Should You Buy the SmarDex Crypto-Full SDEX Coin Analysis-article

As we dive into the core topic of today’s “SDEX crypto” article, we’ll first make sure you know what the SmarDex crypto project is all about. This is where we’ll closely examine the project’s fundamentals, roadmap, platform, and use cases. Then, we’ll focus our attention on the SDEX coin. We’ll explain what the SDEX token is all about and take a look at its tokenomics.

However, since most of you want to know whether or not you should buy the SmarDex token, we’ll also analyze the SDEX price. As such, you’ll get to learn what price levels the SDEX coin already covered and what the most significant levels of support and resistance are. Plus, using the Fibonacci retracement tool and comparing SmarDex with the leading DeFi projects, we’ll also offer some SDEX price predictions for the upcoming bull run.

Nonetheless, you’ll also learn about Moralis Money and how it can help you decide if and when you should buy the SDEX crypto asset. We’ll also answer where and how to buy $SDEX.  

 SmarDex Crypto official website

What is SmarDex?

SmarDex is a new DEX that launched in the spring of 2023. It primarily caters to liquidity providers as it introduces a fine-tuned algorithm to eliminate impermanent loss (IL). In fact, in many instances, this enhanced DEX algorithm even introduces impermanent gain (IG).

Of course, this new decentralized exchange’s track record can’t compare with the leading DEXs, such as Uniswap. However, the SmarDex crypto team created a simulation that compares IL for Uniswap’s algorithm and SmarDex’s fine-tuned one. This is the chart that presents the results in relationship to the ETH price from 2018 up to 2023:

SDEX Coin Analysis IL to IG compared to Uniswap

You can explore the above chart more closely on the project’s official website ( There, you can also find the “Simulate the algorithm now” button, which allows you to compare the performance of SmarDex against the other competitive DEXs.

When exploring the above chart, keep in mind that the negative percentages represent IL, while the positive percentages represent IG. So, the larger the negative value, the larger IL, and the larger the positive value, the larger IG. 

Moreover, if the above simulation is legit, it is clear that SmarDex outperforms Uniswap and offers a rather significant IG. Why is that so important? Well, on the one hand, this offers liquidity providers more profits and, therefore, also incentives them to use their crypto funds with SmarDex. On the other hand, it also enables SmarDex to offer lower fees and, in turn, attract more traders.

So, whether you are a trader or a liquidity provider, you can already use the SmarDex crypto platform. There are many ways to access it; however, the most legit path to do so is by hitting the “Launch App” button on the project’s official website.

Title: SmarDex Crypto Fundamentals

SmarDex Crypto Fundamentals

As a crypto investor, you must familiarize yourself with fundamental analysis (FA). This is where you look closely at the project’s website, whitepaper, team, VCs, tokenomics, and more. Essentially, your goal is to dive deep and determine if the project is sound and if it is solving any actual problems.

A detailed FA of the SDEX crypto project exceeds the scope of this article. However, we will provide you with a decent overview. The latter should suffice for those of you who’ll decide to trade the SDEX coin. However, if you plan on providing liquidity on SmarDex, or using its staking and farming features, we highly recommend you dive deeper.

Part of the fundamentals have already been covered above. As such, you already know that the SmarDex crypto is a project that aims to offer a DEX that not only overcomes impermanent loss but even provides impermanent gains.

By the way, IL occurs when one of the asset pairs in the liquidity pool increases compared to the other one. If a liquidity provider is to collect their assets in such a case, the profits would be lower than if the liquidity provider were to hold the asset in their wallet. 

Note: We encourage you to read SmarDex’s whitepaper. It properly describes the SmarDex technology and also includes a nice example that will help you grasp the concept of IL.

The gist of SmarDex is its protocol, which uses the traditional DEX model. The latter uses the constant product (k), which the SmarDex protocol modifies. As a result, the protocol automatically adjusts the balance of the reserve and, in turn, always ensures the best possible swap. These automated adjustments make the protocol smart; hence, “Smart + DEX = SmarDex.


After scavenging through the project’s website, documentation, and whitepaper, we couldn’t find any official roadmap. However, at the time of writing, the project already offers an active DEX app where users can swap tokens, provide liquidity, use the farming feature, and stake the SDEX token.

Nonetheless, we did manage to find some graphic roadmaps that were most likely used for promotional purposes. This is the one outlining major milestones for 2023:

SDEX Coin roadmap by quarters

Here’s the one that is all about hyping the SmarDex project:

Roadmap marketing material from SmarDex


As pointed out above, the SmarDex platform is already live. So, anyone with a Web3 wallet (e.g., MetaMask) can start interacting with it. 

To access the platform, you can use the aforementioned “Launch App” button or simply select “Swap,” “Liquidity,” “Farming,” or “Staking” from the top menu of the project’s official website.

The dapp (app) platform from SmarDex - UI showing the SDEX coin swap feature

The platform seems to be user-friendly and is running smoothly, as per our quick check. However, please note that we haven’t performed any of the on-chain transactions required to execute any of the above-outlined core features of SmarDex.

Use Cases of SmarDex

We will focus on the SDEX coin and its utility in one of the following sections, but as for the SmarDex platform, its obvious use case is that it serves as a decentralized exchange. As such, it offers a P2P, decentralized tool to trade cryptocurrencies.

Of course, in order for there to be sufficient liquidity for traders to actually use this DEX, there need to be committed liquidity providers. And the core use case of SmarDex is the fact that via its fine-tuned algorithm, the DEX offers better incentives for its liquidity providers.

We like the fact that the team behind the project – which by the way, is doxxed – open-sourced their algorithm. This invites other existing and upcoming DEXs to explore and implement better conditions for liquidity providers as well as traders.


All in all, these are some of the highlights of our quick SDEX crypto FA:

  • Claims backed by a detailed whitepaper and simulations.
  • Functioning application.
  • Doxxed team.
  • The project and its smart contract were audited by Paladin and Trail of Bits.
Title: SmarDex Crypto audited

What is the SDEX Coin?

The SDEX coin is the SmarDex crypto project’s native token that was minted on March 9, 2023. Furthermore, it is an ERC-20 cryptocurrency, which means it lives on the Ethereum chain and follows the most common standard for fungible tokens. However, it’s worth pointing out that SmartDex supports multiple chains, so you can also find the SDEX token on BNB Chain, Polygon, and Arbitrum.

As the above roadmap suggests, the team plans to create SDEX DAO. So, it’s safe to presume that the SDEX coin will serve as a governance token at that point.

However, the SDEX token already has a use case. After all, SDEX crypto holders can use the above-presented SmarDex platform to stake this cryptocurrency. By doing so, they are able to earn passive income from farming rewards and protocol fees.

SDEX Coin crypto token

Tokenomics of the SDEX Token

The SmarDex token has a capped supply of ten billion $SDEX. Moreover, the token was allocated into three liquidity-providing pillars: 

  • Liquidity pools (50%).
  • Long-term farming yield and staking rewards (37.5%).
  • Boost period farming yield and staking rewards (12.5%).
SDEX Token Distribution Chart

Note: You can find more details regarding the long-term and boost period farming in the SDEX crypto documentation.

So, there are no locked SDEX tokens and no team allocation. Essentially, everyone who wants to get a bag of the SDEX coin needs to buy it.

SDEX Coin Analysis

There are various platforms where you can monitor the SDEX price chart. However, since the token initially started trading on SmarDex, which was at the time just getting started, most charts do not include the SmarDex token’s entire price action. Still, we managed to find a line chart on CoinGecko that covers the majority of the SDEX price path.


So, after listing at approximately $0.002, the token went on a noticeable rally. The latter ended on April 5, 2023, with the SmarDex token reaching nearly $0.006. After that local high, the price underwent a 42-day-long correction. But the SDEX price found support at $0.0027-ish and bounced from that level back into the $0.005-ish region.

$SDEX stayed in that region until the end of June 2023, when it finally broke to the upside. Since then and until July 24, 2023, the SDEX crypto has been in a clear uptrend. And, on that day, the SDEX coin marked its current all-time high (ATH), which sits at $0.0124-ish.

Following its ATH, the SmarDex token pulled back roughly 25% and is currently trading just below $0.01.


SDEX Price Prediction – What is the Price Prediction for SDEX?

When it comes to short-term SDEX price prediction, you can look at the above daily chart. The latter marks all the most important levels of support and resistance for the SDEX crypto. However, by the looks of the chart, a reduced volume during the ongoing pullback, the region between $0.00889 and $0.00928, is rather likely to hold. Of course, presuming that the entire crypto market doesn’t experience any major corrections.

So, if those levels were to hold, the price of $SDEX could make a move toward a new ATH. As such, we can use the Fibonacci retracement tool to determine some of the most likely levels in the price discovery region. The most optimistic level (the “4.236” extension) points to $0.022-ish.  

As for the long-term SDEX price prediction that could occur during the top of the upcoming bull run (2024-2025), we need to take a more speculative approach. So, let’s say that the SDEX crypto’s protocol continues to work properly and ends up attracting liquidity providers. If that were to happen, the SDEX coin would most likely end up benefiting as well.

Furthermore, we can say that it could potentially reach the same market cap levels as some of the leading DEX native tokens in the past, such as UNI, SUSHI, and CAKE. Thus, we can take the ATH market cap levels of those tokens and divide them by SDEX crypto’s total token supply. This gives us the following price predictions:

  • $0.684 – if $SDEX were to reach $CAKE’s ATH market cap.
  • $2.151 – if $SDEX were to reach $SUSHI’s ATH market cap.
  • $2.261 – if $SDEX were to reach $UNI’s ATH market cap.  

Should You Buy the SDEX Coin from SmarDex?

If you read the introduction of today’s article carefully, you might have noticed that we already hinted that it’s up to you to answer the above question. After all, we are not financial advisors. Plus, we are not familiar with your financial situation and your risk tolerance.

So, use the above-provided information about the SDEX crypto project and the SDEX coin to determine if you are interested in this altcoin. If not, then you should start finding other altcoin opportunities right away. And, there’s no better tool to find up-and-coming crypto tokens than the Moralis Money core feature: Token Explorer.

On the other hand, if $SDEX caught your attention, you ought to research this alt further. In that case, you’ll want to visit Moralis Money’s SmarDex ($SDEX) token page. These types of token pages offer you all the links, tools, and resources you need to decide whether a token is a worthy investment.

Plus, if you decide that you should buy $SDEX, this page will also help you get your timing right. How? Well, near the top of the page, you can find so-called alpha metrics. These are the token’s real-time, on-chain metrics that tell you whether the coin is gaining or losing on-chain momentum. And, since on-chain activity always precedes price action, these insights allow you to enter your position at an appropriate time.

So, visit the above link or use the interactive widget below and determine if and when you should buy the SmarDex token.

Where Can I Buy SmarDex Tokens?

There are several paths you can take to buy SmarDex. The three best ones include the SmarDex platform’s swap, Uniswap, and the Moralis Money instant crypto swap feature. And, since you will already be on the above-outlined page, it is by far the safest and most practical option to use the Moralis Money swap.

This option is not only safe and practical, but thanks to the power of the 1inch aggregator, it also ensures you get the best available price. In fact, these advantages make Moralis Money’s token pages one of the best Ethereum swap sites.   

Showing how to swap SDEX on Moralis Money

How to Buy $SDEX

In case you are new to swapping cryptos, you may want to check out our step-by-step guide on how to swap ERC-20 tokens. It will help you prepare all you need to get going. It will also guide you through every step along the way. That said, the following list and GIF should help you get going right away:

  1. Get your Web3 wallet ready.
  2. Add funds (e.g., ETH) to your wallet.
  3. Connect Your Wallet to Moralis Money.
  4. Visit the above-presented $SDEX token page.
  5. Research the token.
  6. Select the ERC-20 token you wish to swap for $SDEX and enter the amount.
  7. Complete the swap by confirming the on-chain transaction.
GIF demonstrating the swap process

Should You Buy the SmarDex Crypto? Full SDEX Coin Analysis – Key Takeaways

  • The SDEX crypto project is all about introducing an improved algorithm that helps reduce impermanent loss (IL) and even creates impermanent gain (IG).
  • By reducing IL and creating IG, the SmarDex crypto project creates stronger incentives for liquidity providers. As such, it has the potential to become a popular DEX.
  • The project also has its native token: the SDEX coin. Aside from trading it, users can already use the project’s staking and farming features to earth yield in $SDEX.
  • $SDEX’s price hasn’t yet increased as much as it can for new DeFi projects. As such, now may still be a good time to get a bag of this crypto.
  • Use Moralis Money’s SmarDex token page to research this token further and to determine if and when you should buy it.
  • Start running Token Explorer strategies to find tokens before they pump.
  • If you are serious about your altcoin investing and want to spot the best alts before it’s too late, consider upgrading to the Starter or Pro plan. By doing so, you’ll join the folks in the know that have already made some insane gains on tokens like BOBO, MTE, POP, the famous PEPE, and many others.
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