Should You Buy the JEFF Token? Explore the JEFF Meme Coin and On-Chain Trading Signals

The JEFF coin has been on a tear lately, and those using Moralis Money Pro have been able to observe the JEFF token breaking out from the very beginning. But since this project has already been shooting up the charts, is it too late for you to buy the JEFF token? Read on as we explore this question further and teach you how to use on-chain data when scouting for buy signals!

Updated 8th May 2023 at 21:07

Use the interactive widget below to experience valuable insights Moralis Money provides for altcoins. Once you find a coin with potential, it’s time to DYOR! This includes looking at the DEXT score and further analyzing the project. So, for example, once you’ve analyzed the JEFF token’s on-chain data and security score, we leave it up to you to decide if the JEFF coin is still a good buy!

Why is Moralis Money so powerful? Well, it looks at real-time, on-chain data and returns a list of coins that match your search criteria. It combines on-chain insights with an easy-to-understand user interface that returns actionable results!

With Moralis Money Pro in your corner, you can finally find altcoin gems before they pump! 

The JEFF token is just one of the hundreds of altcoins that have made some insane moves in a matter of days so far in 2023. This shows that significant gains are already on the table even though we are still in the consolidation phase of the last bear market. So, just imagine the potential profits once the bull run takes off.

With that in mind, now’s the best time to learn how to use this excellent tool and get ready to spot as many altcoin gems before it’s too late. 

If you want to learn how to make the most of Moralis Money, jump to the “Altcoin Opportunities Beyond JEFF and Meme Coins” section. 

On the other hand, continue to the next section if you wish to learn the basics about the JEFF coin. 

JEFF Coin Homepage Website

What is the JEFF Meme Coin Token?

The JEFF coin is a new ERC-20 token – born on May 6, 2023. This token has no utility, and its official website indicates that JEFF is a meme coin. 

If you look at the above screenshot, you can see that the token’s website is pretty simple. It’s designed as if a person named Jeff decided to create a token. That is at least what the “About Me” section claims. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s an actual Jeff behind this project. 

However, the “About Me” section further states that the person behind the project (Jeff) has been dabbling in cryptocurrency for a while. It also mentions how Jeff failed to make profits so far. As the graphics indicate, Jeff is broke and must work at McDonald’s simply to get by. 

What’s interesting about the JEFF meme coin is the token’s total supply. Meme coins typically have a max supply in trillions or hundreds of billions; however, there are only 100,000,000 JEFF tokens. As such, the price per token is obviously higher than for the usual meme coin.  

JEFF Token Price Chart

At the time of writing, JEFF ranges between the $0.10-$0.15 price mark. The token launched at $0.00002345 and hit $0.2451 only 42 hours later for a massive 10,000x-plus increase.

Of course, only insiders were able to enter in the first minutes after its launch. However, many Moralis Money Pro users were able to jump in during the first 24 hours. As such, they were still able to pocket some quite impressive profits.

Meme Coin SZN

If you’ve been watching the crypto markets, you must have noticed a large increase in meme coins lately. After the PEPE token – which immediately pumped in price – a series of projects soon followed. In a matter of days, the Ethereum chain (and other leading chains) were flooded with new meme altcoins.

Of course, not all of these coins caught the same traction; however, many have made impressive price rallies. Some mention-worthy meme coins born during this meme coin season include the WOJAK crypto coin, CHAD token, WSB Coin, MongCoin, and the STEVE token. The last one took an interesting approach trying to position itself as a direct PEPE contender.

If you’ve been around crypto in the past cycles, meme coins are nothing new to you. After all, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu sure left us all speechless with their past rallies. They even managed to stay among the top 15 cryptocurrencies by market cap during a bear market.  

However, the amount of meme coins in Q2 of 2023 is unlike anything before, and we can already mark this period as a full-blown meme coin season. It’s worth pointing out that most of these meme coins will dump significantly sooner rather than later. However, some of them could follow in the footsteps of DOGE and SHIB. 

PEPE is definitely one of the most serious contenders for such high market caps. After all, following the listings on some popular CEXs, the token’s market cap surpassed the one USD billion mark within the first couple of weeks following its launch. 

Do you think the JEFF coin will follow the same path? 

Altcoin Opportunities Beyond JEFF and Meme Coins 

Outside of crypto, any unleveraged trade or investment with gains higher than 10x is extremely rare. However, in this emerging industry, the average altcoin tends to do 50x-plus rallies in a matter of weeks or months.

Even so, there are altcoins that can generate even higher gains. In many cases, we are looking at a 1000x-plus price increase. Here are two tokens not related to meme coins that performed such rallies in the last bull market: 

  • Investors/traders with solid timing were able to 1128x their investment with Polygon (MATIC):
  • Those who entered Fantom (FTM) early and sold at the top had a chance to pocket 2000x-plus gains:

To see what is really possible in crypto, look at PEPE’s chart. This meme coin rallied more than 450,000x in just 21 days, and that’s outside a bull run:

JEFF Coin vs PEPE Price

As far as we know, altcoin investments are the most realistic opportunities to turn hundreds of dollars into thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even more in a matter of weeks or months.

There are many causal traders that are already pocketing some serious gains thanks to Moralis Money. This powerful yet simple trading tool lets you make the most of real-time, on-chain data. 

Did you know that on-chain activity always precedes price action? So, whether you want to jump into the JEFF coin or any other altcoin, make sure to always consider on-chain traction! 

What’s So Special About Moralis Money?

Other on-chain tools are usually created by data scientists that have no altcoin trading experience. Consequently, they are anything but user-friendly. So, a typical on-chain tool is all about advanced charts that cause information overload, creating analysis paralysis for most users.  

However, Moralis Money is a product of joined forces between seasoned altcoin traders and industry-leading Web3 developers. As such, this revolutionizing trading tool combines the power of on-chain data and user-friendliness under the same roof. 

Finally, casual traders can view clear and easy-to-understand results by querying on-chain data using simple and intuitive filters. Essentially, Moralis Money provides its users with lists of crypto tokens that show promising potential. It was in that list that we discovered PEPE, and in the same way, we’ve now spotted the JEFF coin:

The JEFF Token Spotted on Moralis Money Token Explorer

Moralis Money was created as a direct response to the three most common challenges altcoin traders face:

  1. FOMO – Most casual traders don’t have the tools or the tactics to control their emotions. They see coins rallying, and their FOMO kicks in. As a result, they typically buy the tops and sell the bottoms.  
  1. Scams – Unfortunately, many new traders don’t know how to spot scammy-looking projects. In turn, many inexperienced traders fall for exit scams.
  1. Lack of Time – The fast-paced lifestyle and long work hours don’t give casual traders a chance to keep an eye on the crypto market since it’s constantly open 24/7. Since crypto is highly volatile, those not full-time in crypto are often left on the sidelines. 

Fortunately, the three Moralis Money core features allow you to overcome all of the aforementioned obstacles.

Moralis Money Core Features: Token Explorer, Token Shield, and Token Alerts

Whether you want to spot a new meme coin like the JEFF coin or the next crypto gems with the potential of going parabolic, you ought to get acquainted with Moralis Money’s core features: 

  • Token Explorer is an on-chain query feature that allows you to search for altcoin opportunities using your unique combination of filters. This provides powerful insights and gives you a system to rely on. As such, you can keep your emotions in check and spot opportunities early. So, thanks to Token Explorer, you can say goodbye to FOMO. 
Showing How to Find the Next JEFF Meme Coin Using Moralis Money
  • Token Shield does its thing automatically whenever you run a query to help you avoid scams. It performs a security check for every token that matches your search criteria so that you can see every token’s security score. The latter comes in the form of numbers inside color-coded shield icons. The higher the score, the lower the risk. To stay on the safest side, we recommend focusing on green shields.

You can further utilize the Token Shield feature by applying the Security Score filter. That way, you can view tokens that match your risk tolerance.

  • Token Alerts is a feature that helps you gap the lack of time. Once you store a query, you can set up automated email notifications. You just need to enter your email address and choose how often you want to receive alerts. Essentially, Token Alerts enables you to analyze on-chain data on autopilot. This means you get to spot new opportunities even when you are away from your computer.

How to Start Your Journey with Moralis Money – Find the Next JEFF Coin Today!

The simplest and fastest way to generate your first list of tokens with Moralis Money is to use one of the preset filters. To do this, simply click on one of the preset filters on the homepage: 

Since every Moralis Money user can access the above-demonstrated filters, you don’t want to stop there. Instead, you want to get comfortable with applying your unique search metrics. So, you can just tweak the preset filter or start a new query from scratch. 

Here are some general steps that will help you get going:

  1. Access the Token Explorer page.
  1. If you wish to find new coins like the JEFF coin, use the Coin Age filter. However, you can also target more seasoned altcoins by using the Market Cap metric. 
  1. By applying additional filters like Holders, Buyers, Experienced Buyers, and Liquidity, you can focus on alts that are gaining (looking to enter or long) or losing (looking to exit or short) on-chain momentum. 

When done properly (using the correct values), the above three steps will be all you need to find incredible opportunities. However, you can refine your list further by adding more filters or tweaking the values.

Remember, do not forget to DYOR for interesting tokens before entering your position.

Cross-Chain Opportunities

While Ethereum remains the leading and most popular blockchain network for token deployment, there are other popular chains. With Moralis Money, you can explore all the leading EVM-compatible chains.  

To switch networks, click on the currently-selected network and choose another one from the drop-down menu:

Going Pro – The Moralis Money Pro Plan

It’s worth pointing out that Moralis Money is a free tool that anyone with internet access can use. However, Moralis Money visitors and free plan users are limited to monthly and quarterly timeframes. But, lower timeframes (weekly, daily, and hourly) that offer the most valuable insights are reserved for Pro plan users.

So, if you are serious about your altcoin investing, make sure to lock in the current Moralis Money Pro plan price. Then, you’ll finally be able to spot opportunities before the herd and ride those sweat gains.

It’s your time to start spotting those altcoin gems!

Summary: Should You Buy the JEFF Coin? Explore the JEFF Token and On-Chain Trading Signals

In today’s article, you had a chance to get acquainted with the JEFF coin. As such, you now know that the JEFF token is one of the latest meme coins. 

We also explained that Q2 of 2023 will likely go down in crypto history as one of the greatest meme coin seasons. We pointed out that the JEFF coin has already experienced a massive price increase. However, if the JEFF token continues to follow in the footsteps of PEPE, it could go a lot higher. 

Although learning about JEFF could potentially be highly beneficial for you, the real treasure of today’s article came from learning about Moralis Money. After all, you now know that you can start spotting the best crypto opportunities by simply applying a few simple filters. 

When opting for the Moralis Money Pro plan, you are always just a few clicks away from spotting the next PEPE!
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