Explore answers to common questions about Moralis Money – your go-to crypto companion. Dive into our FAQs to enhance your trading, research, and portfolio management experience.

General Questions

If you learn the product and use it daily, you will definitely see great opportunities in the crypto markets!

Absolutely! Top crypto VCs and funds use Moralis Money every day.

1. Moralis Money is different because we give simple tools that unlock true alpha. The information we provide is easy to apply in the markets and integrate into your daily trading. Other platforms that try to compete with us often waste your time with endless charts and other non-actionable on-chain data.

2. Moralis Money is made by people who have a good track record trading altcoins (for example, Ivan on Tech was one of the first people to get into MATIC at just a few cents).Other platforms are often made by data-scientists without trading experience. Their tools don't help you become successful in crypto, they just provide information overload.

Absolutely! You can learn how to use Moralis Money in 10 minutes, plus you can reach our support any time. We will also provide instructions and manuals.

Absolutely! MATIC did over 100x in the past few years; same with Solana, AAVE and many other altcoins. As long as you're early, and have the correct tools, you have great chance of making it BIG.

Crypto is the only industry where a 100-500x is possible within just a few years. If you want to make a real difference for yourself in a short period of time - you've arrived at the right place 🙌

Using Moralis Money

Moralis Money is purely automatic, we collect data from the blockchain and different third party APIs and present the data according to the filters and sorting criteria you specify in the user interface.

We don't do any manual processing of the data or any manual coin ranking. We do evolve the automatic algorithms and add more filters and sorting criteria. The changes we do apply to all coins.

Moralis Money offers different timeframes for each filter. The lowest time-frame we currently support dictates refresh rate for all time-frames. Each interval of the lowest time frame we recalculate all other time frames and roll up the data. We plan to support even lower time frames in the future.

Most people use Ethereum to learn the tool and get started because it has the most coins and the most activity. However there are many opportunities on other chains so feel free to explore all of them 🤩

There are 2 reasons:
  1. We only support Uniswap currently, we are integrating Velodrome which will add more coins

  2. Even when Velodrome is added the number of projects and activity on Optimism will be low compared to other chains as it is still a new chain.

This is a common question our team gets. Sometimes we discuss our picks on Ivan on Tech YouTube 🔥 But the problem with following what other people are doing is that you never find true hidden gems. If something is already on YouTube it is by definition not a hidden gem.

That is why it is important that you learn Moralis Money and find your own path.

Moralis Money is designed to be simple to use and get started with, but there is an unlimited number of ways you can combine the filters, timeframes and chains which allows everyone to find their own unique nische and develop a personal strategy.

Developing your own strategy is like discovering your own super power. It allows you to find opportunities without relying on someone else.

Most importantly - it builds your confidence and independence as a trader.


There are many benefits of using a smart wallets, below we have listed the main benefits when using a smart wallet in the context of Moralis Money:

  1. Streamlined User Experience: Smart wallets with Account Abstraction simplify your interaction with decentralized apps (dApps). Instead of signing each transaction with a private key, you can pre-sign transactions for specific amounts, making everything smoother and easier for you.

  2. Flexible Gas Fee Payments: Smart wallets allow you to pay gas fees using various tokens, not just the native one. In Moralis Money, you can already use stablecoins like USDT, USDC, and DAI to cover gas fees when making swaps. In the future, more token options for gas fees will become available.

  3. Enhanced Security: Smart wallets come with strong security features, such as multi-signature authentication and biometric access. These features protect your assets from unauthorized access and potential hacks while you're trading. Expect even more security-focused features to be introduced in the future.

Yes, you can often pay gas fees using tokens like stablecoins (Currently the accepted tokens are USDT, USDC, DAI) in addition to the native token. We plan to expand the list of tokens you can use for gas fees. You'll have the freedom to select which token you prefer for each transaction. Just remember, you need to have one of the accepted tokens in your wallet when you make a swap.

Upon account creation you will be getting a smart wallet. If you signed with an external wallet, that wallet will become the owner (have the rights to sign transactions) your smart wallet. If you signed up with email or social auth, a wallet is created for you which will be the owner of your smart wallet. You find your smart wallet in the account/wallet selector at the top right corner on the website. You can fund your smart wallet with fiat or crypto and send funds from it to your wallet.

A smart wallet with account abstraction is an advanced cryptocurrency wallet that simplifies interactions with decentralized applications (dApps) and offers enhanced security features.

There are multiple ways that you can set up a smart wallet. At Moralis you will automatically get a smart wallet when you sign up for an account. You can choose which wallet you want to be the owner (signer) of your smart wallet. All you need to do to make a first transaction with your smart wallet is to fund the wallet and head over to the swap feature.

A smart wallet does not have a private key, instead other wallets are allowed or not allowed to sign transactions on behalf of the smart wallet. It is you as the owner who decides which wallet(s) are allowed to sign transactions on your smart wallet.

Just like with a normal wallet you will need available tokens to pay gas fee with. In case of not having any token to pay gas fee with you will need to fund your wallet with any of the accepted tokens for gas fee, i.e. USDT, USDC, DAI or native token of the chain you are interacting with.

We do not yet support cross chain swaps, but it is on our roadmap.

Yes, there are fees associated with using the smart wallet for swapping, including network transaction fees and upon your first transaction the smart wallet will be deployed to the blockchain which also includes a smaller gas fee payment.

You will need to have access to the private key of the wallet that you have as owner to the smart wallet at this point. However, in the future better recovery features such as social recovery will be added.

As with any Moralis Money features our customer support is available 24/7. You can contact our support team via emailing at [email protected] or by going to our help center .

Payments, Billing & Account

To upgrade your plan, please visit our pricing page and select the plan you'd like to switch to. You have the option to upgrade to our Starter, Pro, or Enterprise plans. The pricing page provides detailed information on what is included in each of these plans

Verified Tokens

Verified tokens are manually selected by the Moralis team in order to give an extra layer of vetting for our users and build trust in the altcoin ecosystem. Established coins can get automatically verified as well.

The verified tokens have a special badge in our UI. This badge signals extra trust in the coin.

There are two ways to get verified:

  1. Automatic verification

    If a token has a long track record with many daily users, deep liquidity, thousands of holders, and transactions we may verify it automatically.

  2. Manual verification

    Available to all tokens and requires quarterly verification in the form of a call with the Moralis Team in which we assess if the token is eligible for manual verification. The cost for this is $2,500 per month and the minimum time we accept is 6 months to ensure that the token project is committed to its long-term success.

To request manual verification please email  [email protected]  and describe your project. Ensure that the subject line of the email is TOKEN VERIFICATION REQUEST (this is important).

As always - it's impossible to guarantee anything in crypto, this is an extra level of vetting where the Moralis Team speaks to the token team and gets regular updates on their progress. All users should always do their own research before taking any decision.