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Open Source


A digital asset with freely accessible source code and transparent governance.

Proxy Contract


A proxy token represents another asset, providing additional functionality.



If a token is mintable, new tokens can be created by the issuer.

Owner Address

Address of the token's current owner.

Retrieve Ownership


Ability to take back ownership of the token.

Balance Mod



Hidden Owner


Concealment of the owner's identity.

Self Destruct


Token's ability to destroy itself.

External Call Risk


Risk associated with external function calls.

Buy Tax


Tax applied to buy transactions.

Sell Tax


Tax applied to sell transactions.

Buy Available


Availability of buying the token.

Cannot Sell All


Inability to sell all token holdings.

Slippage Mod




Token designed to trap and steal from users.

Transfer Pausable


Ability to pause token transfers.



Tokens that are prohibited from certain activities.



Tokens that are allowed for certain activities.

In Dex


Token is listed on a decentralized exchange.



Measures in place to prevent large transactions.

Anti-Whale Mod


Ability to modify the Anti-Whale measures.

Trading Cooldown


Time period before a trader can make another transaction.

Slippage Mod


Modification of the user's personal slippage tolerance.

Token Name


Name of the token.

Token Symbol


Symbol representing the token.



Number of token holders.

Total Supply


Total number of tokens in circulation.

Owner Balance


Balance of tokens owned by the owner.

Owner Percent


Percentage of total token supply owned by the owner.

Creator Address


Address of the token's creator.

Creator Balance


Balance of tokens owned by the creator.

Creator Percent


Percentage of total token supply owned by the creator.

LP Holders


Number of liquidity pool (LP) token holders.

LP Total Supply


Total number of liquidity pool (LP) tokens in circulation.

Trust List


The token is a famous and trustworthy one.


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The DEXT Score is an algorithm created by DEXTools that measures all the information we get from the blockchain and some external information sources to measure the confidence of a project. The score obtained ranges from 99 (Maximum) to 1 (Minimum).

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What is the Numeraire (NMR) Coin?

The Numeraire (NMR) coin is the native token of the Numerai ecosystem. It’s an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token minted back in 2017. The NMR coin launched without an initial coin offering (ICO). Instead, the initial one million tokens were distributed among 12,000 data scientists already using the Numerai platform.

Learn more about the NMR coin in our Numerai article!

Who Created Numeraire?

The creator of Numeraire is the underlying project: Numerai. Moreover, the creator of Numerai is Richard Craib, and he founded Numerai back in 2015. He has a background in quantitative finance and machine learning. His goal with Numerai was to build a decentralized hedge fund that leverages the power of AI and crowd-sourced intelligence.

Numerai was financed through four separate investment rounds between 2016 and 2020. During this time, Numerai managed to raise over $21 million. Some prominent investors are Union Square Ventures, Placeholder, Paradigm, etc. 

What’s the Role of the NMR Coin?

The NMR coin has many use cases and is essential to the Numerai ecosystem. Here are three examples: 

  • Governance - The NMR coin is the governance token of Numerai. This means token holders can partake in essential decision-making processes regarding the platform's future. 

  • Staking - Numeraire token holders can also stake their crypto to partake in the Numerai’s Tournament and Signals applications. 

  • External Value - The NMR coin is also trading on multiple decentralized and centralized exchanges. It also has external value beyond Numerai as a potential investment.

What's the Best Place to Buy Numeraire ($NMR)?

You can acquire the NMR coin from multiple exchanges; however, the easiest and best option is to use Moralis Money. All you have to do is scroll up on this token page and use the crypto-swapping feature to the right.

In our "Crypto Swapping 101" article, you can learn all the essentials about how swapping actually works. When finished reading that article, you'll have a solid understanding of how to swap on the Ethereum network, which the best coin swap sites are to execute the cheapest crypto swap, etc. That said, if Ethereum is your go-to choice, make sure to check out our "Ethereum Swap Sites Review" article!

What’s Numerai?

Numerai was created back in 2015, and it’s an AI-enabled hedge fund combining machine learning, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and crowd-sourced stock market predictions to revolutionize finance and allow users to trade. 

Numerai consists of two main components: 

  • Numerai Tournament - Numerai Tournaments is a contest where users can stake Numeraire crypto and submit trading algorithms about the stock market, allowing participants to bet on likely outcomes. 

  • Numerai Signals - Numerai Signals is a platform for uploading stock market strategies supporting a specific stock or trading style. 

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About Numeraire

The current price is $14.760316165053082 (-7.54% 24h change) with a total Marketcap of $92M. Numeraire was minted on 20/06/2017. Numeraire is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Buyers decreased 0 last 10 minutes. Buyers decreased 0 last 30 minutes. Buyers decreased 0 last hour. Buyers increased by 1 last 4 hours. Buyers increased by 2 last 12 hours. Buyers increased by 2 this day. Buyers increased by 2 last 2 days. Buyers increased by 14 last 4 days. Buyers increased by 18 this week. Buyers increased by 31 last 2 weeks. Buyers increased by 47 last 3 weeks. Buyers increased by 73 this month. Buyers increased by 228 this quarter.

Sellers Stats

Sellers decreased 0 last 10 minutes. Sellers decreased 0 last 30 minutes. Sellers decreased 0 last hour. Sellers increased by 1 last 4 hours. Sellers increased by 2 last 12 hours. Sellers increased by 3 this day. Sellers increased by 12 last 2 days. Sellers increased by 19 last 4 days. Sellers increased by 29 this week. Sellers increased by 57 last 2 weeks. Sellers increased by 76 last 3 weeks. Sellers increased by 118 this month. Sellers increased by 317 this quarter.

Buy Pressure Stats

Buy Pressure increased by $1.5K last 10 minutes. Buy Pressure decreased $0.00 last 30 minutes. Buy Pressure decreased $0.00 last hour. Buy Pressure decreased $1.4K last 4 hours. Buy Pressure decreased $1.6K last 12 hours. Buy Pressure decreased $5.5K this day. Buy Pressure decreased $14.4K last 2 days. Buy Pressure decreased $13.2K last 4 days. Buy Pressure decreased $14.4K this week. Buy Pressure decreased $77.1K last 2 weeks. Buy Pressure decreased $86.9K last 3 weeks. Buy Pressure decreased $59.7K this month. Buy Pressure decreased $91.7K this quarter.

Net Buyers Stats

Net Buyers decreased 0 last 10 minutes. Net Buyers decreased 0 last 30 minutes. Net Buyers decreased 0 last hour. Net Buyers decreased 0 last 4 hours. Net Buyers decreased 0 last 12 hours. Net Buyers decreased 1 this day. Net Buyers decreased 10 last 2 days. Net Buyers decreased 5 last 4 days. Net Buyers decreased 11 this week. Net Buyers decreased 26 last 2 weeks. Net Buyers decreased 29 last 3 weeks. Net Buyers decreased 45 this month. Net Buyers decreased 89 this quarter.

Liquidity Stats

Liquidity decreased $0.00 last 10 minutes. Liquidity decreased $0.00 last 30 minutes. Liquidity decreased $0.00 last hour. Liquidity decreased $48.2K last 4 hours. Liquidity decreased $37.6K last 12 hours. Liquidity decreased $58.2K this day. Liquidity decreased $58.1K last 2 days. Liquidity decreased $58.2K last 4 days. Liquidity decreased $143.3K this week. Liquidity decreased $143.2K last 2 weeks. Liquidity decreased $143.2K last 3 weeks. Liquidity decreased $143.2K this month. Liquidity decreased $143.2K this quarter.