Moralis Money Beans – What are Beans and How to Claim Them?

If you’ve been using Moralis Money, you’ll have come across a curious feature called Moralis Money Beans. Find out all there is to know about how to claim Beans, what they are, and how they’re related to e.g. Chests and Quests!

Updated 26th June 2023 at 20:02

GIF showing how to claim Moralis Money Beans

What are Moralis Money Beans?

Moralis Money Beans are in-site rewards that you can collect through using Moralis Money. By logging in to the site daily, you can accumulate more Beans and increase your Moralis Money rank. Beans can be claimed once every 24 hours, and you can claim 500 Beans at a time.

Exploring Moralis Money Beans 

The use case of Moralis Money Beans will be revealed in due time. As Moralis Money is built out more, Beans will play an increasingly important role. For a sneak-peek, be sure to navigate to the “My Rewards” menu in Moralis Money, where you can e.g. claim special Chests containing rare Magic Beans.

Moralis Money Beans - My Rewards Page

Moralis Money Beans allow returning users to collect beans over time. Moreover, “My Rewards” takes beans to the next level. To find out what the fortunes inside your unclaimed chests are, log in to Moralis Money, collect your beans, and find out for yourself!

What Else Can I Do?

If you like Moralis Money Beans and Chests, odds are you’ll love Moralis Money Quests. Our Quests utilise Zealy, and allow you to compete with other users by performing simple tasks. By registering for Zealy, users can start climbing the ranks and fight for the #1 spot on the leaderboard:

Moralis Money Beans Leaderboard

Get instant XP rewards through Moralis Money Quests. Beans, Chests, and Quests all aim to make the platform more user-friendly and provide increased value to Moralis Money users and crypto enthusiasts. The full use cases of Moralis Money Beans will be revealed in due time – we’d recommend making sure to claim as many as you can until then!

Summary: What are Moralis Money Beans & How Can You Claim Them?

Moralis Money Beans incentivise coming back to Moralis Money every day, to help you find tokens before they pump and get in on the gains.

Whether you’re a cryptocurrency enthusiast or an individual seeking an innovative way to monitor your investments using one of the best crypto portfolio trackers of 2023, Moralis Money is certainly worth exploring. So, seize the opportunity to collect those Beans, and you’ll be ready for when their full purpose is revealed.
WRITTEN BY Douglas AxenDouglas is a professional, detail-oriented, and friendly crypto enthusiast and investor with years of experience in the Web3 industry!
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