this provides a list of newly minted tokens. However, to make the search even more specific, let’s also add the Net Buyers and Experienced Net Buyers metrics: 

This generates a comprehensive list of tokens that might contain the next NiHao Token. However, from here, you can add additional filters to narrow your search even further! 

If you want shorter timeframes for all the metrics, consider subscribing to the Moralis Money Pro plan. This will give you market updates daily, hourly, and even every ten minutes:

If this sounds interesting, then sign up for the 7-day Moralis Money Pro plan trial: 

Token Alerts: Catch Big Opportunities Without Going Full-Time Crypto

Once you’re done creating a filter using Token Explorer, you can leverage Token Alerts to set up email notifications. In doing so, you’ll be notified whenever a new opportunity matching your NiHao filter arises. 

Let’s take a closer look at how this works! 

The first thing you’ll need to do is save the custom search query: 

From there, go back to the homepage, locate the filter in question, hit the bell button, and add the required information: 

Once you’re done setting up your alert, you’ll start to receive email notifications whenever a new token matching your preferences emerge. As such, with this feature, you can easily find undervalued coins, even when you aren’t in front of your screen! 

Token Shield: Trade Safely and Avoid Scams

The final core feature is Token Shield, which protects you from cryptocurrency scams. Just look for the shield symbol on each token: 

Cryptocurrency Table Chart Showing Meme Coins Including the NIHAO Token

The number is each coin’s DEXT score. This score is used to measure the confidence of a project. So, the higher the score, the lower the probability that the token is a scam. 

Also, you can filter for coins with high security scores by applying the Security Score metric when browsing using Token Explorer: 

Summary – What is the NiHao Meme Coin? 

NiHao is a new Chinese meme coin that has seen an impressive price rally. In only a day, the NIHAO token experienced a staggering 4,400% increase, providing early investors with some impressive returns. 

So, is it worth putting your money into NiHao? 

Unfortunately, we can’t give you a straightforward answer to the question above. Instead, we recommend leveraging Moralis Money to monitor the NiHao meme coin’s market data. This is your best bet in trying to understand how the token price will continue to evolve. 

If you’d like to start trading like a professional, you’ll also want to check out the Moralis Money Pro plan. The Pro plan gives you access to Token Alerts, the ability to save ten search queries, more narrow timeframes for all search parameters, and much more. 

So, if you haven’t already, sign up for our 7-day trial by visiting the pricing page and hitting the ”Start a 7-day trial here!” button: 

WRITTEN BY David Olsson
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