What’s the ALLIN Coin? All In Crypto Analysis & Prediction

What better name than “All In” for a gambling project, right? However, it isn’t just the name that caught our attention. After all, in the first hour after its exchange listing, the price of the project’s native ALLIN token increased by more than 272x. Following the initial pump, the price pulled back by more than 80%; however, it still sits approximately 60x above its listing level. And since the project still has a market cap of less than a million USD, now may be the best time to take a closer look at the All In crypto project and determine whether or not it deserves your attention.

Updated 18th August 2023 at 08:00

What is the ALLIN Coin - All In Crypto Analysis & Prediction-article

In today’s article, you’ll have a chance to learn what the ALLIN coin is all about. However, before we focus on the All In asset, you should get acquainted with the All In crypto project. As such, covering the gist of this new project will be our starting point. Next, we’ll ensure you can confidently answer the question, “What is the ALLIN coin?” Plus, we’ll look at who created this token, what the asset’s use cases are, the coin’s tokenomics, and what type of token $ALLIN is.

Once you’re all caught up with the basics of the project and its native coin – the $ALLIN token – we’ll focus on the asset’s price action. 

So, we’ll take a closer look at the All In coin price chart and use basic TA to outline all significant levels. By comparing the project with another popular project in the same category and using the Fibonacci retracement tool, we’ll be able to provide some $ALLIN price predictions.

Nonetheless, you’ll also find out how to use the power of Moralis Money to research the All In crypto project further.

official website of the All In crypto casino project

About All In – Exploring the All In Crypto Project

When it comes to exploring new crypto projects, the project’s official website is the best starting point. Sure, the project’s creators (the team) can put all sorts of information on their website. As such, we must be cautious and take the details with a grain of salt. However, since there are rarely any other sources of information regarding new projects, we have to work with what’s available.

Aside from the official website, we also cover the project’s whitepaper (if available) and social media channels. 

So, based on these sources, we can tell you that the All In project (a.k.a. All In Casino) is all about creating an online casino on a blockchain. 

The project is starting its journey by offering a blockchain gambling experience on Telegram but plans to expand games to Discord and the All In Casino website soon. It’s also worth pointing out that at the time of writing, users can only play blackjack. However, the project’s website promises that slots, roulette, and poker are coming soon.

All In Casino outlines that a high return to player (RTP), 100% security, and 24/7 operations are its main advantages. These benefits are also part of the project’s vision outlined in the All In Casino whitepaper. The latter points out that the project aims to carve out a new paradigm of transparency, integrity, and entertainment in the online gambling industry. According to the team’s beliefs, the intersection of DeFi and online gambling offers an unprecedented opportunity. As such, this is where $ALLIN positions itself. 

The project’s main goals revolve around building a unique gambling ecosystem and a robust, engaged community of users. By using blockchain and DeFi principles, All In Casino aims to democratize access to online gambling.      

All In Casino’s Roadmap   

All In crypto roadmap - phases outlined

The project’s vision and goals are highly ambitious, at least judging by the All In Casino whitepaper. To start realizing those goals, the project offers a three-phase roadmap. 

Unfortunately, the roadmap doesn’t offer any clear timelines, and it is rather vague. However, it outlines some key milestones that the team plans on accomplishing in the near future. You can view the details of each phase in the image above.

At the time of writing, All In Casino is in phase one of its roadmap.  

How to Play All In Casino Games?

Website page explaining how to play games using ALLIN coin from All In Casino

If you wish to play any of the games that All In Casino offers, make sure to watch the video on the project’s website (see the screenshot above). The latter shows you how to use the ALLIN Telegram and other details. Plus, you should also go through the “How to play” section further down the project’s website:

What is the ALLIN Coin - All In Crypto Analysis & Prediction-how-to-play-section

In that section, you can get properly acquainted with the ten-step process you need to complete to start playing.

All In Casino Community

Since the project went live on August 4, 2023, it doesn’t have a large community yet. For instance, the All In Casino X (formerly Twitter) account only has 350 followers.

X (formerly Twitter) page of the All In Casino crypto project

Aside from the above-outlined X account, you can engage with the ALLIN community via Telegram and Discord. To find links to these outlets, visit the project’s official website and focus on the top menu bar:

What is the ALLIN Coin?

The ALLIN coin is the All In Casino project’s native cryptocurrency. The creators of the project minted the token on August 4, 2023, on the Ethereum chain. 

Etherscan transaction page of the ALLIN coin

As stated in the project’s whitepaper, the All In coin is the lifeblood of the $ALLIN ecosystem. We’ll discuss the ALLIN token’s utility in one of the following sections.

Who Created ALLIN?

The All In Casino project team is anonymous even though the project’s official website includes the “Meet The Team” section. Suppose that section is accurate and true to what it currently provides. In that case, there are four team members: a blockchain expert, a bot expert, a backend developer, and a community/marketing specialist.

Among them, the blockchain expert is probably the one who created the All In coin. However, “allincointreasury.eth” is the contract creator’s address. 

What is the All In Cryptocurrency Used For?

Like any other cryptocurrency, anyone with an active EVM-compatible Web3 wallet (e.g., MetaMask) can purchase the $ALLIN token. Of course, the All In crypto can also be freely traded on Uniswap. However, aside from this typical cryptocurrency use case, the ALLIN coin serves as a gateway to the All In Casino games.

So, to play any of the games on the $ALLIN ecosystem, users need to first buy the $ALLIN token. With this asset in their Web3 wallets, users can access the games and use the ALLIN coin to place bets. Hence, aside from serving as a casino-gatekeeping token, the All In coin is also a blockchain-based equivalent of casino chips.


Tokenomics of $ALLIN

The following points cover the gist of the ALLIN coin’s tokenomics:

  • On-chain token name: All In
  • Symbol/ticker: ALLIN ($ALLIN)
  • Token’s smart contract address: 0x642b62DAebd3b46b03208A5E590A9D87A88fBDAc
  • Network: Ethereum 
  • Token type: ERC-20
  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000 $ALLIN
  • Buy tax: 4%
  • Sell tax: 4%
  • Initial token distribution:
    • 15% CEX listings
    • 55% locked liquidity
    • 10% eam wallet
    • 20% winnings wallet

What Type of Token is $ALLIN?

As outlined in the previous section, the $ALLIN token is an ERC-20 token. This means it lives on the Ethereum chain and follows the ERC-20 token standard. The latter governs the majority of fungible tokens on this leading programmable chain.

From a blockchain utility perspective, the All In coin would be categorized as a blockchain gambling coin.

Full ALLIN Coin Analysis and Price Prediction

Many have a gambler lurking inside of them just waiting to place some sort of bet. As such, this project may appeal to that side of you. However, for many of us, altcoin trading alone quenches that thirst.

So, if you are an altcoin trader, your primary concern regarding the ALLIN coin is most likely its price action. As such, we invite you to check out our $ALLIN token price analysis and prediction in the following two sections.

All In Crypto Price Analysis


The above hourly chart includes the entire price action of the All In coin so far. You can see that the token had quite an explosive run within the first hour of listing. The asset’s price went from $0.00001346 to as high as $0.003672 for a brief moment. That level also marks the $ALLIN token’s current all-time high (ATH).

The following hourly close of the second candle sits higher than its predecessor (at $0.002-ish). This is also the level that served as resistance from which the price changed its direction. So, in the following eleven hours, the price pulled back to the $0.00066-ish level.

From the aforementioned level, the $ALLIN price nearly tripled over the next 13 hours. However, there wasn’t enough momentum to push above the $0.0019-ish region. The latter proved to be quite a strong resistance as it rejected the token’s upside move again in 22 hours. This second rejection was strong enough to push the price toward its former lowest point. However, it found support slightly higher – at the $0.00072-ish level.

This newly formed support was retested on August 8, 2023, when it served as a spring to launch the All In coin on another rally. The latter wasn’t as explosive as some of the previous ones, but it still resulted in a 200%-plus value increase in less than three days. On that occasion, $0.0022-ish served as a resistance. From there, the price of the $ALLIN token again started to move toward the bottom level of its trading range ($0.00066-ish – $0.0022-ish).

At the time of writing, the ALLIN coin price sits at $0.00092-ish.       


Price Prediction

Look at the chart from the previous section again and pay attention to the blue horizontal lines. They indicate the most “significant” levels of support and resistance for the All In coin price.

We use quotation marks because the asset has been trading for less than two weeks. Thus, these levels are determined based on the hourly timeframe and are, in turn, by default, not that significant. Still, they do indicate the most likely prices of $ALLIN. So, you can think of those levels as short-term price predictions.

However, if the project can attract more users, the price of its native currency ought to increase. So, to speculate on some potential price levels that the $ALLIN token may hit in that case, we will explore two paths. 

On the one hand, we will use the Fibonacci retracement tool and consider its most optimistic level (the “4.236” extension). 

On the other hand, we will compare the All In Casino project with Rollbit, which has been the leading crypto-gambling project so far in 2023.   

These are the speculative price predictions that the ALLIN token could reach in the upcoming bull market:

  • $0.013-ish – based on the Fibonacci retracement tool.
  • $0.649-ish – based on taking Rollbit’s ATH market cap and dividing it by ALLIN’s total supply.

However, since Rollbit’s ATH market cap is also still relatively low in terms of a bull market, ALLIN’s upside potential is even greater. Even $1 per token is quite possible. Of course, presuming that the project can deliver on its promises and position itself as one of the leading casino ecosystems on the blockchain. 


Should You Invest in the All In Crypto?

The above sections should be more than enough for you to determine if you find the All In coin worthy of your attention or not. 

If not, then by all means, move on to other altcoin opportunities today. Fortunately, you can do this with ease by using Moralis Money’s core feature: Token Explorer. This tool allows you to exploit the power of real-time, on-chain data to determine what altcoins may have a good potential. 

Just by running simple preset or unique strategies, you can join traders in the know that have been making large profits on various altcoins thanks to the power of Moralis Money since the beginning of 2023. And thanks to one of the largest memecoin seasons that gave birth to cryptos like PEPE, LADYS, BOBO, and many other meme coins, many Starter and Pro Moralis Money users already made life-changing profits.

However, Moralis Money is also great at spotting all sorts of EVM-compatible tokens. Some of the latest examples include CVX, FXS, ILV, RVX, and many others. 

That said, do not get hung up on $ALLIN.

But if you find the All In Casino project and its token interesting, then you need to research this potential opportunity further. This is where Moralis Money’s All In coin ($ALLIN) token page comes to play.

By using the resources and tools available on that page, you’ll be able to determine whether you should invest in ALLIN or not. Plus, thanks to alpha metrics, you can time your trade a lot more effectively.

So, follow the link highlighted earlier to access that page or use the interactive widget below:

Best Place to Buy $ALLIN?

If you decide you wish to get a bag of $ALLIN, you have several options. Just use the “Market” section on CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap page for that token. There, you’ll find a list of all CEXs and DEXs that offer the relevant training pair, including the trading volume. As such, you can easily pick a market that best suits your goals. 

What’s the ALLIN Coin? All In Crypto Analysis and Prediction – Key Takeaways

  • All In Casino is a new Ethereum-based project that offers online casino games on Telegram.
  • The project has a native cryptocurrency that serves as a gateway to the ALLIN ecosystem.
  • The All In coin is currently trending near the bottom of its range.
  • If the project manages to attract users, it could follow in Rollbit’s footsteps. In that case, the $ALLIN price has quite a lot of room to grow.
  • To determine if and when to buy the ALLIN coin, use Moralis Money’s token page dedicated to that crypto asset.
  • Expand your altcoin horizons beyond $ALLIN with Moralis Money’s Token Explorer. 
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