Should You Buy the Hoppy Crypto Coin? Full HOPPY Token Analysis

There’s a new meme coin on the block: the HOPPY token! Since it went live on July 15, 2023, the coin has attracted quite a Twitter following. Plus, $HOPPY has also been flying through the charts – already delivering 2000x-plus gains. However, if the Hoppy crypto project were to follow in the PEPE token’s footsteps, it could still go much higher. So, now may be the right time to ask yourself, “Should I buy $HOPPY?” To help you come up with the best possible answer, let’s explore the project, its frog-based meme coin, and analyze the HOPPY token price!

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Should You Buy the Hoppy Crypto Coin Full HOPPY Token Analysis-article

In today’s article, you will have a chance to learn all you need to know about the Hoppy crypto project and the HOPPY token. We will start with the former and then focus on the latter. We will also cover the backstory of this meme coin to help you understand why many folks compare this crypto with PEPE.

Of course, we’ll also explain what the HOPPY token is and what its tokenomics look like. Plus, we will conduct a complete HOPPY token price analysis. Also, using some practical TA tools, we will speculate on some $HOPPY price predictions.

In addition, we’ll have a separate section where you can sit ringside watching the HOPPY vs PEPE match. This is where we will take a closer look at the main similarities and dissimilarities between the two froggy meme coins.

Last but not least, we’ll tell you how you can start getting your altcoin-buying timing right. After all, by focusing on the real-time, on-chain data that Moralis Money offers, you can get the ultimate edge.  

What is Hoppy? Exploring the Hoppy Crypto Project

Before we dive into the HOPPY token and its price, you ought to get acquainted with the Hoppy crypto project. As such, let’s look at the project’s official website and its “About” section. 

This project is all about introducing yet another memetic cryptocurrency to the world. However, unlike many other meme coins, this project commemorates a special character called Hoppy.

So, what’s so special about Hoppy?


Well, if the information on the project’s website is correct, this children’s book character came to life before Pepe the Frog. As you can see in the screenshot above, the website also provides a video where (allegedly) Matt Furie himself explains how Hoppy was the first froggy character he created back in 2004. In that video, he points out how Hoppy was then the catalyst for the creation of Pepe.

However, after searching the internet, we found no information about Hoppy the Frog before the Hoppy crypto token creation. As such, we cannot confirm that this origin is actually true. For instance, we are not able to locate the Hoppy Wikipedia page that is showcased in the aforementioned video.

That said, the project’s official Twitter account also tags what is known (while not verified) as Matt Furie’s Twitter handle as the creator of Hoppy the Frog:


It’s also important to point out that there’s a proper disclaimer at the bottom of the project’s official website. The latter states that both the website and $HOPPY are satiric and parodic, not offering any intrinsic value. So, they exist solely for amusement purposes!

hoppy crypto whitepaper

Hoppy Whitepaper

We also looked at the project’s whitepaper, which is also purely memetic. However, it does contain the mission section. This is where the project’s creators point out that their goal is to build a strong community filled with positivity. They further state that they plan to work with the community to build outlets for Hoppy. As such, there might be some use cases down the line. 

However, for now, the project’s only tangible “product” is the $HOPPY cryptocurrency.

hoppy crypto logo with an actual frog

What is the HOPPY Token?

The Hoppy token is an ERC-20-based cryptocurrency that went live on July 15, 2023. It now lives on the Ethereum blockchain and follows the most popular standard for fungible tokens. Furthermore, its symbol/ticker is HOPPY or $HOPPY.

At its core, the coin is just another meme coin that the ongoing memecoin season has produced. However, the above-explained alleged connection with Pepe the Frog makes this token stand out in the crowd. If nothing else, the HOPPY token price reflects the market’s interest in this new meme coin.

However, at the time of writing, there’s no particular use case for $HOPPY. Still, there are many folks interested in the asset. After all, according to Etherscan, the token already has more than 3,000 holders.   

data on Etherscan for the Hoppy token

Tokenomics of the $HOPPY Token

Looking at the above screenshot, you can already see one of the core metrics regarding the tokenomics of the Hoppy crypto coin: the total supply. There’s a total of 420.69 trillion instances of $HOPPY. This number, combined with the token’s market cap (which is constantly changing), determines the asset’s price. The price of the token equals the token’s market cap divided by the total supply.

Other important aspects of this token’s properties include the following:

  • Token Address: 0x8C130499D33097D4D000D3332E1672f75b431543.
  • Transaction Tax (Buy/Sell Tax): 1% (used for marketing/development).
  • Team Tokens: 0.
  • Approximately 6% of the total supply was locked for liquidity.
  • According to the project’s whitepaper, the smart contract behind HOPPY doesn’t include blacklist functions. However, according to the GoPlus security check, this is not true.  

Complete HOPPY Token Price Analysis

The odds are that based on the alleged connection between Pepe and Hoppy, the HOPPY token price has already managed to cover quite a distance. The token’s listing price was $0.0000000000059; however, it didn’t stay that low for long. Within the first five hours of trading, HOPPY’s price had already reached $0.000000002092. That is more than a 350x increase!

Of course, that initial pump was mainly reserved for folks that knew this token would get listed in advance. However, Moralis Money users that used the “Live New Coins” feature could spot the coin the second it went live. Plus, those on the Pro plan were able to identify the token’s increasing on-chain momentum. As such, many of these folks in the know got their bag of $HOPPY during its pullback to the $0.00000000057-ish level following the aforementioned initial rally. 

After five hours of consolidation, the asset continued its climb. With several 30-50% corrections along the way, $HOPPY reached its all-time high (ATH) at $0.00000003558 in the next 40 hours or so. So, that was an additional 60x-plus increase from the $0.00000000057-ish level.

Following its ATH, the HOPPY token price started to retrace. After the initial 49% dump in just two hours, the asset bounced back. However, there were many sellers looking to pocket gains, so the price retraced further. It eventually found its local bottom at the $0.000000011-ish level, with some wick reaching below the $0.00000001-ish mark.

Looking at the below hourly chart for $HOPPY, you can see all the major support (green) and resistance (red) levels. We’ve also marked the relevant (currently) descending trendline (blue). And the token’s price seems to be breaking out of that trendline as we’re writing this article.

hourly price chart for the Hoppy token

HOPPY Token Price Prediction

If the hourly candlestick closes above the descending trendline (see above), it is more likely for the price to move to the upside. In that case, the asset will most likely start tackling the outlined major resistances. However, $HOPPY could easily trend sideways for a while before making any significant move in either direction.

On the other hand, if other holders decide to sell and there are no new buyers to absorb their bids, the price could also pull back further. In that case, the most likely levels of support would be the $0.0000000085-ish or $0.000000006-ish levels.

If the token manages to move to the upside and even break above its current ATH level, it will enter price discovery. As such, we can use the Fibonacci retracement tool and speculate on the next resistance levels. The most optimistic level that this tool offers sits at $0.000000118-ish (the 4.236 extension). That’s another 7x-plus from the current HOPPY token price level. 

However, if we want to see what is really possible for $HOPPY, we ought to compare the asset with the PEPE token.



The number one reason why comparing HOPPY with PEPE lies in the above-explained alleged connection between Hoppy the Frog and Pepe the Frog. Even if that connection doesn’t really exist, but people believe it, the narrative alone could be enough to push $HOPPY along $PEPE’s lines.

Now, it’s worth pointing out that while Hoppy’s official Twitter account mentions $PEPE, Pepe’s Twitter doesn’t mention $HOPPY. As such, we can presume that there are no official connections between the two crypto projects.

Additionally, HOPPY has the same total supply as PEPE, so we can directly compare the prices of the two assets. However, before we consider $PEPE’s ATH and presume that $HOPPY could reach that same level, let’s look at some of the core metrics of the two assets:

  • Holders:
    • Pepe: 133,203
    • Hoppy: 3,235
  • Twitter Followers:
    • Pepe: 421.3k
    • Hoppy: 2.9k
  • Locked Liquidity:
    • Pepe: No
    • Hoppy: Yes
  • Tax:
    • Pepe: 0.37% buy tax, 0% sell tax
    • Hoppy: 1% buy tax, 1.02% sell tax 

According to bubble charts, both assets have a solid distribution. That said, Binance does hold nearly 20% of the PEPE’s total supply:


By looking at GoPlus security stats, both smart contracts have some point of potential issue:


Note: If you wish to explore the above-presented detail further, visit Moralis Money’s Pepe ($PEPE) token page and Hoppy ($HOPPY) token page. 

So, what do you think? Does $HOPPY have what it takes to jump as high as $PEPE?

If so, it’s worth pointing out that the current PEPE’s ATH sits at $0.000004836. And, if the HOPPY token price were to reach that level, it would increase by more than 300x from its current range.  

Graphical illustration stating: Should You Buy HOPPY?

Should You Buy $HOPPY?

Since we are not financial advisors, we can’t answer the above question. However, using the information and resources provided herein and combining that with your risk tolerance, you should be able to come up with your own answer.

If you do decide that you want to add a bag of HOPPY to your portfolio, make sure not to make an impulsive buy. After all, to make profitable altcoin investments/trades, you need to get your timing right. This is where the real-time, on-chain data makes all the difference.

By considering these types of metrics, you can determine whether the token’s on-chain momentum is increasing or decreasing. Combining these insights with the altcoin’s current price, you can get your timing right.

To do this type of blockchain analysis, you ought to use Moralis Money! Regarding HOPPY, you can follow the link we provided earlier so you can get to the token’s page. Or, simply use the interactive widget further down below.

Plus, if you determine that now’s not the best time to buy $HOPPY, you can set your own crypto price alerts to be notified when the conditions improve.

You should also note that Moralis Money’s token pages are just a part of this tool’s amazing capabilities. Arguably an even more valuable feature comes in the form of Token Explorer. The latter empowers you to be among the first to spot any altcoin on EVM-compatible chains (e.g., Ethereum) before it pumps!

Summary – Should You Buy the Hoppy Crypto Coin? Full HOPPY Token Analysis

In today’s article, we focused on the Hoppy crypto project. We first explained what this project is all about and its connections to $PEPE. We also took a closer look at the HOPPY token, including its price. This is where we even provided information regarding the HOPPY token price predictions. Nonetheless, we even made a more detailed comparison between PEPE and HOPPY.

Last but not least, we explained how you can use the power of Moralis Money’s token pages. So, you now know that these pages allow you to research altcoins, investigate their real-time, on-chain metrics, and even buy alts right on the spot.

However, you also found out that with Moralis Money (via the Token Explorer feature), you can spot the best altcoin opportunities at any time.

So, make sure to put the above-obtained information and resources to good use. After all, with the next bull run slowly warming up, now may just be the best time to get going! You can use the interactive widget below to generate your first dynamic list of altcoins with potential.
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