Should I Buy the INU Token? Exploring the INU Coin

Following a set of Chinese meme tokens, a Japanese dev launched a new meme coin: the INU token. Despite the recent bad news of the SEC attacking Binance and Coinbase, the INU coin increased by more than 100x in its first two days after launch. That said, the question remains whether or not you should buy this new meme coin. If you’d like to find out, today’s article will be highly beneficial!

Updated 9th June 2023 at 00:05

If you prefer to explore tokens on your own, the interactive widget above provides all the details you need about the INU token. Thanks to the power of Moralis Money Pro, you can view INU coin’s real-time, on-chain data down to the ten-minute timeframe. As such, you can determine whether or not it is gaining or losing on-chain momentum.

If momentum is increasing and the price has already cooled off a bit after the initial rally, INU may still be a good opportunity. On the other hand, if the on-chain momentum is decreasing, the price will soon follow, and it’s better to wait for a retrace.

The above INU page on Moralis Money also links to this meme coin’s official website and other tools. It is a great place to do your own research (DYOR) on the INU token.

However, these types of individual token pages are just a bonus feature of Moralis Money. The real power of this user-friendly tool is its ability to help you generate dynamic lists of altcoin opportunities based on real-time, on-chain data. Additionally, since on-chain activity precedes price action, you can finally get into tokens before they pump.

If that sounds interesting, dive into the second part of this article or use the interactive widget below!

Exploring INU Coin – What is the INU Token?

The INU token is a new ERC-20 cryptocurrency that aims to appeal to the people’s admiration of the Shiba Inu and Akita Inu dog breeds. Moreover, based on the INU coin’s first days following its launch, the tactic is working.

After a wide range of memes has been commemorated, the 2023 memecoin season found its way back to dogs. That said, the two leading meme coins are still DOGE and SHIB. Can INU follow the footsteps of these two dog-themed meme coins? Only time will tell; however, we will use that assumption to determine INU’s price potential in one of the following sections.

It’s worth pointing out that it’s actually pure speculation that a Japanese dev is behind INU. The latter comes from the fact that the official token’s website uses Japanese letters. Of course, that could easily be the case just because Shiba Inu and Akita Inu are Japanese dog breeds.


INU’s official website is quite clean and straightforward. At the top, it links to the project’s Telegram channel, Etherscan page, Twitter account, DEXTools, and CoinMarketCap (CMC) page.

Here is a rough translation of the above Japanese sentences:


If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you’ll also see exchanges (DEXs and CEXs) where you can currently buy the INU coin:


Unlike other meme coin websites, the above-presented page doesn’t have a typical “meme coin” disclaimer. However, there’s no doubt that this token is a meme coin. If you want to confirm that, just scroll through INU’s official Twitter page:


Does the INU Coin Have the Same Creator as SHIB?

Another interesting aspect of this new project is the use of “Ryoshi” in the token website’s domain. Why? Well, Ryoshi is the founder of the Shiba Inu (SHIB) meme coin that disappeared after leaving SHIB to its community.

So, is the same Ryoshi behind the INU token? Well, the on-chain addresses that launched the two tokens are not the same. There’s also no other evidence of any connection between the two projects other than that they both pay respect to a Japanese dog breed.

For now, it’s unclear whether or not INU has the same creator as SHIB.

INU Coin Price Action


As pointed out in the intro, the INU price chart (as seen in the image above) indicates INU’s impressive price really after its launch. Looking at the minimum and maximum price in the top row just above the chart, you can see that INU increased by more than 100x.

However, it’s worth pointing out that the initial 30 minutes already offered a massive 20x-plus move. The price was retraced by more than 70% in the following hour. Then, it doubled and retraced to the same $0.000000007 region, which was also a great range for the Moralis Money Pro users to get their bags of this meme coin.

Those who entered this area experienced quite an impressive 16x rally over the following 43 hours. Of course, given the high volatility, the path to the current INU coin’s all-time high (ATH) had several 40-50% pullbacks. In fact, the price currently sits at 34% below its ATH.

During the reach of its ATH, the trading volume was noticeably lower than it was at the time of initial trading. This divergence signaled that the token was losing steam, so the following 40% retrace was to be expected.

INU seems to be finding some sort of local support at the $0.00000007 regions, which is still 10x higher than the above-mentioned entry opportunities. Of course, only time will tell if this area will manage to hold or if INU will pull back further. After all, 80% pullbacks are not that uncommon among meme coins, especially in their early phase.


INU Token’s Potential

It’s worth pointing out that INU’s price rally is pretty impressive, especially because some very bad news came out during that same time. As it seems, the SEC decided to indict Binance and Coinbase – the two leading centralized exchanges.

So, the above-outlined performance took place while BTC pulled back rather sharply by more than 10%, which brought most of the crypto market down.

This initial strength could indicate that INU might continue its rally if the crypto market, as a whole, manages to hold the current levels or even starts another leg up from here.

As far as INU’s potential goes, we can speculate by comparing it to the three leading meme coins: PEPE, SHIB, and DOGE. After all, who’s to say that INU doesn’t have what it takes to follow in the footsteps of these three coins? 

Let us take the ATH market caps of these three coins and divide them by the INU token’s total supply. By doing so, we get the following prices:

  • PEPE as a measure of INU’s potential: $0.0000148 (approx. 180x from INU’s current price)
  • SHIB as a measure of INU’s potential: $0.0004351 (approx. 5400x from INU’s current price)  
  • DOGE as a measure of INU’s potential: $0.0007526 (approx. 9400x from INU’s current price) 

Should I Buy the INU Coin?

Unfortunately, we cannot answer that question. It’s up to you to determine if you believe INU has what it takes to become one of the leading meme coins.

If your conviction is strong, now might not be a bad time to get your moon bag of this token or do so at any of its lower support levels: $0.0000000625, $0.000000051, $0.000000038, and $0.000000023.

If you decide you wish to get a bag of $INU, you have several options. Just use the “Market” section on CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap page for that token. There, you’ll find a list of all CEXs and DEXs that offer the relevant training pair, including the trading volume. As such, you can easily pick a market that best suits your goals.

Beyond the INU Coin

As you may know, the most impressive altcoin rallies typically happen in the final stages of the bull market. However, the key to riding those 100x-plus gains is to enter your positions early – even before the bull market starts.

To better understand this concept, make sure to take a glance at the example charts below. 


The above charts show that it can take somewhere between 15 – 30 months for an altcoin to go from its low to its high. Furthermore, the lowest prices are always available during the bear season. So, it’s important to be early!

We are still in a consolidation phase following the last bear market, so the time is still right to make the most of the upcoming bull run.

However, individual altcoins tend to go on their own parabolic runs throughout the crypto cycle. Plus, there tend to be several “seasons” when a particular crypto asset type performs quite well. The 2023 memecoin season is a great example of that.

Due to these facts, many Moralis Money users have already been pocketing some impressive gains in the first half of 2023! Here are just some of the success stories:


Of course, the best opportunities were taken by Moralis Money Pro users. With their access to all the lower timeframes, they were able to find new meme coins and other alts before they pumped. 

This includes tokens like VIRAL, Volt Inu, NiHao, WaifuAI, Biacoin, PSYOP, and many others. They all offered several 100%-plus opportunities for those with proper timing. 

The PEPE token’s 100,000x-plus rally in just 21 days remains the greatest opportunity of 2023 so far: 


Moralis Money – Your Ticket to Spotting the Next INU Token

Now that you know what doors Moralis Money unlocks, you are probably eager to get going with this powerful yet simple on-chain tool. However, before we share some essential tips to help you spot the best altcoin opportunities, you should find out what Moralis Money is about.

Here’s the gist of the ultimate on-chain tool:

  • Free access to anyone with an internet connection.
  • User-friendly, easy-to-interpret, actionable results.
  • Results based on real-time, on-chain data.
  • Preset filters for a quick and easy start.
  • The Token Explorer feature generates unique and dynamic lists of altcoin opportunities based on your unique combo of search parameters.
  • Countless opportunities to find tokens with potential early, letting you overcome FOMO
  • The Token Shield feature helps you avoid scams
  • Running on-chain queries on autopilot with the Token Alerts feature to overcome time scarcity.
  • Searching and exploring any token and wallet address.
  • Insight into your wallet with Moralis Money’s portfolio tracker.
  • Collecting Moralis Money daily awards: magic beans.
  • The most amazing community of crypto degens.
  • Spotting new coins as soon as they go live.
  • Querying multiple blockchain networks.
  • The ultimate edge to spotting those 50x-plus altcoin gems early.

We hope you are excited to get going with Moralis Money. To start finding the next “INU coin” today without breaking a sweat, use the tips that await you in the next section!


Moralis Money Quickstart

Whether you wish to use Moralis Money to spot the INU token’s next rally or to identify countless other altcoin opportunities, these are the tips to follow:

  • Generate your first dynamic list of tokens in seconds by utilizing preset filters: 
  • Get comfortable with Token Explorer by following this five-step sequence:
  1. Select a metric
  2. Select the metric’s filter option
  3. Enter a value for that metric
  4. Select the timeframe 
  5. Hit “Run Query” 
  • Combine the power of multiple metrics to spot the best opportunities:
  • Use the Coin Age filter if you prefer to focus on newly created tokens.
  • Apply the Market Cap metric if your goal is to focus on more seasoned altcoins.
  • Filter out tokens that are not gaining/losing on chain momentum by applying metrics like Liquidity, Holders, Buyers, Experienced Buyers, and similar.
  • Mix and match Token Explorer metrics, their values, and timeframes to find winning queries. Once you do find queries that tend to give you good results, save them!
  • Use Token Shield’s security scores to stay on the safe side:
  • Use Token Alerts to run your saved queries on autopilot and never miss out on new altcoin opportunities:
  • Query all the leading EVM-compatible blockchains for cross-chain opportunities:
  • Unlock the full power of  Moralis Money by opting for the Pro plan:
  • If you are not ready to commit to a monthly or yearly plan, take Moralis Money on a seven-day test drive:
  • Make the most out of all Moralis Money features and perks:

Should I Buy the INU Token? Exploring the INU Coin – Summary

In today’s article, you had a chance to learn what the INU token is all about, look at its price action, and explore the price potential of the INU coin. Using that information, you should be able to determine whether or not you should buy this cryptocurrency now or at any point in the future.

You also learned that before buying any altcoin, you should take a closer look at on-chain data. You now know there’s no better and simpler tool to do that than Moralis Money.

In addition, you also learned what Moralis Money is all about. Plus, we provided some cool tips on how to get going with this excellent tool today. Essentially, you found out how to finally spot those 50x-plus altcoin opportunities before they pass you by again.

It’s finally your time to profit from altcoins! Make sure to start today – you want to get ready for the upcoming bull run.
WRITTEN BY Matic PircI am an SEO writer, a content creator, a digital marketing specialist, and above all an entrepreneur, with a strong passion for crypto. I believe blockchain technology has a massive potential in helping us create a better, more just, transparent, and globally united future.
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