Which Crypto Will Explode in 2024? Find 2024 Crypto to Buy


In today’s article, we begin by examining which crypto will explode in 2024, offering insights from both a conservative and high-risk perspective. Although we initially present low-risk, low-return options, we’ll also look at high-risk, high-reward opportunities, showing you how to find 2024 crypto with explosive potential.

While our selected picks are valuable, the true gems lie in discovering tokens before they pump. And leveraging Moralis Money enables you to automate the process of identifying promising altcoins. Fortunately, we’ll teach you the strategies to navigate the crypto landscape in 2024 efficiently so you can easily find and generate massive gains! That said, before we dive into the practical application of Moralis Money – the ultimate on-chain analysis tool – we address some important considerations when searching for cryptocurrencies. Moreover, we will unveil the three main challenges altcoin traders face and effective ways to overcome them.

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Which Crypto Will Explode in 2024? Obvious Picks

  • $BTC
  • $ETH
  • $XRP
  • $SOL
  • $DOGE
  • $LINK
  • $AVAX
  • $SHIB
  • $UNI

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, odds are you’ve heard of Bitcoin and Ethereum. The former is the “All-father” of crypto and has the largest market cap. As for the latter, it was the first programmable blockchain with a native cryptocurrency – ETH. Ethereum is currently the altcoin with the largest market cap. So, as market leaders, a bull market wouldn’t be possible without $ETH and $BTC exploding. 

However, aside from these two top coins, other candidates deserve some spotlight when considering which crypto will explode in 2024.

For instance, it would be quite foolish to disregard $XRP. After all, the company behind the token, Ripple, won an important lawsuit in 2023 against the SEC. As such, this crypto, unlike many others, gains some legal clarity. Solana ($SOL) is another serious contender for crypto to explode in 2024. Sure, the token already had quite a massive run – more than 6x – in 2023; however, its price has declined heavily due to the FTX fiasco. Plus, winners often tend to continue winning. Thus, there’s definitely more room for growth for SOL.

Lastly, what started as a meme coin has now transitioned into a utility token that covers gas fees on Dogechain. This upgrade and the speculation that Elon Musk may utilize $DOGE as a payment solution for X (formerly Twitter) could propel this token to new heights. In addition, among the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market cap (excluding stablecoins), crypto about to explode in 2024 is also highly likely to be $LINK$AVAX$SHIB, and $UNI

Crypto Market Cycles Chart - Showing timeframes of when 2024 crypto will explode

What Crypto Will Explode in 2024? Get Acquainted With Our Picks Among the Top 20 by Market Cap

So, what crypto will explode in 2024 that is already among the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market cap? In the above section, you learned that we picked $BTC, $ETH, $XRP, $SOL, $DOGE, $LINK, $AVAX, $SHIB, and $UNI. And you can learn the gist about each of these assets below. However, to determine if these tokens are the crypto to buy in 2024 for you personally, make sure to DYOR!

  • $BTC (Bitcoin): The pioneer of crypto, Bitcoin ($BTC) is digital gold designed for decentralized value transfer and store of wealth.
  • $ETH (Ethereum): Empowering smart contracts and decentralized applications, Ethereum ($ETH) is a versatile blockchain platform driving the next generation of decentralized innovation.
  • $XRP (XRP): XRP is a digital payment protocol designed for seamless and rapid cross-border transactions, aiming to revolutionize traditional banking systems.
  • $SOL (Solana): SOL is a high-performance blockchain known for its lightning-fast transaction speeds and low fees, fostering decentralized applications and crypto projects.
  • $DOGE (Dogecoin): Born from a meme, Dogecoin ($DOGE) is a fun and community-driven cryptocurrency, often used for tipping and small transactions with its iconic Shiba Inu mascot.
  • $LINK (Chainlink): Chainlink ($LINK) is the go-to decentralized oracle network, connecting smart contracts with real-world data enabling a wide range of use cases across blockchain ecosystems.
  • $AVAX (Avalanche): Avalanche ($AVAX) is a scalable and customizable blockchain platform that facilitates the creation of decentralized applications and interoperable blockchain networks.
  • $SHIB (Shiba Inu): Shiba Inu ($SHIB) is a meme-based cryptocurrency aiming to experiment with decentralized community building, often associated with the broader “Dogecoin” community.
  • $UNI (Uniswap): Uniswap ($UNI) is a leading decentralized exchange protocol built on Ethereum. It allows users to swap various ERC-20 tokens directly from their wallets and participate in liquidity provision.

Things to Consider When Searching for Crypto That Will Explode in 2024

Due to the fact that all of the above-listed picks already have relatively high market caps, it would be quite unreasonable to expect anything more than 10x for either of them in the next bull run. Of course, these types of returns are still unlike anything that traditional markets have to offer.

However, you might have heard of those 50x, 100x, and even 1000x that some crypto tokens delivered in the past. Well, fortunately, these types of opportunities are still on the table. But as mentioned above, they fall under the scope of high-risk, high-return ventures. Consequently, you must consider specific aspects. So, before exploring which crypto will explode in 2024, you must consider the three main challenges altcoin traders face.

Challenges You Need to Overcome as You Decide Which Crypto to Buy

FOMO, scams, and lack of time are the three main hurdles that knock down many crypto investors. As such, it’s important to get acquainted with these main villains of crypto profits.

  • FOMO – The fear of missing out, or FOMO, is the feeling we get when markets start to move without us. By bringing this sensation to your awareness, you have already taken a step closer to dealing with it properly. Unfortunately, most traders are not aware of it and do not have the tools to deal with crypto FOMO. As such, they end up buying altcoins near their tops just to experience major price pullbacks.
  • Scams – One major reason why there are still many incredible opportunities in the crypto space is the fact that the entire industry is still pretty young. However, on the other hand, this also means it is still highly unregulated and much like a “wild wild west.” As such, there are many scams, with rug pulls and exit scams being the most common pitfalls. 
  • Lack of Time – As you may know, crypto markets are highly volatile, with new cryptocurrencies going live daily. So, only traders with the luxury to go full-time crypto can keep a close eye on the markets and spot the best opportunities. After all, the fast-paced 21st-century lifestyle leaves most of us with little to no free time.  

Overcome FOMO, Scams, and Lack of Time

Art illustration - Trader considering FOMO, lack of time, and scams when searching for 2024 crypto to buy

The good news is that you can overcome the above-outlined challenges. So, to be like the person in the above image, you need to obtain the right knowledge and use the right tools. Only then will you be able to discover what crypto will explode in 2024 while also minimizing your risk.

Fortunately, the majority of traders involved in crypto believe in the concepts of open source, decentralization, and inclusiveness. As such, there’s plenty of knowledge and tools you can access for free. A great example is Moralis Money and its outlets, including its crypto blogYouTube channel, and ultimate altcoin-trading newsletter – Altcoin Advantage.  

That said, if you are serious about your altcoin investments, we highly encourage you to consider investing in top-notch sources of crypto knowledge and tools. For instance, Moralis Money offers its Starter and Pro plans, which give you the ultimate edge. 

If we return to FOMO, scams, and lack of time, you’d be happy to learn that Moralis Money was designed from the start to help you overcome these challenges. The tool’s core features allow you to spot opportunities early and, in turn, avoid FOMO. It also includes several security features which help you avoid scams. Plus, it allows you to deploy various strategies and set up alerts. As a result, you can fully automate the process of finding the best altcoins at any given time.  

Essentially, Moralis Money is the ultimate tool for determining which crypto will explode in 2024!

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Find Crypto to Explode in 2024

At this point, you know that Moralis Money is the ultimate tool to discover what crypto will explode in 2024. However, you can’t simply run it and be done with it. That is not how crypto works! The only way to spot crypto about to explode in 2024 is to run your Token Explorer strategies regularly. Or, at minimum, check out Moralis Money’s crypto bubbles daily, which you can find on the Moralis Money homepage. After all, crypto markets never sleep, and things change quickly. You can only find the best crypto to buy in 2024 by being involved regularly!

Fortunately, Moralis Money is super intuitive and easy to use. As outlined above, it also allows you to automate things. As such, you can run strategies that will help you determine what crypto will explode in 2024 on autopilot.

Despite its simplicity, you should learn the basics of Moralis Money and its core features. It will make your aim of finding crypto to explode in 2024 a whole lot simpler. As such, make sure to watch the video tutorial below:

So, which crypto will explode in 2024? The ones that gain proper on-chain momentum and have strong pumpamentals! Now that you know how to get going with Moralis Money, you will be able to spot those cryptocurrencies easily.

Make sure to put the above-obtained knowledge into action today! Visit the Moralis Money homepage or simply use the interactive widget below. In case you need additional motivation before utilizing Moralis Money to spot crypto about to explode in 2024, check out the section below.

Why Should You Find Cheap Crypto That Will Explode in 2024?

Moralis Money holds the key if you want to increase your chances of finding the next 1000x crypto. Yes, you read that correctly; some altcoins increase by 1000x or even more during a bull market. Of course, those types of altcoin gems are not that common. Still, every cycle presents some of those gains. As such, you can use a rather small investment to make rather serious profits when you deploy tactics to spot cheap crypto that will explode in 2024. 

Two great examples of cheap 1000x-plus crypto that increased in price during the previous cycle are $MATIC and $FTM:

2024 crypto to explode examples

While 1000x returns may not be all that common, the average altcoin does tend to increase by 50x – 70x. So, by using Moralis Money, you can find and capitalize on those gains! What’s more, thanks to Moralis Money’s features, you’ll be much more confident about which crypto to buy in 2024. And even if you fall short of the 1000x returns, pocketing 50x profits is still rather impressive. As such, start running your Token Explorer strategies today! Then, you’ll be among the first to spot crypto about to explode in 2024.

Which Crypto Will Explode in 2024? Find 2024 Crypto to Buy – Key Takeaways

  • Which crypto will explode in 2024? Only time will tell. But those with the right knowledge and tools will know which crypto to buy in 2024.
  • What crypto will explode in 2024 that is already among the top 20 by market cap? We believe that among the top cryptocurrencies, the following assets have the highest probability of success in the 2024-2025 bull run: $BTC, $ETH, $XRP, $SOL, $DOGE, $LINK, $AVAX, $SHIB, and $UNI.
  • High market cap cryptocurrencies are highly unlikely to increase by more than 10x. The crypto to explode in 2024 by 50x or more is more likely to have a lower market cap. 
  • If you decide to search for the crypto about to explode in 2024, you need to overcome FOMO, avoid scams, and make the most out of your time. Fortunately, Moralis Money allows you to overcome these main challenges and find the best altcoin opportunities at any given moment.
  • Use our video tutorial (see above) to learn how to make the most of Moralis Money’s core features today. 
  • Moralis Money is free! However, if you are serious about your altcoin investing, make sure to opt for the Starter or Pro plan. 
  • Some altcoins can increase by more than 1000x, but the average altcoin tends to offer a 50x – 70x increase.

Using the information obtained herein, you have the key to spot which crypto will explode in 2024. So, use this key and do not rely on static lists of altcoins, as they tend to be highly misleading. Still, if you wish to get some inspiration, we recommend checking out our article about the crypto under a penny. Don’t forget to dive into all the knowledge and resources Moralis Money offers and deploy the best crypto trading strategies!

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