What is MongCoin? Exploring the MONG Meme Coin & If You Should Buy It

Do you value meme culture and good vibes? If so, odds are you’ll enjoy the latest meme project currently on the rise: MongCoin! By looking at on-chain data provided by Moralis Money, we can see that the MONG coin has gained some serious traction, which is reflected in the token’s price. But what is MongCoin exactly? Read on as we explore this project further and if you should buy it!

Updated 3rd May 2023 at 22:49

The 2023 parade of meme coins that PEPE, WOJAK, and CHAD initiated continues. While PEPE is still leading the herd, it might be MongCoin’s time to shine. Moralis Money Pro users have seen the MONG coin breaking out since its launch. With this powerful on-chain tool, not only can you see real-time, on-chain data for MongCoin, but you can also spot altcoins before they pump! 

MongCoin OnChain Data

If you want to learn more about MONG, just dive into the following section. However, if you already know what the MONG coin is all about and want to learn how to find altcoin gems similar to MONG, feel free to jump over to the “Find Altcoins Like MONG with Moralis Money” section.

Note: If you’d like to experience the power of Moralis Money firsthand ASAP, use the interactive widget below. Simply select one of the preset filters or apply your unique metrics and run your first on-chain query!  

What is MongCoin? 

MongCoin is a new meme crypto project that launched the MONG token on April 23rd, 2023. However, unlike some other meme coins, this one relates to an existing NFT collection: MONGS NFT. The latter was created in January 2022 and includes 6,943 NFTs, each portraying a unique mongoose. Holders of these NFTs will receive awards in the form of the MONG coin.

MONG Crypto Project - NFT Collection MONGS NFT Landing Page OpenSea

MongCoin’s official website is a typical meme coin page. It points out that “Mongs” (referring to NFTs from the MONGS NFT collection) survived a bear market, and they value friendship, degenerate meme culture, and good vibes. On that note, the team behind this new meme coin invites folks that align with these values to grab some MONG tokens.  

The MongCoin HomePage

There’s no whitepaper or detailed info on the MongCoin page; however, the site does provide what they call a “Mongress” agenda. The latter includes the first and the second term:

  • First term:
    • Launch
    • CoinGecko and CMC (CoinMarketCap) listings
    • Initial NFT holder claim
    • Get the MONG coin trending on Twitter
    • Call groups and AMAs
    • Token-gated alpha group
    • Community partnerships
    • 10k+ holders
  • Second term:
    • CEX listings
    • Brad Sherman interview 
    • MONG merch
    • Purple Mong juice
    • Top-tier exchange listings
    • The MONG coin to become the number one degen coin
    • 100k+ holders

As part of the project’s disclaimer, the official MONG token page points out that this meme coin has no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return. The website also notes that there is no formal team or roadmap and that the coin is completely useless and for entertainment purposes only.

Mong Coin Crypto Project Inception Concept - Mongoose and MR Sherman

Mongs as Meme

According to the MONGS NFT collection, they base each “MONG” NFT on the mongoose, a small predatory carnivore. These animals are mainly found in Africa but also live in southern Asia and southern Europe. These small predators are known for their skillful attacks on highly venomous snakes, including king cobras.

On the other hand, the word “mong” also has other less flattering or even offensive meanings. Since the idea for the MONGS NFT collection was born out of the well-known incoherent ramblings of a US congressman (Brad Sherman), it wouldn’t be surprising if “mong” was used intentionally to include these insults.  

The MONG Coin Price Chart

The MONG Coin Price

The above two-hour chart shows the MONG coin’s price action. Within the first day of the token launch, its price went from $0.000000000007958 to $0.000000008133. This initial 1000x+ increase was reserved for those who spotted this altcoin as soon as it launched. Following that local high, the price consolidated for the next three days in the $0.000000001-$0.000000006 price range.  

That three-day consolidation period allowed many Moralis Money Pro users to jump in on this new opportunity. Those who took action and got their bag of MONG were in for a treat. After all, in the next 38 hours, MONG did another 10x rally, setting a new all-time high (ATH) at $0.0000001116.

Following that rally, MONG pulled back 70%, then had another 2x increase, which led to another 40% decrease. All that in 24 hours. Since then, the two-hour chart drew a new higher low at $0.00000004131. At the time of writing, the price ranges around the $0.00000005 mark, which is still 10x above the average price of that 3-day consolidation period following the launch.     

MongCoin Price Prediction – Potential of Meme Coins

Technical analysis (TA) usually doesn’t really work with meme coins. Plus, the MONG coin is relatively young, so there’s a very limited amount of historical price data. Still, if you wish to speculate about price prediction, you can use the Fibonacci retracement tool – measuring from MONG’s ATH to its latest lowest point. 

By doing so, you can see that the 4.236 Fib extension (which usually marks the highest potential) sits at $0.0000003643. So, the next short-term pump could easily take MONG on another 6x-plus rally. 

When it comes to long-term (next bull market top) price speculations for the MongCoin project, you can look at the leading meme coins as a guide.

MongCoin vs SHIBA Inu and Dogecoin - Can MONG Compete Agains SHIB and DOGE?

Can the MONG Coin Follow the Footsteps of SHIB or DOGE?

Shiba Inu and Dogecoin are the two meme coins currently sitting among the top 15 altcoins by market cap. Whether you like these coins or not, you have to agree that they’ve come a long way. 

Of course, the chances of MongCoin following SHIB’s or DOGE’s success are quite slim, but it is possible. As such, we can look at SHIB’s and DOGE’s ATH market caps and divide them with MONG’s supply to determine what’s possible for MONG:

  • If MONG were to follow SHIB’s success, it could reach the price of $0.000063 per token during the next bull run. From the current price, that would be a 1000x-plus increase for MONG.  
  • If MONG were to follow DOGE’s success, it could reach the price of $0.000119 per token during the next bull run. From the current price, that would be a 2000x-plus increase for MONG.  

How to Buy the MongCoin Crypto Asset

If you want to buy the MONG coin, you only have one option: buy MONG on Uniswap. So, if you are familiar with that DEX, you can access it and search for the MONG-WETH trading pair. Of course, you will also need a Web3 wallet (e.g., MetaMask) with some ETH to get MONG. 

However, if you are new to swapping altcoins, we recommend you use one of the following two options to ensure that you land on the right trading pair page:

  • Use the “Buy MONG” button on the MongCoin website:
Illustrating How to Buy MONG Coin on MongCoin Website

Find Altcoins Like MONG with Moralis Money

If the latest meme coin parade teaches you anything, it is that the crypto space offers many opportunities. However, it also demonstrates that these opportunities come and go extremely fast. As such, it is all about spotting these altcoins at the right time.  

If you believe that MONG has the potential to become one of the leading meme coins, then now may still be a great time to get a moon bag. However, if you want to make the most of the upcoming bull run, you ought to learn how to use Moralis Money.

By doing so, you’ll be able to finally identify those 50x-plus altcoin opportunities that everyone is talking about. We can assure you that they are pretty real and not limited to meme coins. Based on the same type of data as you can now utilize via Moralis Money, we were able to spot alts like EGLD (90x) and MATIC (1128x) for some insane profits:

Even though we are still in the consolidation phase following the last bear market, many Moralis Money Pro plan users have already been pocketing some incredible profits:

Aside from spotting the latest meme coins, Moralis Money Pro users have spotted many new and seasoned altcoins, such as the VERSE token, the XEN crypto asset, the MC token, the HDRN token, and many others.     

Moralis Money is a free tool that everyone with internet access can use. However, the free plan limits users to higher timeframes, meaning their chances of being among the first to spot opportunities are quite slim. 

However, those who opt for the Pro plan access on-chain data on the weekly, daily, and hourly timeframes. Hence, they get to detect opportunities as they appear! 

How to get Started with Moralis Money

The quickest and simplest way to get started with Moralis Money is to use one of the preset filters. You can find this option right on the Moralis Money homepage:

However, as you can imagine, the preset filters are available to all Moralis Money users and, thus, do not give you the ultimate edge. With that in mind, you want to start using your unique search criteria.

Applying your unique combination of filters is also a very straightforward process. No matter how many metrics you decide to use, you can have a new list ready in a matter of seconds.

Just follow this four-step process, and you’ll be on your way to spotting the next altcoin gem:

  1. Access the Token Explorer feature.
  1. Apply the Coin Age filter and enter the number of days that you want to focus on. With a free account, you’ll be able to spot coins that are 30+ days old. However, with the Pro plan, you can spot coins that have been minted today!
  1. Use the “Add Another Filter” button to apply another filter and refine your list. To help you spot tokens that are gaining momentum, Holders, Buyers, Experienced Buyers, and Liquidity are all great options.
  1. Tweak the previously applied filters or add extra ones to polish your list of altcoins with potential. 

Start practicing the above steps today! 

You can start for free; however, if you are serious about your altcoin investing/trading, you should lock in the Pro plan before the next price increase.

What is MongCoin? Exploring the MONG Meme Coin & If You Should Buy It – Summary

In today’s article, you discovered all the essentials about the MONG coin to determine whether or not this new meme coin deserves your attention. Along the way, we even looked at MongCoin’s price and where it could go if the token were to follow SHIB’s or even DOGE’s footsteps. However, regarding the “should you buy the MONG coin?” question, we leave it up to you to decide.

While MONG may still be an interesting token to buy, you now know that the crypto space offers countless opportunities. As such, even if you decide to get a moon bag of MONG, you shouldn’t limit yourself to a single altcoin. 

After all, the crypto domain has a lot to offer – it is a 24/7 market where things happen fast. The average altcoin tends to experience 50x-70x gains during the bull market. Moreover, the next bull run is coming soon – some argue it has already started! 

With that in mind, now is still a great time to learn how to use Moralis Money to find the next market alpha early. So, make sure to use the information provided herein to get going with this powerful yet simple on-chain tool. If you are serious about finding altcoin gems, don’t forget to lock in the Moralis Money Pro plan before the next price increase!

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