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Platform-Based Utility Tokens


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Open Source


A digital asset with freely accessible source code and transparent governance.

Proxy Contract


A proxy token represents another asset, providing additional functionality.



If a token is mintable, new tokens can be created by the issuer.

Owner Address


Address of the token's current owner.

Retrieve Ownership


Ability to take back ownership of the token.

Balance Mod



Hidden Owner


Concealment of the owner's identity.

Self Destruct


Token's ability to destroy itself.

External Call Risk


Risk associated with external function calls.

Buy Tax


Tax applied to buy transactions.

Sell Tax


Tax applied to sell transactions.

Buy Available


Availability of buying the token.

Cannot Sell All


Inability to sell all token holdings.

Slippage Mod




Token designed to trap and steal from users.

Transfer Pausable


Ability to pause token transfers.



Tokens that are prohibited from certain activities.



Tokens that are allowed for certain activities.

In Dex


Token is listed on a decentralized exchange.



Measures in place to prevent large transactions.

Anti-Whale Mod


Ability to modify the Anti-Whale measures.

Trading Cooldown


Time period before a trader can make another transaction.

Slippage Mod


Modification of the user's personal slippage tolerance.

Token Name


Name of the token.

Token Symbol


Symbol representing the token.



Number of token holders.

Total Supply


Total number of tokens in circulation.

Owner Balance


Balance of tokens owned by the owner.

Owner Percent


Percentage of total token supply owned by the owner.

Creator Address


Address of the token's creator.

Creator Balance


Balance of tokens owned by the creator.

Creator Percent


Percentage of total token supply owned by the creator.

LP Holders


Number of liquidity pool (LP) token holders.

LP Total Supply


Total number of liquidity pool (LP) tokens in circulation.


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What is the OGN Token?

The OGN token is Origin Protocol’s native cryptocurrency. It’s an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token, and it was minted on October 2, 2018. The OGN token is used for basic transactions on the Origin Protocol platform. It also functions as the protocol’s governance token and can be staked in return for yield.

Check out our OGN token article to learn more about the Origin Protocol coin!

What is Origin Protocol?

Origin Protocol launched in 2017, and it’s an open-source, Ethereum-based platform streamlining the creation of decentralized marketplaces for digital assets. Origin Protocol wants to bring decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to the mainstream. Origin currently consists of three flagship products: Origin Story, Origin Dollar, and Origin Ether.

Who are the Founders of Origin Protocol?

Origin Protocol was founded by Josh Fraser and Mathew Liu in 2017. Josh Fraser has previously co-founded other tech companies, including Torbit. Mathew Liu has a background as an early employee at YouTube and has worked with various startups, including Qwiki and Bonobos.

OGN Tokenomics

The total supply of the OGN crypto is one billion $OGN tokens, with an initial supply of about 24 million. Furthermore, the OGN token supply is/will be allocated as follows:

  • CoinList Sale: 4.84% 

  • Team: 20.24%

  • Foundation Reserves: 31.37%

  • Ecosystem Growth Funds: 12.99%

  • Advisor Sale: 4.38%

  • Long-Term Partnerships: 0.73%

  • Strategic Sale: 23.75%

  • Advisor Grants: 1.69%

What Are the OGN Token’s Use Cases?

The OGN token has multiple use cases, and here are three examples: 

  • Governance - OGN token holders can participate in the governance of Origin Protocol and contribute to its future. 

  • Staking - It’s possible to stake OGN tokens in return for yield. The staking platform features several time periods, and the longer the user locks their funds, the higher the yield. 

  • Payments - The OGN token also acts as a means of payment on the Origin Protocol platform.

Where Can You Buy the OGN Token?

The best and easiest way to buy the OGN token is to do it directly via this token page. All you have to do is scroll up, connect your wallet, and use Moralis Money’s crypto-swapping feature to the right.

Moralis Money leverages the 1inch DEX aggregator to deliver some of the best prices available, making it one of the best ways to buy crypto

About OriginToken

  • The current price is $0.17213765248250631 (-1.66% 24h change) with a total Marketcap of $172.2M
  • OriginToken was minted on 01/10/2018
  • OriginToken is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

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  • Buyers increased by 30 this month.
  • Buyers increased by 165 this quarter.

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  • Sellers increased by 6 last 2 days.
  • Sellers increased by 10 last 4 days.
  • Sellers increased by 23 this week.
  • Sellers increased by 43 last 2 weeks.
  • Sellers increased by 59 last 3 weeks.
  • Sellers increased by 89 this month.
  • Sellers increased by 327 this quarter.

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  • Buy Pressure increased by $4.8K last hour.
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  • Buy Pressure decreased $2.3K this day.
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  • Buy Pressure decreased $45K this week.
  • Buy Pressure decreased $64.1K last 2 weeks.
  • Buy Pressure decreased $122.3K last 3 weeks.
  • Buy Pressure decreased $104.7K this month.
  • Buy Pressure increased by $40.8K this quarter.

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  • Net Buyers decreased 59 this month.
  • Net Buyers decreased 162 this quarter.

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  • Liquidity increased by $6.43 last 2 days.
  • Liquidity decreased $3.1K last 4 days.
  • Liquidity decreased $3.1K this week.
  • Liquidity decreased $3.1K last 2 weeks.
  • Liquidity decreased $3.1K last 3 weeks.
  • Liquidity decreased $3.1K this month.
  • Liquidity decreased $3.1K this quarter.