Follow a Crypto Wallet Using the #1 Token Portfolio Tracker

Professional traders use every tool possible to improve their odds. In their toolset, you’ll generally find a token portfolio tracker. But what are token portfolio trackers? How do they work? And why are they necessary? If you’re looking for the answers to these questions, join us throughout this article as we show you how to follow your crypto wallet using the #1 token portfolio tracker: Moralis Money!

Updated 8th August 2023 at 08:00

Today’s article starts by covering the ins and outs of token portfolio trackers. From there, we’ll dive into various types of token trackers and what makes them unique. Next, we’ll explore why you need a token portfolio tracker to follow your crypto wallet. Lastly, to top things off, we’re going to show you how to track your portfolio using Moralis Money

If you’re eager to get going and want to jump straight into Moralis Money’s token portfolio tracker, then here’s a quick demo showing you this tool’s basic functionality: 

GIF demonstrating how to use the Moralis Money token portfolio tracker to follow a crypto wallet

Without further ado, let’s dive into our first section and look at what a token portfolio tracker is!

What is a Token Portfolio Tracker? 

The cryptocurrency market is expanding rapidly, and new coins, tokens, and blockchain networks are popping up daily. The market’s growth is great; however, it poses problems as you diversify your holdings across multiple blockchain networks, asset classes, and exchanges, making it increasingly challenging to track them. To handle this issue, traders and investors generally leverage a token portfolio tracker of their choice.

But what exactly is a token portfolio manager?

graphic art illustration - crypto wallet with token balances

A token portfolio manager (a.k.a. portfolio tracker) is an application or a website. They usually provide a comprehensive solution for monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing your token holdings. Consequently, with a token portfolio tracker, you can seamlessly follow your crypto assets across networks, blockchains, and exchanges to keep track of all your finances in one place. 

Furthermore, a token portfolio tracker connects with your Web3 wallet, providing access to and an overview of all your digital assets. This usually includes both fungible and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Some trackers even integrate with prominent centralized and decentralized exchanges (DEXs) where you can swap and trade cryptocurrency. 

All in all, a crypto portfolio tracker is a digital platform where you can track and manage your assets across networks, wallets, and exchanges using real-time data and, usually, an intuitive user interface (UI). As such, it’s an easy way to manage and get insight into all your crypto assets! 

Types of Token Trackers 

With the rapid expansion of the crypto market, we have seen multiple token portfolio trackers emerge recently. Some of the available alternatives are quite generic and don’t offer any unique features. Fortunately, this isn’t always the case, and some trackers have their own niches and provide some exciting features.

To give you an idea of some different types of token trackers, let’s look at three categories based on unique features: 

  1. Tax Tools
  2. Multiple Asset Classes
  3. Advanced Analytics and Trading Features
three types of token trackers: tax tool, multiple asset classes wallet, and advanced analytics and trading features token trackers

Tax Tools 

As traders diversify their holdings across networks, exchanges, and Web3 wallets, keeping track of taxes is becoming increasingly complex. To help with this, some token trackers have specified their product offerings to assist with just that. And some alternatives allow you to generate a comprehensive tax report at the click of a button, making your life as a trader significantly easier. 

However, if you’re looking for a token portfolio tracker to help you deal with taxes, you need to keep in mind that regulations might differ based on your geographical location. As such, you need to find a token portfolio tracker suited for your region. 

Multiple Asset Classes 

While some people are looking for a token portfolio tracker to simplify taxes, others might have different priorities. For example, experienced traders from the conventional stock market might seek a token portfolio tracker featuring multiple asset classes. 

With platforms supporting multiple asset classes, it’s possible to keep track of all assets in one place, including cryptocurrencies and traditional stocks. As such, if you’re moving over from the stock market and want to try your luck with cryptocurrency, then these types of token trackers might be the best option for you. 

Advanced Analytics and Trading Features 

Lastly, our final type of token trackers are those focusing more on advanced analytics and trading features. Some token trackers can give you personalized news, analytics, trading charts for individual tokens, maps regarding loss and profit-making entities, and much more. 

What’s more, some prominent crypto-monitoring tools like Moralis Money even let’s find and buy up-and-coming crypto directly through the UI! 

Nevertheless, if you’d like to explore some examples for each type of token tracker, check out our article on the best crypto portfolio trackers in 2023!  

Why You Should Follow Your Crypto Wallet and Look at Other Portfolios 

In recent years, the crypto market has expanded far beyond well-known tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum. And there are thousands and thousands of promising altcoins and NFTs worth investing in. However, as you diversify your holdings and invest in altcoins, you should leverage a token portfolio tracker to follow your crypto wallet. But why is that? 

Here are three reasons why you should follow your crypto wallet with a token portfolio tracker: 

  • Time Management: By collecting the information about all assets in one place, you can save a lot of time as you’re not required to toggle between exchanges and platforms. Instead, it’s possible to monitor and manage all your assets in one place. 
  • Alerts and Notifications: Not all, but some token portfolio trackers like Moralis Money allow you to set up customized alerts and notifications. This means you can follow your crypto wallet, market events, new assets, etc., even when you aren’t actively trading. 
  • Analytics and Real-Time Data: With analytics and real-time data, you can stay up-to-date with the most recent market updates to make more informed trading decisions. This, for instance, includes historical performance, price movements of all your assets, market trends, and much more. 

What’s more, along with following your crypto wallet, it can also be helpful to monitor others’ portfolios. For instance, someone might have a high-performing portfolio you want to copy to maximize gains. Or your wish to follow the actions of crypto whales, as this can be vital information when making your own investment decisions! 

Now that you know why you should leverage a token portfolio tracker, let’s explore the #1 option: Moralis Money

Exploring the #1 Token Portfolio Tracker 

There are many prominent token portfolio trackers available; however, at the top of the list, Moralis Money stands out as the premier alternative. But what exactly is Moralis Money? 

Moralis Money is an industry-leading blockchain analytics tool and crypto volatility indicator. The platform leverages on-chain data in real-time, presenting it to you in a straightforward and understandable format. As such, when working with Moralis Money, you can effortlessly find new tokens before everyone else to avoid crypto FOMO when trading! 

Title: Explore Moralis Money - The #1 Token Portfolio Tracker

Along with helping you find new tokens, Moralis Money also offers a straightforward and intuitive token portfolio tracker. With this feature, you can easily track all your holdings across blockchain networks, including Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, and others. 

The token portfolio tracker provides all the basic functionality needed to monitor and manage your assets. However, it’s the surrounding features that make Moralis Money really stand out in the crowd as the best crypto portfolio manager for traders. And here are three prominent examples: 

  • Token Explorer: With Token Explorer, you get to combine 15+ search parameters to find precisely the tokens you’re after before everyone else. As such, it has never been easier to find the next 100x crypto. 
  • Token Alerts: With Token Alerts, you can set up email notifications to monitor the market and individual tokens, even when you aren’t actively trading.
  • Token Shield: Token Shield provides a comprehensive security evaluation for all coins so you can stay safe from scams. 

To learn more about how these features work, check out our article on three crypto trading tips

Nevertheless, let’s explore how to track your crypto portfolio with Moralis Money!

How Do I Track My Token Portfolio Using Moralis Money? 

To launch the Moralis Money token portfolio tracker, start by clicking on your profile at the top, followed by ”My Wallet”: 

UI of Moralis Money's token portfolio tracker

Doing so takes you to the following page featuring two tabs: ”Tokens” and ”NFTs”:

Token tab showing a crypto wallet's balance

On the ”Tokens” tab, you can view all fungible tokens across all supported networks: 

On the tokens tab, you can see balances of tokens across multiple networks

And on the ”NFTs” tab, you’ll find all your non-fungible tokens displayed neatly in a table: 

you can follow a crypto wallet using Moralis Money's token portfolio tracker and see the wallet's NFT collection

What’s more, at the top, you can also view the total value of your portfolio: 

balance page

In combination with tracking all your assets, you can also click on any of the coins and go to their individual token pages. On these pages, you’ll find more advanced analytics, such as trading charts, security information, and alpha metrics, including changes in liquidity, net volume, holders, and experienced buyers: 

GIF showing token pages which you can examine after seeing a token of interest

Follow Crypto Wallets Using Moralis Money 

In combination with tracking your holdings, Moralis Money also lets you monitor other crypto wallets. To check and follow the activity of another wallet, simply input the address into the search field at the top: 

Showing how to enter an crypto wallet address to monitor in the token portfolio tracker from Moralis Money

Once you hit enter, you’ll be able to see the entire contents of the wallet in question. With this feature, you can manually follow the activity of any wallet across multiple networks. This can be particularly useful if you’re monitoring a cryptocurrency whale or wish to copy another trader’s strategy! 

As of now, you have to follow a crypto wallet manually. However, in the near future, we’ll launch features so you can follow another wallet on autopilot. So stay tuned; there’s more to come! 

Free vs. Paid Token Portfolio Tracker 

Moralis Money’s token portfolio tracker feature is entirely free. But if you’d like to maximize the value of this fantastic tool, you should definitely consider subscribing to the Moralis Money Pro plan. Here are three examples of advantages and benefits Pro plan users get: 

  • Private Discord: All Moralis Money Pro plan users get access to an exclusive Discord server. This means you can become part of a larger community of like-minded crypto traders.
  • Premium Education: You can also access premium education to keep your mind sharp and maximize cryptocurrency gains. 
  • Narrower Timeframes: With the Pro plan, you also get narrower timeframes for all search parameters when using Token Explorer. This means you can query token data on a daily, hourly, and even ten-minute basis to get true market alpha. 

You can additionally check out other advantages of the Moralis Money Pro plan in this image comparing the various plans: 

Table chart showing features and a comparison of paid vs free token portfolio trackers

Also, if you’d like to try Moralis Money yourself and find new exciting tokens, you can take this tool for a test drive down below. Use the interactive widget to create a custom search strategy. Or use one of the premade options: 

Summary: Exploring the #1 Token Portfolio Tracker

In today’s article, we kicked things off by answering the question, “What is a token portfolio tracker?” In doing so, we learned that token portfolio trackers are platforms allowing you to view and manage your digital assets across multiple networks in one single place. 

From there, we also explored why these tools are necessary, where you learned that they can help you save time, set up alerts, and get analytical insight into all your holdings. 

Lastly, we showed you how to track your and other traders’ wallets with Moralis Money – the #1 token portfolio tracker! 

Moralis Money provides all the necessary information to track and manage your crypto portfolio across multiple networks. However, what makes this tool special is all the surrounding features. With these, you can find, analyze, and track the cryptocurrencies you’re interested in, making Moralis Money the ultimate one-stop shop for traders!

Also, did you know that you can take your trading game to the next level by subscribing to the Moralis Money Pro plan? In doing so, you get narrower timeframes for all search parameters, access to a private Discord, premium education, and more:
WRITTEN BY David Olsson
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