To kickstart this article, we’ll jump straight into the Maverick Protocol ecosystem. We will explore its founders, cover important features, and see how the Maverick crypto project works. From there, we’ll continue and explore the project’s native cryptocurrency: the MAV crypto coin. Lastly, to top things off, we’ll show you how to analyze and buy the Maverick (MAV) token using Moralis Money

If this sounds intriguing, join us below as we kick things off by exploring the ins and outs of Maverick Protocol! 

What is Maverick Protocol? Exploring the Maverick Crypto Project 

Maverick Protocol provides a new infrastructure for decentralized finance (DeFi) powered by a revolutionary dynamic distribution automated market maker (AMM). The protocol is built to facilitate the most liquid markets for traders, developers, DAO treasuries, and liquidity providers.

Maverick Protocol’s AMM aids users in maximizing capital efficiency by automating the concentration of liquidity as prices fluctuate. By optimizing capital efficiency, Maverick Protocol increases liquidity, which leads to more fees for liquidity providers and better prices for traders. Furthermore, the AMM helps liquidity providers eliminate high gas fees when adjusting price positions.

Maverick Protocol AMM Use Cases Chart

What’s more, with Maverick Protocol, liquidity providers can now also opt to follow an asset’s price in a single direction. In doing so, they are essentially making a bet on a token’s price trajectory. These directional bets are quite similar to single-sided liquidity strategies in that the provider is primarily, or even entirely, exposed to just one asset in a given pool.

All in all, Maverick Protocol is the first dynamic distribution AMM capable of automating liquidity strategies that before required the use of metaprotocols or daily maintenance. The innovative technologies of the protocol provide a shift in how smart contracts can manage liquidity.

Who is Behind the Maverick Crypto Project? 

Maverick Protocol launched in March 2023, and it was co-founded by Alvin Xu and Bob Baxley. Xu is a product leader with knowledge and expertise spanning across multiple industries. His skill set helps the Maverick crypto project tackle technical intricacies, business dilemmas, and user-centric challenges. Baxley has a multifaceted skill set as a technologist, entrepreneur, and developer of tech companies. And within the DeFi realm, he serves as a core builder at Maverick Protocol.

Maverick Protocol Features 

The Maverick Protocol AMM has three core features: 

  • Custom LP Distribution: With Maverick Protocol, users don’t have to stake their liquidity in a uniform price range. 
  • Low LP Maintenance: The Maverick crypto project also provides an automatic concentrated fee compounding model.
  • Increased Capital Efficiency: Liquidity providers can leverage the Maverick AMM smart contract to autonomously reposition their liquidity distribution to ensure it’s in range more often. 

How Does Maverick Protocol Work? 

The Maverick crypto project solves three distinct problems: 

  • Concentrated Liquidity: Concentrating liquidity was a game-changer for AMMs, but it isn’t always capital efficient. Moreover, Maverick Protocol suggests that current AMMs burden users to move liquidity, which leads to misallocation and inefficency. 

    The Maverick crypto project provides an AMM that instead automates the reconcentration of liquidity as price moves. In doing so, the protocol is able to help users maximize capital efficiency. 
  • Sideways Markets: Maverick Protocol claims that existing AMMs are built for sideways markets. This means that liquidity providers make implicit bets that the price of crypto pairs in their pool will move sideways, allowing them to collect trading fees without the ratio of their assets significantly shifting. If this bet is wrong, the liquidity provider can suffer impermanent losses. 

    To solve this issue, the Maverick crypto project has introduced directional “LPing”. This feature allows liquidity providers to follow the price of an asset in a particular direction. In doing so, they can bet on a specific token’s trajectory. As the price moves in the right direction, the AMM will autonomously concentrate liquidity to maximize fees. 
Graph illustrating how a user looks at the MAV coin price data
  • Liquidity Control: Current AMMs let liquidity providers define a range for their liquidity, and then the platform distributes the liquidity across that range. However, this leaves the liquidity providers flat across the range, with no way for them to specify the distribution themselves. 

    Maverick Protocol lets liquidity providers configure the distribution of their liquidity along a pool’s price range. This non-uniform distribution can be beneficial, and a great example of when it can come in handy is when implementing risk-optimized liquidity pool positions. 

What is the MAV Coin? 

The Maverick (MAV) crypto coin is the native utility token of the Maverick Protocol ecosystem, and it was minted on June 13, 2023. The MAV crypto coin is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum mainnet, BNB Smart Chain, and zkSync Era.

Maverick Token, or the MAV coin, tokenomics table showing price, coin age, network, ratings, community, socials, security score, and on-chain data.

The MAV coin has multiple use cases, but it’s primarily used for staking, voting, and boosting. Consequently, the MAV crypto coin plays an integral role in Maverick Protocol and powers the entire ecosystem. 

MAV Coin Price, Supply, Market Cap, ETC. Exploring MAV Tokenomics 

In the following sections, we’ll dive deeper into the Maverick crypto token. In doing so, we’ll cover everything from the coin’s price, supply, and market cap to the most prominent MAV token use cases. 

If this sounds exciting, then join us down below as we kick things off with the coin’s current price, supply, and market cap! 

Price, Supply, and Market Cap 

At the time of writing, at the beginning of September 2023, the MAV crypto token is currently trading at about $0.24. Furthermore, the MAV crypto coin has a market cap of $57 million and a fully diluted market cap of about $458 million. Also, the Maverick crypto token has a total and max supply of two billion $MAV. The current circulating supply is about 250 million, which approximately amounts to about 12.5% of the total supply.

MAV Coin Tokenomics 

The total supply of the MAV coin is/will be distributed as follows: 

  • Binance Launchpool: 1.5%
  • Investors: 18%
  • Public Goods Fund: 16.5%
  • Liquidity Mining and Airdrops: 30.85%
  • Foundation/Treasury: 10%
  • Team: 19%
  • Advisors: 4.15%
Pie chart showing the distribution schedule for the MAV token

Not all tokens have been distributed; the remaining allocation will vest beyond July 2030. 

Maverick Crypto Use Cases 

MAV token holders enjoy multiple opportunities and benefits within the Maverick Protocol ecosystem. Down below, you can find three prominent examples: 

  • Governance: MAV crypto owners get the privilege to vote on crucial governance matters in relation to Maverick Protocol. Consequently, they can actively influence the policies and direction of the Maverick crypto project. 
  • Staking: MAV token holders can stake their tokens for voting-enabled MAV (veMAV). Furthermore, veMAV tokens grant additional voting rights, providing holders with amplified influence over the Maverick crypto’s governance.
  • Allocation of Incentives: Voting-enabled MAV token holders are also granted the power to influence the allocation of protocol incentives. 

MAV Coin Price Analysis

The current price of the MAV coin, at the time of writing, is about $0.24. Since the launch of the token back in June 2023, the price has fallen by more than 70% in less than three months. Moreover, the MAV crypto coin has an all-time high of $0.78 and a low of about $0.19. Here’s a trading graph showing the entire price development of the Maverick crypto:

Maverick Protocol Token price chart

Now, the big question is, will the MAV token continue on this downward trajectory? Or will it turn around and skyrocket? 

Is Maverick Protocol a Good Investment? 

The price of the MAV crypto coin is – as you can imagine – highly dependent on the performance of Maverick Protocol. If the Maverick crypto project sees increased adoption, it will likely reflect positively on the price of the MAV coin. However, if Maverick Protocol fails to see further success, the price might continue trending downwards. Consequently, one way of telling whether the MAV crypto is a good investment is to closely follow the platform’s development.

Nevertheless, answering the question in the title above is easier said than done, and we can’t give you a straightforward answer. The reason for this is that we don’t know when you’re reading this. The MAV crypto coin might be a good investment today but a lousy one tomorrow. Consequently, we urge you to do your own research using a crypto-quick scanner like Moralis Money

Moralis Money is an industry-leading blockchain analytics tool. It leverages on-chain data in real time, giving you the latest market updates and true alpha. With a tool like this, you can seamlessly determine the overall market sentiment towards any token and decide whether or not it presents an attractive investment opportunity based on unbiased data.

To do so, you can use the $MAV token page: 

The page above features trading charts, alpha metrics, security details, and much more in relation to the MAV crypto coin. With this information, you can effortlessly decide whether or not the MAV token is a suitable investment for you!

Want to Buy the MAV Token? Where and How 

If you come to the conclusion that you want to buy the MAV token, then join us in the following two sections as we show you where to buy it and the easiest way to do it! 

Where to Buy $MAV

It’s possible to buy the MAV coin via multiple decentralized and centralized exchanges. However, the best and easiest way is to leverage Moralis Money’s crypto-swapping feature. With Moralis Money, you can effortlessly buy any token at the click of a few buttons!

But why should you use Moralis Money to buy the MAV crypto coin? 

Well, Moralis Money leverages the 1inch DEX aggregator, and thanks to this protocol, we can offer some of the best prices and lowest fees available. This makes Moralis Money the best way to buy crypto.

If you’d like to explore additional alternatives, check out our article on the best Ethereum swap sites

How to Buy the MAV Coin 

Thanks to the accessibility of Moralis Money, you can buy the MAV coin in three straightforward steps: 

  • Step 1: Visit the $MAV token page and connect your wallet:
Showing how to connect wallet on Moralis Money's Maverick token page
  • Step 2: Select a crypto trading pair: 
Trading pair selecting on Moralis Money's token swap module
  • Step 3: Hit the ”Trade” button and sign the transaction using your Web3 wallet: 
Clicking the Trade Maverick (MAV) Coin button

That’s it; when using a platform like Moralis Money, it doesn’t have to be more challenging than that to buy tokens! 

However, if you’d like a more detailed breakdown of the process above, check out our article on how to swap on the Ethereum network

Summary: What is Maverick Protocol? Exploring the Project and the MAV Crypto Coin

In today’s article, we explored Maverick Protocol. In doing so, we learned that it provides a new infrastructure for DeFi powered by a dynamic distributed AMM. The goal of the Maverick crypto project is to facilitate the most liquid market for developers, DAO treasuries, traders, and liquidity providers. 

In combination with exploring Maverick Protocol, we also dove into the project’s native token: the MAV crypto coin. The Maverick (MAV) crypto coin is the utility token of the ecosystem, and it was minted on June 13, 2023. It’s an ERC-20 token currently live on networks like Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain. What’s more, the MAV token has multiple use cases. For instance, the token can be staked, and holders are given voting rights on the project’s governance matters. 

And lastly, we showed you how to analyze and buy the token using Moralis Money! 

However, the functionality to analyze and buy tokens isn’t everything Moralis Money has to offer. For example, with Moralis Money, you can also seamlessly find tokens before everyone else using the Token Explorer feature. If you’d like to learn more about this, please check out our article on how to find tokens before they pump

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WRITTEN BY David Olsson
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