What is the STEVE Token & Should You Buy the Steve Seagull Meme Coin?

The second quarter of 2023 might go down in crypto history as perhaps “THE” meme coin season! As of May 3rd, 2023, we have a new coin pushing boundaries, and it is none other than the STEVE token! Follow along as we look closer at the Steve Seagull token and if it will take the #1 spot on the meme coin leaderboard!

Updated 6th May 2023 at 00:20

The STEVE token is now challenging the coin that started this meme coin season – the PEPE token. It seems like the creators of the Steve meme coin positioned it as a direct contender of PEPE. Was this a smart marketing move? Perhaps so! However, only time will tell if Steve Seagull can get the same traction as the popular frog meme. 

According to our latest on-chain search with Moralis Money, the STEVE token is getting some nice on-chain traction. Traders using Moralis Money Pro could see the STEVE token breaking out ever since it was minted.

STEVE token on-chain data table from Moralis Money

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Moving forward, you’ll have a chance to learn all you need to know about the Steve meme coin to help you determine if this altcoin deserves your attention. Aside from explaining what the STEVE token is, we will also look at the token’s price action since its birth. We will also speculate on how high Steve Seagull could “fly” in the upcoming bull market.

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Steve Meme Coin Website Landing Page

What is the STEVE Token?

The STEVE token is another meme coin that aims to capitalize on the 2023 meme coin season. What’s unique about this token is its approach to directly “attack” the PEPE coin. This tricky move may actually give the coin enough attention to start trending on Twitter. From there, it could easily go viral. 

For instance, just look at the above screenshot of the Steve Seagull project’s homepage. As you can see, the team behind the Steve meme coin went all in on the “STEVE vs PEPE” tactic. So, the question is whether people will bite on that “battle” approach or not.

If you give the “steveseagull.vip” website a closer look, you’ll probably agree that it is a pretty basic and simple one-page website. However, most latest meme coin projects follow that kind of path. However, the WOJAK token project showed some originality on its website. 

On the Steve website, you can find several areas, including the “About,” “Tokenomics,” and “Roadmap” sections.

In the About section, the creators of this “PEPE killer” meme coin again point out how STEVE will kill PEPE. This section also states that they were the only ones brave enough to say that their meme coin will beat the token that started the 2023 meme coin craze. 

The tokenomics of STEVE are also very similar to most meme coins. For starters, this ERC-20 token has a huge token supply: 420,690,000,000,000. This means that the price per token will always be quite low (below one cent). 93% of the token supply went into a liquidity pool, and seven percent is reserved for future CEX listings. The project’s initial market cap was $5,300.

As for the road map, it is a very “sophisticated” three-phase plan:

Phases of the Steve Meme Coin

The Meme Behind STEVE

Unlike the PEPE and WOJAK tokens, which are based on popular memes that have been around for more than a decade, the meme behind the Steve meme coin has a much shorter history. 

Steve Seagull is based on a video and photos of what appeared to be an angry seagull captured in 2020. So, the actual meme goes by the name of “The angry seagull.” 

The Seagull Meme Behind the STEVE Token

However, there are many “Steven Seagull” memes crawling the web that portray all sorts of photoshops of a hybrid between a seagull and the famous action movie star Steven Seagal. Still, the overall spread and popularity of this meme don’t come close to the most popular memes. 

With that said, the actual meme behind the STEVE token doesn’t have as much weight as some of its predecessors. 

Steve Seagull Token Price Chart

The Steve Meme Coin Price

The Steve meme coin doesn’t have a lot of price history because of being newly minted. However, looking at the above 30-min chart, you can see that Steve Seagull had quite a takeoff. 

The initial price per STEVE token was $0.00000000001292, but the price reached $0.000000001992 within the first four hours. That means the initial rally offered a 150x-plus price increase. However, following that initial run, the token’s price consolidated in the $0.0000000005-$0.000000001992 region for the next 24 hours.

This early consolidation period gave many Moralis Money Pro users more than enough time to load their bags with STEVE. As such, they were able to ride the next rally, which took STEVE to $0.00000001518. That meant a minimum of 7x for everyone who entered the aforementioned consolidation phase.

Following that high, STEVE pulled back about 50% and then went for another relly to reach $0.00000001841. The latter is the current ATH for STEVE.  

The STEVE Token Price Speculation

It’s important to keep in mind that crypto markets are highly volatile and quite unpredictable. However, when it comes to meme coins, this is enhanced multi-fold. That is why there’s no room for price predictions – only speculation. And we can speculate by looking at other meme coins’ market cap. 

For instance, we can look at a scenario where the STEVE token would catch up with the PEPE coin. If we do more conservative speculation for such a scenario, we’d say that PEPE won’t go any higher from its current position: a $1.2 billion market cap. 

So, if the Steve meme coin were to reach the same market cap, that would put $STEVE at $0.0000028525. From its current level, that would be an additional 200x-plus increase.

Can the Steve Meme Coin Follow the Footsteps of DOGE and SHIB

It’s safe to say that we were all surprised by how fast PEPE reached the one billion USD market cap mark. However, there are already two other meme coins among the billion club. In fact, Shiba Inu and Dogecoin both sit among the top 15 cryptocurrencies by market cap. 

As such, it makes sense to set the ceiling for the Steve Seagull crypto by looking at the leading meme coins. We could look at DOGE and SHIB’s current market cap. However, since the next bull run is warming up, it makes more sense to consider these two meme coins’ ATH levels. 

SHIB’s ATH market cap sits at $41.12 billion, and DOGE’s at $73.8 billion. So, if STEVE were to reach the same levels, its price would be $0.0000977 or $0.0001754, respectively. From the current STEVE’s price range, this sort of comparison gives the token a 10,000x-plus potential. 

How to Buy STEVE Token on UniSwap

How to Buy $STEVE

At the time of writing, the STEVE token is only trading on Uniswap – the leading decentralized exchange (DEX). So, if you have any experience with that DEX, you can visit it and find the Steve meme coin trading pair (STEVE/WETH). Once on the page, you’ll need to connect your Web3 wallet (e.g., MetaMask). If you have some ETH in that wallet, you’ll be able to swap it for STEVE.  

However, if you are not experienced with Uniswap, we suggest you follow one of the two options presented below. They’ll help you ensure that you land on the right trading pair page.  

So, one option is to use the “Buy Now” button on the Steve Seagull website:

Steve Seagull Website On How to Buy STEVE Meme Coin

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That is the advantage many Moralis Money Pro users are already benefiting from. They’ve spotted countless meme coins and other altcoins that have skyrocketed. Some examples include PEPE, WOJAK, CHAD, WSB, the MONG coin, the VERSE token, the HDRN token, the MC token, and many others.

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Moralis Money Quickstart – It Only Takes Seconds to Get Going

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However, the magic lies in using your unique search criteria. So, you can tweak a preset filter’s metrics or apply a unique search combo starting from scratch. Whichever path you choose, you’ll want to follow these steps:

  1. Access the Token Explorer page.
  1. To focus on new altcoins like the STEVE coin, use the Coin Age filter. But you can also search for opportunities among more seasoned altcoins. In that case, the Market Cap metric is your go-to option. 
  1. Use the “Add Another Filter” button to apply additional metrics. After all, you don’t want to look at all the coins but just those gaining on-chain momentum. Thus, use filters like Holders, Buyers, Experienced Buyers, and Liquidity.
  1. Tweak the parameters for the previously-added metrics or add more filters. The goal is to polish your list of candidates. Then, DYOR those potential winners and determine when to plan your entries and exits.

The next bull market is priming, so start practicing the above steps ASAP! As mentioned above, you can use Moralis Money for free to spot some neat opportunities. However, if you want to see on-chain data in real time, you want to upgrade to the Moralis Money Pro plan. After all, this is the key to unlocking all the lower timeframes:

What is the STEVE Token & Should You Buy the Steve Seagull Meme Coin? – Summary

Throughout the above sections, you learned all you need to know about the Steve meme coin to decide if it deserves your attention. We even looked at the token’s price and speculated on how high it could go in the next bull run. 

While the STEVE token may turn out to be a great opportunity, the real value of this article lies in learning about Moralis Money. This powerful yet simple tool allows you to turn to on-chain data for guidance. After all, on-chain activity always precedes price action! 

So, by seeing which altcoins are gaining on-chain momentum, you can enter positions before the token’s price pumps. To be the first one on the ball, opt for the Moralis Money Pro plan!

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