The #1 Crypto Affiliate Program – Full Guide

For many, becoming financially independent while working remotely (a.k.a. working from home) sounds too good to be true. Well, you’ll be happy to hear that this can become a reality with the right crypto affiliate program! Read on as we explore what to look for in affiliate crypto programs so you can make an informed decision on which one to join!

Updated 29th April 2023 at 08:00

Moving forward, we will show you how you can become a Moralis Money affiliate. By joining this program, you can finally reap the benefits of the current #1 crypto affiliate program. 

Plus, as you get to know the Moralis Money affiliate program, you will also learn what to look for in affiliate crypto opportunities in general. After all, even when you decide to join Moralis Money, you can still look for additional ways to build up your passive income or collect some sweet rewards. 

But first, let’s make sure you know what Moralis Money is.

Find Financial Freedom - Join the #1 Crypto Affiliate Program Today

What is Moralis Money?

Moralis Money is a revolutionizing trading indicator for users interested in making gains with altcoins. By utilizing real-time, on-chain data, this powerful tool provides unbiased insights into crypto markets. 

Why is real-time, on-chain data superior to price action? Because on-chain activity always precedes price action!

Unlike other on-chain tools, which are all about advanced charts, providing information overload, Moralis Money returns clear, easy-to-understand results. After all, everyone can read the list of crypto tokens Moralis Money returns.

Other on-chain tools are made by data scientists who have zero experience with altcoin trading. Thus, these tools provide complicated charts that cause information overload and analysis paralysis. 

On the other hand, a team of seasoned altcoin traders and industry-leading Web3 developers joined forces to create Moralis Money. As a result, this game-changing tool combines the power of on-chain data and the simplicity of clear and actionable representation of results.

Ever since the launch of Moralis Money, its users have been pocketing some serious gains by discovering altcoins before they went parabolic. Here are just some of the countless testimonials:

Moralis Money Crypto Affiliate Program Testimonials

So, make sure to become a Moralis Money affiliate today!

What is a Crypto Affiliate Program?

A crypto affiliate program is an affiliate program offered by a company/brand that is operating within the crypto industry. An affiliate program is a collaboration opportunity that can be offered by any company, which incentivizes people to share their services and products, typically by offering a share of the revenue. 

User Working on His Computer Promoting a Business

In the era of the internet, affiliate programs offer their participants to obtain affiliate links, also known as referral links. Next, it’s up to affiliates to get those links in front of people that are most likely to be interested in the offer on the other side.

Then, whenever anyone uses that link and actually completes the action that counts as conversion, the affiliate gets his cut (commission) or some type of reward. 

The most common crypto affiliate programs are the ones offered by centralized exchanges. In those cases, affiliates typically get a part of the trading fees for every user they refer. But other perks can vary greatly. That’s why it’s important to know what to look for in affiliate crypto programs.  

Perks of Joining a Crypto Affiliate Program

It’s quite natural and only logical to make sure that the perks of joining a crypto affiliate program suit you. As such, you need to know what’s in it for you and if it’s worth your effort. 

While affiliate perks can come in various shapes and forms, we believe that a decent passive income comes at the top. After all, you can then use that extra income to purchase all other gadgets and items that many affiliate programs offer.

So, the best perk of joining a proper crypto affiliate program is an attractive commission structure with high earning potential. 

Unlike traditional affiliate programs that cover a wide range of industries, there are not that many quality crypto affiliate programs yet. After all, the crypto industry is rather new, and most startups are still developing their core services and products.

We strongly believe that the following advantages are what to look for in affiliate crypto offers. What’s more, they are the ones that the Moralis Money affiliate program includes:

  • There should be a high demand for the product/service in question. Fortunately, there’s a high demand for quality crypto trading tools.
  • The commission structure should be lucrative and offer a high earning potential. With Moralis Money, you lock in high recurring revenue.  
  • The niche or industry that you are entering should still be growing. Becoming a crypto affiliate today gives you an early entry into a rapidly growing market.
Join the #1 Crypto Affiliate Program - Promote and Earn Passive Income!

Join a Crypto Affiliate Program – How to Find Success

Whatever crypto affiliate program you decide to join, you need to consider your promotion strategy in advance. So, above, you learned what to look for in affiliate crypto programs; now it’s time to think of the “how” aspect.

Here are some popular strategies that also apply to promoting Moralis Money effectively:

  • Creating viral content
  • Posting/sharing on Twitter and interacting with the product’s account
  • Producing educational content for others on how to use the product/service that you are promoting
  • Leveraging other social media channels

We believe that quality affiliates should really appreciate the product or service they promote. This makes the entire process genuine and way more rewarding for everyone involved. Plus, once you know what is on the other side, it’s a lot easier for you to promote it to the right people and in the right way.

So, if you are interested in becoming a Moralis Money affiliate, use the upcoming section to get better acquainted with this powerful on-chain tool. It will also help you stay up-to-date with any new Moralis Money features, which you can use as a new angle to promote your offer.

Features of Moralis Money

We can sum up the gist of Moralis Money with the tool’s three core features: Token Explorer, Token Shield, and Token Alerts. They are also a direct response to the three most common challenges that altcoin traders face: FOMO, scams, and lack of time.  

  • Token Explorer – This is the Moralis Money feature that allows users to query the leading blockchain networks. By simply applying various combinations of search criteria, users get to find altcoins that match those filters. Since on-chain data precedes price action, traders get to spot opportunities before it’s too late. As such, they have a reliable system that helps them keep their emotions in check and never FOMO into tokens at the top. 
  • Token Shield – Token Shield is an automated feature that does its thing whenever users run their queries. This feature runs a security check for every token on the list and assigns a security score for each token. Users can see these scores inside color-coded shields – the higher the score, the lower the risk. So, by focusing on green shields, users can avoid scams like rug pulls. 

Plus, users can apply the Security Score filter to automatically filter out tokens that do not match their risk tolerance.

  • Token Alerts – When users save their queries (unique combinations of filters), they can set email notifications. By doing so, they get to run their queries on autopilot and, in turn, spot any new token that may match the unique search criteria. This means that even casual traders that do not have the time to go full-time crypto can spot opportunities as they show up. 

Use the interactive widget below to take Moralis Money for a spin. Simply select one of the preset filters or apply your own search criteria. 

Become an Affiliate – Join the Moralis Money Crypto Affiliate Program

It’s important to remember that Moralis Money is constantly evolving, and new features are added daily, increasing its value. As such, it’s best if you use the tool yourself. After all, that way, you’ll be able to pocket profits by spotting altcoin gems yourself and pocketing affiliate commissions! 

By using the product that you plan on promoting, you’ll be able to become a highly successful affiliate.

Now, how can you actually become a Moralis Money affiliate? Simply use the link in the previous sentence. There you can find out all the details of this leading crypto affiliate program. You can apply your newly-obtained “what to look for in affiliate crypto programs” knowledge to determine whether or not the Moralis Money offer is a good fit for you.

Once you decide that you want to become a Moralis Money affiliate, use the “Become an affiliate” or “Get your affiliate link” buttons. In the next step, you will need to provide your credentials:

Landing Page Showing How to Join the Crypto Affiliate Program Offered By Moralis Money

Moralis Money Affiliate Dashboard Sneak Peak

Using the above details, the Moralis Money affiliate platform will create your account. Then, you’ll be able to access your affiliate dashboard using your credentials. 

There, you’ll need to complete your profile by entering additional details. Next, you select your preferred payout method, where you can add your company if you have one.

After successfully completing your onboarding, you will see the following welcome message:

Just hit “Next” several times as it introduces you to the dashboard, which will help you get around efficiently. 

To access your Moralis Money affiliate link, go to the “Assets” tab, where you’ll be able to copy your referral link:

After looking at the above screenshot, you can see that below your main affiliate link, you have several other variations, some of which include images. By hovering over any of these assets, you will be able to copy the link or the embed code.

MLM Affiliate Opportunity

Another aspect that makes the Moralis Money affiliate program the best crypto affiliate program is the fact that it includes multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunities. This means you get to recruit other affiliates and get a portion of their revenue.

If multi-level opportunities interest you, go to the “Multi Level Marketing” tab. There, you’ll be able to copy your unique link at the top and see all your sub-affiliates:

Nonetheless, you can already use the beta version of the Moralis Money affiliate portal. To access this version, simply hit the green button that you can see in the top-right corner of the “Assets” and “Multi Level Marketing” pages:

The new portal has a much more modern look and feel and allows you to generate unique affiliate links:

So, are you ready to join the best crypto affiliate program and finally create a passive income? Finally, you can do it by collaborating with an advancing company pushing the frontiers of Web3.

Let’s together empower casual traders to make profits with altcoins! Financial freedom helps unlock the full potential in all of us! 

Become a Moralis Money affiliate today!

The #1 Crypto Affiliate Program – Full Guide – Summary

In today’s article, you had a chance to learn what to look for in affiliate crypto offers. We focused on Moralis Money because it is the best crypto affiliate program on the market. Based on the information covered herein, you should be able to decide whether or not this is an offer that resonates with you. 

If you enjoyed this article and would like to dive deeper into Moralis Money or other altcoin-related topics, make sure to check out our blog further! Some of the latest topics we cover include exploring an on-chain trading bot, how to use crypto analysis tools, a guide to finding the best crypto to invest in 2023, an altcoin trading strategy, and much more.    

It’s worth pointing out that the upcoming bull run is slowly warming up. So, now is the best time to start using and promoting Moralis Money. As such, do not let this opportunity to join the best crypto affiliate program pass you by.
WRITTEN BY Matic PircI am an SEO writer, a content creator, a digital marketing specialist, and above all an entrepreneur, with a strong passion for crypto. I believe blockchain technology has a massive potential in helping us create a better, more just, transparent, and globally united future.
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