Should You Buy the EverMoon Token? Exploring the EVERMOON Coin

The EverMoon token is a new community-driven cryptocurrency currently gaining noticeable social traction. The token’s on-chain data also seems to be building up some momentum. As such, now might be a good time to get your bag of $EVERMOON. However, before you make any moves, make sure to analyze this coin’s real-time, on-chain data further via Moralis Money. Also, to make an informed decision on whether you should buy the EVERMOON coin or not, make sure to learn about its fundamentals in this article!

Updated 12th June 2023 at 18:33

We have an interactive widget waiting for you in the “Should You Buy the EverMoon Token?” section! That widget is your window to the Moralis Money page for the EverMoon token. Aside from presenting real-time, on-chain data for that new altcoin, this is also the place to do your own research (DYOR) for the EverMoon coin. However, if you wish to learn more about this new community-driven token, dive into the sections below. We’ll explain what the EverMoon token is, take a look at its price action, and help you determine whether or not you should buy EverMoon. 

Since the EverMoon coin is just one of the countless altcoin opportunities the crypto space has to offer, we will also show you how to spot other tokens. As such, we’ll introduce you to Moralis Money – the ultimate on-chain trading tool. By learning what this powerful, user-friendly tool is all about and how to easily start using it, you’ll be ready to find altcoins before they pump.

Since the next bull run is slowly warming up, now’s the best time to master Moralis Money. Then, you’ll finally be prepared to pocket those massive crypto gains!

Here’s a sneak peek into how Moralis Money works:

What is the EverMoon Token?

The EverMoon token is an ERC-20 cryptocurrency minted on the Ethereum chain on May 25th, 2023. Now, with the token not presenting any specific use cases, it doesn’t seem wrong to classify it as a meme coin. As such, the 2023 memecoin season is still going at full speed!

However, since there’s no actual meme the token pays tribute to, it’s more technically correct to classify it as a community token. This is also the official token’s website classification – there’s no mention of it being a “meme coin.”


By looking at the above site, you can see that the team behind the project aims to create a vibrant and inclusive Web3 community. That’s at least what the website claims. 

The creators of the project further state that they believe in the power of collaboration, innovation, and the potential of blockchain technology to revolutionize the way communities thrive.

The website includes an about, a community, and a tokenomics section; we’ll glance at them below. The page also links to the ETH/EVERMOON trading pair on Uniswap via the “Buy EVERMOON” button. Plus, you can use the “Dashboard” button to access a page designated to the token’s statistics. This is also where you can explore all EVERMOON holders:


Note: You’ll better understand the details of the above-presented dashboard after looking at the EverMoon coin’ tokenomics.

What is the EverMoon Coin All About?

Only time will tell what’s in store for the project and its various use cases (if any). At this stage, we can only tell you what the token creators of EverMoon claim the project is about, and they share these details through their mission and vision statements.

EverMoon’s mission is pretty ambitious as it aims to establish the most influential community in the Web3 space. As for the project’s vision, the team states that EverMoon envisions a future.

Overall, the project’s mission and vision aim to include folks from all walks of life and with all levels of Web3 experience.

The “About Us” section includes some info about community management. This is where the team points out that EverMoon values community engagement. Plus, they promise to encourage meaningful interactions among the members through regular events, raids, initiatives, and checkpoints. They see EverMoon as a platform for creators, developers, and innovators to showcase their talents, collaborate on projects, and explore other possibilities of Web3 together.


$EVERMOON Tokenomics

This crypto asset offers unique mechanics. It uses one percent of each $EVERMOON transaction for buybacks and marketing purposes, to make the asset deflationary (by burning the tokens), to increase the liquidity pool, and to reward holders. That adds to the total of 5% tax on every EVERMOON transaction. However, since this tax is used to reward the holders and make the asset deflationary, it is supposed to incentivize all holders to hold their bags of the EverMoon token.

The initial total supply of EVERMOON was one billion, but due to the token mechanics mentioned, more than 100 million tokens have already been burned. As such, the circulating supply at the time of writing is already below 900 million EVERMOON.

So, if this deflationary nature continues to work properly, it might actually be a good incentive to buy EverMoon.


EverMoon Coin Price

Before you can decide whether or not you should buy EverMoon, you need to look closer at its price. Of course, since the token has been alive for a short while, there’s not much historical price action to work with. As such, even if you master technical analysis, any reliable TA is out of the window for EVERMOON.

However, let’s still look at this token’s two-hour chart and see what it offers so far.


By looking at the minimum and maximum value of the token (the top row of the chart area), you can see that EVERMOON already experienced more than 2000x growth. However, most of that growth (about 100x) took place in the initial hours following the listing on Uniswap. That initial pump was mainly reserved for traders who knew the token was going live.

As soon as the token’s on-chain traction picked up, Moralis Money Pro users were able to spot it. As such, many of them jumped in on the opportunity below the $0.00046 price range. Those who took that action were rewarded very soon as the EverMoon token rallied another 1500-plus percent. 

Of course, following such a massive run, the price had to pull back. After crossing the $0.0084 mark for the first time, the token’s price retraced for just over 50%. Then, it pumped again to those heights just to experience an even larger pullback (80%), which set the current local low at $0.001691.

From there, EVERMOON crossed the $0.0084 level again without setting a new ATH. Instead, it went back down to the aforementioned local low’s area. Since then, the EverMoon coin has ranged between $0.0018-ish and $0.0037-ish for the past four days.

What’s Next for EVERMOON’s Price?

As mentioned, TA on such a young coin doesn’t work. However, at the time of writing, we can see that the token broke out of the above-mentioned range and seems to be going for a retest of its previous resistance.

If that resistance level turns into support, EVERMOON might be ready for another leg up.

Should You Buy the EverMoon Token?

We are not financial advisors, so it’s really not our place to answer that question. It’s up to you to use the above-provided information and resources to decide on your own whether or not you should buy EverMoon. Do not forget to consider real-time, on-chain data provided by Moralis Money to help you decide.

Before we move beyond the EverMoon token, let’s do a quick price speculation of how high EVERMOON could go in the upcoming bull run. Since some traders have compared EverMoon with SafeMoon, we can take SafeMoon’s ATH market cap as a reference.

Then, we need to divide that number by EverMoon’s current token supply (which should go down even further by the time the bull run hits). That gives us a price prediction of $6.44.

So, if EverMoon manages to follow in the footsteps of SafeMoon, it could still increase by more than 1700x.

But remember that there are countless other altcoin opportunities with similar or even greater potential. As such, master Moralis Money and make the most of the upcoming bull run

The EverMoon Coin is Just One of Countless Altcoin Opportunities

The average altcoin tends to offer a 50x-70x price increase during the bull market. Even so, many other cryptos offer 100x, 1000x, and even higher returns.

However, to catch these opportunities, you need to get your timing right. Plus, you often need to be early – before the bull market is in its full swing.

Just look at the example charts below, and you’ll instantly understand what gains are on the table when you get the right bag of alts early:


You should also keep in mind that many altcoins go on their individual rallies outside the bull market, especially new tokens, just like EVERMOON. These are mainly the opportunities that Moralis Money users have been profiting from in the first half of 2023.

Here are just some of the inspiring success stories:


While everyone with internet access can use and benefit from Moralis Money, the best opportunities are typically reserved for Pro users. They are the ones with access to all the lower timeframes and, in turn, have the ability to make the most of the real-time, on-chain data.

These traders in the know have been able to predict the next parabolic crypto with on-chain analytics. Thanks to Moralis Money, they spotted tokens like INU, Volt Inu, VIRAL, WaifuAI, NiHao, PSYOP, and many others the second they went live. 

And yes, Moralis Money Pro users even spotted the PEPE token in its earliest stage. And, the latter is one of the best examples of how mind-blowing altcoin opportunities really are. After all, PEPE printed a 100,000x-plus rally in just 21 days

So, are you ready to learn how to start exploring altcoin opportunities with Moralis Money? If so, dive into the following section!

13 Tips to Help You Get Going with Moralis Money Today!

Make sure to go through the following Moralis Money tips and put them to use sooner rather than later. Then, you’ll be ready to spot “the next EverMoon coin” as soon as it goes live. 

  • Tip #1: The simplest and fastest way to generate your first dynamic list of altcoin opportunities is to select one of the premade filters: 
  • Tip #2: To make the most of Token Explorer, start applying your unique filters – this five-step sequence will do the trick:
  1. Select a metric
  2. Select the metric’s filter option
  3. Enter a value for that metric
  4. Select a timeframe 
  5. Hit “Run Query” 
  • Tip #3: Find the best opportunities by combining the power of multiple metrics:
  • Tip #4: To focus on newly minted tokens, apply the Coin Age filter.
  • Tip #5: If you wish to target more seasoned alts, apply the Market Cap metric.
  • Tip #6: Add metrics like Liquidity, Holders, Buyers, Experienced Buyers, and similar to only view tokens that are gaining on-chain momentum.
  • Tip #7: Experiment with different Token Explorer metric combos, their values, and timeframes to find winning queries and save them!
  • Tip #8: Avoid scams by considering Token Shield’s security scores:
  • Tip #9: Run your saved queries on autopilot with the Token Alerts feature:
  • Tip #10: You can find great altcoin opportunities across multiple blockchain networks:
  • Tip #11: Access all the lower timeframes with the Moralis Money Pro plan and be the first one on the ball:
  • Tip #12: You can use Moralis Money Pro’s seven-day trial offer before committing to the monthly or yearly plan:
  • Tip #13: Go nuts with other Moralis Money features and perks:

Should You Buy the EverMoon Token? Exploring the EVERMOON Coin – Summary

If you went through the above sections, you now know the gist of the EverMoon token. You also know where you can research the EverMoon coin to further deepen your understanding of this new deflationary altcoin. As such, you have all the knowledge and resources to decide whether or not you should buy EVERMOON. 

In this article, you also learned that by looking at altcoins’ real-time, on-chain activity, you can spot opportunities before prices surge. We even shared 13 tips on how to get going with the ultimate on-chain tool – Moralis Money.

As such, you are now ready to start spotting those incredible altcoin opportunities. 

Start today and create your unique trading/investing tactic that will help you make the most of the upcoming bull market!
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