What is Measurable Data Token? MDT Crypto and Price Analysis

In today’s article, we’ll begin by providing an overview of the Measurable Data Token (MDT) project, addressing the question, “What is Measurable Data Token?” Following that, we’ll dive into various aspects of MDT, such as its history, ecosystem, and community. However, for the benefit of altcoin investors, our primary focus will be the MDT crypto asset. As such, we’ll examine its fundamental aspects, clarify its role and functionality, and explore MDT’s tokenomics and historical price performance.

Measurable Data Token art image - official logo and title

Additionally, we’ll present a speculative MDT coin price prediction. Furthermore, we’ll guide you on leveraging the capabilities of Moralis Money to formulate your own short-term Measurable Data Token price prediction at any given time. Moralis Money will also assist you in addressing the question, “Is MDT crypto a good investment?” Lastly, for those considering the purchase of $MDT, we’ll provide detailed information on where and how you can do so with maximum convenience.   

What is Measurable Data Token?

Measurable Data Token (MDT) is a crypto project pioneering the concept of “decentralized data exchange.” Since its inception, it has been developing an ecosystem designed to revolutionize how individuals interact with and benefit from their own data.

At its core, MDT empowers users by allowing them to monetize their data while maintaining greater control over its usage. The platform facilitates a secure and transparent environment where data providers can directly connect with data consumers, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship.

Measurable Data Token website landing page

As you can see in the above image that showcases the project’s official website, MDT focuses on individuals as well as businesses. When it comes to the former, the control of individuals’ data and opportunities to monetize it is MDT’s primary focus. As for the latter, invaluable insights into their competitors is the main priority via Measurable AI.

Moving forward, we’ll discuss some important aspects related to the Measurable Data Token project. However, if you wish to dive deeper into the ins and outs of the project, make sure to visit its official website. From there, you’ll be able to access the project’s whitepaper and other insightful documents.

Data monetization art illustration

Data Monetization Opportunities

Within the Measurable Data Token (MDT) ecosystem (see below), individuals unlock unprecedented opportunities to monetize their data. By seamlessly connecting data providers with consumers, the platform facilitates a direct exchange that benefits both parties. 

Users can capitalize on the intrinsic value of their data, transforming it into a tangible asset. This innovative approach disrupts the traditional data landscape, empowering individuals to participate in a fair and transparent economy where the value of their information is recognized and compensated.


Measurable Data Token roadmap outlined

As you can see in the above screenshot, the MDT website offers a “Roadmap” section. The latter dates as far back as 2014, when the team started to form and develop the idea and concept of users being in control of their data and being able to monetize it. We could say that this was the inception of Measurable Data Token. However, most users would mark 2017 as the project’s official launch. After all, this was the year of the MDT token sale. Also, it was in 2017 that MDT debuted as the champion of the MWC Shanghai 4YFN startup competition.

In 2018, the team relocated to Hong Kong and continued pushing the project further. The core milestones in that year revolved around listing the MDT coin on various exchanges and launching new products, such as the MyMDT portal. In addition, the Measurable Data Token project was mentioned in the Fortune Tech Forum Fintech list in 2018.

MDT continued to evolve during the bear and bull markets up until 2023. During that time, it developed various features/products that now represent the Measurable Data Token ecosystem.

Measurable Data Token MDT ecosystem with products on their website

The Measurable Data Token Ecosystem

An important part of the topic “What is Measurable Data Token?” is the project’s ecosystem. The latter is always evolving and expanding, aiming to offer individuals and businesses resources and tools to make use of available data in a decentralized manner.

At the time of writing, the following components comprise the MDT ecosystem:

  • MailTime AI
  • Measurable AI
  • Measurable Research
  • MeFi
  • RewardMe

Note: Feel free to explore each of the above-listed components in depth on MDT’s official website.

X account for Measurable Data Token

MDT Community

The MDT project offers several outlets where individuals and businesses can track its progress and come together to discuss the ins and outs of MDT and data monetization opportunities. The best options include the project’s Telegram channel and X (formerly Twitter) account.

Art image - two MDT crypto coins

What is the Measurable Data Token (MDT) Cryptocurrency? Full MDT Crypto Analysis

Not only is Measurable Data Token the name of the official project, but it is also the official name for the project’s cryptocurrency. However, when speaking of the project’s crypto, instead of saying Measurable Data Token, most users use the abbreviation MDT.

The MDT crypto asset went live on December 29, 2017, when it was minted on the Ethereum blockchain. As such, the coin follows the ERC-0 token standard, which governs fungible tokens on Ethereum.

Now, before we move on to analyzing MDT’s price charts and speculating around the Measurable Data Token price prediction, we ought to look at the asset’s role and functioning.

Role of the MDT Crypto Within the Measurable Data Token Ecosystem

The MDT token plays a pivotal role within the broader Measurable Data Token ecosystem. It serves as the native cryptocurrency that fuels and governs transactions within the decentralized data exchange platform. 

As the primary medium of exchange, $MDT enables seamless and transparent transactions between data providers and consumers. This unlocks a novel paradigm of value transfer in the digital landscape. Moreover, beyond its fundamental role as a means of exchange, $MDT also functions as a governance tool. So, it empowers stakeholders to participate in the decision-making processes that shape the future of the ecosystem. 

After all, token holders have the opportunity to propose and vote on key protocol upgrades. Hence, this ensures a decentralized and community-driven evolution.

Overall, the MDT token stands not only as a digital asset facilitating data transactions but also as a symbol of democratized governance. This aligns with the core principles of transparency and user empowerment at the heart of the Measurable Data Token project.

Graph and schematic showing how the MDT crypto operates and works with smart contracts

How the MDT Crypto Works

The MDT crypto operates on a straightforward principle within the ecosystem. As a utility token, MDT facilitates transactions between data providers and consumers on the decentralized data exchange platform. This allows users to earn $MDT by contributing and monetizing their data. On the other hand, businesses get to utilize the token to access valuable information. Additionally, MDT may carry governance functions, allowing token holders to actively participate in shaping the platform’s future through voting on key proposals.

Essentially, MDT’s functionality lies in driving a decentralized, user-centric data economy by serving as both a transactional medium and a tool for community governance.

MDT Crypto Price Analysis

MDT Crypto price chart

The above line chart is the most complete source of $MDT’s price action so far. As you can see, the asset never regained its initial levels, at least not so far. Now, if you know a thing or two about the crypto cycles, you probably remember that December 2017 and January 2018 set the peaks for most cryptocurrencies at that time. As such, MDT’s timing was rather unfortunate as the market as a whole brought the value of $MDT down with it.

The asset went from as high as $0.85 in January 2018 to as low as $0.0016 in December of the same year. These are still the token’s all-time high (ATH) and all-time low (ATL) values.

After its lowest point in December 2018, the token started to recover slowly, but it was bound below $0.02 throughout 2019 and almost all of 2020. During that period, $0.005 served as a strong support, except during the pandemic crash in March 2020, when the price dipped even lower.

However, as the entire crypto market started to recover, so did the MDT token. And following Bitcoin’s lead, the asset offered two peaks, one in April and the other one in December of 2021. The first reached the $0.12 region, and the second reached the $0.14 area.

Then, as the crypto market entered another bear season, so did MDT. As such, any highly optimistic Measurable Data Token price prediction at the time was out of the window.

2023 Recovery

Weekly MDT token price chart

The above weekly candlestick chart offers a more detailed insight into the $MDT price action since July 2020. It clearly indicates the above-mentioned peaks on the 2021 bull market and the following downtrend. The latter reached its bottom on November 9, 2022, at $0.0185. Moreover, it came close to that level again on January 3, 2023.

Since then, the price of $MDT has recovered significantly. After all, the asset is currently trading around $0.06. However, as you can see in the above chart, there were several occasions when $MDT reached even higher. The token reached its highest point in this cycle so far on November 29, 2023. After a massive 170%-plus rally in less than seven days, the MDT price reached as high as $0.122:

Measurable Data Token price levels

But as you can see in the image above, this peak was followed by a rather sharp and large pullback. However, these kinds of moves are completely in line with the highly volatile nature of the $MDT token.

$MDT Technical Analysis (TA) 

Using the basics of TA, we can chart the most significant levels of support and resistance for MDT:

Technical analysis chart with support and resistance levels

As you can see in the above image, there are many levels to which the MDT price is particularly drawn. However, as indicated by the thicker drawn lines, the most significant ones lie around $0.019, $0.034, $0.60, and $0.78.

For now, the Money Line indicator remains bullish on the weekly timeframe. However, it has already flashed the “Bearish” signal on the daily timeframe:

What is Measurable Data Token MDT Crypto and Price Analysis-price-chart-TA-money-line

Note: You can get your hands on the Money Line indicator for free once you opt for the Moralis Money Starter or Pro plan.  

Tokenomics and Its Impact on the MDT Crypto

Here’s the overview of the MDT coin’s tokenomics:

  • Token name: Measurable Data Token 
  • Symbol/ticker: MDT or $MDT
  • Network: Ethereum
  • Token type: ERC-20
  • Smart contract address: 0x814e0908b12a99fecf5bc101bb5d0b8b5cdf7d26
  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000 $MDT
  • Circulating supply: between 60 and 67 percent of the total supply (at the time of writing)
  • Initial token allocation:
    • MailTime Email Messenger Team: 240,000,000 MDT
    • Early Investors and Advisors: 110,000,000 MDT
    • User Growth Pool: 150,000,000 MDT
    • Pre-sale: 150,000,000 MDT
    • Token Distribution Event: 350,000,000 MDT

The fact that there are still 30% MDT coins to be released into circulation could negatively impact the price. However, the fact that the token has a relatively low total supply could help push the $MDT price higher.

MDT Coin Price Prediction – Measurable Data Token Future Forecast

A great price impact comes from pumpamentals. And since pumpamentals are hard to predict far in advance, take our MDT coin price prediction with a grain of salt. In fact, we strongly encourage you to use the page presented in the next section instead. There, you can view the token’s live price and real-time on-chain metrics to come up with your own short-term Measurable Data Token price prediction at any time.

Still, let’s have some fun by speculating on the MDT coin price prediction for the end of the next bull market. Given the latest $MDT pump, we dare to believe the token could cross its 2021 top. Thus, our speculative Measurable Data Token price prediction points to $0.28.

This value coincides with one of the asset’s significant levels from January 2018 and the “1.618” extension level of the Fibonacci retracement tool applied to the last top.  

What is Measurable Data Token MDT Crypto and Price Analysis-price-chart-TA-Fib

Is MDT Crypto a Good Investment?

Since we are not financial advisors, it is up to you to answer the “Is MDT crypto a good investment?” question. So, make sure to use the information offered in this article to decide if you find $MDT at all interesting. If yes, take some time to research the token and the project behind it properly. Fortunately, you can do this with ease via the Moralis Money Measurable Data Token ($MDT) page. 

That page provides you with all the resources and tools you need to answer the question, “Is MDT crypto a good investment?” with confidence. Furthermore, that page is the ultimate place to consider the asset’s live price in combination with its real-time, on-chain metrics. And based on this combo, you’ll be able to determine if/when to buy $MDT.

So, is MDT crypto a good investment? Follow the above “$MDT” link or use the interactive widget below and come up with your own answer! 

Where and How to Buy Measurable Data Token?

If you affirmatively answer “yes” to the “Is MDT crypto a good investment?” question, odds are you’d like to know where to buy this asset. Fortunately, the above-presented page offers a user-friendly, affordable, and safe solution.

If you looked at the above page closely, you probably already noticed the “Buy” button below the coin’s basic info. Well, by hitting that button, you get to access Moralis Money’s instant crypto swap feature:

Where to buy $DMT

As for the “how” part of buying $MDT, it is as straightforward as it gets. Essentially, you just follow the instructions for the Moralis Money crypto-swapping feature. Start by connecting your Web3 wallet. Then, you select the token you wish to buy $MDT with and enter an amount. Then, you finally execute the swap.

Note: If you are new to swapping cryptocurrencies, we recommend you check out our guide on how to swap ERC20 tokens. However, the animation below should suffice:

GIF showing how to buy MDT crypto

What is Measurable Data Token? MDT Crypto and Price Analysis – Key Takeaways

  • What is Measurable Data Token? It is a crypto project that aims to empower users to earn by selling their data in a decentralized manner. It’s also the name of the project’s native cryptocurrency – the MDT token.
  • The MDT project’s roots go back to 2014 when MDT’s core team formed. However, it wasn’t until 2017 that the project launched the $MDT token.
  • $MDT’s performance hasn’t been impressive so far – its highest price levels date back to January 2018. However, the asset’s 2023 recovery shows rather promising signs.
  • Our speculative MDT coin price prediction points to $0.28 for the next bull run.
  • Is MDT crypto a good investment? Use Moralis Money’s $MDT token page to form your own answer. 
  • Using that page, you can also come up with your own short-term Measurable Data Token price prediction at any given moment.
  • If you decide to get a bag of $MDT, you can do so on Moralis Money’s $MDT page by clicking on the “Buy” button.

Whether you end up buying $MDT or not, don’t forget to explore other altcoin opportunities. Fortunately, this is as easy as pie when you use Moralis Money’s Token Explorer. It is the feature that helps you become a successful crypto trader by deploying the best crypto trading strategies

With Moralis Money, and particularly its Token Explorer feature, you are always just a few clicks away from the best crypto insights. Plus, you can automate the whole altcoin exploration by running different strategies on autopilot and setting up useful alerts. So, watch the video below to find out how to get going with this powerful yet easy-to-use on-chain analysis tool today. Then, you’ll be able to find out which crypto will explode in 2024.

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