With affiliate marketing and interest in blockchain tech rising, now is the best time to join one of the top crypto referral programs available!        

Influencer MarketingHub Chart of Top Crypto Referral Programs Interest Increase

Today, countless affiliate opportunities are up for grabs. However, to get your piece of the crypto pie, you should carefully examine the best crypto referral programs and join the one offering the most generous compensation

Now, the best crypto affiliate program you can find is offered by Moralis Money. This incredible tool offers clear and actionable on-chain insights to those who want to invest in altcoins. That said, there are several other opportunities that we’ll look at in this guide. So, let’s take a look at some of the best crypto referral programs in 2023 divided into various categories:

  • Trading tools:
    • Moralis Money
    • CoinRule
  • Exchanges:
    • Bybit
    • Binance
  • Crypto taxation tools:
    • CoinLedger
    • Koinly
  • Hardware crypto wallets:
    • Ledger
    • Trezor

You need to consider various aspects whenever you want to determine the best Web3 affiliate program for you. These include the product, payouts, interest in the sector, a company’s reputation, cookie lifetimes, and much more. So, make sure to look for these details on the affiliate offer page you decide to promote.

What is Moralis Money?

Moralis Money is the ultimate tool for finding altcoin gems before they pump. 

Unlike other crypto analysis tools, Moralis Money doesn’t bombard users with complicated charts. Instead, it takes real-time, on-chain data and presents it in a clear, actionable manner. Essentially, Moralis Money allows users to generate a list of altcoins with the potential for massive gains in seconds.

This new on-chain analysis tool allows every casual crypto trader to create a profitable altcoin trading strategy. That way, Moralis Money users can increase their chances of making the most of those 50x-70x gain potentials that the average altcoin tends to offer during a bull market. 

Feel free to visit the Moralis Money Twitter account and witness how many users are already pocketing some incredible gains.     

Testimonials of One of the Best Crypto Referral Programs - Moralis Money

If you wish to become a Moralis Money affiliate, simply follow the link and create your affiliate account. 

The Best Crypto Referral Programs 

You can choose among many crypto referral programs in 2023. Centralized exchanges (CEXs) offer most of these programs. So, we’ll focus on two of the best CEX affiliate programs and devote the rest of our attention to other programs. That way, you can join any of these if you’d like. You can even join all of these programs and compound your commissions. Additionally, you can learn more about the best CEX crypto affiliate programs for 2023 from one of our past articles.

With that said, let’s take a closer look at each of the above-listed crypto referral programs!

Trading Tools Category: Moralis Money – The Best Crypto Referral Program Overall

Despite being recently launched, the Moralis Money crypto referral program already has a proven track record. There are already hundreds of affiliates making high recurring income with Moralis Money.

Join Moralis Money - Top Crypto Referral Program

What’s so special about Moralis Money’s industry-leading affiliate program

It offers a 30% lifetime commission on a high-value product. Also, by promoting this product, you can help your audience find crypto tokens before they pump. 

Moralis Money Pro currently sits just below $200 per month and is set to increase when BTC hits $40k. That means you already get to pocket almost a $60 recurring commission for each referral. 

If you have a decent following, you could easily onboard 500+ active Moralis Money users. As such, you’d lock in a recurring passive income of nearly $30k monthly. Plus, if you manage to sign up 500+ Pro plan users, Moralis Money will reimburse you for the lease or purchase payment of your dream car (see policy details for more info)!

This one-of-a-kind crypto referral program also offers multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunities. This means that you can also earn part of the revenue from the affiliates you recruit.

Another great thing about the Moralis Money affiliate program is that nothing is standing in your way – there are no requirements to join! Simply head to the Moralis Money affiliate program website and access your dashboard.

Since no minimum sales are required to earn a commission, you can start earning immediately! 

Trading Tools Category: CoinRule

CoinRule is a trading bot for cryptocurrency trading platforms. It allows users to set up automated trades without coding by selecting among 150+ rules. So, if your audience wishes to trade more seasoned coins, you might be interested in this referral program.

The CoinRule affiliate program is offering 25-30% commissions. However, the commission is based on the referral’s actions – they need to trade large volumes for you to make serious profits.  

Some of the benefits of CoinRule’s referral program include a clean and easy-to-navigate dashboard. The latter offers great affiliate reporting tools and a relatively straightforward payout structure. 

Major downside:

  • Profits based on referrals’ activity

CEXs Category: Bybit – The Best CEX Affiliate Offer

Bybit became one of the most popular centralized exchanges, largely thanks to its affiliate program. The latter continues to be the industry’s most popular choice for those that want to promote exchanges.

The program offers an attractive commission system, which allows Bybit’s affiliates to pocket up to 50% of their referral’s trading fees. However, these high commission percentages are reserved for top-tier affiliates – the ones that manage to onboard a significant number of fresh monthly users that trade actively. Plus, as a Bybit affiliate, you are capped by the trading volume of your referrals. 

A Bybit referral program can be very lucrative for those who can reach users who will regularly trade with large amounts.

Major downside:

  • Profits based on referrals’ activity

CEXs Category: Binance 

The Binance affiliate opportunity is one of the crypto referral programs with a long and impressive track record. It’s a serious contender for first place among the CEX affiliate deals, allowing top-tier affiliates to earn as much as 50% of referrals’ trading commissions. 

Binance remains the largest centralized exchange in the world and has one of the most popular affiliate programs in the crypto space. Since the Binance ecosystem is a lot more than just an exchange, there’s a strong community of supporters behind this deal. 

A broad spectrum of Binance tools will likely keep your referrals engaged and result in active conversions. So, if you can target an active trading community, this is another affiliate program that might work well for you. 

A major downside of this deal is a quite stringent affiliate selection process. Unlike Moralis Money – where everyone has the same opportunity to join – Binance doesn’t grant everyone a chance. Their threshold demands that promoters have 500+ active traders in their community or 5,000+ followers on social media accounts. 

Major downsides:

  • Profits based on referrals’ activity
  • You can’t join unless you qualify

Crypto Taxation Category: CoinLedger

Depending on your audience’s location, reliable cryptocurrency tax software can be extremely important. CoinLedger – one of the leading cryptocurrency tax tools – offers one of the best crypto referral programs.

With this tool, you can really help your audience. After all, if you ever had to calculate your crypto taxes, you can still remember how stressful it can be without the proper tool. 

The recurring commission offered by CoinLedger sits at 25%. So, whenever your referral does their crypto tax calculation with CoinLedger, you get to pocket commission. 

Major downsides:

  • Most users do crypto taxes only once per year, which limits your profits.
  • Crypto taxes vary from state to state and country to country, which can make this deal tricky to promote.

Crypto Taxation Category: Koinly

Koinly is another reputable cryptocurrency tax software you can promote via a good affiliate program. The base commission starts at 20% lifetime commissions, but affiliates can get as much as 40% revenue share. According to Koinly, the commission from a single sale can be as high as $200.

If you decide to promote this crypto tax tool, you’ll also get access to real-time tracking of your conversions via the Koinly affiliate dashboard.

Major downsides:

  • Most users do crypto taxes only once per year, which limits your profits.
  • Crypto taxes vary from state to state and country to country, which can make this deal tricky to promote.

Hardware Crypto Wallets Category: Ledger

Ledger is one of the highly reputable companies in the crypto industry that’s been around since 2014. The Ledger hardware crypto wallet has a good reputation and is a common go-to choice for crypto users across the globe. 

This referral program is not as lucrative as the above-listed ones. For one, it is capped at 10% commission, plus the same person doesn’t buy a hardware wallet continuously. However, since this deal has a high conversion rate, it can be a nice additional offer that you can promote. 

Major downsides:

  • Nonrecurring revenue.
  • Low commission.
  • No potential for a sufficient source of income.

Hardware Crypto Wallets Category: Trezor

Trezor is another popular hardware wallet provider. Their flagship wallet is priced a bit higher, and their affiliate program has slightly better commission rates than Ledger. As a Trezor affiliate, you can earn 12-15% commission. However, it still faces most of the same major downsides as Ledger. As such, this affiliate opportunity is also suitable as an extra bonus so that you can pocket some change by offering your audience a secure way to store their cryptos. 

Major downsides:

  • Nonrecurring revenue.
  • No potential for a sufficient source of income.

Know the Product and Your Audience

The presented crypto referral programs above are good options and point to offers that convert well. Of course, some have a much higher potential for serious profits than others, but with the right approach, you can easily pocket these offers’ commission.

However, if you want to promote any of the above offers successfully, it’s important to:

  1. Know the product
  2. Know your audience

So, make sure to explore the products/services that you decide to promote more closely. When it comes to Moralis Money, you can learn the gist about this tool below.   

Get to Know the Best Crypto Referral Program 

If you want great success with the Moralis Money affiliate offer, you should get better acquainted with Moralis Money. However, that doesn’t mean you must opt for the pro plan. After all, Moralis Money is a free tool, and you can start using it free of charge.

However, if you want to access low timeframes (weekly, daily, and hourly) and spot altcoin opportunities as they appear, then upgrading to the Pro plan is the way to go. This is also the selling point you can use as you pitch this offer as an affiliate! 

To start playing around with Moralis Money and experience this tool’s power firsthand, you can use the interactive widget below. The fastest way to get going is to use one of the preset filters. However, you can also apply your unique filters in seconds.

The Gist of Moralis Money: Token Explorer, Token Shield, and Token Alerts

Token Explorer, Token Shield, and Token Alerts are the core three features of this powerful yet simple on-chain tool. Each core feature helps casual traders overcome one of the three main obstacles that crypto traders face: FOMO, scams, and lack of time.  

  • Token Explorer allows Moralis Money users to query on-chain data on all the leading blockchain networks. Users can apply their unique search criteria to spot altcoin opportunities that match their preferences. Since on-chain data precedes price action, users get to spot altcoins before they moon. This gives users powerful insights and a system to avoid FOMO into positions when it’s too late. 
Landing Page of the Top Crypto Referral Program - Moralis Money
  • Token Shield does its thing automatically on every query. It runs a security check for every token that matches the search criteria and assigns a security score to each token. These scores are presented inside shield icons and help users avoid scam tokens

Users can manually consider each token’s security score or filter out tokens from the start of their search query with the Security Score filter.

  • Token Alerts allows users to set up email notifications for their saved queries. By doing so, they essentially explore on-chain data on autopilot. Whenever a new opportunity matches their search parameters, they receive an email alert. So, with this feature, users can bridge the lack-of-time gap.   

Top Crypto Referral Programs – Best Crypto Affiliates Guide – Summary

You now know that Moralis Money offers the top crypto affiliate program. It entails high requiring commission, has no application limitations, and promotes a high-quality product in high demand. After all, everyone wants to spot altcoins with 50x-plus potential before they pump. In addition to the Moralis Money offer, you had a chance to learn about other popular crypto referral programs.

Nonetheless, we pointed out that getting acquainted with the products you plan on referring to your audience is essential. As such, you had an opportunity to explore the gist of Moralis Money. Hence, you now also know how to spot amazing altcoin opportunities yourself. 

So, what next? Access your Moralis Money affiliate dashboard and start pocketing your recurring commission!

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